July 1st 8:00am

Swirl Family Photos: Tiger and His Lily White Family

Tiger may be whiter than we think, letting dogs lick his grill and naming one of kids “Axel”. SMH Pop it to see more…

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July 1st 7:59am

WTF? Lindsay Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson in Her Panties?

Lindsay is obviously back on that stuff because she’s tweeting pics like this as if the world really gives a sh*t about how Michael Jackson influenced her life.

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July 1st 7:55am

Are You Feelin’ This Cheap Looking Get Up?

People are saying that “your girl” Gabby’s looking majorly indigent! What do you all think? Are you feeling this Get Up??

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July 1st 7:53am

Suspect Smiles At Victim’s Family and Gets Socked Up…In Court!

This suspect smiled at the murdered victim’s family, but when he does, the father of the victim gets in some nice shots to the grill of the killer. Go ahead Pops!!! Click Here to Watch

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June 30th 11:50am

Surprise! Neither MJ or Debbie Rowe are the Biological Parents!

Before Michael passed away we asked our readers if they thought the kids were his. Out of 10,000 votes, roughly, 8600 of you said “no”…you all were right:

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June 30th 11:49am

Controversial Report: The Black Church Has Received Over $420 Billion in Tax Free Dollars Since 1980?

According to a controversial investigative report series, Black America doesn’t have much beyond ‘inspiration’ and ‘big churches’ to show for over $420 billion given to the Black church since 1980. More

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June 30th 8:45am

Michael Jackson Leaves Father Out of the Will

Joe Jackson is the main reason Michael’s life was so tragic. The fact that he left his father out of the will comes as no surprise since Joe helped create the troubled man we all watched change before our very eyes. Pops is doin’ too much right now anyways. He doesn’t deserve a dime of…

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June 30th 8:40am

Watch Out Eminem…You’ve Got Competition

Mariah Carey will be spoofing Eminem in her new video. Talk about beef? She does look like a young white guy in the picture, we can’t lie. Pop it and see Mariah as Eminem and as herself with her boy toy prey Nick Cannon

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June 30th 8:38am

Breezy and RiRi Sneak Behind the Courts Back

Breezy and RiRi know they need to stay away from each other. They were court ordered to do so but something tells us that they will hook up again and risk Breezy’s @ss going to jail for violating his probation. The plot thickens. Pop the lid for more

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June 30th 8:37am

Lil Wayne and Drake – The New Pied Pipers?

Not that we’re saying Lil Wayne and Drake are pipin’ down little pre-teen chicks but that performance at the BET Awards on Sunday night left a lot of people wondering?

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June 30th 8:35am

Bad Girl Gone Good?

RiRi and Santigold were seen at Philippe Chow getting their grub on yesterday. Funny that Rihanna would choose to wear something sweet and innocent after she chopped down Rashard Lewis. Pop it to see Rihanna go from good girl to high priced escort as she hits up 1 Oak last night…

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June 30th 8:32am

Vibe Magazine Shuts its Doors

Vibe is going the way of many mags today – its shutting its doors. Looks like the bad economy has nixed yet another publication. Pop the lid for more

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June 30th 8:31am

Michael Jackson Fans Committing Suicide As Well As Memorial Details

Michael Jackson’s fans are going “off the wall”  right now and doing the unthinkable. Also, we have details on the Michael Jackson memorial:

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June 30th 8:30am

Diddy was Soaring at the BET Awards After Parties

Diddy was acting a fool at one of the after parties: Diddy became irate when party guests at L.A. hot spot MyHouse seemed to be having too much of a good time while celebrating Jacko’s life. Toward the end of the evening, the rapper abruptly stopped playing a remixed version of “Man in the Mirror”…

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June 30th 8:27am

One Child Found Alive After Plane Crash…Second Airbus Crash In a Month!

Another plane went down off the coast of Africa. A child has been found alive in the Airbus wreckage:

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