August 12th 10:35am

Gabby is Ready for her Ring…

Gabby’s newest project has her searching to get engaged in a year. Pop the hood for the details.

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August 12th 10:32am

Certified Links

Dr. Dre Teams Up With Hewlett Packard (GO) Vibe Magazine Makes Return (GO) Lil Wayne Appears In Court For NY Gun Charge (GO) 2 AP Journalists Injured in Afghanistan War Zone (GO) “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” Is One Michael Jackson Short of Being the Zaniest Thing This Year (GO) New Pourable Condom May Be…

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August 12th 10:27am

MC Hammer’s Cousin Hits the Courthouse for his Illegal Chop Down Charge!

Every dog has its day and the time has come for MC Hammer’s cousin Marvin Grant who was charged with rape after his Twitter hook-up.

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August 12th 10:10am

Janet and Jermaine Dupri Have it Out… SMH

Janet and JD have been rocking through the rough patches for the past seven years. We thought it would never come to this, it’s just a complete lost for words. Pop the Hood for the Video

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August 12th 10:10am

A Lil Positivity…Billionaire Gives $200 to Every NYC Needy Back to School Kid

Electronic cards were given to over 300 needy NYC parents in the amount of $200 to aide parents in sending their children back to school.

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August 12th 10:00am

Stephon Marbury Makes a Bum Plead his Case

Stephon Marbury says f*ck reality TV. He’s live on the internet, all day, everyday, with an audience of 4,000 people minimum. He eats, sleeps, sh*ts, dances and cries etc, all on camera. Here’s his latest video, where he has a crackhead begging for $20. Pop it for a Peek

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August 12th 9:45am

New Video: Moroccan Blues “Hey Playa!”

The song is sick for one reason, the beat. DJ Quik and Kurupt on camels is a different story in itself, not to mention one is a blood and one is a known crip. The video is cliche in, but for some reason, works.

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August 12th 9:40am

A Smile Only a Mother Could Love

We can’t quite put our finger on what is wrong with this picture, but something is. What Is Wrong With This Picture?

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August 12th 8:40am

Janet’s New Look… Do We Love It?

Janet Jackson has a new look for her upcoming album! Flip up the hood to check it out.

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August 12th 8:37am

New Ginuwine: “Trouble”

The new Ginuwine video has just been leaked called, Trouble. We don’t mind the song, but Ginuwine is starting to look his age. The video is supposedly based on that LisaRaye stalking ordeal. Think the video is the business?

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August 12th 8:33am

Who Looks More Suspect?

This is a picture taken backstage at the Wayne show. Notice the way that Shawty Lo is gripping Akon ever so tightly? Anyways… Who Looked More Suspect? Pop it for more of Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Young Money and more

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August 12th 8:21am

Black Congressman Finds Swastika Outside Office…SMH

Georgia Democratic Congressman, David Scott, found a swastika spray painted on the sign outside his office on Tuesday (August 11). Scott believes the defacing of his sign is a reflection of growing racial tension over… continue

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August 12th 8:15am

Claymation Jermaine Ready to Get His Shine On… And No We’re not Talking about his Face!

Jermaine Jackson has been in the works of trying to put on a Birthday Concert for Michael but from what we hear it may turn out to be a one man show starring Jermaine.

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August 12th 7:00am

On the Come Up: Vibe Mag Is Coming Back

Just when we thought there was no hope for urban publications, a company has been in the works of buying Vibe out of debt.

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August 11th 12:59pm

Who Looked More Bangin’ ??? Ghost Face Killer Edition Part 2

Since this seems to be the latest trend “White Face and Bold A** Lips,” we decided to put all three candidates together and what we want to know is

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