July 26th 10:15am

Teairra Mari Featuring Kanye West and Pastor Mase: Diamonds Remix

Teairri Mari, Rev. Mase, and Kanye West have decided to help out T Mari’s song, Diamonds. We don’t know what to think of Mase’s verse! Pop the top and take a listen

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July 26th 8:05am

Kim Zolciak Would Like to Scrap NeNe Leaks All The Way Up

Kim is getting real out of pocket about NeNe. Kim went on record saying she would whoop her tail, if she had the time: People write ‘Kim Zolciak sucks, Kim Zolciak is this,’ ” she says. “It’s like, really? Thank you for that comment. At least you’re putting my name out there.” Similarly, her fame…

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July 26th 7:45am

Guess Who Just Joined the Punk Trend and Has a New BLUE Mohawk??

This athlete is already eccentric and has been a rockstar for a few years now ever since he was popped for roids. Good enough hint? Pop the top to find out who is the latest to follow this… fad

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July 26th 7:16am

Madonna with Her Little Boy Toy

Here is Madonna with the rebound toy “Jesus” she has been playing with. You can just tell Madonna deebo’s his little flimsy ass on the regular. “Go get me something to drink and get ready to go down on a me a few times. Jesus: OK“

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July 26th 7:10am

Sunday Style: Rocksmith

Rocksmith has been putting down fashion for the past few years, with subscribers such as, Jay-Z, Diddy, Tygga, Blackstar, and more. They are based and aligned around a Japanese steez: The ultimate Mixtape of classic and futuristic cuts, fabrics, music styles and attitudes, Rocksmith Tokyo is Japanese street couture blended with New York City swagger.

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July 25th 12:33pm

SuperHead: “I Didn’t Bang Anybody to Get Here”… Ho Sit Down

Karrine Steffans can’t seem to get a good interview on promoting her new book. The last interview on the CW was hilarious. She had another interview with a radio show, but this time she cut it short. Pop it for Pure Comdey

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July 25th 12:15pm

Dr. Gates Accepts Obama’s Invitation to Have a Beer with Crowley at the White House

Last night, President Obama extended invitations over the phone to Dr. Henry Louis Gates and James Crowley to come to the White House and squash all this beef over a beer… Priceless Black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. says he will accept President Obama’s invitation to visit him at the White House along with the…

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July 25th 11:55am

Hood Models

Here are Tiny and Toya at Pure nightclub in ATL on Thursday night. It looks like TI chopped it up on the jailhouse phone and “allowed” her to leave the crib. SMH. Go under the hood for more pics

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July 25th 11:40am

The Money that Katherine was Looking for has Finally Turned Up…All $5.5 Million Dollars of It

Katherine was looking for Michael’s money that he kept stashed away in the house to help take care of the kids… Well it finally turned up, $5.5 million dollars. Dr. Tohme Tohme, Michael’s former financial advisor, claims MJ gave it to him to purchase MJ a house in Las Vegas but also says Michael told…

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July 25th 11:30am

Ne-Yo’s New Jawn: “Your Girl Is A Hoe”… WTF?

We have a new song from Ne-Yo entitled, Your Girl Is a Hoe. The title alone is two folds more aggressive than Ne-Yo is himself, although the song is soft like his feelings. Pop it to get a listen and tell us what you think

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July 25th 10:54am

Question of The Day: Is It Time For a “Changing Of The Guard” in Hip-Hop?”

If you have not heard The Game’s latest quotes from yesterday, then go to Hip Hop Wired. (Or Click Here) Bossip was going to leave the beef alone today, but you Jay-Z fans are relentless and compiled a list that we just received. The Game might want to take a look at the list, because…

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July 25th 10:45am

A Lil’ Positivity

Here is our First lady Michelle O’ at the National Design Awards in the East Room of the White House on Friday. Looking good.

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July 25th 10:43am

Who Owns This Jeep?

The person that owns this jeep is brand new in California living, but recently said she was not ready for paps. Well the girl was seen yesterday in Hollyweird in this loud ass monster truck, cut off T-Shirt, and some tights. (The stomach is a pancake) Pop the top to find out who is flossing…

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July 25th 10:40am

Uncle Sam: “It’s All About The Benjamin’s Baby”… So Diddy it’s Time to Pay Up

Uncle Sam is a beast and likes to put people on blast. Apparently Diddy owes $7,373 in taxes on his restuarant Justin’s in Atlanta. The IRS did what they always do and put a lien on Diddy’s business… Take That, Take That, Take That!!!

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July 25th 10:38am

Does Ginuwine Still Have What it Takes???

The other night when Diddy ‘s appeared on The Late Show… Ginuwine and Missy were in the building to perform G’s new song. Ginuwine was trying to bring back those Ride That Pony moves…

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