September 24th 12:30pm

KRS One vs. Barack Obama and The New World Order?

HIPHOPWIRED had an exclusive interview with rap legend KRS-One who has bucked the crowd on Barack Obama. Click here to see what the brother has to say.

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September 24th 12:05pm

Stop The Presses!!! Lamar Odom’s Jumpoff Comes Out Closet

Lamar Odom is known for keeping it moving when it comes to the ladies. One of his jumpoffs has hit the net with a damaging letter aimed at his upcoming wedding plans with Khloe : IN THE LAST FEW WEEKS, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING A CIRCUS UNFOLD. NOW THAT KHLOE KARDASHIAN HAS ANNOUNCED THE WEDDING,…

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September 24th 12:00pm

Out & About: Rihanna is On One with This Get Up

Rihanna hit the airport about to take off in this get up. We have to say it again… Rihanna is channeling her inner Johnny Bravo from the hair to the walk. Some things Mz. RiRi is able to get away with but Sorry… This Ain’t One of Them!!! Pop it to See Who’s Out &…

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September 24th 11:55am

Just When We Thought Lil Kim was Giving her Face a Break… SMH

Lil Kim and her BFF Lisa Raye partied it up in Miami last night, at Bryant McKinniy’s birthday party, after a fun day at the beach. After seeing Kim with not as much make-up we gave her a break. As you know the freaks always come out at night. Pop it for More Pics of…

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September 24th 11:50am

Mz. Jackson If You’re Nasty is Not Done with Fashion Week

Janet couldn’t get enough of fashion week in NY so she skipped over to Milan to see what they had to offer. She has been rocking this school teacher look lately but it seems to be working for her. Is it a Hit or Miss???

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September 24th 11:45am

Catch Fade: Trey Songz Fans Scrapping For a Shirt

When Trey Songz tossed his shirt into a crowd of hot and screaming ladies at his concert, things got way out of hand and a fight ensued. Pop the top for the video of the girls and security scrapping over Trey’s tank

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September 24th 11:35am

Pancakes Anyone… FLAT & OLD PANCAKES!!!

This diva got a butt reduction or forgot to put on her booty pad because this a$$ is as flat as a hotcake. Maybe we just never noticed or she has really been fooling us… NOA$$ATTALL Victim is Under the Hood

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September 24th 11:30am

Which One Would You Hit????

Ludacris and Fabolous hit up the VH1 Hip Hop Honors last night. Ladies, which one would you let beat that thang up something proper??? Pop the hatch for more images including Foxy Brown looking like a skeezer and Trey Songz in a tight ass suit…

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September 24th 11:15am

(Please Read Ladies) Jesus Take The Wheel: Orlando Hadley Passing Out HIV Like Club Flyers

Orlando Hadley is being charged with the unthinkable. He has been infecting women with HIV, knowingly: A man from Northwoods didn’t warn a sex partner he is HIV positive and infected her with the virus that causes AIDS, according to charges filed in St. Louis County Circuit Court….

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September 24th 11:00am

**Hip-Hop Wired Exclusive**: Memphis Bleek Talks About Def Jam Not Backing Him Up

Memphis Bleek spoke to HHW about Def Jam not backing him and Jay not rolling with him anymore, so to speak: Memphis Bleek was one artist that represented the Def Jam flag. In 2005, after Memphis Bleek released 534, it was apparent that there was no real push…Continue

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September 24th 10:40am

Soulja Boy Getting Married… WTF

We’re hearing Soulja popped the question to his video chick girlfriend last week but of course they’re keeping it on the low.

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September 24th 10:30am

Jordin Spark’s Here is a Tip: Hire People That are NOT Going to Make You Look Like Bey Bey

Jordin Sparks was at a school yesterday in Los Angeles to debut her Got Milk Ad. What’s really sad is that Jordin is very talented but unfortunately she will not have her own identity until the people surrounding allow her to be who she is and not duplicate Bey Bey Beyonce. Pop it for More…

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September 24th 8:26am

For The Children: Amy Winehouse is Hocking Loogies Again

This is a picture of your girl Amy Winehouse at a school…spitting loogies. Pop the top and find out who the loogie was meant for and why

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September 24th 8:20am

Celebrity Association: Beyonce Gives Solange Some Camera Time

Remember when Beyonce let  Solange go along for the ride with the Samantha Thavasa Ads, and we had some uncertain scans initially? Well, they just came out and there are some looks we didn’t get to see… Pop it for the rest

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