September 23rd 11:15am

Lisa Raye and Kim Kickin’ it in Miami…. Lil’ Kim with NO MAKE-UP, Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement… Well Almost NO MAKE-UP

Lisa Raye and Lil Kim are chillin’ down in Miami jet skiing and ~ish. Lil Kim looks like she has NO MAKE-UP on!!! We have to admit she looks a little normal for once.

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September 23rd 11:10am

Mya and Macy Gray On Dancing With The Stars

Macy Gray and Mya debuted last night on DWTS. Macy, well, she looked like her old self. Mya looked like her old self too; an already accomplished dancer on a show to get paid. Pop it and look at Mya’s

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September 23rd 11:05am

Khloe & Lamar are Making Their Rounds

Khloe and Lamar popped by the NSF, The Humane Society, and The GQ Magazine Benefit. They appear to be a happy couple but then again, Khloe really does know how to do it up for the cameras. Pop it for Mya, Tamala, & More

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September 23rd 11:02am

Certified Links

LL Cool J Up For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nod (GO) Talib Kweli Speaks on the Return of Black Star (GO) Cops Caught Playing Wii During Drug Bust (GO) Racist Philly Swim Club Fined $50K (GO) The World’s Most Expensive Liquor (GO) Random Ridiculousness: National Single Cougar Convention (GO)

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September 23rd 11:00am

Cocktail has Found her Soulmate and It’s Not Ray-J

Cocktail is going all the way in on this one. She has a new interest and she’s not holding anything back. Cocktail wrote a couple of words on her site about the kind of love she is “licking” for. Have you ever met someone & instantly you felt connected? People talk about kindred spirits, kismet,…

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September 23rd 10:55am

Stay Strong Plaxico

We want to wish the best for Plaxico Burress, even though we always give him a hard time for shooting himself in the leg like Cheddar Bob. He made a mistake and is serving his time for it now:

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September 23rd 10:50am

Tiny & Toya…With Frankie

V-103’s bash brought out the OMG Girls, Frankie, Common, and ” Little Chucky.” Tiny & Toya came as chaperones. Pop the hood and see the rest

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September 23rd 10:30am

Smells Like Geritol & Popping Viagra: Samuel L. Jackson vs. Morgan Freeman

Samuel L. Jackson is looking pretty old these days. Especially compared to Morgan Freeman, there is an 11 year gap between the two. Between Sam and Morgan, which one do you think smells like Geritol and is popping the little blue pill???

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September 23rd 10:20am

Bobby Brown : “Behind the Music” Preview

Bobby Brown on VH-1’s behind the music is like watching the inside of a rehab facility for 24 hours straight. Pop the top and get your fix

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September 23rd 8:36am

Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview: “The Lost Tapes” Part 3 (Explains Shooting and Diddy’s Part!)

On this Tupac tape, he talks about Diddy’s participation in his attempted assassination in NY. This is all new and never seen before… Pop the hood to watch this

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September 23rd 8:32am

Are You Feelin Rihanna’s New Crop Color and Get Up?

Rihanna was spotted in these shoes, leggings, fitted sweater, and new crop. Ladies, how many of you wish you could play dress up like RiRi does everyday? Are You Feeling Her Get Up??? Flip it for more

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September 23rd 8:31am

Hollyweird Hustle: Tyrese on the Set of a New Movie

Here is Tyrese trying to get his chocolatey dapper-ness on in Hollyweird on the set of his new movie. We see you “Black Ty”… More pics when you…

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September 23rd 8:30am

T-Boz’s Ex-Husband, Mack 10, Responds to Beating, Cheating & Mooching Claims in New Song “Mirror Mirror”

Mack 10, T-Boz’ ex-husband, has a new video for a song called, Mirror Mirror. In the second verse, he directs the whole thing towards T-Boz and admits to cheating, but not to Chris Brown’n her…  like she said he did in ESSENCE back in December. Pop the top and peep

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September 23rd 8:30am

The Complex Covers…

Complex dropped three covers for their October issue. Jeezy looks straight on his, and the Clipse x KAWS cover looks sick, but what did they do to the third? Pop it to see the Clipse and the swirl jumpoff on the third cover looking like a big headed thirteen year old boy.

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September 23rd 8:28am

Jessica White Takes our Advice and Tries Out a New Wig

We’re glad to see Jessica White switched her wig back to the basics.  She hit up the 10th Annual New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala in NYC last night looking like Naomi on a bad day. It’s a come up moment for her nonetheless.  See who else hit up the Gala underneath the hood.

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