May 10th 8:25am

Mr. Carey Puts Eminem on Blast

Posted by Bossip Staff We definitely didn’t see this one coming. A rap war between Nick Cannon and Eminem? Okay, its official, the apocalypse is here. Flip the lid for the war of the words

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May 10th 8:23am

Al Sharpton and Obama Talk Education

Posted by Bossip Staff History is constantly being made with Obama in office. Black leaders gettin’ together is what we love to see. Pop the top for more

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May 10th 8:20am

Some Morning Swirl: Seal and Heidi are Having a Girl

Posted by Bossip Staff Looks like Heidi Klum got was she was wishing for, a baby girl. The third try was the charm. Pop the top for more

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May 10th 8:15am

Beyonce Goes for Broke in Vegas

Posted by Bossip Staff This is just ridiculous. We all know how bad things are with the economy. The idea of spending $450 to see Bey workin’ the stage sounds absolutely @ss backwards when you can wait and see her for $20. SMH Pop the hood for more

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May 10th 8:13am

Sunday Style Exclusive: Terry Kennedy Launches Shoe and Opens Own Store

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip was invited to attend the opening of District-8, Terry Kennedy’s new store in Long Beach, and the launch of TK’s Supra shoe, TK Society. TK is our boy, so we wanted to give a little shine to his first shop opening plus the launch of his new shoe. Little did…

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May 10th 8:10am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 4 Boys Rape 1 Boy With Broomshaft and Hockey Stick

Posted by Bossip Staff What in God’s name are these kids on today? Jesus, please take the wheel. Shout out to Helen for the tip…

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May 10th 8:07am

Question of the Day: Birth Control Pills for Men??

Posted by Bossip Staff In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought we’d pose this question about the recent push for birth control pills and shots for men. When it comes to sex and birth control, women are usually held responsible for protecting themselves against pregnancy. Would you trust your man to take the birth control…

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May 10th 8:00am

Tyrese Joins the Stan Party

Posted by Bossip Staff This stan trend is really gettin’ ridiculous. Tyrese is now dealing with his very own psycho @ss stan who believes the two of them belong together. Flip to the b-side for more creepy details

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May 10th 7:45am

Coupled Up: Eva and Lance Only Do Top Shelf

Posted by Bossip Staff There’s nothing better than a beautiful black couple and these two are both beautiful. Not sure if we’re feeling the pink pants on Lance but we have to say Eva’s rockin’ that strapless demin jumper. Flip the switch for pics of Megan Good and her sister at the Top Models &…

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May 10th 7:38am

Random Ridiculousness: Sex-starved Kenyan Sues Over Boycott

Posted by Bossip Staff We know most of the fellas are going to sympathize with the Kenyan man but how do you ladies feel? Pop the hood for more

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May 10th 7:35am

Soulja Boy Steps Out Looking Real Suspect

Posted by Bossip Staff We’re not sure if its the way that he’s posing or the look in his eye but Soulja Boy looks a little sweeter than normal. Pop the hood for more pics of Soulja Boy at the KIIS FM Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles

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May 10th 7:30am

Wale – The Next Dope MC?

Posted by Bossip Wale is a part of the new breed of Mc’s on a mission to save Hip-Hop. Drake, Charles Hamilton, Cool Kids, Kid Cudhi, and several others are stepping up to bring back the true lyrical game that’s been MIA. So Bow-Wow, Hip-Hop is not dead, just your Rapping career maybe. Karmaloop TV…

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May 9th 8:45am

SMH: Jojo Popped For Smoking the Chronic

Posted by Bossip Staff Say it ain’t so, Joe. Lil’ Jojo was caught chiefing last night by 5-0. Rap legend Rev Run’s teenaged son Joseph Simmons Jr. was arrested tonight (Saturday) for possession of marijuana. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the 19-year old was seen allegedly buying the marijuana and rolling a joint while sitting…

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May 9th 8:40am

Chrisette vs. Bey: Who Will Play Ella Fitzgerald?

Posted by Bossip Staff Looks like Bey can’t strong arm her way into every role in Hollywood. Chrisette wants in on the action. Rightfully, so: Chrisette Michele is widely known for her soulful sound and lyrics on songs like “If I Had My Way” and “Epiphany’ but, the Def Jam beauty says she’d be willing…

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May 9th 8:35am

KFC Mailing Out Rain Checks For Chicken?!

Posted by Bossip Staff Are you f*cking kidding us? The chicken escapade that has been going on for the last few days has resulted in disgruntled customers receiving a “chicken” rain check: Seems you can have your chicken and eat it too…albeit a little later than expected.

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