January 25th 11:42am

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Elderly Man, 83, Charged With Beating 99-Year-Old (GO) J.Lo Drinks By The Pool With The Kids (GO) Nelly And Bow Wow To Face Off In Charity Basketball Game (GO) Modern Medicine Aids Michael Douglas’ Sex Life (GO) Pharrell Gives Keynote Speech at MIDEM 2010 [Video] (GO) The Hurt Locker Wins At 2010 Producers Guild Awards…

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January 25th 11:41am

Swizzy and AK Chillin’ in Hawaii: If That’s an Engagement Ring, Swizzy Could’ve Done Better Than That!!!

Swizzy and Alicia Keys were down in Hawaii kickin’ it for AK’s birthday getaway. AK is pictured with a ring on that one particular finger but if it is an engagement ring, we would hope that Swizzy would come more correct than that. Pop the Hood for a Close up

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January 25th 11:16am

PETA Vice President to Kanye West: “Kanye Can’t Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot”

Kamber got snapped at the Dior Homme Menswear show this weekend. The Bald Headed Beast picked up a dark orange glow, but at least she ditched her dome pubes!!! Between the LV mink bum bag (that joint is $7800 y’all!!!) beastie was wearing and the fur on Kanye’s coat these two should manage to keep…

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January 25th 10:52am

Melyssa Ford is in “Kontrol” Wrapped Around Some Chocolate Cakes…

Melyssa Ford is constantly letting everyone know that she is taking charge of her career and ridding herself of the title “video-hoe.” Melyssa covers the up-coming issue of Kontrol magazine. Normally, the focus is on her but in the pic under hood, all we can say is… Good Gracious of Life, Now that is a…

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January 25th 10:46am

Swizz Beatz Associates Busted In Crime Scheme

The old saying mind the company you keep is ringing true once again, this time for super producer Swizz Beatz. Owners of popular Arizona car dealerships and nightclubs frequented by Swizzy and other members of Hip-Hop’s elite are facing federal drug charges after police say they laundered money from Mexico and scammed banks out of…

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January 25th 10:28am

Which One Would You Hit???

Both Kanyeezy and P. Willy were spotted at the Lanvin fashion show in Paris during fashion week looking like this.  Which one of these kind fellows would you let moisten that kitten? Pop the top for more flicks Kanye West, Pharrell Williams with his little Dirty Sanchez ‘stache and Amber Rose.

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January 25th 10:25am

Matt Kemp’s Past is Coming Back to Haunt Him: Back in 2002, Matt was Accused of Rape???

Allegations of abuse and threats were floating around last week about Matt Kemp and ex-girlfriend Felisha Terrell and it was all nipped in the bud with a quickness. Now, rumors of Matthew Kemp and two other men raping a girl back in high school are surfacing… DAYYUMM!!!

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January 25th 9:59am

True or False: Will Bey Bey be a Judge on X-Factor???

Looks like Bey Bey’s break time may be put on hold, because we hear she may be a new judge on the British talent show The X-Factor.  More details under the hood.

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January 25th 9:50am

Kelis is Not Done Telling PETA to Kiss her Raccoon, Fox Wearing A$$ets!!!

Kelis made one more appearance at the Sundance Festival and she made it as furry as possible. After PETA sent her such a heart felt letter about the furs she was sporting, it’s obvious it went in one ear and out the other… Pop it for More Flicks

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January 25th 9:50am

Wondering What Daddy Diddy Got Little Justin For His 16th Birthday??

As if Justin Combs’ lavish Sweet 16 party wasn’t enough, Daddy Diddy made sure his eldest son got the illest gift. Pop the hatchy-poo to have a gander…

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January 25th 9:45am

Who Owns It??? Melanie Fiona vs. Rihanna “Redemption Song”

Rihanna recently recorded the Bob Marley classic “Redemption Song” for iTunes with benefits going toward Haitian relief, but Melanie Fiona put up her own version on YouTube last week. Look under the hood to listen to them both and tell us “Who Owns It???”

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January 25th 8:57am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Pees on $600 Worth of Steaks at an Ohio Wal-Mart

What in the world is going on with people these days???? An Ohio man is in jail after police arrested him on charges of urinating on a meat counter at a Wal-Mart store,

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January 25th 8:41am

Rumor Control: Brad and Angelina Are Still Together

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have responded to the break up rumors and said they are totally false.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 25th 8:37am

For Discussion: Should The U.S. Let More Haitians In The Country?

In the weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the State Department is facing a critical question — should they increase the number of Haitians allowed in the country so that children in need of medical attention and earthquake survivors with family members in the U.S. can come in?

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January 25th 8:36am

Another Day, Another Arrest: Ashy Gary Popped For Domestic Assault

Little Arnold is locked up again: Gary Coleman was arrested in Utah after police received reports of a “civil disturbance” at his home,

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