June 7th 9:25am

DMX Gets a Second Chance to Screw Up

Maybe DMX’s wifey Tashera’s prayers are working. DMX’s most recent criminal charges are going to be dropped and the mentally plagued rapper will not be heading back to prison as was initially thought. DMX needs to keep his insane @ss at home on permanent lock down. Flip the switch for more

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June 7th 9:23am

Who Looked More Tacky??

Eve was spotted with a horse’s actual ass attached to her cranium, while Ciara was seen coming out of Mr. Chows with a shrunken jacket on, pajama pants and the eye of the tiger. Who Looked More Tacky?? Pop the top if you need help making up your mind…

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June 7th 9:22am

Dwight: “Superman Needs a Commercial Too! Superman Being Me!”

Kobe and Lebron pretty much dominated the playoff spotlight in the beginning,  but Dwight Howard wants some shine too. He’s created his own VitaminWater ad: Dwight vs Dwight. He starred in it, produced and directed the jawn. It debuts tonight during the finals. Pop the Hood and check it out:

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June 7th 9:21am

Faith? Is That You?

Faith was spotted out at a Hollyweird event yesterday looking as if she packed on a few pounds. Damn Faith, you are looking baby mamaish like a mug with the tats and fat back? Pop the top to see a couple more

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June 7th 9:20am

Rocks: What In The Sam Hell Are You Talking About R-Kelly??

Since child-lovin’ R-Kelly’s hype has went in the trash he was spotted rambling on about not naming his album, or something like that. Yeah, we know; sounds like Clucker Talk to us as well:

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June 7th 9:18am

Still Bangin…

Yesterday another one of Eddie Murphy’s kiddy movies dropped. It’s called Imagine That. Anyways, Salli Richardson was there and we haven’t seen her in a minute. Do y’all still think she is bangin??? Pop the top to see the arrivals, including gorgeous Nicole Ari Parker, Arsenio and Eddie Murphy with about half of his kids

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June 7th 9:15am

WTF? Parking Tickets Pile Up on Dead Man’s Van

This story just shows how incompetent many police officers and meter maids are. Wouldn’t you investigate a van that didn’t move for more than a couple of days instead of constantly ticketing the vehicle. How big is a mini-van anyways? We’re sure it wouldn’t be hard to notice a dead body inside.

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June 7th 9:10am

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

Tracee is not killin’ it at all in this tuxedo jacket, pencil skirt and vintage rock tee. Not sure what to think about the crops either- the French braid thing is usually reserved for little girls, right? She looks like she was going for three separate looks but gave up and put them all together.…

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June 7th 9:00am

Golden Brooks and Her Baby Bump?

Golden Brooks hasn’t been doing much since “Girlfriends” got canceled. Well, there is one thing she’s been doing a whole lot of since there are rumors floating around that she is knocked up. Question is, who is the baby’s daddy? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see once the baby is born. If there…

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June 7th 8:55am

Sunday Style Exclusive: Redline99

Whether you’re a car lover or not, these cool polos are a great way to rev up your casual look for summer. Inspired by cars and car customization, Redline99 offers unique, high-performance polos and tees that keep you feeling as cool as you look. Created by George Haynes, an Atlanta native turned LA local, these…

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June 7th 8:50am

Bossip’s Best of the Week

Bey’s Stackin Way More Paper Than Hov Cassidy Shouts Out Ye in New Diss Jawn Kelis Gets Her Tweet On: “Coward Husbands and Less Than Impressive Sluts Unite” Quote of the Day: “I am Skinny, I Have a Big Nose, No Breasts, No Butt But in a Room Full of Beautiful Women, I Still Leave…

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June 6th 9:39am

Isn’t He Married?: Usher Has a New Thick Red Bone Side Piece!

Usher has not been seen with Crazy Tameka since October: For months the rumor mill said that Usher and Tameka were going downhill since her near death experience and surgery slip in Brazil. Well, Tameka and her crazy antics may have driven “Ersher” into the arms of this lady up top. The mystery lady and…

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June 6th 9:20am

Lawsuits: Drake Album Already Selling, But Drake Ain’t Selling It!

Drake is going to court over bootlegging scam of several of his thousand songs: Toronto rapper Drake is such a hot artist that one of his albums is selling even though he didn’t release it. An unauthorized album, “The Girls Love Drake,” which features selections from Drake’s mixtape “So Far Gone” and other tracks, was…

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June 6th 9:10am

Lacefront Makes the Mulah, But Hov Has the Power

Forbes recently revealed that Bey is banking in some serious cash….more than Camel. The Source just gave Joe some props that are worth a little more: *Rapper-mogul Jay-Z is ranked No. 1 on Source magazine’s new Power 30 list, which honors the top 30 power players in hip hop culture, business, politics, entertainment and lifestyle.

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June 6th 9:05am

The First Family Does France

Yup, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, was in Paris yesterday taking a tour of the Eiffel Tower with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. The look on their faces says it was a good time had by all. We also have a gang of photos from the President and his wife attending the 65th D-Day…

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