June 12th 7:52am

Lil’ Scrappy Gets His Family Guy On

Scrappy and Diamond came out last night for the ATL screening of “Imagine That” with Eddie Murphy. The family looks too cute, don’t they? Pop it for more

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June 12th 7:51am

Pharrell On Billboard Mag and Talking About Marketing Venture With White Folks

Pharrell is seen here on the cover of Billboard Magazine pointing to his latest partners, Rob Stone & Jon Cohen of Cornerstone, who just linked up with the NERD to start a new marketing company.

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June 12th 7:50am

In Swirl News: Madonna Purchases Another African Baby

As if Madonna needs anymore publicity, her adoption appeal of baby Mercy of Malawi just went through which means she will be the mother of two African babies. What is it with Hollyweird and adopting African children?

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June 12th 7:50am

Spotted: Mama Got a Brand New Man!

Star Jones was out with her new man, “Herb” Wilson, at The Four Seasons Restaurant 50th Anniversary Gala. She is looking more happy than when she was with that…Al “Gay Gay” Reynolds. Pop it for some of Leen Jaslene at the event

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June 12th 7:49am

In White Folks News: Good Lawd Britney’s Bringin’ Some Serious Cakes…

Britney is out in Europe doing her Circus act. She stepped out last night with her body back on Front-Street. Damn…somewhere K-Fed’s drooling. Pop it to see more of sober Britney back at it

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June 12th 7:45am

Some Morning Handsome

We love us some Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. He could be at the opening of a grocery store and we’d be drooling. Pop the lid for more delicious pics of the fine @ss Dwayne and his family

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June 12th 7:40am

Mariah Carey Leaves Mr. Carey at Home

Mariah and Nick have been making sporadic appearances together lately. He was caught out partying last week without the wifey and she showed up to the Apollo event this week without her boy toy. Is this another Usher/Tameka situation? Pop the lid for more Mariah on the solo tip pics

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June 12th 7:40am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Couple Wanted Regarding Abandoned Baby’s Death

This Vegas couple is wanted for the death, of what police believe to be, the woman’s daughter who was found in a dumpster outside of their apartment: Las Vegas Metro police said the baby girl found dead in a trash bin was the victim of homicide. Now a 20-year-old woman and her 37-year-old boyfriend are…

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June 12th 7:35am

The Mack Gets Shuts Down

Mark Morrison – aka “Return of the Mack” got arrested for whoopin’ some @ss this week in the UK. Not much of a Mack anymore, now is he?

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June 12th 7:30am

SMH: Growing Dank For School is Cool

This kid is a student that tried the oldest line in the book when it came to one-time rolling up on him for growing weed out of his house:

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June 11th 1:32pm

*Update* Media Folks Claim Divorce Reports are False

Welp. Looks like it might not be over just yet. Reportedly, the filing was not found at the courthouse:

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June 11th 1:00pm

*Exclusive* Frankie Is Not Missing, She’s “Becoming More Responsible”

Some folks have been up in arms thinking that Frankie has gone missing. A report surfaced on another blog, so we reached out to Keyshia’s camp to get the real deal:

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June 11th 8:35am

Ye and Amber Back Together?

When news broke of Kanye and Amber splitting up, we can’t say that we were surprised but now it appears that they have been hanging out again. Pop the top for another post-break-up pic and Kayne reppin’ at the Men.Style.Com’s 3rd Annual Women of Fashion event in New York

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June 11th 8:30am

Update: Rumor Confirmed: RiRi Breaks “It” Down in the NYC With Drake

Looks like the rumors were true about RiRi and Drake. She was spotted with him last night at a private Black Eyed Peas concert in NY. Drake doesn’t look too happy about being caught by the paps. Pop it to see more of her long legs, ridiculous shoe game, and hanging with BEP…

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June 11th 8:27am

She Said: Double Standard Alert! How Come Women Aren’t Labeled Gay for Having Sex with Other Women?

This is the age old double standard that has been raging on forever. Just about every man on the planet wouldn’t have a problem with his woman if she wanted to dabble with another woman as long as he was a part of the party. So sex between two women is not considered gay? Pop…

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