April 15th 9:36am

Brits Love Them Some Mocha Swirl Babies

A lil dab will do you: A British study concludes that products of swirling are real purdy and successful and just plain better than folks who are plain ol’ black or white. Pop the hood.

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April 15th 9:30am

Some Morning Skanky Crotch

There’s nothing like some stank cooch to get your morning going. Here is that beyond attention slore, Tila Tequila at her little “celebrity blog” launch party last night in NYC with all of her private areas on full blast. This chick just oozes with skanky-dom. Pop the hatch to peep a gang of dress-malfunctions (nip…

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April 15th 9:30am

Lil Kim, Say It Ain’t So?!?! Is This Really Your New Single… “SEX TOY”

We just came across this new jawn called “Sex Toy” supposedly by Lil Kim. We hope that this in one of those Keyshia Cole imposter moments but something is telling us that this jawn may be real. If so, all we can say is… EPIC FAIL!!! Nicki Minaj has UNFORTUNATELY won!!! Take a Listen:

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April 15th 9:22am

R.I.P: Civil Rights Leader Benjamin Hooks Dead At 85

Civil rights leader, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, who grew up in the segregated south and went on to lead the NAACP from 1977 to 1992, has died. The lawyer and ordained Baptist minister boosted membership in the NAACP, worked with Major League Baseball to widen executive and coaching opportunities for blacks and received the Presidential Medal…

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April 15th 8:47am

Ho Sit Down: Bitter White Hag Calls Oprah A “Professional Negro”

The old, white ladies are all piling up on poor Opry.  First that Kitty Kelley comes out with her tell-all.  Now Miss Kitty’s pal, author Erica “Bitterella” Jong, is remembering that one time Oprah declined to be interviewed by her, takes credit for O magazine, and shares this gem: “she seems to have gotten more…

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April 15th 8:30am

Snoop Wants Tiger To Make It Work With Elin

Snoop Dogg is speaking out on Tiger Woods divorce… Ironically Snoop was on “Larry King Live” urging Tiger to reconcile with his wife Elin Nordegren. Cheetah should probably listen to the Dogg, who came close to divorce in 2004 after being unfaithful to his wife Shante. Continue

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April 15th 8:28am

Another New Video: Toni Braxton Acts Her Age In “HANDS TIED” But Turns To Stripping?!?!

Yesterday, we debuted Toni Braxton’s new video “Make My Heart” and she was prancing around like an artist that was just signed. Today, she releases the video for “Hands Tied”. This looks more like the Toni Braxton we know, with a little twist… around the pole!!! Pop the Top for a Peek

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April 15th 2:03am

Update: Fantasia Says She Didn’t Get Hit By Nothin’, But Her Bodyguard Did!!!

Fantasia’s camp has responded to reports the singer was assaulted with a chair following a performance in South Carolina. Pop the hood for details.

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April 15th 1:55am

Let’s See Amber Rose Channel This One…

Even approaching a geriatric state, Grace Jones is still puttin’ on her freakum suit and entertaining the masses. We’re taking bets at the office on whether Amber Rose, Lady Gaga, Kelis or Nicki Minaj will be the first to pay homage to this costume. Pop the hood for a look at Strange’ rockin her head…

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April 15th 1:35am

Rihanna’s Boo Matty Kemp Talks To GQ About His “Good Friend”

Outside of his possibly dubious past relationships, the public hasn’t seen too much info out about Rihanna’s lil boo thang Matt Kemp, but thanks to a new GQ interview and gallery we now know he wears Lanvin, wants a World Series Ring and isn’t ashamed to show off his tattooed biceps. Pop the hood if…

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April 14th 10:10pm

Bugsy’s Quest To Be Ink Free

50 Cent is getting rid ‘thugness’ little by little. Now he’s ridding himself of all the tattoos on his arm. Pop it for more details…

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April 14th 9:57pm

Don’t Let The Door Hit You: Little “Cheetah” Going To Divorce Court?

In news that wills shock no one: It looks like Tiger’s gonna get his wish and be a single man soon. Word has it that Elin has finally had enough and is hitting divorce court. Well, what took so long? Pop the hood.

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April 14th 7:34pm

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Keri Hilson Inks A Deal With Avon, Replaces J-Hud

Avon announced today that Keri Hilson will be the face of Imari, Imari Seduction and Avon’s Color brand.

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April 14th 5:15pm

Ray J Is Steady Throwing Salt On Flo Rida’s Game

Ray J can’t even seem to keep his “Love of Ray J” floozies straight, so we’re not sure why he tried salting up Flo Rida’s game with Brandy. If you missed the premiere of Brandy and Ray J’s new reality series, Brandy was grappling with whether to accompany Flo Rida to the Grammy’s when her…

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April 14th 4:23pm

Damage Control: Santonio Holmes Sorta Says He Did Not Urge Fan To Kill Self

Santonio “Suicide Help Line” Holmes is offering a bit-of-a-day-late-and-a-dollar-short response to his Tweet saying a fan: “shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself.” He says it wasn’t him, so we guess he’s suggesting his account got hacked. Pop the top.

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