February 10th 11:09am

More Photoshop or Does This Broad Really Look Like This???

Remember when Kourtney Kardashian put OK! Magazine on blast for shaving 35 inches off of her gut to reveal her “post-baby-body”??? Well now, Kendra is on the cover, and we’re wondering if they did the same thing with her. Pop the hatch to see Kendra, her postpartum bikini body, and lil Hanky-Poo…

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February 10th 11:00am

Dear Bossip: My Man Thinks He’s Sasha Fierce

Good day, Bossip Readers! Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Please leave your thoughts for this young lady! Dear Bossip, I started dating my man three years ago when we met at the Beyonce Experience Concert. On the first night of meeting we hooked up at his apartment which has posters of Beyonce all…

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February 10th 10:58am

Remember Me???

Back in the 80s and early 90s, Miki Howard had everyone singing “Love Under New Management” and we really haven’t seen her since then. She has finally crawled from under a rock and lets just say… TIME is a B*tch!!! Pop the Top to See What Miki is Working with Now

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February 10th 10:48am

For the Stans: Beyonce “I AM…YOURS” DVD Giveaway….

Hey Stans!!! Today is your lucky day. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BOSSIP.COM is giving away 3 Beyonce “I Am…Yours” An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas DVD’s. Pop the hatch for the details:

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February 10th 10:02am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Kills Baby With Liquid Drano

What kind of sick fu*k would do this to a baby??? A Philadelphia man is in police custody after they say he used Drano to kill a 20-month old baby boy he was watching.

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February 10th 10:02am

Has Fashion Gone Too Far??? Moms Blast Same Sex Ads!!!

Fashion advertising rarely plays it safe, but a group called One Million Moms thinks Armani Exchange has gone too far with their new “Share Love” ads that are displayed in A|X store windows and on their website. Pop the hood for details:

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February 10th 9:48am

Does She Still Have It What It Takes???: Whitney Houston Live in Concert and New Promo Pics

Whitney Houston is officially back on the grind. She started her world tour the other day in Seoul, Korea looking like the pro we use to know and dancing on stage. Here are some new promo pics that we assume are for her tour. Pop the Top for a Peek and her Performance…

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February 10th 9:48am

Autopsy Confirms That Michael Jackson Had Vitiligo

R.I.P. MJ: Following the involuntary manslaughter charge pressed against Dr. Conrad Murray, the full results of Michael Jackson’s autopsy have been revealed. Continue..

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February 10th 9:43am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Lindsay Lohan on the cover of a French publication called Purple Magazine. Something is a little weird about this image, but we can’t seem to put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out. What is Wrong With This Picture???

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February 10th 9:40am

Some Morning Cakes

Rise and Shine! Got some backs to go with your breakfast. Pop the hood for some more shots of Achanty Tessono.

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February 10th 9:34am

Twitter Files: Black Couple Who Has Been Married 85 Years Gives Relationship Advice via Twitter!!

This is what we like to see…black love long and strong!!! Meet ‘America’s Tweethearts’ – the world’s longest married couple who are set to give away their secrets to a happy union on Valentine’s Day.

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February 10th 9:16am

Some Morning Boobage

Model Esther Baxter hit up the “Bottles & Strikes” “Celebrity” bowling event last night in NYC with her rack game on super duper swole. Looks like her G-cup hath runneth over. SMH. Flip it for more pics including Trey Trey and homewrecker Rocsi….

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February 10th 8:58am

Rihanna says She Likes a Big _______ but She Can’t Even Ride a Mechanical Bull

After shooting her video for “RUDE BOY” in NY, Rihanna went out and had some fun… Riding a MECHANICAL BULL!!! She didn’t stay on it long which is very interesting because we recall her saying that she likes a man that is well endowed but she can’t even handle “RIDING” this fake bull… Flip the…

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February 10th 8:41am

Louis Gossett Jr. Shares Prostate Cancer Diagonosis, Encourages Others To Take Preventive Measures

We’re wishing Louis Gossett Jr. a speedy recovery this morning. The acclaimed actor announced yesterday that he’s being treated for prostate cancer.

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February 10th 8:07am

What Chicks Do for a “HAS BEEN”: Naked Pics of Bobby V and his Jump Offs

They say that ladies like to kiss and tell but honestly, we think it’s more of a guy thing. Bobby V has pissed off some chick and instead of cussing him out, she decided to put him and his jump offs on blast with naked pics. Pop the Top for a Laugh at this LAME

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