February 25th 6:44pm

BDR Is Salty About Jay-Z’s AEG Casino Partnership, Meanwhile He’s Plotting A New Comedy Series

Russell Simmons, who made history with his groundbreaking HBO comedy series Def Comedy Jam, is planning on making people laugh once again with a new comedy series. The untitled series reunites the partnership of Simmons and Def Jam producer Stan Lathan and also serves as a platform for undiscovered comedians to get their shine.

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February 25th 6:37pm

*Update* Sprite Doubles Up, White Sorority Will Have To Share First Place With AKA’s Due To Scoring Discrepancy

We know a few of you were hot after learning an all white sorority won first prize in Saturday’s Sprite Step Off.. Well it turns out they’ll be sharing the top spot instead. Sprite announced today that because of a scoring discrepancy in the sorority results, the second-place winners, the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa…

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February 25th 6:05pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Donell Jones Is Back Off Hiatus, Plus Exclusive Pictures Of His New Girl And Their Daughter!

Bossip caught up with Donell Jones to find out What’s up, what’s up, what’s up, with him missing in action from R&B: BOSSIP: Why the hiatus? DONELL: I was in a horrible situation with Jive. They have too many R Kellys, Justin Timberlakes, Ushers, Anthony Hamiltons…

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February 25th 5:51pm

*Exclusive Pics* Janet Jackson And Jill Scott Head To The Bahamas For “Why Did I Get Married Too?”

Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott and the rest of the “Why Did I Get Married Too?” target=”_blank” cast assembled in the Bahamas for the sequel’s couple retreat and BOSSIP has some exclusive pictures for you, along with a new teaser for the film. Pop the hood for a looksee.

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February 25th 4:32pm

Did Gov. Paterson Help A Shady Aide Cover Up His Woman Beating Ways???

As if he wasn’t already looking shady enough, BOSSIP has learned Gov. Paterson is now suspected in intervening on behalf of one of his top aides, David W. Johnson who allegedly assaulted his girlfriend on Halloween in the apartment the two shared for four years. Over the course of several months the woman was visited…

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February 25th 2:05pm

New Music: Bell Biv Devoe “Hello”

Awww shizzzniit, Bell Biv Devoe is making a comeback with a new single called “Hello.” Pop the hatch to have a listen…

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February 25th 1:54pm

LisaRaye: “I’m Too Classy And Sophisticated For Cake Shots”

We thought LisaRaye looked amazing for her Black Men Magazine cover, but a source has exclusively snitched to BOSSIP that she was pissed that they chose to display her cakes.  Details on the flip.

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February 25th 12:54pm

Little Nasty Facebook Freak Sentenced To 15 Years For Blackmailing Boys For Sex

We keep warning y’all about the dangers of sexting… A 19-year-old in Wisconsin was sentenced to 15 years behind bars after police say he used Facebook to con male classmates into sending him naked pictures and then blackmailing them for sex.

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February 25th 12:43pm

Tyra Banks Shines The Light On Black Culture’s Color Complex… 9-Year-Old Cries Because She’s Too Brown

Tyra Banks is becoming quite the little agent for social change. After airing out gold digger moms for raising their daughters to marry for money, Banks recently took on young girls struggling with self-esteem and showcased one particularly sad story of a little 9-year-old so dismayed over her brown skin that she cried on television.…

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February 25th 12:19pm

A List Of Places To Meet Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes

Good day Bossip readers! Did you know that the global number of single men and woman is at its highest and growing at a rapid pace? True story. It’s safe to assume that most folks don’t want to live life alone. For some it’s a matter of meeting the right person. For others, they may…

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February 25th 12:13pm

Fill In The Blank: The Laugh Factory And Chocolate Sundaes Edition

We couldn’t help but catch a case of the giggles when we spotted this photo of comedian Red Grant looking happier than _______. Pop the top for more pictures of Chris Rock, Keri Hilson from last week’s Chocolate Sundaes At The Laugh Factory and please don’t forget to Fill in the Blank for us!!!

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February 25th 11:45am

Certified Links

Anti-Smoking Ads Imitating Oral Sex Cause A Stir (GO) Ex-Cop Confesses To Katrina Killing Cover-Up (GO) Ice Cube Back to Rap With “I Am The West” (GO) Woman Who Lied About Gang Rape Sentenced To Up To Three Years In Prison (GO) Arizona Legislature Wants Obama To Show Birth Certificate For 2012 Run (GO) AFTERNOON…

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February 25th 10:52am

Shamu Not So Nice After All… Killer Whale Lives Up To Its Name By Drowning Trainer!!!

A veteran trainer at Orlando’s SeaWorld was dragged under water to her death Wednesday in the jaws of Tilikum, the oldest and largest killer whale in captivity, as horrified onlookers watched.

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February 25th 9:57am

Out Of Pocket: PETA’s Latest Victim Is Tiger Woods

This is pure comedy: A huge billboard is set to be erected close to Tiger Wood’s home in Windermere, Florida – poking fun at his recent sex scandal.

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February 25th 9:56am

Octomom Attempts To Stunt Like A Superstar In New York City

Nadya Suleman left all them damn kids at home and went to the “Big Apple” to party like a rockstar. She was spotted with a fruity fella, and they were pretty much frontin’ like she’s a big celebrity or something. SMH. More pics when you…

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