February 16th 5:25pm

Drakes Wishlist Falls Short For Thank Me Later

Anybody who believes rapper Drake gets everything he wants must not have heard about his desire to collaborate with Sade for his upcoming album Thank Me Later. Continue

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February 16th 4:50pm

Has Diddy Ever Had An Original Idea??? Tries To Beat Copyright Case Over Sean John Cologne!!!

Diddy is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over the design of his Sean John Unforgivable cologne, that could turn the successful fragrance into a pricy mistake. Pop the hood for details.

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February 16th 3:28pm

What The Hell???

Lady Gaga was on the red carpet for the The Brit Awards in London today looking like this.  This chick gets weirder by the minute, but at least she doesn’t have to worry about any slip ups with this outfit on. More pics of GaGa for your viewing pleasure on the flippy.

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February 16th 1:52pm

Jill Scott Goes Back To Her Roots On The Mo’Nique Show…Talks Motherhood And Her New Album

Jill Scott hit up the Mo’Nique Show and dished on her new baby, her new album, and why she loves Mo’Nique so much.  Click Here to Watch the Video!

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February 16th 1:30pm

Rumor Control: Singer Olivia’s “Mystery Man” Revealed

When BOSSIP sat down with singer Olivia and asked her who she was dating, her answer was “no one.” She must have being telling a little fib, because we have learned that Olivia is actually in a relationship with a well-known athlete. Pop the top for the details.

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February 16th 12:19pm

Is Kim Kardashian Turning Reggie Into An Attention Whore???

Kim and Reggie were spotted in NYC for a date night and took a ton of pics.  BOSSIP has learned that Reggie Bush is feeling pressure from Kim to put their relationship in the spotlight and he may be fed up.  More details on the flip.

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February 16th 12:14pm

50 Cent Catches A B*tch Fit Because Dre Is Working With Ashanti And The Game!!!

Dr. Dre is in the lab working with Ashanti and The Game and Ol’ Bugsy is not happy at ALL!!! We all know that if 50 Cent can’t have it his way, then he declares war. After months of speculation, the Game has confirmed, via Twitter, that he is officially back in the lab working…

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February 16th 11:58am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???: Granny and a Jesus Piece

One our BOSSIP readers sent us this pic of somebodies Grandma rocking a Jesus piece. Either she’s been listening to Yeezy’s “Jesus Walks” or this a joke, but what we want to know… What’s Wrong with This Picture???

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February 16th 11:56am

New Black Kid On The Block: London

The newest black kid on the block is R&B artist London. After hooking up with Demetrius Ellerbee, the CEO of C.T.E., Young Jeezy’s Label… London was signed to KPM/Universal Motown. We have to admit that London’s new jawn just may be on to something. Take a Listen… Back to the Way: Hate It or Love…

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February 16th 11:52am

Some Afternoon Cakes

Just in case you haven’t headed out for lunch yet, we’re bringing you some cakes for your viewing pleasure. Pop the hood to see the other side of Ricki Renee.

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February 16th 11:45am

Back To The Basics: Lil’ Kim’s Dirty Lil’ Mouth On Luda’s New Jawn… “HEY HOE”

Lil’ Kim is on the right path and jumping on the right tracks for her comeback. Luda’s new jawn, “Hey Ho”, seem like the perfect avenue for Lil’ Kim to spit those lyrics that we oh-so-love… “THAT MONEY MAKE ME C*M… GO and ASK LUDA!!!” Hate It or Love It?!?!

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February 16th 11:29am

Thicky-Kins Is Still Trying…

Ashanti brought her thick as* legs out to play at the Gifting Services showroom in LA yesterday. We’re not sure if she’s really expecting to make a “comeback” with that music career of hers, but we do know one thing…her body is lookin quite bangin…SMH. More pics under the hood.

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February 16th 11:13am

For Ballers Only: MJ Is Set To Drop Some Major Scrilla On A Purchase This Year

BOSSIP has learned that NBA great Michael Jordan is planning to make a major purchase within the next couple of months. Pop the hatch for the details…

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February 16th 11:04am

Valentine’s Day Is A Bust For Foxy Brown… Ill Na Na Still Unlucky In Love!!!

Once the hottest female rapper on the block, Foxy Brown is now sad, lonely and irrelevant. And so thirsty for your pity she’s not above crying about it on Twitter. Pop the hood for Fox Boogie’s sad Valentine’s Day tweets.

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February 16th 10:52am

Separated at Birth

Jermaine Jackson was spotted in Sydney promoting his TV show looking like an overgrown California Raisin. More pics of Claymation JJ once you pop the top.

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