August 26th 11:00am

What Ever Happened to Scott Storch?

Scott Storch was just inducted into the foreclosure club and is now homeless. The washed up producer filed for bankruptcy but after a year of going back and forth the judge wasn’t going for it. So, Sun Trust said they want there house back…

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August 26th 10:40am

Attention Stans: The Game May Be Back…

Finally looks like BET will pick up a REAL program for their network. According to sources, BET may be in the works to pick up The Game sitcom since it was dropped by the CW in May…

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August 26th 8:30am

R.I.P.: Ted Kennedy Passes Away

Ted Kennedy was one of the initial pushers of President Obama and main advocate of health care. Senator Kennedy passed away last night: He was known as the “Lion of the Senate” and the patriarch of America’s most notable family of Democratic politics. Senator Edward Kennedy passed away in his…Continue

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August 26th 8:29am

So Much for No Press…

The Obama’s were spotted leaving a dinner last night at Sweet Life Restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. Earlier this week the White House demanded that no photos be taken of the President while he’s on vacation but so much for that! Flip the hatch up to see what out President really does for relaxation.

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August 26th 8:29am

Which One Would You Hit??? … Viagra Edition

These three nice looking old heads but still well known icons, Sugar Ray Leonard, Babyface and Smokey Robinson, were out and about. There are some women out there that are into the sugar daddy thing. What we want to know is… Which One Would You Give it to in a Rocking Chair???

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August 26th 8:27am

Katy Perry… Really??? Fill in the Blank_________

The other day, we put up a picture of Katy Perry pleasing herself on stage. Now if this girl is not suggesting that she needs to get chopped down… Then what else do you call it. SMH

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August 26th 8:25am

Why Did His Mother Name Him That?: One-Time Finally Captures “D’Alcapone Alpacino Morris”

This young thug pictured above is named D’Alcapone Alpacino Morris. His mother and father must have been on some straight thug life because this doomed 21 year old was just captured after being Public Enemy #1: The man U.S. Marshals called “Public Enemy, No. 1″, is no longer a threat.  Officials arrested D’Alcapone Alpacino Morris…

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August 26th 8:23am

Rev. Run and Justine Write a Book: Raising Kids in this Dysfunctional World

Rev. Run and Justine have the ultimate hustlin’ family. They’ve got TV shows, jewelry, clothing lines and more. They have it on lock. The modern day Huxtables wrote a book: Take Back Your Family: How to Raise Respectful and Loving Kids in a Dysfunctional World. There is just one question, since they are wealthy celebrities,…

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August 26th 8:15am

Coupled Up: Serena and Common

Serena and Common were coupled up at the “Just Wright” wrap party at Greenhouse in NYC last night.  We sure are glad she cleaned up before stepping out with her man! Flip the hood for more flicks from the night.

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August 26th 8:10am

For International Eyes Only?

Kelly Rowland is blatantly gearing herself for the overseas market, especially being that they support her music for the most part. Kelly is still on the hunt for a record label and wants to release a album in early 2010, so these promo shots are just that… promo-shots. Pop it for Another

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August 26th 8:00am

Like Mother Like Daughter…. Halle and Nahla

Halle and Nahla were spotted walking through LAX security with Gabriel not too far behind.  Pop the hood for more flicks of the precious pair.

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August 25th 6:21pm

*Breaking News*: Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Officially Over, Judge Orders Him Not To Contact Her for 5 Years

Chris Brown sentencing date was moved up to today. The judge was not playing with him at all and did NOT cut him any slack…. Judge Patricia Schnegg : “I am not the one to ever believe in any hear say or anything else but I am not immune from chatter on the airwaves. Any…

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August 25th 12:45pm

Ho Sit Down: Bill O’Reilly Picks Hovvy Hov For His Next Target

Mark ass buster Bill O’Reilly isn’t feeling the recognition that Jay-Z gave him in a new song. Flip the hood to see his reaction.

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August 25th 12:40pm

One-Time: Juelz Santana Arrested for “Threatening to Kill His Wife”

Member of the Diplomats and Leader of the Skull Gang, rapper Juelz Santana was arrested today for domestic abuse. According to reports, Santana allegedly threatened to kill his wife. Continue…

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August 25th 12:35pm

A “Lil Positivity”: Lil Wayne Tells the Kiddies to Get Schooled

Unlike a lot of rappers the kids are looking up to these days, the worst one of all does stand out a little bit more. Lil Wayne sends a PSA to all the kids about going to school. Besides the fact that he’s a huge star, Lil Wayne actually did go to college for about…

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