June 24th 7:50am

When The Checks Start Coming Back In: Eve Finally Gets a Gig!

Eve has just signed on to guest star on the new TV show “Glee” :

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June 24th 7:45am

Luda: “Everybody with Me is Drunk as F*ck!”

Luda is known for many things – rapper, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Now he’s about to be known for gettin’ folks drunk off their @ss. He’s launching his very own cognac yall. Pop the top for more

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June 24th 7:42am

Who Looked More Bangin’? The Swirl Edition

Mel B, Kim Kardashian and flat backed Kendra Wilkinson were representing yesterday for the Reebok Easy Tone Footwear Collection. We are not feeling Bruce Jenner’s jeans on Kim, plus Kendra’s gettin’ her blond bimbo on real tough, as usual, but Mel B is holding it down even though she’s wearing more clothes than we’ve seen…

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June 23rd 8:20am

Bey’s Nappy Roots Go on Strike

Beyonce and her rat’s nest attended the “Show Your Helping Hand” hunger relief initiative kickoff at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday. Someone should be fired for not conditioning her up; Bey’s roots look as thirsty as cracked lips. Pop the top to see more dry-nappy roots…

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June 23rd 8:15am

Chris Brown Stans: “We Support Breezy No Matter Who He Beats”

Some Chris Brown sympathizers don’t really care if he put hands on a woman. They were at the courthouse yesterday, representing and showing love. We can’t figure this one out… Click Here to Watch

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June 23rd 8:14am

D.C. Metro Crash Claims the Lives of 9

Yesterday’s horrific train crash shocked the nation as news circulated about the death toll. The unfortunate accident was one of the worse in recent years. Investigators are still working to see if there are more victims or survivors in the wreckage. Pop the hood for more

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June 23rd 8:12am

RiRi’s Not Ready to Walk Away from Breezy Beatdowns

After yesterday’s shocking courtroom drama, one of the hardest sentences Breezy received was an order to stay away from Rihanna for the term of his probation which is five years. That’s five years with no wild @ss fights, throwing cell phones out the windows of moving cars and gettin’ your @ss beat.

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June 23rd 8:11am

Who Looked Like More of a Sell-Out?

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, plus Reggie “Sucka” Bush and Kim Kardashian, attended the Transformer 2 screening in L.A. last night. Look at Reggie’s face then look at shucking and jiving Hank “Hey Y’all’s”. Hank doesn’t have a clue, does he? Y’all know we have the gall to ask… Who Looks Like More of a…

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June 23rd 8:10am

Tina Knowles to Mathew Knowles: “To the Left, to the Left”

Not that we’re surprised – who has seen these two together in the past few years? Looks like Tina’s back on the single girl scene even though we doubt she’ll be gettin’ her cougar on

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June 23rd 8:09am

Bossip Certified Links

Verdict Typo Shortens Man’s Sentences LiveSteez Megan Fox is So Sorry Celebslam Paulina Rubio’s Home Jacked by Thieves Lossip SJP and Matthew Broderick’s Twin Girls are Born Cele|Bitchy Sneak Peek: The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion I’m Not Obsessed Tea Leoni in a Bikini The Blemish Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland ICYDK How Australia…

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June 23rd 8:07am

BDR’s Latest Purchase

BDR has got to be one of the luckiest men alive. He goes from model to model, from white to black and everything in between without missing a beat. His newest piece, Noemie, is a certified banger. Pop the lid for pics of BDR and Noemie at Jessica White’s b-day bash in the NY

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June 23rd 8:06am

T.I. Catches a Deadly Virus Behind Bars?

Damn, ole boy just got locked up and now he’s fighting some deadly virus. T.I. can’t catch a break. Pop the lid for more

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June 23rd 8:05am

What is Going On In This Forum?

We always want our Bossip readers to speak their minds and there’s no better place to get things off of your chest than Bossip Forums. Go check out the discussions and debates that go on 24/7. Are Black Women Prudes? New Uncle Tom 2009 Pre-Nups – Are They The Business? Click Here to Register

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June 23rd 8:04am

Jamie Foxx Hearts Drake: “He The New LL Cool James!!”

Jamie Foxx has a Love-Jones for Drake: “[Drake] has a way with women, in how he portrays himself.

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June 23rd 8:03am

Vibe’s “Best Rapper Ever” Down to the Final Four: “Jay Vs Em” and “Pac Vs Biggie”

These are the final four in the Vibe “Best Rapper Ever” competition: June 23, 2009, New York City – Who will hold the illustrious title of being The Best Rapper Ever? VIBE magazine is one step closer to announcing the winner of their 2009 The Best Rapper Ever competition with the revelation of the Final…

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