November 10th 4:40pm

The Shim is on the Weirdness Again with “Herm” New Video: Bad Romance

Lady Gaga has got to be one of the weirdest chicks in the music biz since Bjork. She is taking it all by storm, on both sides of the charts and also refers to all her fans as “Little Monsters.” Even though she’s weird, this new video is sick and we got to give it…

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November 10th 4:35pm

Take a Moment to Enjoy The Kodjoes in JET Magazine

Boris Kodjoe, Nicole Parker and their adorable children are on the cover of JET Magazine. In their interview, they give a little insight about how important family time is and also why they are not constantly in the lime light. Celebrity couple, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have chosen to “live for their family”…

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November 10th 4:30pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Drunk Lady Falls in Front of Train and Lives

A woman was waiting on the train in Boston and attempted to put her cigarette out. She ended up losing her balance and fell into the train pit.  She would have lost her life if it wasn’t for the other passengers waving down the train operator. Pop it for the Video… Jesus Took More Than…

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November 10th 12:45pm

Rihanna Is Back To Making It Rain On You Hoes

Rihanna made her promo rounds yesterday by hitting up the untalented Alexa Chung Show and following it up by attending the Glamour Awards at Carnegie Hall where she was awarded woman of the year. She seems to have her swag back. Pop the top to see RiRi all glammed-out… evening gown and all

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November 10th 12:20pm

The Actual Call Into 911 On Katt Williams Made By Suspect 17 Year-Old

Yesterday, Katt’s lawyer said he was leasing the spot he was arrested at, yet failed to mention that Katt flew the 17 year-old boy, who called One-Time, out to accompany him and visit  the Atlanta hot-spot. The boy says Katt was holding him hostage. Flip the lid and listen to wackiness at its finest

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November 10th 12:00pm

DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad to Be Executed Today; Ex-Wives & Family Speak Out

John Allen Muhammad will be executed today: His shooting spree left at least 10 dead and millions terrified of bullets coming from an unseen sniper.

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November 10th 11:40am

First She Ditched the Brothers, Now Kelly’s Skin is Lighter in a UK Ad???

When Kelly first ran off to the UK, we thought she would stay true to herself…especially with her being the biggest advocate for chocolate, dark skinned women. But lately, we have reason to believe differently.  Flip the hood to see Kelly featured on a website looking a lot lighter than we remember.

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November 10th 11:36am

Certified Links

Tracy Morgan Gets Out of Pocket with Homosexual and Sex Jokes (GO) Rihanna Rejects Braylon Edwards $10,000 Bottle of Bubbly (GO) Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Nayomi Rene (GO) Lindsay Lohan Was Dating Heath Ledger When He Died (GO)

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November 10th 11:35am

Twitter Files: My “Sugar Tank” Daddy Finally Sent a TwitPic of Me and Now There’s Video of Him Dropping his Pants…SMH

Diddy must have heard our request. Yesterday,”Take That Take That” tweeted some pictures of his daughter Chance. This little girl is as cute as she can be, so now the next thing we need to see is the twins and Chance playing together… We Have the Video of Diddy Droppin’ his Pants

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November 10th 11:33am

Attention Whores: Aubrey Ho’ Day’s Lips are on Swole for her Maxim Shoot

Aubrey O’ Day is showing her goodies again for another photo shoot. It looks like she had some extra botox injected in them lips because they are pumped up. We can say the difference between this shoot and others… More Coverage!!! Pop it for a Peek

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November 10th 11:30am

SMH: Columbia Professor Socks Up White Lady Over A Race Discussion

This Columbia professor, Lionel “Mack” McIntyre,  socked up a fellow Columbia employee, who just so happens to be a white woman, for not doing enough about white privilege: A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.…

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November 10th 11:27am

The Cast of The Game Re-Unites on the MoNique Show

All you Game stans will be happy to know that the cast will be reuniting and appearing on the MoNique show this week.  Pop the top for more info and new pics of Wendy Raquel Robinson.

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November 10th 11:20am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Women of the Year Edition

Serena Williams and Iman attended the 2009 Women of the Year Glamour Mag event last night in NYC looking lovely as ever. Others showed up looking a little ‘iffy’ and ‘not-so-bangerific’ (see Zoe K and Kerry Washington below, SMH) Nonetheless, Who Looked More Bangin???? Pop it for more…

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November 10th 11:17am

Out-of-a-Job: “Dimple-Face” Larry Johnson is No Longer a Kansas City Chief…Headed to the Washington Redskins???

Larry Johnson was released by the Chiefs, might get picked up by the Redskins:

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November 10th 11:15am

What in the Hell: Neo-Nazi Rally Rattles Arizona and Minnesota

Neo-Nazi groups have greatly grown in number since the 9/11 attacks. Those that have abandoned the cowardice and bigotry associated with the hood and emblazoned cross are now taking to the internet. They are donning suits, ties, and the occasional swastika tee-shirt on weekends, whenever the need arises for them to spread their own special…

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