September 30th 11:50am

Did Anyone Realize MiMi’s Album Dropped Yesterday???

Mariah Carey’s new album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel dropped yesterday and it seems as though no one noticed. MiMi made an appearance at Macy’s promoting her album and new fragrance Forever. Pop it for More Pics…

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September 30th 11:35am

The Baddest Chick in the Game…

Michelle Obama was spotted getting off Air Force one looking like the head of state.  She landed in Denmark with a bunch of others, who are pushing to get the Olympics in Chicago for 2016. Check the flipside for more pics.

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September 30th 11:33am

A “Lil Positivity”: Local Radio Station & Foundation Help Raise Over $85K for Atlanta Flood Victims

Over the past couple of weeks, Georgia has been hit with rain that caused the city to flood in certain areas. The state has $250 million in damages and more than 3600 residents and business have applied for federal aid.

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September 30th 11:30am

Diddy Says “I Want the Perfect Woman. I’m Tired of F*cking Hot Chicks!!!”

Diddy is on the hunt for love and wants to find the perfect woman. Everyone knows “Take That, Take That” is no stranger to banging several girls at the same time, so who would really take him seriously BUT… Aren’t You Still Bangin’ Cassie???

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September 30th 11:29am

What’s Goin on in This Forum???

Bossip Forums are buzzing with great conversation and people full of personality, if you think our comments raise eyebrows check out these topics: Good Hair vs. Bad Hair Would you stay with a man or woman that cheated and had an outside child? Mayor caught in drag (pics all over the net) Not Registered yet?…

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September 30th 11:20am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive* : Kid Cudi a Sellout? Ex-Manager Exposes Him

Kid Cudi’s old manager is saying some hurtful things about the young and upcoming star. Things like, he left them in the dust, he owes them loot, and a list of other tales from the early days of Mr. Man On the Moon:

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September 30th 11:10am

NeNe’s Been in LA for….

NeNe’s been seen in LA ever since she hosted the Emmy Red Carpet for E!, but she’s been doing more than eating lunch at the IVY and posing for photo-ops in Intermix, she also sat in to guest host The Insider. Flip the hood for more.

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September 30th 11:07am

New Couple??? Rihanna and Justin Timberlake

Bossip has learned that Rih-Rih has moved on from Chris and Janero to a better man. According to sources, Justin Timberlake has been “Running the Town” with Rihanna lately.

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September 30th 11:05am

Al-Qaeda Finds a New Way to Smuggle in Bombs… And You’ll Never Guess Where They’re Hiding Them

Al-Qaeda has succeeded in finding a way to smuggle in bombs without getting caught and it involves putting bombs in places you can’t even think of.  Check the flipside for the details.

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September 30th 11:00am

Vanessa Shows Kerry How her Legs Should Look

Yesterday, we put up a pic to pic of Kerry Washington’s scarred up legs, so of course we had to take a look at Vanessa’s and they are SCAR-LESS. Kerry, please take notes… as fine as you are, your legs shouldn’t have scars and scraps like that… Pop it for More Vanessa on Set

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September 30th 10:55am

Some of Chi Town Not Feeling the Olympics in 2016, Six Arrested During Anti-Olympic Protest

Six people were arrested after criminal damage was done during an Anti-Olympic protest last night.  The protesters snatched down and damaged decorations which were going to go on the Picasso statue in Daley Plaza in preparation for the Chicago bid to host the 2016 Olympics. Even with Obama fighting to help the  town, folks still…

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September 30th 10:50am

Flavor Flav is Going Back to High School

Your boy Flavor Flav always keeps it coming. In a recent interview, he stated that he has a couple things in the works. Flav is working on another reality show, going back to high school and getting a talk show… WTF???

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September 30th 9:03am

New Consequence Featuring The Grammy Family: “Whatever You Want” Video

“Consequence” is the D-List rapper on Kanye’s label that is making some pretty sick music, even though the crew has some WTF moments mixed in. This one pops John Legend and Ye on the track with Cons… “The Grammy Family.” Pop it to watch it

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September 30th 9:00am

Random Ridiculousness: Baby Bangs for the Baby Girl that Looks Like a Baby Boy

This has to be one of the craziest things we have come across. If you have a baby girl and she’s often mistaken for a boy then you are in luck. Some dumb a$$ has come up with a new invention called Baby Bangs. SMH @ the slogan… “I am not a boy!!!”

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September 30th 8:35am

Mike Vick: “I Can’t Understand Why I Did It”

Michael Vick is still apologizing for his dog fighting antics that got him locked up for two years… Peep the video on the flipside…

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