September 19th 9:30am

Confessions of a Gold Digger: RHOA Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciack has to be the biggest gold digger of all time. She has taken it to a more than disrespectful level. What happen to the side chick PYP… Playin’ Yo Position???… SMH. Under the hood she maps out her financial budget with Big Papa’s money.

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September 19th 9:05am

The Fellas and their Video Games

If there is anything that the fellas love… it’s video games. Melo and Kobe showed up at the NBA 2K10 Video Game Launch Party without there leading ladies. Brian McKnight is also showing his face a little more to promote his new single. Pop it to See the Light Skin Fellow that’s Looking More &…

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September 19th 9:00am

Mariah Carey Talks About Eminem Beef and Denies Letting Him “Chop Her Down”

Mariah Carey blatantly denied letting Em soak up her drawers and also says the dude is “obsessed,” in so many words. Pop it and listen to her defend herself

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September 19th 8:57am

Some Saturday Charm: Brian J. White…

Brian J. White, who recently starred in Tyler Perry’s new movie, is attending the Pre-Emmy gifting suites along with all the other celebs collecting all the free stuff. Brian is definitely handsome and not showing us what he’s working with under that t-shirt but we couldn’t get past his smile. Pop it to See the…

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September 19th 8:55am

“REMEMBER ME” Celebs Bowl for a Cause…

Kiki Sheperd, , the black Vanna White from Showtime at the Apollo, held her 6th Annual Sickle Cell Awareness Celebrity Bowling Event. When we took a peek at who was there and it was more like a “Remember Me” convention. Pop the Top to See Who You Recognize…

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September 19th 8:45am

Never Seen Tupac Shakur Interview: “The Lost Tapes” Part 2

Tupac Shakur said some things we never knew in the first lost tape revealed on Monday. In this new tape, he says some things about Biggie that we never knew. SMH Pop the top and peep what he said

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September 19th 8:30am

Making it Rain on Them Hoes…

You’ll never guess how much Katherine Jackson get’s a month to take care of her grand kids.

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September 18th 4:07pm

*Update*: Rihanna’s New Man Piece May Belong to Someone Else

BOSSIP just reported on Rihanna’s new man but moments later he hit us up on Twitter. We Wonder Why???

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September 18th 3:38pm

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Talking MARRIAGE?!?!?!?!?!? … WTH!!!

We just got wind that there maybe wedding bells ringing. Word is that Khloe and Lamar are “talking about rings.” These two have only each other for a couple days but if it’s meant… Guess it’s meant. We will definitely keep you posted on this one…

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September 18th 2:00pm

Don’t Mess With Russell’s Kids… Homie Don’t Play That!!!

Russell Simmons is normally the one to let things slide but messing with his kids… is not the move. That’s one thing we leave alone and that goes for any child. If that celeb wants to make an a** of themselves then we are on it but the kids… Let them be. Russell Simmons: This…

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September 18th 10:00am

*BOSSIP Exclusive*: We Are Hearing Rihanna Has a New Anonymous Piece of…

BOSSIP has gotten wind that Rihanna may have a new boyfriend to replace Chris quick, fast and in a hurry.

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September 18th 9:45am

Kanye West: “I AM NOT GAY” The Lost Tapes With Devi Dev

Our girl Devi Dev gave us some tapes of Kanye West in the studio with her. Dev spent hours with Ye, and recently, she sent us some of the other topics not mentioned in a previous interview, like gayness… Pop it and take a listen

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September 18th 9:30am

Oh Sh*t Bey Bey Beyonce Gained All her Weight Back!!!

Oops, our bad, that’s Jordin Sparks performing at VH1 Divas Live.  Is it us or did her image consultants clone a Biggie Smalls version of Beyonce? We guess mission accomplished, minus the gut. More pics of mini Bey Bey under the hood.

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September 18th 9:25am

*Bossip Exclusive*: AJ Confirms that He and RHOA Kandi Burruss are NOT Together Anymore and She has Joint Custody of his Twin Girls

We sat down with Kandi’s EX-Fiancee, AJ, to clear up all the rumors that are going around about him, his life and what he has going on. AJ informed us that everyone has been calling to get him in an interview but he’s declined all of them except us. Aren’t we special… He sets the…

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September 18th 9:20am

Ok We Believe You Already…

Mariah and Nick Cannon appeared on the Oprah Show today live from NYC.  They use any open opportunity to make their relationship valid. Pop the hood for more flicks.

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