January 3rd 2:14pm

Obama Owns Iowa

Posted by Bossip Staff Barack Obama has taken lead in the Iowa polls beating out John Edwards by four points and sh*tting on Hilary Clinton by seven. Even little old white ladies in the Midwest recognize that he’s the best man for the job. This is just a preview of more to come. Click here…

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January 3rd 2:00pm

Pray for Play

Posted by Bossip Staff Christopher Martin, b.k.a. Play of Kid-N-Play and the House Party franchise, was seriously injured in a car crash this Saturday. His car was hit by a mortally wounded driver who was fleeing the police. The fugitive was shot by officers following a home invasion with two other suspects. It’s a shame…

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January 3rd 1:14pm

Mya’s Making Excuses

Posted by Bossip Staff Mya was recently asked the inevitable question of possibly being dropped from her Universal/Motown. Her response to moving to another label was: I don’t really want to sign to another label. If you end up funding most of your projects, why not distribute your own product and make 100 percent of…

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January 3rd 12:18pm

Kanye Connects with Beyonce

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West is back to blogging and reveals that a nice game of Connect Four is like therapy: When I was in Europe I would play this game for hours and hours… it helped me zone out. Everybody would get involved… but every now and then people would speak of this…

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January 3rd 11:29am

Artist Spotlight: Muffy–”Sweet”

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is a little fresh yummy pop for you to listen to. The track “Sweet” is from a new artist Muffy who is managed by the team responsible for Young Jeezy’s career. Enjoy! Click here to check out Muffy’s official Myspace page.

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January 3rd 11:00am

Roy Jones’ Big Mouth

Posted by Bossip Staff What an idiot. Roy Jones Jr., an avid cockfighter, reveals that he practices dogfighting as well: “I was (letting them fight) to a degree, but not like that serious. I just let my dogs get down five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Maybe like the longest I let them go was a…

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January 3rd 10:00am

Enough is Enough

Posted by Bossip Staff We are seriously considering starting a “When the Checks Stop Coming In” foundation just for Gary Coleman. He is now selling autographed Gap Athletic pants on ebay with a current bid of $19.95. First a Nintendo Game Cube, then a Saturn, and now Khakis from the Gap???? Damn, times must be…

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January 3rd 9:59am

Suspect Nuptials?

Posted by Bossip Staff Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds marriage might not be legit after their ceremony in Bora Bora Tuesday. The law there states that each person in the couple needs to be a resident of the region for at least thirty days to make the marriage valid. Oh well, so much for that.…

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January 3rd 9:30am

Rep Claims Kells is a Scapegoat

Posted by Bossip Staff A representative for Robert Kelly makes a statement on Ne-Yo’s suit against the pied-pedo of R&B: “The idea that R. Kelly had anything to do with Ne-Yo being dropped from the Double Up tour is just plain silly. As we said at the time, Ne-Yo was dropped because of a contractual…

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January 3rd 9:29am

Earl Simmons Goes Gospel

Posted by Bossip Staff DMX is releasing two albums at once with one being a gospel album: “I [was] the first n—a to put out two albums in one year [It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood in 1998], now I’m gonna hit ‘em again — drop…

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January 3rd 8:45am

Good Look For the New Year

Posted by Bossip Staff Jennifer Hudson and her longtime lover James Peyton celebrated New Year’s at the Setai in Miami where she performed and lead the countdown. We don’t know if she’s trying to step her game up for the ’08, but she is looking pretty good in that white suit. View images from her…

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January 3rd 8:03am

Mess Around and Get Choked

Posted by Bossip Staff Don’t make Suge Knight choke a ho. While in Vegas recently Suge was getting a lap dance when some dumb cat shouts, “Isn’t that the guy who shot Tupac?” He must not know what Sugar bear is capable of. In other Marion Knight news: MARION ‘SUGE’ KNIGHT is urging a Los…

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January 2nd 1:53pm

Ne-Yo Tells Kelly to Pay Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Another day, another lawsuit. America’s #1 Defendant is heading back to court. Ne-Yo has filed suit against R. Kelly for lost revenue from the Double Up tour. He is asking for $785,000 after he claimed a jealous Kellz booted him from the lineup. R. Kelly’s reps are stating that it was…

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January 2nd 1:24pm

Not Engaged Just Yet

Posted by Bossip Staff OK! magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are engaged, but sources close to Kim Kardashian exclusively tell Bossip that it has not happened, well not yet at least. Kim on her soul food kitchen game: “I’m the best cook! People don’t know that, but I cook all the…

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January 2nd 1:01pm

Fu*kin For Fitness

Posted by Bossip Staff American Idol Kimberly Locke was spotted with Celebrity Fit Club’s Sgt. Harvey on New Year’s Eve. Rumors are circulating that the married trainer wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. We’re not sure about this situation. Is Kim fu*kin for fitness tips? Source

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