June 16th 6:55am

Who Looked More Bangin: Mini Skirt Edition “Rihanna Vs Ciara”

Ciara was seen out in Europe over the weekend looking like a cheap streetwalker. At the same time, rumors are flying around that Rihanna has been woofing, claiming that “Tehanna” looks like a gorilla and nothing like herself. The question still remains… Who Looked More Bangin?? Pop it to see more

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June 16th 6:53am

Update: Terrence Howard is Officially Engaged…But Not to Zulay Henao

We recently reported on Terrence Howard’s engagement to Colombian banger Zulay Henao but now there is confirmation from the actor himself that its not Zulay Henao he’s engaged to but he did pop the question to his longtime girlfriend. Pop the hood for more

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June 16th 6:50am

Michelle Obama – First Lady of Fashion

Michelle Obama is reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy in that she’s brought a sense of style and elegance to the White House that has been missing for quite some time. Seems like the fashion world feels the same way we do. Pop the lid for more about Michelle’s fashion agenda and for pics of Kerry Washington,…

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June 16th 6:49am

Get Ready to Get Your “Game” Back On

So, after many protests, articles, blog posts and twitter wars regarding the CW’s cancellation of “The Game”, it looks like the show might get a new life and home on BET. Flip the script for more

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June 16th 6:48am

Coupled Up: Eddie’s Ex Nicole and Michael Strahan Are Engaged

Just as two of Hollyweird’s top black couples are calling it quits, another one decides to give marriage a try.Nicole Murphy is officially leaving Eddie behind and getting married to her longtime boyfriend Michael Strahan. One small piece of advice though Michael, pre-nup, iron-clad.

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June 16th 6:43am

Eva Gets Her Single Girl On

Miss Eva Marcel was spotted looking normal at a flea market on Melrose. Lance must still be with his Latina piece, America Ferrara. Notice the covered up classy, non- whorish steeze, ladies? We like that… Pop it for a grip of more classy Eva shots

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June 16th 6:40am

Obama’s Half Brother’s Ready to Drop Dimes on Barack

Anything Barack Obama touches turns to gold, even just being related to him means you’ll be rakin’ it in. Looks like one of his half brothers just got a book deal. Hopefully he’ll be coming correct and not tryin’ to trash Barack.

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June 16th 6:39am

Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement: Fantasia

Derek Blanks can turn clay into art. Fantasia is proof of his game and magic, but the best part of the photo is, yeah you guessed it, her diving board looking feet are stuffed into some fly @ss heels… go Tasia! Pop it for more pics

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June 16th 6:38am

Some Afternoon Swirl: Naomi and Her Man in Ibiza

Naomi and her Russian Billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin are seen here partying it up in Ibiza, a small party island off the coast of Spain. Naomi is always out with non-black men since they’re the only ones who can deal with her psycho cell-phone throwing @ss. Pop the lid for more vacation pics

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June 16th 6:35am

J’Adore Beautiful Black Women

J’ Adore is dropping a triple cover this month for their two year anniversary. Iman is on one cover and as you can tell, … the lady’s beauty is timeless. Flip the script for Melyssa Ford rocking wild curls on her cover and a third cover featuring video veterans Esther Baxter and Gloria Velez

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June 16th 6:20am

Republican Staffer Thinks Racist Obama Pic is Too Funny

A racist republican b*tch sent this sh*t around and has been given a… discipline letter. Notice the bottom right picture with just the eyes? That is supposed to be President Obama: The picture you’re looking at on the right was allegedly sent from Sherri Goforth, research analyst turned executive assistant for Sen. Diane Black, on…

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June 15th 8:26am

Lil’ Weezy’s Got Lauren London Hot with Nivea News

Learning that your baby daddy’s got another chick pregnant on the internet is not a good look. Lauren’s starting to see what she’s gotten herself into with Lil’ “No Condoms” Wayne and its a lesson learned a little too late

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June 15th 8:20am

Shaq Eats His Words

In honor of last night’s LA Lakers victory, we had to wonder what Shaq was thinking about Kobe’s huge win without him?

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June 15th 8:17am

LiveSteez Lounge: Dr. Michelle Callahan Ph.D

We’ve all been guilty of doing the wrong thing when it comes to relationships. Some of us have been the possessive type, others of us have been the needy type while others have been the jealous type. Michelle Callahan talks about figuring out your type and how to change for the better. What type are…

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June 15th 8:15am

Lala Vasquez Creates a Buzz with New Cut…Are Spread Eagle Pictures Next?

Last night Lala decided to pull a Cassie and shave it off, her hair that is. The trend looks like a lame attempt to prove broads got natural hair. Step ya game up, Attention Whores. Oh, we are not talking about you though Lala. In response to Lala’s new do, Cassie called Lala’s  hair “Hood”…

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