February 12th 12:57pm

Baby Mama Drama: Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Tells her to Move On

Sherri Shepard’s ex-husband is tired of being thrown under the bus by her for sympathy love from her fans! He’s finally fighting back by responding via an open letter he penned to her. Pop the top to read the details.

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February 12th 12:47pm

Dr. Dre Sues Death Row Records Over Royalties

Fourteen years after leaving the label he once called home, Dr. Dre is taking Death Row Records to court over royalties. Continue

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February 12th 12:19pm

Who’s My Daddy???: My Daddy Got Fired On His Day Off

This little man’s dad is a rapper turned actor and has been pretty successful with both careers so far. Thank God his dad let go of that juicy jheri curl he used to rock. Do You Know Who his Daddy Is???

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February 12th 12:03pm

Some Afternoon Cakes: Coco and Her Plastic Backs Support Haiti

Man. Is this broad really serious?? Of course she’s serious. This is a person who uploads twit pics of herself squatting in a sink while applying makeup. Ice-T’s skanked out wife is now showing her support for the crisis in Haiti by taking pictures of her big ole fake ole booty. Can’t get any classier…

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February 12th 12:00pm

Certified Links

B.G. Pleads Not Guilty To Gun Charge (GO) Army Discharges Mother Who Refused Deployment (GO) 50 Cent Discusses New Movie “Twelve” And Plans European Tour [Video] (GO) Kanye West Punches Out Jay Leno [Video] (GO) 8,000 Rapes Reported In East Congo (GO) A Reason To Love Beyonce…and Andy Griffith (GO) Lady Gaga Breaks Silence on…

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February 12th 11:56am

Ho Sit Down: Cocktail Explains Why She Put Ray-J on Blast

Cocktail actually believed that she was more than just a jump-off and got her feelings hurt by Ray-J. After putting him on blast on the reunion show, now she still has something to say about the situation. It sounds like she’s a little bitter but you be the judge of that… Pop the Top for…

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February 12th 11:51am

Sextra: Valentine’s Day Vixen Diaries

Good day Bossip Readers! In reality, Valentine’s Day is a mid-quarter hallmark holiday that encourages couples to spend money on each other. While this day for lovers is said to be one that only women relish in with flowers, cards and candy from their sweethearts, what would the fellas appreciate on this day of romance?

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February 12th 11:51am

Sprite Teams With Drake, Double Cup Drizzy Obeys His Thirst

Even with no album out, Drake is continuing his wave of success; the Young Money affiliate has landed a new endorsement deal and will participate in a global ad campaign for Sprite. Continue

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February 12th 11:35am

New Music: Rihanna Teaches You How to Hit It from the Back in “Tip Pon Toe”

Rihanna has two new jawns that have been leaked, “Tip Pon Toe” and “Sexuality”. This girl goes from singing about dark places and Russian Roulette to SEX. SMH at “Tip Pon Toe” meaning getting hit from the back!!! Take a Listen:

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February 12th 11:32am

On the Come Up: Speed Skater Shani Davis Seeking GOLD in 2010 Vancouver Olympics

BOSSIP will be spotlighting Black athletes shining in the 2010 Winter Olympic games. First up is Shani Davis…he is the first Black Winter Olympic champion ever (won gold in 2006 for 1,000m):

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February 12th 11:15am

Update: Bill Clinton Released From NYC Hospital

Former President Bill Clinton returned home today after he was rushed to a hospital yesterday with chest pains.  Details under the hood.

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February 12th 10:58am

What Were You Thinking???

There are some things that tattoo artists should not be allowed to tat on people. We don’t care if they request it… Now this dumb @$$ chick has to walk around with this f*ckery tatted on her chest for the rest of her life!!! We just want to know… What Drugs was this Chick on…

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February 12th 10:32am

Gossip Tranny Wendy Williams Has Some Tig ‘Ole Bitties

Wendy Williams is pictured here with her dream ménage à trois couple Kim Kardashian and ashy Reggie Bush.  Damn, Wendy’s knifed up basketball boobies is making Kim’s knifed up rack look like some tennis balls. Oh well, we’re just glad to see that Reggie lotioned up those brick layer hands he was walking around with…

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February 12th 10:24am

Where is Kim Porter??? Cassie Gets It In Early For V-Day

Cassie felt like she had to tell the world she was celebrating Valentine’s day early by tweeting a pic of herself in someone’s bedroom. Details on the flipside.

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February 12th 10:08am

*Bossip Exclusive* Bernard Hopkins Tells Bossip “I Was Never A HBO House Negro!”

Bernard Hopkins, The Executioner, is set to fight washed up Roy Jones on April 3rd. Hopkins is 40-some-odd-years-old, but still kicking a*s in the ring and outside… business wise. Bossip chopped it up with the outspoken and surprisingly sharp Executioner, who is also a partner in Golden Boy Productions.

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