May 24th 8:40am

Changing It Up On Y’all: Halle Goes Short

Halle Berry was spotted leaving the Marriott in Manhattan Beach with this cute boyish cut. Halle might be gearing up for something, is it a movie roll, or did she just want to change it up? Pop it to see a back shot of the crop along with others…

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May 24th 8:35am

Mr. Carey Backs Off the Beef with Eminem

Nick Cannon knows he would never be able to battle Eminem and that’s why he’s supposedly chillin’ out on the negative posting and comments. Pop the hood for more

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May 24th 8:30am

New Couple?: Rihanna Spotted Going Into Kanye’s NYC apartment

Rihanna was seen going in and out of Kanye’s Manhattan apartment over the weekend in two different get up’s. You gotta wonder if Yeezy is choppin down Riri’s pear shaped backs…hmmm? Pop it to see her rockin’ a cute pair of jean shorts and leather beige boots below…

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May 24th 8:25am

Kobe Tells Maid: “You Can Sue But Keep Your Mouth Shut”

Kobe and Vanessa are shuttin’ the maid down that’s taking them to court for treating her like a second class citizen. They want her to keep her mouth shut. Wonder what mess she’s witnessed in the Bryant home? Pop the lid for more

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May 24th 8:22am

Amber Rose Denies Any Relationship with Cassidy

Ye’s ex side piece Amber Rose is stepping up and blasting the rumors about her relationship with Cassidy on her twitter page. Pop the hood for more

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May 24th 8:20am

Random Ridiculousness: Couple Flees When Bank Makes Money Error

We think most people would flee the country too if their bank made a mistake like this. Flip for the lid

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May 24th 8:15am

First Lady Michelle Obama Graces TIME Cover

Our elegant First Lady, Michelle Obama, is on the cover of Time Magazine. The magazine’s cover story on Mrs. Obama is intriguing. We have some excerpts and behind the scenes pictures: “I kind of think back to my childhood, and I tell this story a lot. I mean, I grew up in Chicago on the…

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May 24th 8:05am

Question of the Day: Is Romance Really Dead?

Romance, chivalry and courtship all seem to have vanished or maybe they’re just on a hiatus. From planning a surprise dinner for your mate to telling them that you care, the rules of romance have changed, leaving many hopeless romantics feeling helpless and cynical about the prospects of finding true love. Do your dates step…

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May 23rd 9:30am

*Exclusive* Lloyd Receives Death Threat in London?!

Our peeps across the pond at Colourful radio exclusively tells Bossip that someone is trying to wipe out Lloyd. No, not his head:

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May 23rd 9:20am

Movie News: Will Smith to Star in Katrina Film

Another Katrina story will soon be brought to life via the biggest movie star in the friggin world: Will Smith’s production company has partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment to bring to life the story of one of the many heroes of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, the two companies announced Wednesday.

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May 23rd 9:20am

Black “Babyface” CEO’s Are More Likely to Succeed?!

You may have a degree from Harvard, but a new study shows that your potential to become a Black male CEO depends on how high you measure on the “adorable” scale:

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May 23rd 9:15am

Taraji: “Hollywood Is Missing a Black Meryl Streep”

Taraji P. Henson is on the cover of Monarch Magazine for June and did a spread. In the cover story they asked Taraji about the role of black actresses in Hollyweird: When asked what she thinks of the film industry today and the availability of nonstereotypical roles for black women, Taraji says she doesn’t buy…

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May 23rd 9:10am

Your Daily Riri Sighting

Rihanna was seen exiting a boutique in Soho yesterday, but why the look from her scrawny bodyguard? While shopping,  Riri starts giggling it up with her him. Who knows, maybe the girl has found a white knight in armor…like Whitney did in her movie. Pop it to see her happy…

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May 23rd 8:55am

Miami is Poppin This Weekend

Miami is off the hinges this weekend. Young Jeezy is squaring off against Rick Ross in an Atlanta vs Miami show plus more: Some of the biggest names in hip-hop and R&B are in town to help celebrate Urban Beach Week. Be on the lookout for Diddy, Flo Rida, Fat Joe, Cash Money, Jermaine Dupri,…

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May 23rd 8:50am

You Too Can Live By ‘Ye’ Principles With His New Book

Introducing the Ye’ble: Feel the world is beating you down? Kanye West, a man frequently at battle—with, say, the president, or with Grammy voters—has written a short volume of aphorisms titled Thank You and You’re Welcome. He spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Seth Colter Walls:

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