January 7th 9:02am

Random Riculousness: Woman Gets Gully Over McDonalds Cheeseburger

A little bit ago, there was a woman who went to McDonald’s to order a burger. Just like any normal person, she wanted her burger to be made to her specific likings. However, when the burger was NOT up to par in her mind, she went straight bizerko… Flip the script to watch this craziness..

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January 7th 9:00am

Hoes Are Still Coming Out of the Woodwork: Latest One Says Tiger Took *Little White Pills*

Damn these are some ruthless a*s wheffahs…now some lil former golf course waitress is saying she did ecstasy with “Cheetah” back in 1999: “Tiger would order an energy drink and give me a $5 tip. He was friendly but not overly flirtatious. In October 1999, a friend of Tiger came over to my cart and…

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January 7th 8:17am

It’s a Wrap for the State Of The Black Union Conference

Ater ten years, Tavis Smiley has announced the end of his yearly “State of the Black Union” conference series that focused on a diverse range of problems within the Black community. Continue

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January 7th 8:14am

Keyshia Cole Confirms Pregnancy, Engagement and 4th Album; But Where Are Frankie And Neffe?

Keyshia Cole’s camp has finally confirmed that she is pregnant, like they really needed to. Also, her baby daddy, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson that plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, proposed to her on New Year’s Eve. Keyshia Cole’s Camp: [The engagement came as] “an absolute surprise. When he asked her to marry him,

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January 6th 5:18pm

For the Stans

A new ad surfaced today featuring Bey Bey and those Japanese bags she’s trying to sell. Check the flipside for another pic of Bey Bey and to tell us what ya think.

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January 6th 5:16pm

Poor Thang: Gilbert Arenas Suspended Indefinitely Without Pay

See what being a dumba*s will get you: Ex-Wildcat and current NBA player Gilbert Arenas has been suspended without pay following allegations of pulling a gun out on a teammate, AP reports say. NBA commissioner David Stern has indefinitely suspended Gilbert Arenas, saying the Washington Wizards guard is”not currently fit to take the court” for…

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January 6th 5:14pm

Cop Caught In Coitus During Church Services May Face Incarceration

A 26-year-old German policeman is facing serious disciplinary action after he was caught having sex with a woman in church in the middle of service. Continue

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January 6th 4:43pm

Bengals Babymama Gets Away With Murder

Police have announced they will not file charges against the b*tch-on-wheels fiancee of late Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry in connection with his death last month.

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January 6th 4:42pm

SMH: A Convicted Felon that Won the Florida Lottery in 2006 is Missing but the Sheriff Thinks He is Dead

Abraham Shakespeare, who had a criminal wrap sheet that included arrest and prison time for burglary, battery and child support won $30 million in the Florida lottery back in 2006. Instead of taking yearly installments, he decided to collect a lump sum of $16.9 million up front. With his winnings Abraham bought a Nissan Altima,…

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January 6th 4:03pm

Trey Songz and Keri Hilson Take It To the Bed

Trey Songz is about to release another video from his album Ready. This time he picked Keri Hilson as his leading lady and it looks like things got pretty intense while on set. Put it this way Trey and Keri play a MARRIED COUPLE… Pop it for the Behind the Scenes Footage of “Yo Side…

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January 6th 3:25pm

Woman Drowns 5-Year-Old Grandchild Because She Didn’t Want Him To Be Victim Of Divorce

A 71-year-old Florida grandmother is facing a murder charge after authorities say she drowned her 5-year-old grandson in the bathtub while her husband went to the grocery store. According to police, she killed the child because his parents were divorcing and she did not want him to grow up in the household. Continue

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January 6th 2:40pm

Wale’s Thoughts on Sex: F**cking is the New Making-Out!!!

Wale felt the need to express his thoughts on sex and exactly what it means now-a-days in a recent interview. To be specific… the difference between making love and hair-pulling, swappin’ juices, back-breaking sex… I’ve never considered myself a sex addict, though I do enjoy an occasional nut as much as the next guy….

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January 6th 1:54pm

Even More Kissy Face Rihanna and Matt Kemp Coupled Up Pics

More pictures have surfaced of Rihanna and her new man piece Matt Kemp in Mexico.  These two really are taking coupled up to whole other level.  More pics under the hood.

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January 6th 1:41pm

Some Afternoon Booty

A faithful Bossip reader just so happens to be the cover of the prestigious Smooth Magazine, and she decided to send it to us for you guys’ viewing pleasure. Her name is Milan. Be sure to pop the hatch for cake, cake, and more cake…

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January 6th 1:01pm

The Queen Hits the Scene with her Grandma’s Church Get Up On

Queen Latifah was in Beverly Hills yesterday to announce the CoverGirl Clean Makeup For Clean Water campaign looking like someone’s Granny. Dania Ramirez (one of the faces for the CG Clean Water campaign as well) was in attendance as well looking like the lil banger that she is…. More pics of the ladies on the…

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