June 17th 8:07am

Amber Puts Lil’ Sis and BFF Up on Groupie Game

Ye and Amber are definitely back in effect. She was on the set of Drake’s new video “Best I Ever Had” which Ye was directing. She brought along her best friend for some extra groupie love and even her little sister got in on some action. Pop the lid for the pics

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June 17th 8:06am

Ray Charles’ Children Get One Lump Sum

Ray Charles’ intellectual property has caused quite a commotion with his family and the Ray Charles Foundation who handles all of the late singer’s assets. Pop the hood for more

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June 17th 8:05am

Mel B is “Smokin” Hot

We still don’t completely get how Mel B. manages to look like a Playboy Centerfold after having two kids. Well, maybe its her little “bad habit” that’s keeping her tight and right. Pop the hood for her secret

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June 17th 8:02am

Some Afternoon Handsome: Hottest Bachelor’s Edition

People magazine just released their “Summer’s Hottest Bachelor’s” issue and guess who made the top 10? Common and Dwayne Johnson of course.

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June 17th 7:59am

Baby Tyra’s Makin’ it Rain on Them Hos

Chanel Iman is one of the baddest chicks in the game. She’s the next Naomi and Tyra all wrapped into one. Peep her reppin’ at a designer soiree in the NYC and stuntin’ in the summer’s hottest gladiator sandals.

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June 17th 7:58am

Dame Pulling Himself Out of the Gutter With New Book?

Mcbrokeums is set to make a small comeback with talks of a new book he’ll be releasing soon: Books are like the new album these days. Well, first there is Amil and now I am getting the word that Dame Dash is also writing a book about his life and times.

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June 17th 7:57am

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

Damn Kelis, we know you’re going through a messy divorce and that you’re about to drop a little one any minute but did you have to come out in your silky bathrobe with the kool-aid dye job? Money must really be tight.

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June 17th 7:50am

Damn J-Lo! Knocked Up Again?

J-Lo looks to be at least six months and she wasn’t showing at all until now. Thank God it’s just a prop pregnant belly for her new movie “The Back-Up Plan”. We were about to get real worried that Marc Anthony really is keepin’ her barefoot and pregnant. Pop the top for more pregnancy pics

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June 17th 7:50am

In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan Blasts Justin Timberlake: “You’re a Cheater”

Lindsay Lohan spotted Justin Timberlake at The Avenue in NYC last night and he was all hugged up on some chick who wasn’t his girlfriend Jessica. Guess she felt the need to tweet about and put his biz on front street

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June 17th 7:47am

Sammy Sosa’s Drug Test is Positive! Shocker!

Sammy Sosa has tested positive for illegal substances which is beginning to become a regular occurrence in professional baseball. Pop the lid for more

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June 17th 7:45am

In White Folks News: Heidi Montag Learns How to Spread ‘Em From Kim K.

Heidi Montag really is trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame into a half hour. The Playboy shoot is bad enough but reaching out to Kim Kardashian for advice on whether or not you should show your giblets is something all together ridiculous.

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June 16th 7:50am

Kelis: “I Have Run Out of Money”

This is a classic case of a divorce gone really bad. Nas and Kelis’ financial drama is gettin’ spread across the internet like crazy. Kelis is upset that she can’t afford the Gucci, Prada and Fendi while lounging in a private jet anymore. Pop the hood for more dirty money details

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June 16th 7:45am

Tameka Foster’s Lawyer: “Don’t Get it Twisted, Tameka is an Amazing Mother and Wife”

Not that we don’t think Tameka handles her biz as a mother but as a wifey, we’re not sure she’s as stellar as her lawyer is paid to say she is. Obviously things aren’t going too great in the marriage department otherwise she’d still be wifed up with Usher. Pop the hood for more including…

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June 16th 7:42am

Cake Shots: The Best Drake Ever Had?

Drake recently shot his Best I Ever Had video and we received some great pictures of the vixen staring in it. Her name is Sophia Marie and she’s sure to be on the cover of every men’s magazine on the planet after this video. Oh yeah, Kanye West directed the video and it should be…

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June 16th 7:35am

New Music Video by Beyonce: Broken Hearted Girl and “Ego” Remix Ft Kanye West

This is Beyonce’s video for Broken Hearted Girl. This is the video that had Hova all pissed off because of Bey’s frolicking and rollin’ around in the sand with a hot male model. Also, we just received the new Ego remix with Ye killin it! BTW, what is Bey talking about is “too fat and…

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