February 21st 12:13pm

Ho Sit Down: Whitney Houston Throws A Fit Because Her Limo Is 2 Mins Late

Whitney Houston likes waiting for no one.  She recently threw a fit when her Benz limo took a whole extra two minutes to pick her up from the airport. Details on the flip.

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February 21st 12:00pm

Eighty-Six Percent Of Americans Believe The Government Is Broken…Is This A Surprise???

According to a recent poll, Americans feel that “something just ain’t right” with the US system of government:

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February 21st 11:43am

Kourtney Kardashian Lost All That Baby Weight, But Kept The Boobies

Kourtney Kardashian was on deck to host The Dash Fashion Show at Jet nightclub in Vegas and she lost most of the baby weight, but held on to some extra baggage up top. She looks great, we’re sure her new baby is enjoying nestling up to those thangs… More pics of Kourtney and Scott “douchebag”…

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February 21st 11:16am

Errrbody And They Mama Is Making Comments On Tiger Woods…The Dalai Lama Shares Thoughts

Even the Dalai Lama is addressing the Tiger Woods situation:

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February 21st 11:02am

Fabolous Puts On A Show For A Whole Bunch Of White Folks

F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S was on the party scene at Quo nightclub in NYC.  He performed for a packed room full of white folks showing us that music knows no color. Looks like a good time was had by all. More pics of Fab on the flippy.

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February 21st 10:58am

Ciara Bare-Bellied In Hollyweird

Ciara was spotted on the streets of Hollyweird with her little dog looking like the epitome of what it means to be physically fit. She’s starting to get her thickness back which is great! That Hollyweird “I Look Like I Starve Myself” steez is for the birds. More when you…

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February 21st 10:30am

End Of Days: Girl Stabs Mother’s Boyfriend, Goes To School In Bloody Clothes

A Florida girl appeared in court Thursday after police say she stabbed and killed her mother’s boyfriend before going to school in bloody clothing. Continue….

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February 21st 10:27am

Poor Thang: Precious Caught Sweating Like A Pig On The Red Carpet

Gabourey Sidibe was spotted on the red carpet for the The Orange British Academy Film Awards Nominees Party in London last night and either it was hot as a mutha or she was nervous… Pop it for another…

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February 21st 10:24am

Quote Of The Day: Stephen A. Smith Goes In On Poor Little Tiger Woods…Calls His Speech “Soap Opera-ish”

Stephen A. Smith, who is known for talking a severe amount of yang yang, decided to give his opinion on Tiger Woods’ apology speech. Check it out on the flippy…

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February 21st 9:47am

While Melo’s Away LaLa Comes Out To Play

LaLa was potted making her way to dinner at LA hotspot Katsuya with Kim Kardashian.  With Carmelo out on the road we guess she wanted to get in some girl time. Pop the top for more pics of these two and new details on LaLa’s wedding.

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February 21st 8:23am

Guess Who Was Swirlin Up In California Last Night…

Someone was at the reception for the World Premiere Of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Viva ELVIS” in California last night swirling it up. Can you guess who??? Find out under the hood.

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February 20th 1:49pm

*Exclusive*Pay Yo Bills: Katt “Bankrupt A$$” Williams Is Broke

Poor Katt Williams, always staying in trouble. Bossip has just learned that Katt Williams has more to worry about than getting arrested at Walmart. Katt’s house is on the verge of foreclosure and that Phantom that he always jokes about during his stand up show has gone back to the bank. SMH… What In The…

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February 20th 1:23pm

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Gold-Diggers

Earlier this week the “Tyra Show” focused in on women who are training their daughters to be little money grubbers. This ish is so sad… Please watch it and see the messages some folks are feeding their kids. Continue

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February 20th 1:11pm

Rih Rih Flies Back Stateside To Be Boo’d Up On Her B’Day

Happy Birthday Rihanna!!! The “singer” turns 22 today, and it sounds like her lil boyfriend Matt Kemp has some hot plans for her. Pop the hood for details on her birthday party and her upcoming book, along with some shots from Australia earlier this week.

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February 20th 12:32pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Maryland Mom On Trial For Murdering Daughters, Storing Bodies In Deep Freezer

A Rockville, Maryland woman was testified against by her own daughter Thursday after the girl says her “ex-mother” beat and killed her two sisters before housing their bodies in a freezer. Continue

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