March 5th 3:45pm

Big Present From President Daddy

Posted by Bossip Staff Our cute first daughters, Malia and Sasha, got a nice surprise from their loving father the other day when they set foot outside…

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March 5th 3:30pm

TI’s Going to Jail…

Posted by Bossip Staff The date for TI to start his bid has been set:

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March 5th 3:15pm

Do Half of Black Women Support That Punk Chris Brown????

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip recently conducted a poll and only 54% of respondents thought Rihanna was dumb for taking Chris Brown back after he beat her down to the white meat. Black women are over three-times more likely to get beat up or killed by no-good Black Men than white women. Is this a…

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March 5th 3:10pm

“Cheaters” the Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Episode

Posted by Bossip Staff Man, they’re saying Nicole Murphy has been creepin’ and getting her golden backs bruised up and Michael Strahan has been doubling as a private investigator/stalker all the while:

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March 5th 3:00pm

Nivea Looks Like She’s Smoking Rocks + Blasts The Dream

Posted by Bossip Staff Nivea is still struggling with her addictions to being a baby momma and looking tacky. In the video the girl simply looks disturbed. Pop the hood to see her losing it when speaking about The Dream along with her cluck head facial expressions. (Please watch to the end)

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March 5th 2:45pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted By Bossip Staff Some Afternoon Booty for your Afternoon Linkage F-Listed Your Tranny Fix For the Day: Rupaul Bossip Throwback Eva Mendes Hits Up Milan Fashion Week Lossip MJ To Do His First Live Show in 13 Years Livesteez

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March 5th 2:30pm

Diddy’s on Drugs

Posted by Bossip Staff Pop it to get a load of Diddy acting like a meth addict while he shows off his pop music slaves hard at work in the wee hours of the morning.

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March 5th 2:15pm

Tyrese Talks to Will Smith, Quits Music for Film

Posted by Bossip Staff After chatting it up with Willard, Tyrese has decided to “stick to the script” and be done with the quite fickle music industry: TYRESE GIBSON is turning his back on his music career to focus on Hollywood – after a heart-to-heart with rapper-turned-actor WILL SMITH.

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March 5th 9:49am

The Obamas

President Obama and the First Family hosted their Wednesday White House Dinner last night, and Michelle broke out the business suit on you biters. Pop the hood to see more…

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March 5th 9:20am

Michael Jackson is Going Extra Hard For That Check

Posted by Bossip Staff Michael Jackson is going hard for the promotion of his concerts at the British capital’s O2 Arena, where he will be paid $6 million per show:

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March 5th 9:18am

Kim Kardashian to Host Russell Simmons Event

Posted by Bossip Staff Russell Simmons is putting Kim Kakes to work as she will be hosting an event for him in Miami: Kim Kardashian has been tapped to host Russell Simmons’, Danny Simmons’ and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s Second Annual Art For Life Miami Beach Benefit on Saturday, March 14th at the Fontainebleau.

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March 5th 9:10am


Posted by Bossip Staff Someone go grab the emergency exorcism kit, we’ve got work to do.  Tyra appears to be “with demon.” Pop the hood for a less diabolical looking Tyra after dining at the Waverly Inn.

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March 5th 8:57am

Would You Hit It: It’s Mini Brit, B*tch!

Posted by Bossip Staff If some of you swirling brothers were on-one after a night of striking out at the club, aaand you took a whole bottle of Henn to the neck, aaand no one would find out… Would You Hit It??? Pop the hood to see Mini Brits cakes…

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March 5th 8:56am

No Top Lip Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff John Legend performed in the first 2 sold out concerts at the Heineken Music festival. Dude may not by the most masculine at times but he kills those performances, doesn’t he ladies? Pop the thang for more…

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March 5th 8:56am

Question of The Day: Does Halle Berry Look Busted???

Posted by Bossip Staff Is that even possible? We don’t think she looks busted here, but we do think she was just “kicking it” going into an office in Beverly Hills. For more of Halle looking good when she is not even trying…

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