December 23rd 12:10pm

Jesus Take The Wheel! Crazy Woman Threatens To Kill First Lady

This sick b*tch threatened to kill Michelle Obama! 35-year-old Kristy Lee Roshia has been charged with threatening a family member of the President and assaulting a federal agent after being arrested less than two miles from the Kailua home where the Obama family planned to stay during a holiday visit later this week. Continue

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December 23rd 11:53am

Are You Feelin Ryan Leslie’s Swag??

Lexus hosted its first ever “Tweet up” event to celebrate Universal Motown recording artist Ryan Leslie. Ladies, we know you’re growing tired of that thugged-out, saggy jeans steez, but do you prefer the little metro gaze, V-neck, chest hair, and beaded necklace look your boy Ryan is rockin?? More pics of Ryan, Elise Neal, and…

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December 23rd 11:50am

American Airlines Plane Crashes in Jamaica

Hopefully this won’t scare those of you traveling this holiday: An American Airlines flight carrying 154 people skidded across a Jamaican runway in heavy rain, bouncing across the tarmac and injuring more than 40 people before it stopped just short of the Caribbean Sea, officials and witnesses said.

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December 23rd 11:42am

Who Wants To Watch Tasia Get Hooked On Phonics?

Fanny has learned to read y’all! And now she gonna get her G.E.D.!!!! Doesn’t that sound like exciting TV programming to you?

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December 23rd 11:09am

For Discussion: Is It Possible for an HP Computer to be Racist???

We posted a video about this two days ago under our Video section. HP (Hewlett-Packard) has come out with a new webcam equipped with face-tracking software that designed to follow the movements of the user but there is just one little problem. The camera only recognizes white people and not black people. Don’t Believe Us……

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December 23rd 10:36am

Date Night: Yeezy and the Bald Headed Beast Catch a Flick

Kanye West and his jawn Amber Rose were spotted leaving an LA movie theater.  SMH at Kanye and his little bedazzled jacket… More pics of the two coupled up under the hood.

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December 23rd 10:11am

True or False, Pacman Scared To Get Drug-Tested?

Is Manny Pacquiao really refusing to undergo drug testing before his fight with Floyd Mayweather???

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December 23rd 10:06am

Diddy and his Mini-Me Out in Hollyweird

Diddy and his son Christian were spotted leaving a movie theater in Hollywood yesterday. Christian is really the spitting image of his father, how cute. More pics when you pop the top.

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December 23rd 10:00am

In White Folks News: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Goes to Rehab

Steven Tyler has entered a rehabilitation facility due to an addiction to rocks painkillers: Steven Tyler has entered a rehabilitation facility to treat an addiction to painkillers the Aerosmith frontman has taken to cope with 10 years of performance injuries.

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December 23rd 9:53am

Remember Me??? Sean P of the YoungbloodZ Arrested

Remember this little guy? Well, apparently he was popped by one-time for scrapping in ATL: ½ of the Atlanta home team that brought you 2002′s“Damn” featuring Lil Jon has been arrested after a dispute at an Atlanta night club. Continue…

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December 23rd 9:50am

Guess The Little Pale Cakes Frolicking on the Beach…

This one is a no-brainer, but just in case you’re one of those ‘slow people’…pop the hatch and find out to whom these little freckled backs belong.

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December 23rd 9:45am

Another Day, Another Reality Show: Khia’s Anger Management

Wow, we haven’t seen this broad since she was saving random people in the middle of the street and Myspace blogging. Now your girl Khia is back with a new reality show. Just in case you’re interested in seeing some straight hood stanky stank-ness…be sure to check it out. Check on the flipside for the…

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December 23rd 9:06am

Tiger Gets A Pass from TAGHeuer After All

The jury is still out on whether or not wife Elin will take him back, but Tiger is having some luck with one of his sponsors — the website for Swiss watchmaker TAGHeur has been emblazoned with a promotional picture reading: TAG HEUER stands with TIGER WOODS

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December 23rd 8:50am

Reggie Bush and the Cincinnati Bengals Attend Chris Henry’s Funeral

Chris Henry was laid to rest yesterday in Westwego, LA. The Cincinnati Bengals team came to pay their respects to their lost teammate. Reggie Bush also came to pay his respects along with the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Chris Henry’s fiancee, Loleini Tonga, spoke a few words along with a couple of other NFL players.…

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December 22nd 6:07pm

Jesus Take The Wheel!!! 6-Year-Old Accidentally Murders 5-Year-Old

So sad, right before Christmas… A five-year-old was tragically shot and killed in New Jersey this weekend by his six-year-old relative. Little Daron Mayes was killed Sunday from a gun-shot wound to the back of the head. Read on for the rest of the story Continue…

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