June 3rd 7:53am

What The Hell Are You Wearing Mario??!!

We don’t know where Van Pebbles was trying to go dressed like this. SMH Are you all feeling his get up???

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June 3rd 7:52am

Stevie Wonder’s Son Does a Chris Breezy

Stevie Wonder’s son was arrested for beating down his side piece Monday night. This domestic violence situation that seems to be popping up all over Black Hollywierd is truly disturbing. We’ve learned Stevie Wonder’s son, Keita Morris, was popped by LAPD early Monday morning on charges of felony domestic violence.

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June 3rd 7:50am

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Lauryn Hill “Sweetest Thing”

Lauryn Hill made some classic music in her day that had substance. Like this one, The Sweetest Thing. Fall back into the nineties with this one…

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June 3rd 7:49am

Brandy Comes Off of 600K for Car Accident

We’re glad to see that the manslaughter case is coming to a close. Brandy’s been MIA ever since the horrific car accident that claimed a woman’s life: Singer Brandy Norwood has settled with the two children whose mother was killed in the singer’s 2006 car accident.

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June 3rd 7:48am

Flesh and Bone Fresh Out the Pen Just in Time for ‘Bone’ Show

Flesh and Bone is out and from this mug shot a couple of months ago, doesn’t seem to be holding himself together very well: Forget the 1st of the month … one of the guys from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is all about the 2nd — because today, dude just became a free man.

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June 3rd 7:47am

Mariah Carey Blames 9/11 for Wack ‘Glitter’ Flick

Mariah knows she needs to quit blaming the Director and the terrorists attacks of 9/11 for her sh*tty acting job in one of the worst films ever created. Mariah Carey is speaking out about the failure of her first starring film role, Glitter, all those years ago.

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June 3rd 7:45am

The Hood Swirl Life…Gone Wrong?

This young man is trying his hardest to swirl it up on Craigslist. We can’t tell if his pimp hand is being exposed, or if he is seriously on the hunt for white meat. In any case, this dude is a classified weenie.  Peep his steeze: Looking For My SnowFlake – 22 (USF Tampa Campus)…

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June 3rd 7:44am

Ho Sit Down: Octomom Says “Kate is Negative Energy and Uneducated!”

Octomom really sounds doped up and like she marches to a different tune, but has the NERVE to talk about intelligence. Both of you baby dispensers are attention whores who had children purely for advertisement purposes.  SMH Pop it to hear the incoherent Nadiya

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June 3rd 7:40am

Quote of the Day: Amy Winehouse – “I Want Black Kids”

This is straight ridiculous! Amy’s been hangin’ out in St. Lucia for way too long. The island sun must be bakin’ her already fried and coked out brain. Black kids? WTF?

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June 3rd 7:38am

WTF? Darius McCrary Is the Newest Member of TLC?

Darius aka Eddie Winslow from Family Matters knows he’s been hangin’ out with his d*ck gobblin’ side piece Superhead way too damn long. This crazy @ss washed up TV actor thinks he can sing and is supposedly going on tour with TLC? Back in the day, he used Steve Urkel as a wingman — but…

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June 3rd 7:36am

Which One Would You Hit?

Ladies, most of you will probably say you’d hit them both but you have to choose. Is it going to be Usher with his nipples on hard or Tyrese buzzed out of his mind rockin’ the lumberjack steeze complete with scarf? Who’s it gonna be?

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June 3rd 7:35am

Joss Stone Trying to Buy Out Record Contract for Over 2 Milli

Joss Stone is reportedly trying to buy out her dead end record contract: Singer Joss Stone is ready to forfeit £2million in a desperate bid to quit her record label EMI. She claims they have ‘no working relationship’ and has even recorded a song called Free Me about her wish to escape. But EMI has…

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June 2nd 8:50am

Pretty Ricky is Pretty Gay: Spectacular in a Thong Part 2

You thought Spectacular learned his lesson with the first flamboyant video he dropped, didn’t you? This young man may have denied being gay, but he is obviously battling some demons. SMH

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June 2nd 8:47am

Breaking News: Scattered Plane Wreckage Found off Brazilian Coast

When news that an Air France flight from Rio De Janeiro to Paris went missing, we all feared the worst. Unfortunately, our worst fears have come true. Wreckage began surfacing today about 400 miles off the coast of Brazil. Pop the hood for more

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June 2nd 8:45am

*Exclusive* Marc: “Just Stay Home and Raise These Darn Kids”

These two refuse to stop fighting, but they are doing their damndest to hold on to their marriage. A Bossip earhustler shot over some info about their latest fight: A Bossip source states: They’re continually having problems. She has put aside work for marriage and babies and Marc really prefers that because he’s very controlling. 

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