May 18th 7:47am

WTH?? Pamela Anderson’s Lookin’ Crackish’

Posted by Bossip Staff Pamela Anderson used to be bangin’. Not quite sure what the hell happened. Maybe its the 3 divorces, dead career and too much silicone. Peep the beginning of a jelly roll. Pop the top for more

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May 18th 7:45am

Question of the Day: Should We Fight the Current Drug Laws?

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s hard to believe that Kimora Lee cares about anything other than herself, but she is fighting drug laws (BTW, she just happened to have her own drug issues). She just hit the blogs to talk about it: I remember walking into Russell’s office years ago to the sight of a…

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May 18th 7:40am

Some Morning ‘Suspect’

Posted by Bossip Staff Bobby V knows he’s lookin’ too pretty these days. Blingin’ belt buckle, glistening diamond studs. We’re not sure what team he’s batting for. Ladies, weigh in on these pics. Would you hit that?

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May 18th 7:37am

End of Days: 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake on Sunday Night in Cali Just the Begining???

Posted by Bossip Staff Last night a earthquake hit Southern California. Some of our staff felt the quake and the need to break for cover. Scientists are worried because the earthquake came from the same fault that is rumored to produce the “Big One”:

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May 18th 7:35am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Posted by Bossip Staff We know Donna Summer’s the queen of disco but damn, this ish right here is all the way wrong. She looks like Barney’s tranny cousin. Pop the top for more 70’s hideousness

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May 18th 7:35am

Obama on Sasha and Malia’s Dating Future: “I Have Men with Guns Around Them Which I’m Perfectly Happy With”

Posted by Bossip Staff For every father who has daughters, this scenario sounds like a dream come true. Pop the lid for more

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May 18th 7:33am

Zoe Kravitz Is Doing What???

Posted by Bossip Staff Zoe Kravitz was on the set of her new movie cuddling up with her female co-star. Lenny is letting her be a free bird. Pop it for more…

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May 18th 7:30am

Dog Gone It! It Looks Like a Bomb Hit Your Dressing Room Boosie!

Posted by Bossip Staff The Lil Boosie concert Saturday night was plush, as you can see. Notice his serious fake jewelry game and Another Bad Creation faded flat top? Its 2009 Boosie, you need to step things way up. Pop it to see all kind of ish going on. From Midget Mack and more fake…

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May 18th 7:25am

Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim Kardashian went straight from the Miami Airport to dinner at Prime 112 with her publicist. Are you guys feeling her Get Up? They say it was 80 some odd degrees last night in Miami at 11 last night. Pop the top to see more

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May 17th 8:30am

Remember Me: Rihanna is Back!

Posted by Bossip Staff Rihanna just touched down in Newark. Wonder where she’s been hiding these past few days. SMH Pop the top for a look at her new steeze. Is she going to start robbin’ houses now?…

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May 17th 8:22am

Mike Epps: Comedian Turned Rapper?

Posted by Bossip Staff Mike Epps is one of the funniest men on the planet. We all remember him as Day Day in Next Friday but is this comedian gettin’ into the rap game? Pop the lid for more

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May 17th 8:20am

Caption This: CiCi Handles Herself Well

Posted by Bossip Staff CiCi looks like she’s having a feminine hygiene issue. There are ointments for that girl. You might want to try handling that issue before going onstage in front of thousands of fans. Pop the top for more concert pics

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May 17th 8:19am

T.I. Prepares for Prison in Arkansas

Posted by Bossip Staff T.I. is going to serve his sentence in a prison in Arkansas. He’s currently partying hard down in Miami with his family and friends before he reports to the federal prison. If there’s one place to create wild memories before going away to prison, its South Beach. Pop the lid for…

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May 17th 8:17am

Ashanti and Usher Love the Kids

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti and Usher were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America on Thursday in Atlanta. Look at Thicky-Kins lookin’ all elegant and refined. Pop the top for more

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May 17th 8:10am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff Flo Rida performs on stage during Z100’s Zootopia and had a “special” moment with one of his body gaurds. This thing really was a zoo, wait till you see the positions Ciara is in below, along with Soulja Boy “tappin and rappin”. Pop it…

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