May 15th 8:02am

The Swirl of the Day: Kanye West and Mr. Hudson’s New Jawn “Supernova”

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West has a new European protege he is pushing named Mr. Hudson. The kid has a new single and Kanye is backing him like the second coming or something. Pop the hood for more

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May 15th 8:00am

Mariah Carey Keeps it Covered in Cannes

Posted by Bossip Staff Not to say we told you so but come on. Once again, Mariah steps out in yet another ankle-length gown that doesn’t hug the curves and leaves a lot to the imagination. Pop the top for more evidence of Mariah’s “expanding” steez along with some serious man candy, Lenny Kravitz

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May 15th 7:55am

Maxwell Interview With Tavis Smiley: “I’m Normal”

Posted by Bossip Staff When Maxwell is asked why he took so long to come back, he gives an answer we consider to be quite normal considering all of the rumors surrounding his disappearance. Flip the switch for more

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May 15th 7:51am

Get Well: President Obama Fights the Growing War in the U.S.

Posted by Bossip Staff Our President Obama has many fronts to fight during his term. He is addressing the Health Care Crisis we have right here in this country: The United States is fighting enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan and extremist cells around the world, but there is a much deadlier domestic threat facing President Barack…

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May 15th 7:48am

Tyrese Drops Divorce Song

Posted by Bossip Staff This song is pure ish Tyrese. It sounds like the same plastic @ss crap made by internet one hit wonders. Pop the top for Tyrese’s latest jawn

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May 15th 7:45am

50 Cent Movie Going Straight to DVD…Do Not Pass Box Offices Please

Posted by Bossip Staff Bugsy’s movie, Streets of Blood with Val Kilmer won’t see a big screen besides the one in the living room. Flip the switch for more

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May 15th 7:42am

Tyra Racks Up Second Emmy Nomination

Posted by Bossip Staff Tyra knows she so wants to be the baby Oprah. First a hit reality show and now a hit talk show, next thing you know, she’ll be starting her own network. Flip the script for more

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May 15th 7:40am

You Will Never Believe Who Made it Out to “Mandela Day”…

Posted by Bossip Staff Dirty Harry was out last night at “Mandela Day”, probably trying to clear his good name. Morgan Freeman came stag, looking like Mandela himself. Quincy Jones is hugged up with Jurnee Smollett, Angela Bassett and Rachel Smith when you turn over the…

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May 15th 7:37am

The Legendary Grinds on Estelle

Posted by Bossip Staff John Legend and Estelle took to the stage together to hit some high’s and some low’s  for, John Legend presents Home School Records at S.O.B.’s. You all know Legend is a freak, so he was putting his package all over on her stage and she looked just fine with it. Pop…

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May 15th 7:35am

30 Rock Wants Some Presidential Ratings

Posted by Bossip Staff Barack Obama is the hottest celeb, we mean President, we’ve ever had. He’s more popular than all of the actors, singers and athletes combined. Everyone wants a piece of him, even Hollywood. Flip the script for more

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May 15th 7:25am

Caption This: Funky Flex Mouth

Posted by Bossip Staff Come on Flex, that look is unbecoming. Pug-Mouth at 40??? SMH Pop the top to see Q-Tip, and Angie Martinez out at Home Cooking Thursdays, Club Imperial in the NYC.

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May 15th 7:24am

Whitney, The ‘King’ of R&B Is Dead!

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some notes about Bobby Brown’s performance on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise: The’King’ is ‘dead’ There were plenty of empty seats. Most cruisers seemed to attend out of curiosity, not because they wanted to jam to “My Prerogative.” Bobby had the same three energetic female backups and a…

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May 14th 8:45am

Hollyweird’s Top Bangers Hit the Maxim Hot 100 Party

Posted by Bossip Staff Ciara was at the Maxim’s 10th Annual Hot 100 Celebration last night dripping with bronzer and body oil which sort of resembled bacon grease. Doesn’t look like anything a good scrubbing couldn’t cure. We are digging the crop, though. Kim Kardashian, La La, Gabrielle Union, Dania Ramirez, and more when you…

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May 14th 8:40am

Yung Joc Taking Bad Boy to Court!

Posted by Bossip Staff Yung Joc is going after the infamous career-ending Diddy and Bad Boy Records. He might be the only one in the history of Bad Boy to actually take Diddy to court over money and his music. Pop the top for more:

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May 14th 8:39am

She Said: Women are Just as Apprehensive as Men About Toys in the Bedroom

Posted by Bossip Staff When it comes to B.O.B – Battery Operated Boyfriends, it seems things are split down the middle. Some women swear by them while others could never own one and they’d not be losing any sleep. Pop the top for more

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