February 10th 9:40am

Some Morning Cakes

Rise and Shine! Got some backs to go with your breakfast. Pop the hood for some more shots of Achanty Tessono.

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February 10th 9:34am

Twitter Files: Black Couple Who Has Been Married 85 Years Gives Relationship Advice via Twitter!!

This is what we like to see…black love long and strong!!! Meet ‘America’s Tweethearts’ – the world’s longest married couple who are set to give away their secrets to a happy union on Valentine’s Day.

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February 10th 9:16am

Some Morning Boobage

Model Esther Baxter hit up the “Bottles & Strikes” “Celebrity” bowling event last night in NYC with her rack game on super duper swole. Looks like her G-cup hath runneth over. SMH. Flip it for more pics including Trey Trey and homewrecker Rocsi….

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February 10th 8:58am

Rihanna says She Likes a Big _______ but She Can’t Even Ride a Mechanical Bull

After shooting her video for “RUDE BOY” in NY, Rihanna went out and had some fun… Riding a MECHANICAL BULL!!! She didn’t stay on it long which is very interesting because we recall her saying that she likes a man that is well endowed but she can’t even handle “RIDING” this fake bull… Flip the…

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February 10th 8:41am

Louis Gossett Jr. Shares Prostate Cancer Diagonosis, Encourages Others To Take Preventive Measures

We’re wishing Louis Gossett Jr. a speedy recovery this morning. The acclaimed actor announced yesterday that he’s being treated for prostate cancer.

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February 10th 8:07am

What Chicks Do for a “HAS BEEN”: Naked Pics of Bobby V and his Jump Offs

They say that ladies like to kiss and tell but honestly, we think it’s more of a guy thing. Bobby V has pissed off some chick and instead of cussing him out, she decided to put him and his jump offs on blast with naked pics. Pop the Top for a Laugh at this LAME

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February 9th 10:02pm

Random Ridiculousness: Lap Dances For Haiti

Wow. Well at least they are assisting in the relief efforts for Haiti: A strip club in Ohio has raised $1,000 for Haitian earthquake relief during what was billed as “Lap dances for Haiti.”

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February 9th 6:05pm

Whitney Come Get Your Daughter

You won’t believe where we found Bobbi Kristina last weekend.  Pop the top for details.

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February 9th 5:59pm

Beyonce’s Brazilian Bus Ride

Beyonce joined Alicia Keys on set in Brazil for the video for their duet “Put It In A Love Song”. Alicia’s shots were filmed near the historic Jesus Christ The Redeemer statue, but most of Bey’s shots were set on a bus. Pop the hood for more shots of BeyBey and A.Keys

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February 9th 4:00pm

Lil’ Wayne Free As A Bird ‘Til March

It looks like Lil Wayne will have some more time to spend with the free world as his sentence has been postponed until March 2. For more details Continue

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February 9th 3:03pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Usher and Polow da Don were seen in Miami at Mansion during the Superbowl weekend.  But all we want to know is out of the two stallions… Which One Would You Hit ladies??? More pics under the hood of Trina, Brandy, Tyson, Angel Lola Luv and more.

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February 9th 2:42pm

Alicia Keys On Set, Lookin’ Like She’s Got A Gut Full Of Human!!!

We spotted these pics of Alicia Keys shooting a video for “Put It In A Love Song” in Brazil. If we hadn’t seen pics of her in a bikini this morning we’d swear Swizzy dropped a lil Beatz in her belly. Pop the hood for more pics along with video of Alicia and duet partner…

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February 9th 2:17pm

Exclusive Pics: Diddy Hits The Party Scene With Two Groupies And A Stack Of Cash

Diddy and his “party groupies”  Drake and Trey were spotted at his King of Diamonds Party during Superbowl weekend. Something reeks of suspect activity when we look at these three cheesing for the cameras. Check out more pics of three’s company, Jamie Foxx and Nelly on the flippy.

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February 9th 1:50pm

If Pregnancy Doesn’t Happen Soon, Mariah and Nick Are Ready to Adopt NOW!

According to sources, Mariah and Nick are looking to have a child in the next two months even if it means adopting.  Hell if Trina can adopt a Haitian child why wouldn’t they be qualified? Pop the top for the details.

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February 9th 12:39pm

Another Day Another Reality Show: Faith Evans’ New Reality Show

Faith is trying to make a comeback and has a new reality tv show and album on the way.  More details on the flipside.

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