November 6th 7:35am

Recession…What Recession?

Posted by Bossip Staff Even though we are in a recession, Rocawear, made out like a fat rat this quarter: In the midst of an economic turmoil, fashion lovers are still making their way into the stores to purchase some fly gear. Hip-Hop apparel brand Rocawear has earned over $18.3 million dollars for the third…

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November 5th 11:00am

Obama’s Family in Africa Rejoice

Posted by Bossip Staff Barack’s family went off in Africa once it was announced that their blood was elected the president of America: KOGELO, Kenya – Barack Obama’s Kenyan relatives and Africans across the continent sang, danced in the streets and wrapped themselves in U.S. flags Wednesday to cheer for America’s first black president. Kenya…

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November 5th 10:43am

Mase Preys on Arizona Suckers

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, Mason Betha is still after you God fearing people’s tithes and offerings: Former Bad Boy Records rapper Mason “Mase” Betha is preparing to launch a new branch of his El Elyon International Church (EEIC) in Phoenix, Arizona, as he continues to fulfill his call to serve God. The…

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November 5th 10:40am


Posted by Bossip Staff Amy Crackface was up to her old tricks again: Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil was released from Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk today. The Back To Black singer was nowhere to be seen as the 26-year-old left jail for the first time in 12 months. Instead, she opted to stay at…

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November 5th 10:37am

President Obama’s Full Acceptance Speech

Posted by Bossip Staff YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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November 5th 10:15am

Mmm, Me Hungry

Posted by Bossip Staff Thicky Thickums was at the CBS Early Show and judging by the hungry grin on her face, the camera man must have had a poakchop dangling just above the lens. Check out ol girl’s bauble game with that conspicuous right hand ring jutting off her hand. Images via Splash

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November 5th 10:00am

Sore Loser Ralph Nader Calls Obama an Uncle Tom

Posted by Bossip Staff Green Party representative Ralph Nader, who only polled 1% (513,347) of the votes, had the audacity to pose the question of whether Obama would be an Uncle Sam for America or an Uncle Tom for the big corporations. Watch as the reporter check his pasty @ss with the quickness and let’s…

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November 5th 9:36am

Sealed with a Kiss

Posted By Bossip Staff This is such a poignant moment in history for African Americans, citizens of America, and citizens of the world. This is a new dawn in what will be a new world. Who is as excited as we are to see the changes that this extraordinary man will affect??? Check out a…

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November 5th 8:03am

The Stars Glimmer for President Obama

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s today’s front page of the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper. This is literally the face of hope and everyone knows it. Joy Bryant, Chris Tucker and Mary Mary were all at an election event in LA while Oprah, Spike Lee and Messy Jesse were all at Grant Park in Chicago amidst the…

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November 5th 8:00am

Private Funeral for Shakir Stewart

Posted by Bossip Staff The family of Shakir Stewart, Def Jam VP, will have private funeral services: A private funeral is being arranged for Def Jam Record’s Executive Vice-President of A&R, Shakir Stewart, who shot himself with a handgun at his Marietta home on Saturday. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, police have declined to release…

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November 5th 7:45am

Solange: “Don’t F*ck With My Sister”

Posted by Bossip Staff In a radio interview, So-So says the one thing that you can’t do is f*ck with her sister or else she’ll “beat ya @ss.” We can kind of believe that SoSo would do anything to defend her meal ticket to stardom, but does anyone seriously believe that So-So has hands? Source

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November 5th 7:30am

He’ll Be on Maury Shortly

Posted by Bossip Staff John Edwards refused a paternity test but thanks to a dirty diaper and used cup he still might be fingered as the father: Even though he admitted cheating with campaign staffer Rielle Hunter (top), The National Enquirer wants to prove he’s the father of Hunter’s baby. How? We hear that, on…

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November 5th 1:45am

The Obama Era Has Begun

Posted by Bossip Staff The new First Family. Discuss tonight’s results… SMH at the punk McCain supporters booing during the concession speech.

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November 4th 9:29pm

A Message from The Bossip Editorial Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff Starting in 2007, our editorial team decided that we would put the weight of our website which attracts over 1 million unique visitors a month behind a special transformational figure, Barack Obama. We were particularly attracted to what symbolism he and Michelle represented to the world and in particular, Black America.…

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November 4th 9:29pm

It’s a Wrap

Posted by Bossip Staff The major television networks are calling Ohio for Obama. It’s a wrap! Not only will Obama win the presidency, he has changed the entire political landscape in America by putting in play states Democrats never thought were possible.

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