August 13th 8:15am

Recession Blues: Get an All you Can Fly Pass for $599

If you travel a lot, the all you can fly jet pass may be for you.

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August 13th 8:15am

Which One Would You Hit??

Too Short and Lil Scrappy hit up DJ Don Cannon’s bday party in ATL this past week. The news is super slow today, so ladies…would you rather have Too $hort rub his gray goatee all up on that thang, or Lil Scrappy suck you up with those soup-coolers??? Hypothetically speaking, which one would you hit????

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August 13th 8:11am

Out of Pocket: Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee Uses Her Cell During a Town Hall Meeting…

What phone call could be so important that TX Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee had to pick up her cell phone during a town hall meeting?

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August 13th 8:08am

Update: Janet Promo Pics Were a Fake!

The creator of the “alleged” Janet Jackson promo picture for her upcoming CD came out and revealed that the photos weren’t related to Janet’s new project in any way.

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August 13th 8:07am

Pretty Ricky and Their Twitter Groupies

Our boy Freddy O hit up the studio yesterday and was trying to chop it up with Pretty Ricky when he caught Pretty Ricky chopping up some twitter hoes: Pretty Ricky is getting back into the swing of things… The group is getting ready to put out their third album. In an interview they talked…

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August 13th 8:07am

NeNe Has a Crush on CNN’s Anderson Cooper??

ATL housewife NeNe Leakes stopped by CNN to do some press this week and dished on an open crush she has for a CNN anchor.

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August 13th 8:06am

In Swirl News: Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Expecting a Boy!

Bossip has learned that Former Girl Next Door and Hugh Hefner side piece Kendra Wilkinson is expecting a baby boy with her newlywed husband Philadelphia Eagle, Hank Baskett. With her alleged ‘tomboy,’ ‘sporty,’ and preying on black athletes’ steez, a boy might be a better pairing for Kendra. Congrats to them.

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August 13th 8:05am

Brazilian Murder Show Does Own Murders to Boost Ratings!

The man pictured up top (who is suspected of murder) was part of an elaborate crew of TV producers, directors that had a show where they were first on murder scenes. Turns out, they may have been the ones committing the murders and in some cases, smoke was still coming from the victim: Brazilian police…

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August 12th 1:02pm

If Tameka was Light Skinned Would You Still Call her a B*tch?

Tameka decided to air out her struggles with black on black racism within the community.

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August 12th 11:25am

Rihanna Finally Got Them Sides Growing Back In

Now that Rihanna’s bald escapade is over and done with, that hair is looking normal again. She was out and about in NYC last night in leather and flowers. Very odd combo but the girl is odd. Pop it for More

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August 12th 11:00am

Which One Would You Hit: Behind the Scenes of Trey Songz & Drake’s Track “Successful”

Trey Songz, Drake, and Jamie Foxx are all seen here in behind the scene photos from the new video, Successful. Jamie looks out of place and Drake has a head like Barney Rubble; nevertheless… Which One Would You Let Soak Up The Thong??? Pop it for more access and a picture of Trey, chest naked

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August 12th 10:50am

Guess Whose Mommy Doesn’t Know How to Do Hair? ??

We saw this little cutie walking with her family while on vay-kay. Poor thing needs a frizz control or some Pink Oil Moisturizer, her hair was all over her head. Maybe her mommy just doesn’t know how to handle her hair or maybe she’s too worried about them t*tays popping out to focus on her…

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August 12th 10:45am

For the Stans: Beyonce Out in NYC

Here is your girl Beyonce out in NYC with Oprah and Gayle King’s “crush” Hova…he’s not in any of the pics, but flip the script to see more Bey and Chris Brown looking like a sad puppy in red plaid vest…

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August 12th 10:44am

Prince and Family Popped for Running Ho Ring For Years!

Meet “Prince” aka, Allen Brown. He and some of his relatives have been running a ho-stable for many years. They were just popped: Allen Brown thought he was a prince. That was his nickname, and officials say they even found a throne in his…

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August 12th 10:41am

10 Reasons Why Black Women Should Date Outside Their Race

This topic seems like such a dead horse that keeps getting beaten, over and over again. But if you’re a woman, who happens to be African American, who also happens to be single, this is probably a scenario that crosses your mind more often as time progresses without a partner.

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