December 24th 11:09am

Brazilian Custody Battle Finito: Sean and David Goldman Reunited This Morning

It’s been a long five years: A Brazilian family delivered 9-year-old Sean Goldman to his American father David Goldman in Brazil on Thursday, ending a five-year custody battle.

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December 24th 10:48am

Some Sparkly Pre-Holiday Shoulder Pad Fug

Lady GaGa performed at the Nokia Theatre in LA rockin this crazy get up with the most exaggerated shoulder pads we’ve ever seen. She celebrated her album’s eight million worldwide sales at the concert as well. GaGa is definitely killin the music game right now. More flicks of our favorite hermaphy under the hood.

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December 24th 10:43am

Where Are Mercy’s Parents??

Here is the latest addition to the Madonna Malawian adopted children crew, Mercy, looking all lonely and lost riding her scooter in London. Poor thang. Pop it for more pics…

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December 24th 10:38am

Happy Holidays!! Heart Norweezy Young

Your boy Norwood Young was stuntin as usual in all white at his Annual White Christmas Party in Hollyweird last night. We have no idea where this cat gets all of his cheddar, but we hear he throws one hell of a shindig. More pics including Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan boo’ed up and Natalie…

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December 24th 10:30am

BDR is Looking for a New Wife in 2010

Russell Simmons is tired of being “Old Man Meat” and is ready to settle down again. He posted a picture of his daughter Ming Lee on Twitter along with this tweet: “I think. Its time to pick a wife, and god willing do this again.. This year .. If possible.”

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December 24th 10:26am

True or False: Mary J. Blige And Kendu Punch-Drunk Love?

Was Kendu Isaacs missing in action from wife Mary J. Blige’s record release party because she had him removed after clobbering him in the face? Snitches are saying the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul dared her hubby to “Chris Brown” her after she bloodied his face for disrespecting her. Get the 411 under the hood.

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December 24th 10:00am

New Video: Keri Hilson is Plies “MEDICINE” Behind the Scenes

Keri Hilson and Piles just shot the video for “MEDICINE.” Keri looks like a giant compared to Plies but then again, he is only ye tall. Plies makes a statement saying that Keri really stepped out the box for this jawn but the only difference we see is that she is not grinding some dude…

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December 24th 9:49am

Disturbing Movie Poster Mirrored Brittany Murphy’s Death

DVD rental company Redbox is having disturbing promotional posters for the Brittany Murphy film Deadline pulled from 19,000 of their kiosks.

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December 24th 9:18am

Is Bey Bey Really Black Culture??

Your girl Bey has a new jawn called “Black Culture”. Pop it to have a listen…

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December 24th 9:16am

Yung Joc is Suited and Booted with Some Ashy A$$ Lips

Yung Joc made an appearance at Devyne Stephens Annual Christmas Party. Got to give it to Joc for stepping out so fresh and so clean but one of his peeps should have gave him some lip balm for them chapped and ashy lips. Devyne Stephens pulled out all the bells and whistles for this event,…

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December 24th 9:15am

On the Road to Healthcare: Senate Passes Reform Bill

The Senate passed President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill at 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning without a single Republican vote. The 60-39 landslide victory moved the bill through the body and now calls for the Senate’s version of the bill to be merged with the House of Representatives’ version that was previously passed in November. Continue…

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December 24th 9:00am

Who Won the Fight Between Portia and Natalie Nunn???

Natalie Nunn of the Bad Girls Club Season 4 ran her mouth about the wrong chick in the house. We showed you the teaser last week of what was about to go down between Portia and Natalie but now we have the full fight. These two chickens are scrappin’!!! Pop the Top and Tell Us…

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December 24th 8:51am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Dresses In Santa Clause Costume To Rob Bank

We told you already that the holidays always bring out the “Crazies”: Just days before Christmas a man took advantage of the Holiday spirit and used a Santa Clause costume to rob a bank. Continue…

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December 24th 8:31am

Kanye West Says: “I Sold My Soul to the Devil” & Brags About Having a “Bad White B*tch Like Ice-T”

Kanye West is officially back. He hit the stage the other night and blessed the crowd with a true Kanyeezy freestyle where he spits about being passionate about the industry, McDonald’s Happy Meals, selling his soul to the devil, and having a bad white b*tch like Ice-T. SMH. Peep game underneath the hood…

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December 23rd 6:28pm

SMH: Tiger Woods Allegedly Checking Into Rehab for His Addiction to Skanky Becky Backs

Apparently your boy “Cheetah” can’t control his peter and is taking drastic measures to get his life together. In a last-minute effort to save whatever marriage he does have, Tiger Woods is considering getting help for his sexual desires and infidelity issues. Check out the details on the flipside.

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