June 15th 8:17am

LiveSteez Lounge: Dr. Michelle Callahan Ph.D

We’ve all been guilty of doing the wrong thing when it comes to relationships. Some of us have been the possessive type, others of us have been the needy type while others have been the jealous type. Michelle Callahan talks about figuring out your type and how to change for the better. What type are…

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June 15th 8:15am

Lala Vasquez Creates a Buzz with New Cut…Are Spread Eagle Pictures Next?

Last night Lala decided to pull a Cassie and shave it off, her hair that is. The trend looks like a lame attempt to prove broads got natural hair. Step ya game up, Attention Whores. Oh, we are not talking about you though Lala. In response to Lala’s new do, Cassie called Lala’s  hair “Hood”…

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June 15th 8:14am

Some Afternoon Linkage

11-Year-Old Boy and Family Fight For Life Saving Transplant LiveSteez Gisele Spreads Eagle Lossip Megan Fox is So Single F-Listed Fountain of Youth Bossip Throwback

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June 15th 8:12am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Sheree Whitfield’s Home Foreclosed On

Damn, we thought Sheree was OK, with all that pimping. Guess we were wrong about that. She was kicked out of her house then robbed and went crying to bloggers over the weekend:

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June 15th 8:06am

What is Going On in This Forum?

Whenever you’re looking for a place to get into some serious discussions, head over to Bossip Forums. We have tons of great topics and interesting threads for you to debate about or if you just want to share your thoughts, you can do that too. Best Baller of All Time? Advice From a Man Obama’s…

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June 15th 8:05am

Celeb Association: Teyana Taylor:”Stop Callin’ Me Rihanna. I Have My Own Thing Going On!”

“Tehanna” Taylor was seen sitting with Chris Brown and his brother at Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Ole girl is pissed off about being compared to Rihanna. She gets at some blogs about it, personally, on her Twitter page:

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June 15th 8:04am

Snoop Throws Down on Set of New Video

Snoop Dogg and his boys are shooting a new video for Cheah Beah (Fight Night Remix).  The song is by Young Dre and features Snoop and is the title track for the upcoming EA video game “Fight Night Round 4” which comes out on June 30th. Bernard Hopkins, Sugar Shane and video chicks when you…

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June 15th 8:02am

Playboy Playmate of the Year Strips Down in the ATL

Ida Ljungqvist repped Playboy to the fullest Friday night at the W Hotel in Midtown Atlanta. Bossip was in the house and got to witness all of the debauchery firsthand including scantily clad women with angel’s wings, Ida in her bra and panties, drinks, music and did we mention Ida in her bra and panties?…

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June 15th 8:01am

Trey Songz Drops New Jawn: “U Belong to Me”

Trey Songz just dropped a new song via Twitter that’s strictly for the ladies. Just like every other song out these days, its about S.E.X. At least its somewhat sensual unlike some other ish they’re spinnin’ right now. Pop the hood for a listen.

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June 15th 8:00am

RiRi Goes on the Prowl in NY

RiRi was out solo last night looking for something or someone to get into. With all of the men she’s been “seeing” lately, we’re starting to think that RiRi really is over Breezy and is gettin’ her single girl on real tough. Pop the top for more RiRi pics

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June 15th 7:59am

Jamie Foxx Loves Him Some Playboy

Jamie Foxx is no stranger when it comes to Playboy… Jazz Festival that is. He was definitely gettin’ his party on at the Hollyweird Bowl with D-list superstar Claudia Jordan and John Witherspoon. Pop the lid for festival pics

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June 15th 7:58am

Ja Rule Prepares to Stand By His Man

Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc. is hangin’ by a thread. Everyone’s either jumped ship or gotten tossed overboard. Everyone that is except for Irv’s main meal ticket – Ja Rule.

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June 15th 7:56am

Remy Ma: “Being Locked Up Ain’t No Joke”

Looks like Terror Squad’s Remy Ma followed in Lil’ Kim’s footsteps. At least she’s keepin’ it real about the fact that prison isn’t some cool place to chill and gain some street cred. Its hardcore. Pop the hood for her letter to fans

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June 15th 7:56am

Kobe and “Em Spank Magic in Game 4

Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, and Pau Gasol, led the way for the Lakers victory last night. Kind of surprised ole racist “Paul” didn’t break out the wig and racial gestures…lol Pop it to see Vanessa Bryant and Kobe’s kids as well as more arrivals and celebration pictures

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June 15th 7:55am

Sticky Fingaz Ends Up in a Sticky Situation

Why do people play around with loaded guns and then act surprised when they shoot someone accidentally? You would think grown @ss men would know better.

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