November 18th 9:24am

Bugsy Holds A Contest For Single Mothers to Get Some Stacks, Guess Tia Ain’t the Only One Eating

As if putting Rick Ross’ baby mama in a fur coat and in Floyd Mayweather’s mansion isn’t enough, 50 Cent has now launched his own tough times stimulus plan for single mothers. Flip the hood to get the details on how he’s trying to help out all the deserving single mothers out there.

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November 18th 9:11am

Whose Little Swirling Cake Is This?

This little cake was spotted on the set of her show in Hollyweird yesterday. She has been getting her husband to regularly make trips to Hollyweird to ‘service’ her. Pop the top to find out who she is

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November 18th 9:03am

Stop the Violence: 15 Year Old Bronx Girl Gets Shot in the Head and Survives

Vada Vasquez, 15, who was shot by a single bullet on Monday is now in critical condition after surviving a gunshot wound to the head.  Arrests have finally been made in her shooting.  Pop the top for more.

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November 18th 8:15am

Dame Dash Speaks On Rocafella And Says He Wasn’t Robbing Anyone “He Spoiled His Artist” And He Also Regrets Saying Jay-Z Was The Best Rapper Ever

Damon Dash releases a lot of game in this interview. Dame says the owner of Def Jam masterminded the demise of The Roc. He also talks Jim Jones, Jay-Z, Cam, Beans, and everything else…besides the divorce with Rachel Roy that is still up in the air. Pop it and watch this

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November 18th 8:00am

Father Of Michael Jackson’s “Alleged Sexual Victim” Commits Suicide

The Michael Jackson sexual assault case that settled out of court for millions ‘they say’ was pushed by the alleged victim’s father, Evan Chandler, out of greed and wealth. Evan committed suicide yesterday:

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November 18th 7:11am

HHW Exclusive: Former Member of Ma$e’s Church Calls Him A False Prophet & Releases Testimonial Track

It’s M-A-Dollar sign-E’s turn to have his dirty laundry aired: “It became a hustle for Ma$e after a while dog… where he was gauging who he would talk to based around how much they were giving, that’s a problem for me.” “Ma$e, he owe the church an apology…He can’t do music and the church because…

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November 18th 7:00am

Part of the Reason Why The Checks Have Stopped Coming In For Nicky Cage

BOSSIP reported a couple of weeks ago that this guy Nicolas Cage shat his way through stacks beyond stacks. Now it’s coming out that this cat was a ‘spend-a-holic':

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November 18th 6:42am

Quote Of The Day: Teacher To Alleged Gay High School Student “I Should Hit You In Your F**kin Mouth!”

A TEACHER named Randolph Forde, is in deep mess, after he asked a student if he was gay, supposedly committed terrorist threats, and allegedly put out a hit on the little ‘dude':

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November 18th 6:18am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Leona vs. Ci-Error

Leona Lewis and Ciara were both in attendance at some function for Leona’s album in Hollyweird last night. So who looked more bangin??? Diesel Legs or lil thunder thighs?? Flip it for more…

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November 18th 6:03am

Unique College Program Gives Hope For Hopeless

Academic potential and a lengthy rap sheet are enough to get you enrolled in Wesleyan University’s new educational programs, designed specifically for the best and brightest among Cheshire Correctional Institutions. Continue….

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November 17th 5:00pm

Hollyweird Is Not Done Turning Rihanna Out: Her “Stuff” is Exposed Again, Chris Brown Beating and Hollyweird Pressures Sends Her Into a Drunken Downward Spiral (Over 30 Pictures of This Mess))

You will not believe some of these pictures of Rihanna. The poor thang looks extremely faded and even shows her “stuff” under the hood.

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November 17th 4:50pm

*Exclusive Pics*: Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Video Shoot… “HOME RUN”

Our people over at, just sent us some exclusive pics from Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne’s video shoot. Weezy and Juelz must really be on Cloud 9; they found a house that looks exactly like Obama’s crib to shoot this video. Also, one of the chicks has a tattoo going across her chest… Can…

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November 17th 4:00pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Carmelo and Lala Help Feed the Children for the Holidays

Carmelo and Lala have an annual event every year, during the holidays, where they provide food for families, so they will be able to have Thanksgiving dinner. Yesterday we had our annual “Feed the Children” food drive. What an amazing event! So many families came out and collected food for Thanksgiving.

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November 17th 3:30pm

Cassie Trying to Pull It Off, But that Hair Doesn’t Go with Everything… SMH

Cassie was spotted at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards with her half shaved head on full blast like it’s cute, begging for attention. With Diddy out the picture we guess she has to pull onto something to keep her relevant in the game.  More pics of Cassie under the hood.

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November 17th 2:40pm

Body of 5 Year Old North Carolina Missing Girl Found in the Woods

The body of  missing 5-year-old, Shaniya Davis, was found in the woods yesterday. Her mother, Antoinette Nicole Davis, is currently being charged with human trafficking, child abuse involving prostitution and filing a false report. Flip the hood for the update to this story.

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