May 28th 8:15am

Breezy’s Back at it Again

Damn Breezy, if you’re not goin’ upside RiRi’s head, then you’re tossin’ up paparazzi. Looks like someone else is suing you for gettin’ physical. Pop the hood for more

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May 28th 8:12am

She Said: Can Open Relationships Work?

Menage-a-trois are every man’s dream but the reality is probably a nightmare. Ladies, would you be down to add a third and make your duo a trio? Pop the hood for more

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May 28th 8:10am

*Exclusive* Electrik Red: “Not Corny Like the Spice Girls”

Bossip recently caught up with new girl group Electrik Red to discuss their new album and why the Dream thinks that “these b*tches are crazy!” Bossip: If any one of you were to get caught up in some crazy story (that would surely end up on Bossip), which one of you would it be? Electrik…

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May 28th 8:08am

Mike Vick Has it Bad on House Arrest…Wrong, He is Living it Up

Michael Vick is living the life in his mansion overlooking the lake with his baby moms and kids. Pop the hood for the house arrest pics

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May 28th 8:06am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Harlem Protesters Harass American Apparel Store for Malcolm X Dismissal LiveSteez Jenny’s Reality Show Gets Canned Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Tahiry Jose F-Listed Who Looked More Bangin’ Bossip Throwback

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May 28th 8:05am

Amber Rose: Fill in The Blank

Amber Rose is out in New York looking like a hermaphrodite skinhead in those Doc Martins. We don’t know who the boy is, but look at the brother behind her. You can tell by his expression that her cakes are still poppin’. Fill in The Blank: After seeing these pics, we know Kanye is _____choppin’…

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May 28th 8:04am

Pure Comedy: Whose Toes are These?

It’s hard to imagine these toes gettin’ done at the shop but they are. Pop the lid to find out the person behind these meaty feet

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May 28th 8:00am

Ho Sit Down: Mom Lies & Accuses Black Men of Kidnap

Meet, Bonnie Sweeten Bossip readers: This whole ordeal began around 1:50 p.m. Tuesday when Sweeten called 911 to say she had been forced into the trunk of a black Cadillac at the intersection of Street Road and Central Avenue in Upper Southampton Township, Bucks County. She went on to tell the operator that she had…

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May 28th 7:56am

Kanye West Featuring Rihanna in “Paranoid” Video

Kanye has Rihanna signifying her latest situations in his newest video, Paranoid.  We don’t know if he is soaking up her panties or not, but we can tell you that Kanye is getting some looks of lust, deceit, devilish, and wanting from RiRi. Chop that one down Ye, no one will be mad. Click Here…

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May 28th 7:55am

British Singer Disses Bey

Bey got dissed by this new British starlet. She’s an up and coming singer from the UK who told Bey that she wasn’t down to be her opening act. Pop the hood for more

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May 28th 7:52am

Teyana Taylor in a Bikini at Venice…

Yup, she doing it too, but artistically… Teyana Taylor took some racy photos at Venice Beach Ca. The little shorts and roller skates are the business, but wait till you pop the top and see her tranny lashes. SMH See some more Teyana below

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May 28th 7:51am

The Man Who Killed Dolla Has His Bail Reduced

The dude pictured with Ne-Yo is Aubrey Berry, the guy who killed Dolla. His bail has been reduced and, sadly enough, it looks like he may have some substance in his claim of self defense:

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May 28th 7:49am

Sheree of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Forced to Sell Her Home for Pennies

We have to laugh on this one. Sheree had to sell her home for pennies on the dollar

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May 28th 7:48am

Hollyweird Comes Out in Full Force at Lakers/Nuggets Game 5

Taraji P. Henson was seen going into the Staples Center to watch Kobe and the Lake Show put it on the Nuggets in game five. Notice those heels? Damn Taraji, its a Lakers Game girl, not the runway. Pop it to see Taraji and her son, Ice Cube, Denzel and others…

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May 28th 7:48am

Guess This Pound Cake…..

Someone was spotted walking their dog with the tights on, again! Whose Sponge Cake is That??? Pop the top and see…

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