December 9th 12:27pm

What The Hell???: Rachel True’s Gay Stalker Says She Wants To F*ck Rachel With A What???

Rachel True, from Half Baked and Half & Half, was just granted a restraining order on a crazed, gay stalker who wanted to do some weird things to her: Rachel True — who starred as a teenage witch in “The Craft” — was just granted a temporary restraining order against a woman who claimed she…

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December 9th 11:10am

Still Suspect: Raz B’s New Video And Jawn “Thinking About You”

When we last saw Raz B, he was saying that he was hungry and trying to feed his kids. We thought we would give the little touched brother some shine, so here’s his latest video “Thinking About You.” Pop it to watch it

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December 9th 11:06am

What A Difference a Day Makes

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted leaving MTV studios in full face. Compared to how Khloe looked yesterday, it’s safe to say that MAC works miracles. More pics of the two attention whoring through NYC, under the hood.

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December 9th 11:00am

Dear Bossip: My Boy’s Girl is Making Passes at Me!

Finally! A letter from a male reader! Bossip fam, what do you think this man should do?

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December 9th 9:55am

E-V-E Spotted Shopping and Swirling with a Tatted Up Beau

Eve was seen in Hollyweird doing some holiday shopping with a special man friend. Flip the script to see more pics

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December 9th 9:46am

More Drama: Elin Confronts Main Side Ho, Throws Cell Phone at Tiger & Breaks His Tooth

More and more shenanigans are coming out of the woodwork. Now they are saying that Elin confronted that shady Rachel Uchitel character and broke Tiger’s tooth: “I’m hearing stories coming in from everyone from every direction. What’s going on?” Elin asked Rachel, according to an insider, who adds: “Rachel denied she had an affair with…

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December 9th 8:51am

Whitney Houston Covers InStyle Magazine

Whitney Houston is covering the 2010 cover of InStyle Magazine and the woman looks better than grits with croquettes on a Sunday morning. Pop the top and peep the cover

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December 9th 8:49am

50 Cent’s New Video: “Do You Think About Me”

50 incorporated all of the pieces from the industry into this one video. Do You Think About Me is probably one of Bugsy’s best songs and videos… ever. Pop the top and peep

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December 9th 8:45am

Gatorade The First To Drop Tiger, Emails With Rachel Uchitel Surface

Tiger better save all those cases of Gatorade because PepsiCo just announced they are dropping him. As if matters couldn’t get any worse, emails have apparently surfaced where Tiger professes his feelings for Rachel Uchitel.

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December 9th 6:55am

Who Looked More Bangin??? MiMi vs. RiRi

Mariah Carey and Rihanna hit up the launch of Vevo last night in NYC. Y’all already know what we’re gonna ask…Who Looked More Bangin??? Peep Ciara in some gold and red ‘Wonder Woman’ get up below: Images of Mary J., 50 Cent, Lady Gaga and more on the flippy…

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December 9th 6:13am

Listen to Audio Inside: Tiger’s Wife’s Frantic 911 Call After Mother Collapses

It’s getting real trashy and hood like at the Woods’ residence with folks fainting, overdosing, and who knows what else. In the tape below, Elin ‘Woods’ calls 911 frantically after her mother collapses. You can hear loud TV’s, kids crying in the background, and her mumbling incoherently… Pop the top and listen

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December 8th 6:27pm

Beyoncé Sets Jay-Z Out for his Big 4-0

Beyoncé cut no corners for her husband Jay-Z’s 40th birthday party at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. The bash was star-studded and included a password only entry. Meaning it was like Fort Knox to get in that piece. Details once you pop the top.

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December 8th 6:00pm

VIBE Plays Captain Save-a-Ho and Tries to Help Keep Amber Rose’s Image Clean

Amber Rose has really gone from rags to riches and now she has companies like Vibe Magazine helping her maintain a non-ho-ish image. They gave the bald headed beast a spread in the issue that hits the stands on Dec. 15th. In the meantime, catch a sneak peek of what Mz. Amber is looking like.

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December 8th 5:58pm

True or False: Is Janet Using Colin Farrell To Get Jermaine Dupri Back

Bossip has learned that Janet may still have her eyes on Jermaine Dupri and is pulling out all the stops to win him back. Including a possible fixed date with actor Colin Farrell to gain JD’s attention.  More details under the hood.

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December 8th 5:12pm

Ashanti is in Love Since Nelly is Way Out of the Picture

Ashanti was in New York representing and honoring her first love. Since Nelly is out of the picture, it’s only right that she gets back to the basics.

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