February 26th 1:20pm

Getting Past the Past: Rihanna Spotted in Mexico

Posted by Bossip Staff Rihanna surfaced on a remote beach in Mexico with her boobies on glaze status and the poor thang looked like the tide just swept away her sandcastle. (More pictures underneath.) Immediately following the Chris Brown fight RiRi made all of her staff and close friends “put it on they mommas” they…

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February 26th 1:10pm

Well, That’s Just Not Ladylike

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at Solange acting as though she’s abandoned all lessons she’s received in how to conduct herself like a woman with some class. Two middle fingers in the air??  Girl, stop. More pics of Solange actin’ a donkey at the House of Blues in the Chi when you…

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February 26th 1:00pm

LAPD’s Case Too Weak: Chris Brown’s Court Date Likely Delayed

Posted by Bossip Staff Apparently, the DA of the LAPD feels the evidence they have against Chris Brown isn’t enough to get a conviction, so they’re likely to push his court date back to buy time to scrounge up some more: CHRIS BROWN’s day in court over his alleged fight with girlfriend RIHANNA could be…

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February 26th 12:57pm

No Margin For Error

Posted by Bossip Staff Boy, oh boy, did they have to get this shot juuust right in Dawn’s King Magazine spread to make sure they didn’t expose any of her goodies.  That sure as hell ain’t gonna stop the fellas from twisting their necks and carrying on to try to see what they never will. …

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February 26th 12:55pm

Khloe on Jay Z Rumor: “I Would Never Do That To Bey”

Posted by Bossip Staff Yesterday, a rumor surfaced that after a night of drinking and partying at M2 in NYC, Khloe and Camel might be getting it in. Khloe spoke to our good friends over at hiphollywood.com to quickly kill that notion:

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February 26th 12:50pm

Amber Rose is an Ex-Stripper Living out a Fairy Tale

Posted by Bossip Staff It turns out Kanye West’s new piece, Amber Rose, is a former stripper and apparently had a relationship with a faded up bull-dagger stud chick. Kanye told us about her on the song, Stronger: This is Louis Vuitton Don night So we gonna do everything that Kan like Heard they’d do…

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February 26th 12:45pm

Not So New Black Kid On The Block: Ryan Leslie

Posted by Bossip Staff Diddy’s ivy league protege’, Ryan Leslie, has journeyed from Harvard to artistry almost seamlessly: Bossip: So, tell me how you went from Harvard to the music industry. Ryan Leslie: My parents are immigrants from the Caribbean Islands. My mother whom is Dutch, Chinese and African descent would meet my father who…

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February 26th 12:40pm

Quote of The Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is MSNBC political commentator Pat Buchanan’s response to Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement that America is a nation of “cowards” when it comes to discussing race: Lecturing a conscript conclave of Justice Department bureaucrats, Attorney General Eric Holder last week called America a “nation of cowards” for not spending more…

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February 26th 12:36pm

*Exclusive* Live and In Concert: Ne-Yo

Posted By Bossip Staff Bossip hit up the Ne-Yo concert yesterday in ATL, and we must admit, the captain puts on a pretty good show. We can see why the Pied Pedophile was pissed that his fans weren’t checking for his @ss during his own tour. Pop the hood for Jazmine Sullivan, Musiq and Ne-Yo’s…

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February 26th 12:25pm

In White Folks News: Are These Niccas Gay?

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy David Beckham is moving into George Clooney’s crib in Italy:

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February 26th 11:35am

Crooked Wrist Chronicles: Al Reynolds Getting Married

Posted by Bossip Staff Star Jones ex and suspected queer, Al Reynolds, was seen buying an engagement ring from Tiffany& Co. the other day:

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February 26th 10:47am

Quality Family Time

Posted by Bossip Staff Kimora Lee, Djimon, and the little princesses, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee, hit up Westfield Mall in Century City to spend some of those hard earned stacks.  They’re a good looking family and it’s great to see that, despite Kimora and Russell’s differences, those girls are as happy and as spoiled…

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February 26th 10:46am

Just Trying to Make a Buck

Posted by Bossip Staff Estelle hit up the House of Blues in Chicago with the intentions of wowing folks so they go cop her album.  Estelle has some fashion flaws, but the chick is talented and we sure hope the industry treats her kind. More pics of her performing when you pop the hood.

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February 26th 10:40am

BDR’s New Swirl Is A Potential Wifey?

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s Russell Simmons attending the 2009 Bent on Learning Benefit at the Stephen Weiss Studio. Russ stays getting it in with a young thing. Bossip recently learned that his new piece is model, Julie Henderson. She’s been modeling for the past seven years and is an accomplished Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue…

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February 26th 10:30am

Kid’s Fashion For K-Fed

Posted by Bossip Staff With all the time he has on his hands to hang out, smoke weed, and eat hot-pockets, K-Fed’s come up with a brilliant scheme to make his own ends: Well, you gotta give the guy credit for trying to make his own money. Kevin Federline, best known as Britney Spears ex-hubby…

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