September 7th 12:47pm

Update: Shawne Merriman Says Tila was Drunk as a Skunk and Tila Says “I am Allergic to Alcohol.”

NFL star Shawne Merriman has finally spoken out about the alleged choke out that he had with girlfriend Tila Tequila and in response Tila tweeted back.

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September 7th 12:00pm

Fabolous is “Snitch Tweeting” on T-Pain… F*CK Jay-Z, He’s Old!!!

The rule what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas doesn’t exist anymore… Thanks to Twitter. Apparently, T-Pain was DJ-ing at a pool party and decided to rant and rave about Jay-Z. Of course, no one was actually recording it because we didn’t find it, but Fabolous sure did tweet about it. Pop the Hood

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September 7th 11:40am

Quote of the Day: Joe Budden Endorses Prostitutes

“First of all, prostitutes, a lot of the times, have a much cleaner pu*sy than regular girls.” Continue…

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September 7th 11:20am

Swirlin’ Couple: Angela Simmons Added Some Salt to her Margarita

Angela Simmons is finally Out & About with her boo. He may dress like some of the guys that she dated before but he’s more like a side of carne asada burritos. Pop the Pinata for a Peek…

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September 7th 11:10am

Certified Links

Obama Administration’s Van Jones Resigns By Choice(Go) Ahmadinejad Wants to Initiate Talks With Obama After Nuclear Debate Wrapped (Go) Are Nas and Damian Marley’s “Distant Relatives” on the Way?(Go) The Dark Side of Infomercials (Go) The Internet Is Weird, But ManCycle Is the Weirdest of All (Go)

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September 7th 11:00am

Turkey BANS Ci-Error’s LOVE SEX MAGIC Video Because it Will Dumb Down their Children

Apparently, Ciara has taken it a little too far in her video with Justin Timberlake, LOVE SEX MAGIC. Turkey’s Radio and TV Council has banned the video from being played on any channel: contains sexual outfits, dancing and scenes that are contrary to the development of children and youth and morality in general. Damn CiCi……

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September 7th 10:50am

Mark This Date: Sept. 14th… Whitney Houston and Ol’ Harpo Get It In!!!

Oprah’s first day back on the airwaves is about to be legendary. It all kicks off on September 14th… the interview that everyone has been waiting for… Whitney Houston. From the looks of it, Whitney looks like she’s frustrated and wants to sucker punch Ol’ Harpo. Pop it for the Trailer…

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September 7th 10:40am

On the Come Up: Mike Vick Eligible To Play In Game 3 Of NFL Season

Michael Vick is a go as the NFL granted him full reinstatement on Thursday and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Vick could play later this month instead of waiting until October. Continue…

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September 7th 10:36am

What’s Going on in This Forum?

Go to Bossip Forums to find out.  Not only do you get to speak your mind but you also get to post your own topics on whatever issues are getting under your skin. Not registered? Click Here.

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September 7th 10:20am

A Robber Robs a Sex Shop For a New Toy but Takes No Money

A man broke into an Adultmart and instead of taking money, he went straight for a sex toy.

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September 7th 10:00am

NBA Player Ron Artest has a _____________ Wife

We always see an NBA player swirlin’ or kickin’ it with a half breed. LA Laker, Ron Artest was spotted walking down the street with his wife. This situation was so special we had to bring it up. Is his wife a Swirler, Half & Half or Pure??? Flip the Lid…

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September 7th 9:38am

Twitter Files: Brandy Goes Short

For the past 16 years, Brandy has always been weaved out with braids, wigs or just a weave except for when she was on the show Thea with that short brittle look. Now, Brandy has changed up her hair game. Pop the Hood for Brandy’s New Short “DO”…

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September 7th 9:30am

Jay-Z About The Game and His Disses: “He Is Not Competition…I’m His F*cking Idol”

In the new XXL magazine, Jay-Z talks about why he feels The Game is not even worthy of a response: “I mean, Game, I’m his f—ing idol,” Hov says in the October issue. “If you ask him and he’s being truthfully honest with you … it’s just based off his insecurities and, for the most…

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September 7th 9:27am

MJB Says Before Sasha Fierce She had an Alter Ego

Mary J Blige says before Sasha Fierce and Mimi came out the woodworks, she started the Alter Ego trend with her’s called “Brook-Lynn.”

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September 7th 9:23am

Holiday Swirl: Fake Cake and New Nose Job In Full Effect!

Kim and Khloe Kardashian, their mother, plus Lamar Odom all stepped out for a bite to eat. Naturally, the bill was picked up by their new dummy boyfriend. Side note: Something has been different about Kim, and we can’t quite put our finger on it… Pop it for more shots

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