October 3rd 8:50am

New Music: Mya & Nicki Minaj “PonyTail”

Mya and Nicki Minaj have come together to collab on a song called PonyTail. Mya is trying to save her career and Nicki Minaj is trying to build one. We are not to sure that throwing strip club names in the song is going to make it hot but we could be wrong… Pop this…

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October 3rd 8:40am

Anarchist Raided in Queens

The Feds raided some anarchist right in Queens that are involved in trying to disrupt the G 20 Summit: FBI anti-terrorism agents raided the Queens home of a self-described anarchist charged with tweeting protesters with instructions on how to evade police at the G-20 summit. A dozen gas masks, liquid…

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October 3rd 8:35am

T-Pain Celebrates His Birthday with a BIG A$$ CAKE

T-Pain celebrated his birthday the other night with this BIG A$$ CAKE to match his BIG A$$ Chain. As you see, he is a real goof ball with the muscle man shirt on. T-Pain looks like he’s about to cross over to the big 3-0 but the man is only 24. Whatever your doing… You…

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October 3rd 8:00am

Ho Sit Down: Monique Won’t Promote Precious Movie Because She Wants More Money

Nevermind Beyonce we hear Monique has had some serious demands lately, including wanting more money to promote her new film “Precious” in the form of ten and twenty dollar bills.

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October 3rd 7:55am

In White Folks News: You Might As Well Wear Underwear

Who would dare come out the house in shorts this short? Is it Jessica Biel; now that she has heard all the JT and Riri rumors; is it Britney Spears, we all know how she likes to flaunt it. Then again, it could be Kim K… Pop the top and see for yourself

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October 3rd 7:45am

Brandy Can Still Sing

Brandy has been off the scene for a minute, probably enjoying her success and healing from the accident. The girl decided to record herself in the bathroom singing and we must say.. the performance is touching and shows true talent. Pop the top and hear some real singing

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October 2nd 6:46pm

*Breaking News*: Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s Father, Popped With Paternity Suit!!!

Remember when we told you that Mathew Knowles was getting busy at the Essence Music Festiva in July? Well, know he has been hit with a paternity suit, with who looks to maybe be the same chick we told you about: Mathew Knowles just found out a case is pending regarding paternity stemming from a…

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October 2nd 10:20am

Look At the Love Birds…

Kanye West and Amber Rose are pictured here doing what lovers do while in Italy… at small expensive restaurants… with each other. Mr. Loverman has some other news concerning his Lady GaGa tour accompanied with more pictures below.

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October 2nd 10:10am

Married David Letterman Extorted Because of Sexual Deviance At Work

David Letterman had to expose himself last night on his show and explain to the world that there was an attempt to extort him based on some sexual deviance he had going on at the work place: David Letterman, during a taping of The Late Show, said that there has been a recent attempt made…

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October 2nd 10:05am

Khloe and Lamar Having Dinner as Mr. & Mrs Odom

Khloe and Lamar are now officially The Odoms. The newly weds were spotted leaving Mr. Chows the other night. Lamar started training camp on Tuesday but does Khloe really understand the life of a NBA players wife

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October 2nd 10:03am

Sextra: Secretly STD Positive

Good day, Bossip readers! Again, many thanks for your feedback on our sex, love and relationship column. Unfortunately, we have to address an extremely disturbing e-mail from one of our readers that we must share. This is a very sensitive matter, so please treat the discussion thread with great care. Hey Bossip, I have two female friends…

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October 2nd 10:00am

Kelis… Is That Where the Baby Feeds?

Yuuuup… Instead of taking care of little Knight Jones, Kelis is showing everyone her milkshake’s. You know what  you gotta pop to peep the money shot

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October 2nd 9:59am

Youtube Video of the Day: “You the White Man’s B*tch” (We Didn’t Say That)

We ask that you please turn the volume down so the “person” in the next cubicle doesn’t hear this. This is pure comedy… enjoy. How many of you believe in the song’s message?

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October 2nd 9:57am

Somebody Call 911… Frankie Done Lost her Damn Wig and has a NEW MAN!!!

Frankie has stepped out the house without her wig and it looks like she might have OD’ed on that AMPro Gel. Normally, her wig is about to fall off and has us guessing what her real hair looks like but now that we see… FRANKIE Put it Back On!!! The Rat Tail Ponytail & Frankie’s…

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October 2nd 9:56am

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