December 29th 9:07am

Amber Rose: Fashion Forward or Just Another Ho Playin’ Dress Up???

The Bald Headed Beast is really trying to leave the past behind, and we can’t knock her for trying. Besides the shoot that she did for Elle magazine, VIBE definitely took her to another level on this one. That little hairpiece is another story…but pop the hood and tell us what you think… Fashion Forward…

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December 29th 9:05am

In White Folks News: Jon Gosselin is an Attention Whore AND a Mark A*s Buster

Jon Gosselin is such a little wankster. He’s claiming now that his apartment was trashed by his former 22 year-old jumpoff Hayley Glassman: Jon Gosselin, 32, says that his apartment was ransacked and his belongings vandalized over Christmas – and hints that all signs point to Glassman, 22, as the perpetrator. When he returned to…

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December 29th 9:02am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Kelly Rowland performed at a Grey Goose charity event recently wearing this little sparkly booty panties/crazy shoulder pad jacket/striped stockings get up. We’re sure Kelly’s team of stylists figured since Beyonce and Lady GaGa were so successful by just wearing some drawls, that perhaps it would work in this situation as well. Poor thang.. Flip…

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December 28th 7:46pm

Boys Choir of Harlem is No More, Where Is “Permed Up Al” When We Need Him?

Remember the Boys (and Girls) Choir of Harlem? If someone doesn’t step up and make some miracles happen, it’s pretty much a wrap for them. SMH

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December 28th 6:59pm

What in the World Would Possess This Broad to Go and Get This Ridiculousness???

Poor thang. That will be on her for the rest of her life thanks to Trina, Nicki Minaj, Boo Gotti and Gucci Mane. Let’s make some better decisions in 2010, people!!!

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December 28th 5:01pm

What is Wrong With This Picture???: A T-Pain Christmas

T-Pain had a Christmas party just like every other celebrity did this holiday season but there is just one thing that is kind of odd about his party. Besides the fact that he has on a blue Santa suit under the hood… Look Very Closely at the BackGround!!!

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December 28th 5:00pm

The *Family Man* Kobe Bryant Does GQ

It’s obvious that we’re not the biggest fans of your boy Kobe Bryant, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Here’s his spread in the latest GQ magazine, and we must say he’s looking pretty fly. Flip the script for more shots…

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December 28th 4:46pm

GOD and The Church vs. Lady GaGa???

Pastor Fred Phleps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas has declared war on Lady GaGa and is speaking on behalf of GOD saying that “GOD HATES LADY GAGA!!!” He has put out a press release that promotes and explains why he and his congregation will be protesting outside of Lady GaGa’s concert at the…

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December 28th 1:41pm

New Prison Trend Alert!!! Tattoos Like You’ve Never SEEN Them Before

We thought Weezy took things too far with some of his facial tattoos, but the latest trend in ink culture is a whole new “ball”game. Maybe Wayne will get one of these when he heads to lockup. Follow the jump and you’ll see what we mean. Continue

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December 28th 1:37pm

Getting Crunk for Christ: Comedy Club Tries To Overcome Noise From Neighboring Church

An Austin, TX comedy club can’t get rid of one pesky neighbor … which just happens to be a church! The club and church are located in the same office space/strip mall complex and they’ve been at odds over noise levels for some time. Now, despite a request from the landlord, the church is refusing…

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December 28th 1:14pm

Best Jargon Terms of 2009

2009 has been a crazy and strange year to so many, it’s no wonder the jargon, buzzwords and slang terms have become even crazier. Since the start of the year, how many people have pretended to understand a phrase and later turned to the person nearest you and asked, “Soooo, what does that mean?”

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December 28th 12:26pm

Whose Pale Backs Are Seen Here Dripping in St. Barth’s???

This guy pictured above is a resident “Swirler” who was seen in St. Barth’s this holiday sporting a brand new lil Asian thang. Pop the hood to see who it is….

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December 28th 12:24pm

Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, and Usher Do a Threesome Live on Stage

Trey Songz performed at jingle bash in Atlanta the other day and brought Keri “freak’em” Hilson onstage along with Usher the “Panty Droppa” to perform Invented Sex Remix. Soulja Boy’s little bird chest was in the building along with Kandi from the RHOA. Pop it for a Peek

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December 28th 11:59am

Bossip Mobile 2.0: We Launched a Brand New Mobile Site

We want to let our loyal readers know that our mobile game is back up. Be sure to check out the brand new Bossip mobile site, tell us what you think, and always stay connected.

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December 28th 11:35am

Not a Total Betty But a Vast Improvement

Venus Williams was spotted at Shark Stadium in Miami and she’s on the come up in the looks department.  More candids of Venus on the flippy.

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