March 13th 6:58am

No Babies For Mariah Carey Just Yet

Posted by Bossip Staff The rumors about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey being with child have gone on for a while, but they want people to know they are going to wait a couple of years before adding to their family: Rapper/actor NICK CANNON has laughed off constant reports his superstar wife MARIAH CAREY is…

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March 13th 6:57am

Neverland Filled With Booty Hole Naked Sculptures of Boys??

Posted by Bossip Staff Michael Jackson is fighting to keep the public from hearing about the weird sh*t being auctioned off from his old home, like boy mannequin’s, wigs, and a whole truck load of sculptured boys:

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March 13th 6:55am

A Beach Body?

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out Uncle Russ out on the beach in Miami looking like he’s allergic to pushups.  He’s rich and apparently, that’s all that matters. A couple more if you can manage the effort…

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March 13th 6:52am

Another Athlete, Another Wife Getting Socked Up and Bitten

Posted by Bossip Staff Ambiorix Burgos beat the hell out of his girlfriend back in Sept: Formers Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos’ control problems have landed him in jail. Burgos, 24, was convicted Thursday of beating his girlfriend in a hotel near Shea Stadium in September after she tried to leave their room to go register…

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March 13th 6:48am

Which One is Packin’???: Raheem DeVaughn and Ryan Leslie

Posted by Bossip Staff Ryan Leslie might tell you straight to your face he’s darn near unpleasantly well- endowed, but Raheem DeVaughn might just let the Magnum XL speak for itself.  Either way, one of these cats is packin’.  Which one could it be?? More pics of Ursher and Jazmine Sullivan at Ryan Leslie’s performance…

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March 12th 9:41am

No Kids’ Choice Awards This Year For Chris Brown and Tina Davis Speaks

Posted by Bossip Staff Chris Brown has decided to remove his name from the ballot at the Kids’ Choice Awards: There won’t be any awkward Chris Brown moment at the Kids’ Choice Awards – the embattled pop star has withdrawn his name from the ballot.

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March 12th 8:30am


Posted by Bossip Staff Macy Gray was spotted out in Beverly Hills leaving a medical building (?) and getting her text message on.  We sure hope everything is okay, but if we were betting people, we’d say that look on her face is one of concern. More pics when you…

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March 12th 8:10am

Joe Camel Helping Race Relations…How?

Posted by Bossip Staff Pink shirted, smiling, and with “white friends”; Jay-Z was spotted leaving the Robin Thicke Birthday Party at the Waverly Inn. In a recent interview Hov said that race relations going so well in America are largely credited to him and Snoop: JAY-Z has credited hip-hop with improving race relations across America…

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March 12th 7:50am

Tyra Banks on Abuse

Posted by Bossip Staff It seems as though the Chrihanna saga has brought mofos out of the woodwork to share their respective stories, and Tyra has one as well: In the wake of pop star Rihanna’s alleged beating by singer boyfriend Chris Brown, Tyra Banks is devoting an episode of her talk show to the…

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March 12th 7:47am

Album Release Party in New York…

Posted by Bossip Staff The Hamburgler is cheesing like a fool at his second album release party in New York last night. This guy flashing the big cigar is a sign of him Rocking That Thing Like. . Rocking That Thang, Christina Milian, Mary J. Blige, and transparent Donnie are just a few things you…

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March 12th 7:45am

Jim Jones: An A$$hole to the Fullest

Posted by Bossip Staff The pic of Jim Jones above shows you what an asshole looks like.  The video of him after the jump shows you what an asshole acts like. 

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March 12th 7:40am

Yeezy the Geriatric

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at old man Kanye on the set of him and 88 Keys new video, Stay Up (Viagra). The vixens look like nice respectable girls. Peep the makeup before and after with more shots of the vixens when you…

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March 12th 7:35am

Sole’ Split Up With Ginuwine Over Lisaraye Rumor

Posted by Bossip Staff Sole’ caught wind of what went down with Ginuwine and Lisaraye and promptly left the man-whore. She’s now worried about her congregation:

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March 12th 7:30am

Jennifer Hudson Gets Personal With Jet

Posted by Bossip Staff J-Hud’s on the cover of Jet, looking as elegant as always. In the issue she discusses her comeback and ways of coping with her tragedy:

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March 12th 7:25am

Papa Williams’ New Chick is 30 Years Young

Posted by Bossip Staff Serena and Venus’ dad, Richard, is gettin’ his last bit of thrills via a 30 year old chick, and we ain’t even playing: Palm Beach Gardens tennis prodigies Serena and Venus Williams soon will have a stepmom who’s their age. Dad Richard Williams, 67, is engaged to a 30-year-old woman whom…

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