February 1st 11:34am

Question of the Day: Why is Jay-Z No Longer Boycotting The Grammys??

It’s been over a decade, and things have certainly evolved for Jay-Z. Back in 1999, he announced that he was boycotting the Grammy’s…but recently he’s been all cheesing and tuxedo-ed out while attending this yearly event. When did he stop?? “I am boycotting the Grammys because too many major rap artists continue to be overlooked,”

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February 1st 11:28am

Caption This

And we wonder why they give out most of the Rap Awards off the air… Somebody feed T-Pain and give this ish a caption QUICK! Look under the hood for one more shot.

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February 1st 11:12am

For Discussion: “You’re a Disgrace to the White Race Because You Befriend Black People…”

Some time ago, Tyra Banks raised the issue of racism in the white community on her show. She had two individuals that were white, Leona and Martin, and they claimed to hate their own race. Here’s what they had to say: Leona: I don’t identify with white people because I don’t like their perception. I…

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February 1st 11:09am

Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris” is Inspired by his Ex-Girlfriend…But Which One?

In a recent interview Diddy talks about the inspiration for his new album “Last Train to Paris.”  Check out the details on the flipside.

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February 1st 10:11am

Where is Kim Porter???

Not only were artists working and making appearances, so were baby mamas. Kim Porter put together a party for Estelle and her new album that will be dropping this year. Out of all the styles Kim rocks, this is definitely a keeper. Pop the Top for Kim at Work

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February 1st 10:11am

Baptist Group Arrested For Child Trafficking As Many Haitian Parents Consider Giving Up Children

The arrest of 10 Americans for trying to take children out of Haiti has raised an uncomfortable question in this brutally poor and earthquake-devastated country: could some children be better off abroad under the grim circumstances?

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February 1st 9:33am

*Exclusive Pics*: Coupled Up for the Grammys… Ne-Yo and ___________

Ne-Yo is visually making himself the new ultimate ladies man. First he was choppin’ down Steve McNair’s ex and now Ne-Yo has found himself a supermodel chick. These two were seen all over each other the whole weekend. Pop it for a Peek…

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February 1st 9:28am

Random Ridiculousness: Drunk Dad Tells Kids To “Bite the Police Officers’ Faces Off”

Only at Mickey D’s will you find a man who is publicly intoxicated, with children, passes out in the Playland area, and then does this craziness: Police in Colorado arrested a 28-year-old man accused of passing out in a McDonald’s play area and telling his two children to bite the officers who were trying to…

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February 1st 9:20am

A “Lil Positivity”: Obama To Increase Funding to HBCUs

President Obama’s administration has agreed to increase funding to the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities. Continue…

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February 1st 9:14am

Which One Would You Hit? GRAMMY Edition

Last night Travis Barker joined Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake onstage for their “Forever” performance. Whether you’re swirling or not, Em and Travis are killing the white badboy game. Pop the hood to tell us which one you’d hit, and check out a few more pictures from their performance.

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February 1st 9:13am

Lil Juelz Knowles Was Getting Around at the Grammys

Juelz left his mom Solange at home for a fun night out with Bey Bey, Jay and Rihanna.  For a six-year-old this little guy sure does get around, hell…he’s getting more camera time than his mother nowadays.  Check out more Grammy pics of Juelz on the flippy.

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February 1st 9:12am

Are You Feelin Britney’s Get Up??

Britney Spears attended the Grammy Awards last night wearing this a see-thru dress, fishnets, bloomers, and sparkle shoes. SMH. We know Britney has a track record of rockin ridiculousness, but what do you all think?? Flip it for more picturas…

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February 1st 8:40am

Would You Still Hit This???

Sheila E was spotted at Jamie Foxx’s post Grammy bash at The Conga Room in LA.  For her to be 53 she is still stuntin’ on these young hoes. All the young fellas we must ask at 53… Would you Still Hit This??? More pics from Jamie’s Grammy bash under the hood.

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February 1st 8:09am

Bey Bey Gets 6 Grammys and Sets New Record

Beyonce took home 6 Grammys out of 10 last night at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. She has now set the record for the most awards won by a female artist in one night in the whole 52 years of Grammy history.  Pop the top to see exactly what she won, along with more pics from her performance. 

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January 31st 9:28pm

Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy Glam Goodness

This is the best we’ve seen Jennifer look in a minute… More pics of JLo, Jhud, Gaga, etc when you…

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