August 26th 12:40pm

This Was Not The First Time Chris Brown and Rihanna Were Violent

Chris Brown and Rihanna were bad for each other almost from the jump. The judge yesterday reminded us all that this relationship was “a wash” before he beat RiRi down the last time: Rihanna and Chris Brown had two previous violent episodes before the Feb. 8 fight, which ultimately led to Brown’s arrest and felony…

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August 26th 12:30pm

For Your Viewing Pleasure…

Frankie and Neffe had a premiere party in ATL for their new BET  show.  Flip the hood to see the pics, between Frankie’s one man show and Dariel’s lovefest, it was a zoo in there.

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August 26th 12:29pm

Certified Links

KRS-One Breaks Down The New World Order & The Obama Deception (Go) LeBron Hosts Charity Bike-a-Thon for Kids(Go) Judge Rules In Favor Of Officers, Boosie Accused Of Bribery (Go) Fidel Castro Critiques Obama’s Presidential Performance (Go) Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Joyce & Debra, The Glenn Twins…They FINE as HELL!! (Go) Video: Sometimes You Catch a Shark With…

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August 26th 12:25pm

*Exclusive Interview With Floyd Mayweather, Jr.*: “You Know Bossip…I Don’t Know Why I Am Not Considered the Pound for Pound Best!”

Bossip chopped it up with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. last night for thirty minutes and asked him some serious questions. “Pretty Boy” is set to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on Sept. 19th in Las Vegas, which will be the set up bout for Manny Pacquiao or Miguel Cotto. Floyd has never lost a fight although the…

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August 26th 12:20pm

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Who is Kandi’s Baby Daddy???

In the video above, Kandi explained how her daughter Riley does not have a relationship with her father. Well, we finally confirmed who this dead beat dad is. Pop the Hood to Find Out…

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August 26th 12:10pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 15 Year Old Working as Stripper and Grandmother Hits News Crew With a Hoe

This mess is crazy on a bunch of levels. A Grandmother called the police to report that her granddaughter, 15, was stripping at a local bar. When the TV crew shows up to granny’s house…well, you must see it to believe it. Pop it and Watch it.

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August 26th 12:00pm

A “Lil Positivity”: LeToya Luckett Day?

We don’t know why, but LeToya Luckett was honored in Houston yesterday and given her own “Day,”: While she has not been a member of Grammy Award-winning group Destiny’s Child for more than five years, singer LeToya Luckett has enjoyed plenty of business and musical success on her own. The Houston native will now be…

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August 26th 11:55am

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Lisa’s Closet Freak vs. Sheree’s She by Sheree

This season on the RHOA, Lisa and Sheree both have their own clothing lines. Lisa has thrown some low blows at Sheree: Sheree’s into fashion, she has She by Sheree but you know I’ve been into fashion for a very, very long time. I have helped to develop a few clothing lines in the past.…

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August 26th 11:50am

DAMN… Can the Real Cassie PLEASE STAND UP!!!

Boy oh boy, when we saw this, we didn’t have a choice but to put it up. We did a double take on Adrienne because her and Cassie look like twins. Even though she didn’t go as far as to shave her head, Adrienne sure did set the illusion. Just goes to show that none…

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August 26th 11:40am

Who Would Be Daring Enough to Tag Their Name and Face On A Wall???

There are certain areas where you can tag or bomb in California, legally. This person is already affiliated with crime and”Graffiti,” also… this does not look like one of the legal spots we were talking about either. What is he trying to say… he is a bad boy now? Pop the top to peep who…

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August 26th 11:20am

Out of Pocket: Bishop Thomas Weeks Getting Married AGAIN!

You all remember the abusive Bishop from ATL that beat up Prophetess Juanita Bynum?  Well he’s back on the scene, flip the hood to see his new broad.

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August 26th 11:00am

What Ever Happened to Scott Storch?

Scott Storch was just inducted into the foreclosure club and is now homeless. The washed up producer filed for bankruptcy but after a year of going back and forth the judge wasn’t going for it. So, Sun Trust said they want there house back…

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August 26th 10:40am

Attention Stans: The Game May Be Back…

Finally looks like BET will pick up a REAL program for their network. According to sources, BET may be in the works to pick up The Game sitcom since it was dropped by the CW in May…

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August 26th 8:30am

R.I.P.: Ted Kennedy Passes Away

Ted Kennedy was one of the initial pushers of President Obama and main advocate of health care. Senator Kennedy passed away last night: He was known as the “Lion of the Senate” and the patriarch of America’s most notable family of Democratic politics. Senator Edward Kennedy passed away in his…Continue

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August 26th 8:29am

So Much for No Press…

The Obama’s were spotted leaving a dinner last night at Sweet Life Restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. Earlier this week the White House demanded that no photos be taken of the President while he’s on vacation but so much for that! Flip the hatch up to see what out President really does for relaxation.

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