April 6th 9:25pm

Name That Pancake…

These pale backs were spotted looking flat as ever and begging for some thong or seamless panty action. SMH. Man, these cakes look terrible!! Pop the hatch to peep to whom they belong…

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April 6th 5:33pm

Cheetah Ho Number Two Makes A “Spectacular” Video For All The Hookers In Training

A few months ago we brought your attention to former 3LW/Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams and her new song “Spectacular” which had some pretty wild lyrics. Well Kiely just made a video to accompany the song and as you can probably imagine, some things only get worse with visuals. Pop the hood to witness this…

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April 6th 4:45pm

Even Paula Patton Wasn’t Always Secure About Swirling

Despite being biracial, actress Paula Patton admits that being with Robin Thicke wasn’t always easy for her. Pop the hood for details.

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April 6th 3:14pm

Alicia Keys Launches A Blog ‘I Am A SuperHomewrecker’

What’s the best way to make ensure you get all the positive press you want without any mention of your scandalous relationship with a married producer? Do like Alicia Keys and start your own media outlet! Pop the hood for details.

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April 6th 3:01pm

Man Arrested For Beating And Caging A Woman Who Escaped Prostitution

A Georgia man was arrested on charges of assault, battery, kidnapping and pimping after police say he ordered a group of prostitutes he pimped to severely beat and cage a 21-year-old woman for no longer wanting to be one of his workers. Details on the flipside.

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April 6th 3:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Big Boi Debuts “Shutterbug” Single & Plays More Tracks At Def Jam Listening Session [Video] (GO) The Notebook Made Channing Tatum Cry 100 Times (GO) Anti-Obama Billboards Hit Atlanta [Video] (GO) Topless Protests Makes Everyone’s Day A Little Better (GO) Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone To Be Inducted Into Basketball Hall Of Fame (GO) Will…

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April 6th 2:47pm

Kim Is Back On The Prowl And Puts Her Freakum Dress On

Kim Kardashian was spotted leaving ABC Studios in NYC with this get up on.  She must be putting in extra work to get some looks now that Reggie is out the picture. Check under the hood for more pics of Kim on her single lady steez.

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April 6th 2:42pm

All Jokes Aside, Bullying Is Killing Our Kids…

A year ago today, 11-year-old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover hung himself after being subjected to months of merciless bullying at school and he’s not the only one — in this last year we’ve seen an increase in young lives have been lost to suicide. But there is a battle being waged to prevent this from happening…

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April 6th 2:04pm

Michael Steele Pulls The “They Put Me Under A Microscope Because I’m Black” Card

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is trying to ease the minds of members of his party now that one of his top officials has decided to step down. The RNC’s chief of staff Ken McKay made the announcement Monday that he would be leaving office just days after news broke that RNC funds were used in…

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April 6th 1:54pm

Fill In The Blank…

Ciara was spotted on the set of her new video for her single “Ride”. Fill In The Blank: By the way she’s working that mechanical bull Ciara may actually be good at ______________. Pop the top to see more pics of Ciara putting in work.

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April 6th 1:49pm

Young Hollyweird At Its Finest

Jaden and Willow Smith were spotted attending the movie premiere of “Pitch Perfect” at the Grove in Hollywood. For two youngins in Hollywood they are some true rock-stars. Then again would we expect anything less from Will and Jada offspring. More pics on the flipside.

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April 6th 12:43pm

Would You Hit It???

Gabourey Sidibe was spotted in Japan promoting Precious.  Since they say the bigger the better, we want to know how many fellas out there would actually mount that thang and hit it? Pop the top to let us know and check out more pics.

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April 6th 12:20pm

Drizzly Drake Forced To Weather Delay

Bad news for the Drizzy fans, you’ll have to literally “thank him” later… Drake’s album Thank Me Later, which was scheduled for a May 25 release, has been pushed back to a mid June release. Pop the hood for more information. Continue

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April 6th 11:59am

End Of Days: Woman Guns Down Cousin Over Easter Outfit

Nothing shows the Baby Jesus love like a fatal Easter shooting. Evelyn Burgess, 42, shot and killed her 19-year-old cousin, Danielle Pickens, because she did not like the Daizey Dukes the young woman was sporting. Pop the hood for the family drama.

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April 6th 11:35am

Ain’t That A B*tch: Shaunie O’Neal Is Playin’ Dirty By Teaming Up With Shaq’s Mistress

Shaunie O’Neal may need to write a book called “How to Catch Your Husband Cheating… Black Card Status” because this chick is pulling out all the moves. Shaunie is now teaming up with Shaq’s little chicken, Vanessa Lopez, who claimed the NBA star began to harass her once they called it quits. Shaunie is NOT…

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