February 22nd 9:27am

Which One Would You Hit???

Both Kenny Burns and Fabolous hit the Seal It With Rose’ event in ATL yesterday.  All we want to know ladies is out of the two, which one would you give the pleasure of chopping you down??? Pop the top for more pics of Fabolous, Kenny Burns and a bunch of D-Listers.

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February 22nd 9:24am

If Looks Could Kill…

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon was spotted with one of her twins looking like she wanna cut a m-fer for sneaking shots of her and her son. SMH. Flip it for a close shot of the little Jax…

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February 22nd 9:03am

*Bossip Exclusive* Flo From Bad Girls Club Talks About Her Swirling, Plans For Kids, And Natalie Nunn Being Scum!

Bossip chopped it up with Flo from Bad Girls Club Season 4 about putting hands on Natalie Nunn at the reunion, her being a swirling bulldagger, and a bunch more. BOSSIP:What’s the real reason you left the show? FLO:I got to the point where, if I didn’t leave… I was going to kill someone. The…

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February 22nd 8:57am

Ole Miss Football Player Dies After Collapsing During Practice

This is sad: A University of Mississippi football player has died after collapsing during the first day of team workouts.

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February 22nd 8:57am

A White Sorority From Arkansas Wins The Sprite Step-Off Challenge

Bossip was invited to watch the finals for the Sprite Step-Off Challenge. There were a total of 14 sororities and fraternities but low and behold the sorority that won the $100,000 prize was not even black. These ladies received a standing ovation once they were finished… Is This Even Right???

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February 22nd 8:44am

Mrs. Carter And “The Other Man” Leave Jay’s Concert Without Him

Beyonce and Julius were spotted leaving Camel’s Miami show without him.  This would seem normal if Bey Bey and Julius weren’t spotted getting closer than close lately. Hmmm… Couple more pics for the stans on the flip.

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February 22nd 8:38am

Damon Dash & Rachel Roy Getting Back Together???

Dame Dash and Rachel Roy were seen this weekend with daughter Ava getting lunch in NYC. We’re not sure if they are getting back together, but at least they can live amicably after being divorced. Pop it for more…

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February 22nd 8:30am

Flavor Of Love Flunkie Speaks On Her Arrest “Don’t Start No, Won’t Be No!”

Nicole Essigmann aka “Hotlanta” from Flavor of Love Season 3 recently cleared the air about her Jan 30th arrest for battery and child cruelty charges, and she kept it pretty gangsta. Pop the hood for her side of the story.

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February 22nd 8:00am

Dude-Where’s My Stylist???

Selita Ebanks popped on the scene in NYC yesterday afternoon to her b-day party in this get up. We’re not sure if it’s the skully cap with the shades or the over-sized fur coat that’s throwing us off but she needs some help ASAP. More pics of Selita under the hood for your viewing pleasure.

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February 21st 1:24pm

*Exclusive* Drizzy Drake Spotted In The “A”

BOSSIP spies spotted Drake leaving the W hotel in downtown Atlanta last night headed to perform at the Sprite Step Off with a young lady accompanying him. Pop it for more info on the chick and pics from the Sprite Step Off in ATL right now..

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February 21st 1:06pm

Caption This

Rihanna was spotted getting her party on for her birthday.  Hold up, is that a midget stripper???

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February 21st 1:00pm

Another Day, Another DUI

BOSSIP has learned that Miami Dolphins cornerback Will Allen was arrested for driving under the influence and has been released on bail:

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February 21st 12:49pm

Which One Would You Hit?? Trey Trey Vs. Camel

“Trigga” and Jigga both performed on the opening night of Jay Z’s ‘BP Tour’ in Florida. Ladies, which one of these kind fellows could get it all night long??? Pop it for more pics…

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February 21st 12:30pm

Some Sunday Cake

“Someone” was seen grocery shopping the other day, and the paps decided to zoom in and capture a picture of that cake. Peep who it is under the hood…

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February 21st 12:13pm

Ho Sit Down: Whitney Houston Throws A Fit Because Her Limo Is 2 Mins Late

Whitney Houston likes waiting for no one.  She recently threw a fit when her Benz limo took a whole extra two minutes to pick her up from the airport. Details on the flip.

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