November 24th 5:22am

SMH: News Personality Found Guilty of Spousal Abuse

Dominic Carter, cable news personality and political talking head extraordinaire, has been convicted in the attempted assault of his wife, Marilyn Carter. The move comes as a shock to fans of the longtime New York television staple, who has become the indelible voice of truth and reason as it pertains to local and state politics.…

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November 24th 5:08am

Who Swirled Harder??

After the AMA’s, Janet Jackson threw a party. Russell Simmons showed up wth his long time escort girl and Johnny Gill came faking the funk, like he enjoys womb. SMH Who Swirled Harder?? Pop the top for Janet, Ciara, Melody Thornton and Venus Williams sporting something most people didn’t mention… her natural hair

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November 24th 4:40am

Broadway Production Fela! Opening Night in NYC

Fela! Hit Broadway for its opening night in NYC Monday evening, and Camel was in attendance sans Bey Bey again… More Images and NYTimes review for “Fela!” under the hood…

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November 23rd 12:00pm

Is Precious Sending the Wrong Message About Black People??

With Precious opening nationwide in over 100 markets over the weekend, the African-American community has mixed views on whether the film displays a good or bad depiction of the black family. A lot of people are coining it a new age “Color Purple.”  What are your thoughts? More on this under the hood.

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November 23rd 11:40am

Hip-Hop Beef: Beanie Sigel Makes Song “How I Can Kill Jigga Man”

Beanie is going in on Jay something serious. He has a new track called “How I Can Kill Jigga Man.” “You Think You Cool Cause You Running With Them Jews?”

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November 23rd 11:40am

BART Police Caught Brutalizing Again…Slams Man Into Glass Window

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system has found itself in the midst of another incident after video surfaced showing a BART officer slamming a man into a glass barrier at a transit station, shattering the glass. Continue…

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November 23rd 11:35am

In White Folks News: Katie Couric gets Loose as a Goose on the Dance floor

Katie Couric was caught getting it in on the dance floor.  We wonder what was playing… More pics of Katie cutting a muthafu*kin rug under the hood.

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November 23rd 11:27am

Certified Links

Mase Talks Frenemies in the Industry (GO) Lady GaGa is INSANE (GO) Kate Hudson’s AMA Nipple Slip & A-Rod Kiss (GO) NYPD Fatally Shoot Teen 11 Times (GO) FAME MONSTER’s has Leaked… How is it??? (GO) 50 Cent Condom Campaign Canned (GO) Rick Ross’ Triple Cs Take Shots at KRS-One’s Past (GO)

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November 23rd 11:25am

Diddy’s Baby Mamas Make it to the Red Carpet for his 40th Birthday Except _____________

Diddy did it big for his 40th birthday party last Thursday in New York. With the red carpet action they had going on, only two of Diddy’s baby mamas made it to the red carpet… Kim Porter, Misa Hylton, or Sarah Chapman???

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November 23rd 11:20am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Gets Life In Prison For Scaring Woman To Death

A North Carolina man will never see the light of day again after being found guilty of scaring a 79-year old grandmother to death. Continue…

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November 23rd 11:10am

“Thick And Heavy” College Students Called Out By Lincoln University

Fat kids in college are being asked to lose weight by Lincoln University before they graduate: “Lose weight to graduate” is the mantra that administrators at Lincoln University are shouting to undergraduate students that are on the cusp of receiving their degrees… Continue

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November 23rd 11:05am

Things that Make You Say… HMMM: Adrienne Continues Celebrating with Fabolous in Cabo

First Fabolous and Adrienne couldn’t stay away from each other during his birthday celebration in NY, and now they are both in Cabo together with friends, still celebrating his birthday?!?!?! F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is soaking up them CHEETAH panties!!! Flip it for Pic

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November 23rd 11:00am

Kimora and Djimon Spend a Day With the Kids..

Kimora, Djimon and the kiddies were spotted at Cross Creek park yesterday in LA, looking like the perfect family. All we want to know is when is Kimora gonna change that last name to really make it official?? More pics of cute little Kenzo and the family under the hood.

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November 23rd 8:20am

More AMA Performance Pics: Lady Gaga and Rihanna

Special character Lady Gaga and Lil Miss “I’m a badgirl rebel” Rihanna both performed at the American Music Awards last night in some ‘interesting’ costumes. Lady Gaga definitely gets first prize for her unique and eclectic weirdo steez. More pics when you…

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November 23rd 7:55am

Hi Hater: Chris Brown Calls Joe Camel A “Cornball” On Twitter

We think Chrissy is still upset at Jay-Z for shunning him after he kicked Rihanna’s tail black and blue. Even so, last night while Jigga was on the AMA’s, Chris Brown tweeted “Cornball” while he was on TV and then punked out and erased it immediately after. We have the cornball tweet and his backpedaling…

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