June 11th 7:58am

SMH: Michael Jackson Just Won’t Learn

Michael Jackson has some weird request for his show in Europe. Jacko wants a cast of kids to sign his songs onstage with him:

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June 11th 7:45am

Dude-Where is My Hair Stylist?

Everybody knows Phil Spector’s weird @ss was guilty. Well, they made ole boy take off the wacky wigs. SMH Pop the top for the inevitable

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June 11th 7:30am

Attention Whores: Lady Gaga is Always Flossing Her Pale Cakes

Lady “Pale Cake” Gaga is seen her with her pasty boyfriend on a pebbly beach. WTF? We think Akon made a very smart business move by signing her and her cakes are plump, no doubt, but she is a thirsty attention whore; simply put. Pop it to see more pasty cakes

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June 10th 9:47am

Matty Knowles to BET: “It’s Either Bey or Letoya!”

Daddy Knowles is up to his tricks again. As Mathew is determined to destroy Letoya Luckett’s career, he’s now rumored to have gone to the BET execs and demanded that Letoya Luckett be taken out of the show in order for Bey to perform:

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June 10th 9:46am

Usher Filing For Legal Separation From Tameka?!?

Bossip just caught word that Ush & Tameka’s marriage might be crumbling as we speak. The “project manager” chick, Grace Miguel, that Usher was seen with last week, is married and wants no parts of the drama:

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June 10th 8:49am

Does a One Time Sexual Encounter with the Same Sex Make You Gay?

There’s something to be said about experimentation but there’s something else to be said about a lifestyle. If you’ve hit it and quit it once with someone of the same sex, does that mean you’re homosexual? Pop the top for more

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June 10th 8:43am

Mario & Ike Still Kickin’ It In MIA

Mario is definitely trying to build a buzz for the release of And Then There Was ME with his release party for the single “Break Up” at Miami’s LIV at Fountainbleu. He and Rock ‘em Sock ‘em were in attendance along with Sean Garrett, Rico Love, Kevin Hart, Wilmer Valderama and a few more. Plenty…

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June 10th 8:42am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Man Kills 6-Year-Old Grandson Over a Watermelon LiveSteez Estilo Hit or Miss? Demi Lavato Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Carolina Macaroni F-Listed Not Everyone Loves New York Bossip Throwback

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June 10th 8:41am

Trey to Kels: Basically…You Suck Now

The SUPERSTAR that is Trey Songz had a few words for the Pied Pedophile. He claims that upon hearing Jigga’s D.O.A..he immediately wondered when R. Kelly was going to stop using autotune actually make good music again: First off, anyone who is familiar with my history knows I’m a HUGE R. Kelly fan & have…

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June 10th 8:40am

T.I. Strips Down

T.I. has already stripped down for the prison guards in Arkansas but he’s being asked to strip again. Pop the hood for more

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June 10th 8:38am

Best that Ever Lived…Vibe Rap Competition

Everyone has their top 20 list of the best MC’s in the game but its always interesting to see who gets the number 1 spot. For all the West Coast people out there, 2Pac is a surefire number 1 choice while East Coast would most likely say BIG deserves those honors. Flip the switch for…

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June 10th 8:35am

Ray J’s Ready for Another Round of Hos, Psychos and Tricks

We’re convinced that the End of Days are near. When “For the Love of Ray J” gets a second season, there is no reason to keep living. Why would anyone want to watch another round of Ray J’s slimy @ss working over a bunch of groupie hos, fame chasers, gold diggin’ @ss strippers who are…

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June 10th 8:34am

Serena Covers Her Cakes in Denim

Serena knows her cakes are anything but ordinary which is why she had to buy her jeans at a designer store on Robertson Blvd with all of the paps following behind her taking shots of her bubble @ss. Flip the switch for more cake

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June 10th 8:33am

T-Pain Likes ‘Em Young, White and Kuntry

T-Pain is one buffonish clown but the latest news is he’s working with country music’s sweetheart and superstar Taylor Swift. WTF? That’s a pairing we never thought we’d see. Enough already with the white folks tryin’ to get on our nuts i.e. Brooke Hogan and Aaron Carter. Pop the hood for the ridiculous pic of…

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June 10th 8:32am

Breaking Swirl News! Kendra Wilkinson: “I’m Knocked Up Yall”

Not that we’re surprised but Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are expecting their first child together and the two haven’t even made it down the aisle yet. Kendra’s no dumb blonde, don’t get it twisted. Just like she chopped down Hugh Hefner and got her @ss a nice cozy spot in the Playboy mansion, she’s…

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