June 28th 10:00am

Governor of South Carolina’s Wife: “I Told Him Not to See That Woman”

South Carolina’s Governor Mark Sanford has big balls. Not only did he have an affair with another woman, he actually had the nerve to ask his wife if he could go and see her after the affair was revealed. WTF?

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June 28th 9:50am

The Babysitter’s Club: Little Jay-Z and Rihanna

Rihanna was seen in LA yesterday with Little Hova. She sure spends a lot of time with Jay’s ‘nephew.’ We got to wondering, why is RiRi always seen babysitting this little dude, and where in the hell is his mom??? Pop to see more…

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June 28th 9:48am

A Kardashian Birthday Is Like Abolished Apartheid…Black Folk Everywhere!

Khloe Kardashian just turned twenty four. Her sister and their black friends came out the wood works. We hear Khloe got what she “wanted” for her birthday, which was black meat. Pop it to see some of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush along with more…

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June 28th 9:45am

Jesse “Messy” Jackson Descends Upon Jackson Family Estate

This is a picture of  Jesse “Messy” Jackson meeting with Joe Jackson outside the late Michael Jackson estate. Joe Jackson looks to be handling it well in this photo, but we all know that losing a child must be one of the toughest things to go through, especially a pillar like Michael, who took care…

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June 28th 9:40am

In Swirl News: Kendra and Hank Have Trailer Park Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Kendra never struck us as a classy chick but to have your wedding rehearsal dinner at Dave & Buster’s is seriously poor white trash status. Damn Hank, her true colors are being revealed little by little.

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June 27th 10:28am

Shady Doctor Who Doped Up MJ Has Financial Problems and Was on Insured Concert Promoter’s Payroll

It seems the doctor knew MJ had a drug problem but couldn’t pass up the stacks that came along with doping him up on the regular. It’s being reported MJ’s shady doctor Conrad Murray was on the concert promoter’s payroll and aving financial problems

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June 27th 10:00am

Which One Would You Hit???

Producer Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford and puny lil ‘dark-butt hater’ Yung Berg attended the 22nd Annual ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards last night in BH. Ladies, if you HAD to choose between these two kind fellows…Which one would you hit??? Check on the flipside for a gang of pics including C Milli and the Hamburglar,…

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June 27th 9:42am

All Signs Lead to Demerol As Cause of MJ’s Death

Reports are now starting to confirm that MJ’s death was most likely caused by a large dosage of Demerol: That is exactly what a source told The Sun happened shortly after Jackson was administered an injection of the drug.

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June 27th 9:12am

*Exclusive* ATL Housewife Nene About New Housewife Kandi: “She Aight” (Screw Face)

We hit up the Rock and Roll of Hip Hop Hennessy Party in Beverly Hills last night, and spoke to Nene from the ATL Housewives about a few topics….

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June 27th 8:52am

Kim K: “I Dated One of Michael’s Nephews!”

Peep Kim K sending her condolences and slyly throwing in that she dated one of MJ’s nephews. You mean one of Tito’s sons? From 3T?!

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June 27th 8:07am

Are You Feeling These Kicks?

Your boy Norwood was at the Hennessy party last night rockin these silver slippers, a blown out wig, glittered belt, and a white glove… Pop the top to see his ridiculous MJ themed clothing

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June 27th 8:02am

LiveSteez Lounge: Sammie Discusses Stalking Lauren London, New Album & Spiritual Chicks

Sammie is grown, y’all. Real grown. Peep this exclusive interview where he discusses making the transition from Lil Sammie to a full grown man, getting chicks (only those that know the Lord) and stalking Lauren “knocked up” London.

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June 27th 7:57am

Everybody & They Mama’s MJ Tribute – “Better On the Other Side”

Talk about fast. Lawd. The Game, with assistance from Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher and Boyz II Men, created a tribute song for Michael Jackson. When Los Angeles based DJ Skee told his good friend, The Game, about the passing of Michael, the rapper was shocked. But once it sunk in,…

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June 27th 7:56am

White Random Ridiculousness: Kid Loses All Sense of Sanity Because of…Video Game Account???

The kid in the video loses it when his mom cancels his online gaming account. Our mom or dad would have came in the room during that tirade and put hands on us. LOL Click Here to Watch

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June 27th 7:50am

Getting Punked Still: Doug Christie

Doug Christie and his master, Jackie Christie, both attended the 3rd Annual Power To End Stroke Celebrity Golf Tournament yesterday. Jackie Christie handles Doug like he should have handled basketballs… Pop the top for Elise Neal, Omarosa, and more

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