April 9th 11:44am

Sanaa Lathan Says She Doesn’t Always Want The Role Written For A Black Woman, It Just Limits The Choices…”

Sanaa Lathan is over in London flexing her broadway skills in the play “Cat On a Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams. In an recent interview, she speaks on what it’s like having a role in a play that was written for an all white cast. Flip the Lid for a Peek…

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April 9th 11:27am

Ginny Cha’s Devastation “Had No Idea What Was Going On”…Meanwhile Little Tiki Might Be Out Of A Job

More dirt on the Tiki drama: The ex-Giants star came clean to his unsuspecting wife late last year, admitting he was starting to shack up with a much younger blonde, sources said yesterday. But Ginny Barber was “devastated” to learn Tiki began his torrid affair with temptress Traci Lynn Johnson much earlier in their marriage…

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April 9th 11:20am

Family Fued: Master P Says He Loves His Brother, C-Murder Says His Brother Is Sabotaging His Appeal Case

Since C-Murder has been in and out of jail, this entire time, he has not been in communication with his brother. He feels that Master P is sabotaging his appeal case by running his mouth about things he doesn’t know anything about.

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April 9th 11:16am

Certified Links

Jay-Z To Help Oprah Launch New Network (GO) Young Money Absent On Drake’s Tour? (GO) Women Charged For Fighting Bus Driver [VIDEO] (GO) Lawyers Defend Caster Semenya, Say Gender Tests Prove She’s A Woman (GO) Should Gay Owners Out Themselves? (GO) ‘Clueless’ Star Stacey Dash Says Husband Beat Her (GO) Rihanna out shopping in Beverly…

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April 9th 11:01am

Shocking Child Rape Twist: Dad Defends Accused

Okay,  this case is getting sicker. The stepfather of the 7-year-old girl who police say was pimped out by her teenage sister and then  gang raped in a Rowan Towers, a Trenton, NJ housing project, is publicly defending three of the accused:

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April 9th 10:59am

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Around The Way Gold Diggers: Kanye’s Bald Headed Bisexual Beast’s BFF Broke Up Who???

Amber Rose was spotted in SOHO with her incestuous ‘play sister,’ Dez, practicing. We are not calling these two freaks gold diggers, but there are some things you may not have known about Dez. Pop the hood for details

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April 9th 10:46am

Karma Is A Muhfugga: Fergie Used To Creep Around

Well, Fergie who has been dogged by rumors that hubby Josh Duhamel is a hound, knows a little something about sneaking around herself.  She tells Elle mag all about her cheatin’ heart in the new issue.  Pop the hood.

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April 9th 10:19am

Caught Creepin: Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Put Her Ugly A$s, Cheating A$s Husband On Full Blast Via Chain Email

Another day, another case of a cheating husband. Today’s “Friday Freak” is Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon’s husband Michael Nilon. Garcelle went hard though and put this guy ON FULL BLAST…Details on the flip:

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April 9th 10:16am

Nicki Minaj Says We Have Lil Wayne To Thank For Making Her A Winner

If you’re pissed your kids have signed up for hooker training courtesy of one Onika Maraj aka Nicki Minaj, blame that shizz on Mariah Carey and Weezy F. Baby! XXL Magazine just leaked an excerpt from their May cover story on Nicki Minaj, and just like Suspect Drake, Nicki Lewinsky is all about showing love…

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April 9th 9:58am

Jamie Foxx And His Mandingo Man Meat Head To Dinner With “Friends” In Hollyweird

We know Jamie Foxx has been quite the little topic of discussion recently from being on Hollyweird’s list for having one of the largest PETERS, to him posing like a fairy, to Howard Stern and his fagalicious allegations. Today there’s not much news on our boy Jamie, but here are some pics of him out…

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April 9th 9:26am

Stacey Dash Has Restraining Order Against Swirly-Ex Who Beat Her

BOSSIP told you that 40+ banger Stacey Dash was set to leave her pilgrim, Emmanuel X.  Now we hear that this dude got violent with the actress. Pop the hood for the details.

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April 9th 9:09am

Brandy: “Ray-J Soakin’ Up Kimmy Cakes Panties… Ain’t No Way In Hell Would That Ever Happen Again!!!”

Brandy and Ray-J hit up Lopez Tonight to promote their new reality show, “Family Business”. George Lopez asked Ray-J if he would ever chop down Kim Kardashian again, now that she is single. Before Ray-J could even think about it, Brandy handled that question!!! Pop the Top for a Peek

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April 9th 8:33am

Sandra Bullock Sure Is Sweet As Sugar: Poor Thang Is Taking Care Of Dirty D*ck Jesse’s Kids

Good Samaritan Sandra Bullock is taking care of all of sleazy-a*s Jesse James’ kids while he’s getting some “Sex Therapy”. Details on the flip…

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April 9th 8:31am

Cheetah Ho #2 Says Her New Jawn Doesn’t Condone Date Rape

Kiely Williams from Cheetah Girls felt the need to explain what she was trying to say with her new jawn and video, Spectacular. Exactly, what kind of response did Kiely think she was going to get?!?! If you listen to the lyrics itself, without watching the video… It’s a HOT A$$ MESS!!! Pop the Top…

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April 9th 8:21am

Criminal Mastermind: Breaks Out Of Lockup For Ciggiebutts, Then Goes Back In

This brainiac, Harry Jackson, broke out of Camden County Jail to go steal some smokes, then took his silly a$s right back in. Pop the hood for more.

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