August 29th 10:30am

This Simmons Sister Has Some Serious Spandex On

Angela Simmons was spotted in this spandex get up out in Cali. The girl is as fit as a fiddle and has the body to prove it. Don’t believe us? Flip the lid for young Angela giving the paps… “the money shot”

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August 29th 8:45am

New Video: Mary J. Blige and Drake Make Chemistry in The One

Mary J. Blige hooked up with Drizzy Drake to put out this banger, The One. Mary is looking hotter than ever. Pop the hood to see for yourself…

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August 29th 8:43am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Says He Killed Woman Because She Gave Him HIV??

This story is way out. Anton Josey told police that he shot his girlfriend because she gave him HIV: A man told police he shot his ex-girlfriend because she gave him HIV. That woman later died in the hospital. According to Hollywood Police, Anton Jamar Josey kidnapped 23-year-old Dominque Duval…

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August 29th 8:40am

Who Is This Sweaty Party Animal??

At the 2009 J&R MusicFest this sweaty stud was spotted making it do what it do… while wet. Other guest were, Clipse, Sean Garrett, and more. Pop the top to find out who the stud is and see more photos

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August 29th 8:40am

Thirsty Cougar Covers Jet Magazine

The thirsty Cougar on the cover of Jet is underneath the hood. Here is your hint; she tried to break up a God fearing happy home. Pop the top and see

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August 29th 8:30am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive*: Memph Bleek Talks About Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Leakage “Man , That’s Timbo’s Camp… Somebody Is Playin’ Dirty”

Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z’s right hand man, is talking about the leakage and speculation that Timbaland supposedly masterminded. He spoke exclusively to Hip Hop Wired: In a matter of a week, Jay-Z has sprung a leak problem as three tracks were released titled “Off That” featuring Drake, “Reminder” and most recently “Venus vs. Mars.” Thursday saw…

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August 29th 8:20am

Teairra Marie is Getting it Together

Teairra Mari and her camp are really developing a look for her new album, At That Point, that drops on Oct. 20th. She decided to take the clothes look vs. the naked look for her new promo pics, which aren’t half bad. Hope that album is not half bad either…

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August 29th 8:10am

Big Girls and Mechanical Bulls… Just Don’t Mix

What happens when you have a Big Girl get on a Mechanical Bull??? Pop the Hood to find out…

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August 29th 7:30am

Saturday Style: Beryl Blush Blonde Jewelry

Beryl Blush Blonde Jewelry… Accessories always complete the outfit and always seperate the stylish from the bland. Dionne McGraw has been in the jewelry business since 2004 and can get your outfit poppin’ at anytime.

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August 29th 7:00am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive*: Jay Rock is the Future of The West Coast?

Jay Rock is a young thug-rapper out of the West Coast. HHW caught up with Jay Rock and  had a good interview with the young man. People are calling him the “the future of the west,” but we are not convinced yet: Watts finest Jay Rock has been on a roll this month with a…

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August 28th 8:05pm

*Exclusive*: DJ AM is Found Dead In Apartment With Crack Pipe and Pill Bottles!

DJ A.M. (pictured right), was found dead in his apartment in  NYC with a crack pipe and empty pill bottles. Last we reported on  DJ A.M. and Travis Barker, they had just survived a horrific plane crash in Sept 2008: A close source tells BOSSIP that friends and family have been trying to contact the…

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August 28th 12:59pm

*Exclusive:* Sanaa Lathan Shacking Up with Music Exec Boyfriend, Steve Rifkind

For all of you wondering who was chopping down Sanaa Lathan’s sweet cakes, BOSSIP has learned from a highly placed source that music executive Steve Rifkind is the culprit. Not only is Steve chopping that down, we have also learned that the two have recently moved in together. Story developing…

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August 28th 12:40pm

The Irony: Michael Vick Gets Standing Ovation On Return and the VA SPCA Executive Leaves Dog In Car for 4 Hrs

If you didn’t see Michael Vick’s return to the NFL, we have the footage under the hood for you. The lady that’s up top, Robin Starr, was a major figure in pushing for a more severe punishment for Michael Vick. Ironically enough, she just killed her dog by leaving the dog in her car: A…

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August 28th 12:30pm

Attention Whore Kim Kardashian: Light skin vs. Dark skin

Kimmy Cakes did a very interesting photo shoot with YRB Magazine. The shoot triggered a darker side of her, especially compared to the pics of her and Kourtney out and about yesterday. Pop it for a different kind of Kim…

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August 28th 12:20pm

Chris Brown’s Momma to The Fans “This Has Been The Most Painful Moment In My Life!”

Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce, has released a statement regarding the events her son got into with Rihanna: I just want to say from the bottom of my heart…

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