November 13th 10:31am

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Imposter Poses As Lil Wayne And Drake’s Manager, Books Fake Shows (GO) Beans Drops New Track With 50 Blasting Off At Jay-Z (GO) Octomom’s sympathetic profile in the NY Times – what the hell? (GO) Queen Pen To Drop 2010 Calendar (GO) Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliffe Denies Smoking WeedShare (GO)

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November 13th 10:30am

Knifed Up Round Two: Amy Winehouse is Trying to Up her Cake Game Now

As if her new two bee stings up top weren’t enough, word on the town is that Amy Winehouse is also trying to get butt implants too.

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November 13th 10:15am

New Kanye West Jawn: “I’m So Appalled” and KAMBER is Roaming in Rome

Kanye and Amber “Bean Head” Rose are still on a mission in Rome to find some therapy. The paps over there are definitely keeping their distance when snapping shots of the two. Also, Yeezy just released his new jawn “Appalled,” just like everybody else decided to do today. Pop the Top for “Appalled” & More…

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November 13th 10:05am

Rihanna Drops New Jawn “Cold Case Love” And Sports Mop-Top

Rihanna will soon be able to tuck that sideways mullet into her shirt pocket. She dropped a new track and was spotted in Paris smiling and canoodling. Pop the top to peep the new jawn and to see more photos

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November 13th 9:45am

Terrence Howard: “I Wish I Could Call All the Women I’ve Ever Dated and Apologize.”

Terrence Howard teared up in his intimate interview with RedBook Magazine. As he expressed his remorse for his behavior towards women, we can’t help but think that Terrence Howard was a womanizer before he had his daughters. Interview Under the Hood

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November 13th 9:30am

Ok A. Keys You Said This Wasn’t the Cover so What is???

We reported that Alicia Keys’ album cover was leaked. She later tweeted that it wasn’t the real cover.  Now another cover has leaked.  Pop the top to see the new cover.

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November 13th 8:30am

2 New Jawns: Beyonce ft. Lady Gaga… Video Phone (REMIX) AND Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce… TELEPHONE

Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s video hasn’t hit the streets yet, but the song has been leaked. It really doesn’t sound too different from the original, besides adding Lady Gaga’s verse. Then on top of that, Lady Gaga just released her new single Telephone ft. Bey Bey… Damn, this is a bit much!!! Pop it for…

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November 13th 8:25am

Forget Drugs the Feds are Cracking Down on Overdraft Fees

Like many people out there, if you’ve been facing banking overdraft fees, the feds could be putting a stop to that real soon.

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November 13th 8:20am

NeNe and her Husband do Vegas… And She Doesn’t Look Half Bad

RHOA’s NeNe hosted a party at Tao nightclub in Vegas last night, and she brought Geritol Greg along to party the night away.  Pop the top for more flicks of your girl NeNe on the scene.

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November 13th 7:27am

Random Ridiculousness: Bootleg Condoms in China are Causing Problems

China, the world’s fourth largest condom market is having a serious issue with counterfeit condoms being sold in the country.

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November 13th 5:03am

In Sicko News, Part 2: Sixth Person Arrested and Charged For Sex Crimes Against Kids

More details are emerging in the Mohler Family ‘sick-bastards’ case: A sixth person was arrested Thursday on suspicion of child sexual abuse in an investigation that led to the arrest of five members of a Missouri family, and authorities found additional victims in the case, police said.

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November 13th 4:19am

On the Come Up: Janet Jackson will Open the American Music Awards

Looks like Janet is back on her grind; she’ll be opening the American Music Awards with an 8 minute performance.

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November 13th 3:36am

Domestic Violence In Trinidad: Female Beats Up Boyfriend Outside Of Club

Here is a video of a couple getting into a dispute outside a Trinidadian club. The girlfriend is a firecracker, so when she lights into his tail…eyes got blackened and faces got welted. SMH Pop the top and watch a man with a lot of restraint

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November 13th 2:25am

Who’s This Dude??

Guess who this 63 year-old “dude” shopping in Malibu is??? Pop the top for the confirmation

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November 12th 5:30pm

*Breaking News*: Gucci Mane Violates his Probation AGAIN, So Now It’s Off to Jail for 12 Months

Gucci Mane has just been sentenced to 12 months in jail by an Atlanta judge for violating his probation back in July. We told you first that Gucci got locked up for failing a mandatory urine test. Then in August, we found out that he was in rehab.

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