February 4th 8:37am

Gilbert Arenas Addresses His Responsibility To Young Fans In Op-Ed Letter

The Post suggested on Dec. 31 that I send a message to young fans “about guns being neither glamorous nor desirable.” I am grateful for the opportunity to do something good in the face of the very bad situation I created.

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February 4th 8:17am

New Couple: Brandy & Flo Rida… Where Dey Do Dat At???

Ray-J is always looking for love in all the wrong place and it’s Brandy’s turn. Apparently, Mz. Brandy has a thing for a dude that’s from the bottom of the map. She has been seen with Flo Rida on two different occasions and they appeared to be more than just friends. On January 28, Brandy…

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February 4th 7:01am

Former POW Shoshana Johnson Pens A Memoir

Shoshana Johnson recently penned a book, “I’m Still Standing,” about her experience surviving being shot in both legs and held in captivity by Iraqis for 22 days. She was eventually rescued by Marines, but back in the U.S. she suffered from severe post traumatic stress disorder and was forced to fight to receive the proper…

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February 4th 6:18am

Fu*k Mathew: Tina Knowles Gets it in With Some Young Meat

Seems like Mama Tina might have had a good time at Bey Bey’s “Heat” launch after all: The elder Miz Knowles, who filed for divorce from Matthew Knowles just last month, might have had the best time of all.

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February 4th 6:06am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Death Toll in Haiti Surpasses 200,000

Over 200,000 people have died due to the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti three weeks ago, and despite the aid efforts, protesters are still not getting much from the Haitian government: The death toll in the Haiti quake has topped 200,000, Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive said Wednesday as angry protests over the slow arrival of…

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February 4th 5:19am

The Saga Continues…Disgraced Politician John Edwards Beat the Crap Out of His Sick Wife

The ridiculousness that is John Edwards is still unraveling: Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards is telling pals that John beat her during a horrific marriage-ending fight, “John lost his temper big-time,” revealed a close friend of Elizabeth.

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February 3rd 9:50pm

James Cameron And Rupert Murdoch In Early Talks For “Avatar” Sequel

When you make a film that rakes in hundreds of millions opening weekend, that ultimately becomes the highest grossing movie of all time and garners a sh*tload of Oscar nominations, don’t be surprised when the studio asks you to make another one. That’s what’s going on with James Cameron’s Avatar right now. Look on the…

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February 3rd 9:24pm

Chelsea Lately Got Jokes on Bey Bey and Twitter Fans,Tells Beyonce… “B*tch Take a Break!!!”

Bey Bey was spotted promoting her fragrance at the Herald’s Square Macy’s in NYC today.  Looks like those Grammys got Beyonce throwing that break ish out the window.  Speaking of Grammy’s late night tv host Chelsea Handler of “Chelsea Lately” got jokes on Beyonce at the Grammys.  Pop the top to see the vids and more pics.

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February 3rd 9:21pm

Guess the Cake…

Can you guess whose donk was spotted climbing in the back of this vehicle??? Pop the top to find out.

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February 3rd 7:59pm

Janet Jackson in “WONDERLAND”: I Don’t Worry About Rihanna and Lady GaGa… I’m Janet Jackson Dammit!!!

Janet, Mz. Jackson if you’re nasty, is on the cover of Wonderland magazine for their upcoming issue. Even though last year was probably one of the toughest years of her life, nothing is stopping her from doing what she does best… Pop the Top for a Peek at Janet’s Photo Shoot and Video

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February 3rd 7:57pm

Bad Girlz Club: Natalie Nunn Has Sex On Camera And Allows Her Roommate To Watch

These hoes on The Bad Girls Club are to much for TV. Natalie Nunn brings one of her male friends over to the house after a night of partying and then has sex with him while her other roommate, Flo, watches and cheers her on. Don’t Believe Us… Pop the Top for this Sh*zzz

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February 3rd 6:33pm

How Cute is Diddy’s Daughter?

Diddy’s daughter Chance is back in the spotlight again.  First she was a cop now she’s a cowgirl. How cute. Between the twins on their Hollyweird steez and Chance playing dress up we can’t take it.  Another pic once you pop the top.

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February 3rd 6:18pm

Which One Would You Hit? “True Blood” vs “Twilight” Edition

Calvin Klein just came up with a new ad campaign for their X range underwear that is sure to please everybody. So far the most attention seems to be going to “True Blood” and Twilight stars Mehcad Brooks and Kellan Lutz. Is it just us or does it look like Kellan is carrying the heavier…

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February 3rd 5:57pm

Now That’s What We Call A Freak Show! Women With Two Vajayjays Talk To “Tyra Show”

If you missed today’s “Tyra Show,” she had several guests who suffer from bizarre conditions, including a woman who suffers gargantuan growth in her legs! Tyra also speaks with a panel of women who all have two vaginas! Flip to the other side for more.

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February 3rd 5:47pm

Sorry Hov, Bey Bey May Postpone her Vacay Now…

After Beyonce broke records at the Grammys Sunday, her management team (including slimy Mathew Knowles) thinks she should postpone her 6 month break to ride on the success of her Grammy hype.  Check out the details on the flipside.

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