March 2nd 7:55am

What The F**k??? Snoop’s Part of The Nation of Islam?

Posted by Bossip Staff Faux Pimp Supreme Snoop Doggy Dog attended the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours Day convention yesterday:

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March 1st 10:00am

SMH: Cops Beat Down 15 Year Old Girl in Holding Cell

Posted by Bossip Staff There’s no way to sugar coat this one, y’all.  Two officers out in Seattle beat the dog sh*t out of 15 year old girl, who just so happened to be black.  Pop the hood to peep the mauling…

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March 1st 9:53am

Skeletor Clint Eastwood: “Why Can’t We Make Racist Jokes Like The Good ‘Ole Days?”

Posted by Bossip Staff Clint Eastwood is upset with the new breed of Hollywood looking past racial issues and not making fun of peoples differences:

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March 1st 9:52am

Mom Arrested For DWB?!?!

Posted by Bossip Staff That ain’t driving while black, it’s driving while breastfeeding, and Gennie Compton got popped by the boys in blue for doing just that:

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March 1st 9:00am

The ATL Housewives Still Friends

Posted by Bossip Staff Even though Lisa Wu doesn’t have custody of her kids she still finds time out to sign autographs with Sheree and Nene. Kim is getting her backs blown out right now by Big Poppa or some gardener and that is why she couldn’t make it. We have more pictures when you…

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March 1st 8:00am

D. Woods Doin’ it Big

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s D. Woods, y’all.  And she brought some big herr and a chiseled mid-section to a photo shoot just for good measure.  Not a bad look is it?? Another pic if you can finish that last sit-up…

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February 28th 11:42am

Was Rihanna Dumb for Taking Breezy Back???

Posted by Bossip Staff Now that it’s official, Rihanna has taken Chris brown back and won’t press charges – what does everyone think? Image via TMZ

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February 28th 10:22am

*Rihanna’s Dad Supports Chris and Rihanna Getting It Back In*

Posted by Bossip Staff Ronald Fenty, Rihanna’s father, heard about his daughters decision to get back with her alleged abuser, Chris Brown, and he is fine with it:

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February 28th 10:10am

**Chrihanna: Round 2 Begins**

Posted by Bossip Staff No wonder Rihanna didn’t press charges, it’s because the battered wife syndrome is consuming her. Right now Rihanna is at one of Diddy’s estates in Miami getting it in with Chris again:

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February 28th 10:09am

Was Diddy Choppin’ Cassie Down for 36 Hrs During Tantra Sex????

Posted by Bossip Staff Diddy was tweeting yesterday that he was chopping someone down for 36 hrs during a tantra sex session.

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February 28th 8:00am

Vivacious Vivica

Posted by Bossip Staff You must admit that Vivica Fox puts her best foot forward the majority of the time when she steps out.  And we see she’s getting a belly full at the fountain of youth, and you just can’t be mad at that. More pics of your auntie at the NV Magazine 10th…

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February 28th 7:00am

Guess This Will Have to Do

Posted by Bossip Staff Reggie had to settle for hanging out with the gargantuan, Khloe, and cute but a lil’ air-headed, Kourtney as his beloved Kim K. wasn’t there to hit up LIV nightclub in Miami with the crew. More pics of Reggie, the sisters Kardashian, Wyclef and Adrienne Bailon at a game when you…

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February 28th 6:30am

Saturday Style: Peeping Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Last night, President Obama attended the Wizards vs Bulls game. Although he is a die hard Bulls fan, they got their lunch handed to them. Mr. President was seen chopping it up with that little Caucasian fellow and sipping a cold one. Good times. Pop it to see pictures of  him…

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February 28th 6:00am

Doing it Aussie Style

Posted by Bossip Staff Pharrell and Macy Gray got it in “down under” at the Future Music Festival in Sydney, Australia and it looks like they were committed to giving those Aussies a heck of a show. More pics of Macy, who ain’t missed a meal, and Pharrell when you…

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February 27th 2:30pm

Rihanna’s Reluctant To File Charges and Chris Brown is Pleading Self Defense

Bossip reported some time ago that Rihanna initiated the fight. Now it looks like Chris Brown and his team have come up with a reason as to why he beat the living dog sh*t out of Rihanna; self defense:

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