January 8th 11:14am

A Warm Embrace

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at Jay-Z with his arm around Biggie’s mom, Voletta. She’s probably hoping they can hurry up and take the pic so he can get his geeky bookworm ass on somewhere. He’s f*cking up her groove. SMH Voletta and Spike Lee,  Nasir, Diddy and Faith + family below. More Jigga, Black…

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January 8th 11:10am

Michael Jackson Crashing at New Crib

Posted by Bossip Staff The King of Pop has got a new crib to lay his disgusting head for the time being: While there may not be an amusement park or a full zoo in the yard, Michael Jackson has found a new mansion to call home – for a year, at least. The King…

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January 8th 8:20am

Voletta Wallace Holds Down Lil Kim With Class

Posted by Bossip Staff Voletta Wallace, wants to sit down with Lil Kim and discuss Biggie’s Love relationship with her:

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January 8th 8:15am

“Giiirl, This is My Jaaam”

Posted by Bossip Staff Damn, y’all, here goes Queen Latifah cuttin’ a rug as if her favorite song, “Some Cut,” by Lil’ John and Trillville just came on at the People’s Choice Awards last night in LA. While she did look very nice, it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t send a warning to watch…

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January 8th 8:12am

New York’s B-Day Bash

Posted by Bossip Staff The most random photo of the day award goes to….Moesha’s little brother and @sscrack cleavage extraordinaire, New York. The reality tv whore star broad turned a year older and threw the Z-list bash of the century. More Pepto Bismol T & (no) A when you…

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January 8th 8:12am


Posted by Bossip Staff Good God Almighty…we sure hope Jill Marie Jones gave her kitty a trim because with an outfit like that on, that pussy cat is sure to come out and play. More pics of Teairra Mari, Taraji P. Henson, Melyssa Ford and Jill and Tank at their birthday party at AREA in…

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January 8th 8:02am

The Fabulous, Gorgeous, and Stunning Mary J. Blige

Posted by Bossip Staff This thang right here is just amazing. It is hard not to love Mary J. Blige when you think about what she’s overcome in her life, the inspiration her music provides, and most importantly those thick cakes she had back in the day…man. She’s just Mary, y’all. Toccara, Jadakiss, Teyana Taylor…

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January 8th 7:30am

Shady Doctor Going to Prison for Driving While Faded

Posted by Bossip Staff Super shady character deluxe, Dr. Jan Adams, most known for being the surgeon of Kanye West’s mother Dr. Donda West before her death, has finally been sentenced…

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January 8th 7:11am

JD Let Go as Head of Island Records

Posted by Bossip Staff Jermaine Dupri has just been fired from his position as the President of Island Records:

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January 7th 2:00pm

Beyonce 09 L’oreal Ad: Lighter???

Posted by Bossip Staff This is Mrs. Carter’s new ad for L’Oreal. We can’t help but notice the transformation they put Bey through since she inked this deal. This new one seems to be more in line with her natural complexion. Pop the hood to take a look at her previous skin tones…

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January 7th 1:45pm

Guess Who Else Wanted the Lil Kim Role?

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s actress Naturi Naughton talking about her experience of playing Bossip’s Knifed Up Chick of the Year, Lil Kim in Notorious. She wasn’t the only one dying to do a sex scene with Jamal “Gravy” Woolard. Pop the hood to hear her do a verse of “Get Money” and discover which…

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January 7th 1:30pm

Daddy’s Girls Premiere: Angela Talks Pre-Marital Sex

Posted by Bossip Staff In the premiere of Daddy’s Girls, Angela Simmons, shows her maturity and the girls growth with a discussion on sex. Men have been anticipating around the globe for this part of their lives to transpire. She says her and T.K.’s downfall was based on the fact the he wanted to chop her…

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January 7th 1:00pm

Fantasia’s House Auctioned Off Today!!

Posted by Bossip Staff Fantasia Barrino is losing her million dollar home while this article is being written up about her, and reports are saying she is in denial:

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January 7th 12:30pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted By Bossip Staff Ladies: Clues to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Secretly Gay F-Listed Gisele Gets All Glammed Up for Max Factor Lossip Random Ridiculousness – Louis Vuitton Birthday Cakes Bossip Throwback Ann Coulter calls Michelle Obama “Jackie O” Imitator Livesteez

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January 7th 12:15pm

Blast From The Past Wednesday : The Boys “Dial My Heart”

Posted by Bossip Staff Awwwwwwwww yeaaaaaahhh. The boys are long gone and forgotten. Except by Bossip folk, that is. Man, some of us are getting old. SMH @ calling my baby on the phone right now. Shout out to Jenmarie.

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