November 22nd 9:02am

Kimmy, Where are Your Cakes????

Kim Kardashian tweeted this pic of her newly slimmed down body in Miami. We’re not sure if we’re feelin Kim’s Hollyweird bobblehead steez. What do y’all think??? Pop the hatch to see more pics of her and her mom spotted shoe shopping in Harlem and chillen in Miami living the good life.  We are still amazed at…

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November 22nd 9:01am

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: DMX Sued For Backing Out Of MMA Fight

DMX’s brilliant idea to participate in a mixed martial arts fight is set to cost him millions. As previously reported, X agreed to participate in a battle with MMA fighter Eric Martinez. Continue…

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November 22nd 8:55am

Are You Feelin Meagan Good’s Get Up???

Meagan Good was seen here in Hollyweird at Wonderland with a group of interesting fellows and rockin some jean shorts, ‘pantyhose,’ and thigh high boots. On a side note, she had a photo shoot with Krave magazine and we have those pics. Flip it for more…

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November 22nd 8:50am

Pure Comedy: Brazilian Beauty Queen Gets Her Wig Snatched off by Losing Contestant

A Brazilian beauty contestant got the surprise of her life when her losing opponent came from behind and snatched her wig off.  The beauty of it all is that it was all caught on tape.  Check out the video under the hood.

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November 22nd 8:44am

Which One Would You Hit??

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Maxwell attended the CNN Heroes event last night in Hollyweird looking very dapper and spectacular. We know this is a hard one, but ladies which one would you let moisten up your kitten?? Peep more pics including Laila Ali, Randy Jackson from American Idol is his busted looking wife, Holly…

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November 22nd 8:29am

Marv Albert Speaks on His Alleged Fight with Bugsy: “I Couldn’t Even Tell You What the Guy Looked Like”

A fistfight between Marv “I’ll Bite Your Ear Off” Albert and 50 Cent would be the funniest thing of the year, but apparently…it didn’t really go down: Marv Albert said Saturday he was never involved in an altercation with 50 Cent, denying Internet reports of a fight on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

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November 22nd 8:19am

Aretha and “Her Girls” Help Motown Celebrate 50 Years

Aretha Franklin attended the Motown 50 Golden Gala in Detroit over the weekend.  Those straps on her dress look just about ready to give in.. poor thangs. More pics once you pop the top of Berry, Stevie and more.

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November 22nd 8:10am

Terrence Howard is a Free Agent, so Now he Can Chop Taraji Down Legally

Terrence Howard announced over the weekend that he and his wife have called it quits.  He has been tied to Taraji a lot lately and many say that’s what caused the break up.  Check under the hood for the details.

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November 22nd 8:01am

Michael Jackson May Really Be the Father of One of His Kids….Hmmmmm

Face to face shots of Michael Jackson and his son blanket show that they have a strong resemblance of each other.  Pop the top to see for yourself.

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November 22nd 8:00am

Spotted: Amber Rose Looking Dare We Say it… Classy

Amber Rose was spotted in NYC making her way to the The Cinema Society & D&G screening of ‘The Twilight Saga, and we must say she cleaned up well for this event.  More pics under the hood.

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November 21st 1:00pm

Rihanna Performs on Water, Releases Album Pictures and says She Misses Brown And Still Listens To His Music

We have a gang of the Rated R booklet pictures below, where your girl Rihanna is mostly naked and sporting… devil horns. In a recent interview, the confused starlet says she still misses Chrissy and bumps his music whenever it comes on:

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November 21st 12:45pm

End of Days: Man Stabbed to Death on New York Train because He Wouldn’t Move His Bag

This man has been accused of stabbing a passenger to death on the D train in New York all because the passenger wouldn’t move a bag so, he could sit down. What is really wrong with people!!! Non-sense like this has got to stop… An argument over a subway seat erupted in deadly violence early…

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November 21st 12:00pm

Which Sister Stole This Rich Blonde’s Husband Who She Thinks Is “Beneath Them??”

This dignitary is from a very well to do family. She has been dealing with the infidelity of her husband for over a year now. The problem is, what she is competing with is almost impossible to win against, although the wife says the man-stealer is…”beneath them”: “This is just a ridiculous affair,” the stunning…

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November 21st 10:40am

DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Usher and Drake are All “FED UP”

DJ Khaled can be very annoying at times but he definitely always kills it with the collaborations. In his new jawn, “FED UP”, he pulled in Young Jeezy, Officer Ricky, Drake and also has Usher rapping on the track. Here are a few pics from the video shoot and in case you haven’t heard the…

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November 21st 10:32am

Mariah On The Campaign Trail With Painted Bentley And All

The Europeans are not in a recession like the U.S., so artist are staying out there to collect them chips. Smart move, although Mariah Carey has been looking busted up and tired lately, the Londoners adored her outside this nightclub for her Album release party. Pop the top for a good look at the “Mariah…

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