June 21st 9:40am

Breezy Makes Moves on Keri Hilson

Now that Breezy’s finally getting the hint that RiRi has officially moved on, he’s making moves of his own, towards Keri Hilson. Not sure this is a wise move Breezy, Keri seems like the kinda chick that would cut your @ss down to the white meat

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June 21st 9:35am

Tameka: “In My Mind, Usher and I Are Still Married”

Tameka knows she needs to get her life in check and stop living in delusional town. Usher filed divorce papers and has been living in his own place for a year. What more does this poor woman need to see before she realizes her Hollyweird marriage is done?

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June 21st 9:30am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Man Denies Dressing Up as His Dead Mother to Collect Social Security

This is some seriously sick ish right here. We know the Recession has people doing crazy things to get money but this is taking things way too far. NEW YORK – A man accused of dressing up as his dead mother to collect her Social Security and rent subsidies is blaming the crime on an…

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June 21st 9:25am

LeToya Luckett: “I’ll Be at the Bet Awards Yall, No Matter What!”

Letoya’s not going down without a fight. Looks like Mathew Knowles’ attempt to squash her upcoming BET Awards performance didn’t quite go the way he had hoped. Pop the lid for more Letoya vs. Mathew beef

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June 21st 9:20am

Some Sunday Morning Handsome

Henry Simmons was spotted at Barnes and Nobles in Hollyweird yesterday. How many of you ladies would have loved to wake up next to Henry instead of that chicken dumplin’ sleeping  in the bed right now? Pop it for more man meat

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June 21st 9:15am

Attention Whoring Never Looked So Fit and Delightful

Mel B has an ideal body for anyone and she turned thirty four yesterday. After having all them damn kids, no doubt her body is a 9! Is 30 the new 20 or is attention whoring mixed with ecstasy pills timeless? Pop it to see more of one of the best bodies on the D-list

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June 21st 9:10am

The First Dog: Bo Obama

Looks like the First Dog, Bo Obama, has been settling in with President Obama comfortably. The two newly found family members are seen in a pictorial below having a ball. Bo seems to have found his stride. Pop it for more of Bo Obama

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June 21st 9:05am

Mario Strips Down for the Ladies

Mario performed at the 1st BK FAMFEST in Chicago yesterday. We’re curious? Are you ladies gettin’ all juicy in the panties over lil’ Mario? He won his fans over with his heartfelt story about his mother, now the dude is pumping iron and gettin’ all yoked out and stud like. Guess he’s done with the sweet little…

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June 21st 9:00am

Father’s Day: Daddy/Daughter Dance Stirs Up Serious Emotions

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d showcase some positive interaction between black men and their children, specifically their daughters. We love the idea of an annual event that highlights and celebrates the unique relationship between fathers and daughters.

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June 21st 8:55am

Bossip’s Best of The Week

Lil Weezy and his Two Baby Moms, Lauren London and Nivea Kelis is on 8th and Hill, aka Skidrow: Kelis is Broke Vanessa Bryant Has Competition: Kobe Bryant’s Jump Off Charlamagne Stomps A Mud Hole Into Cassie’s Cakes: Poor Cassie Neffe is Having a Girl and Getting Rid of Her Scrub: The Hood Life Lala…

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June 21st 8:50am

Hollyweird Swirlin’

Robin Thicke and his father, Alan Thicke, Paula Patton, Queen Latifah, and a random friend are all seen here cheesing it up. You know we couldn’t let a day go by without reporting on some serious swirlism. SMH Pop it for a couple more

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June 20th 10:00am

Tina’s Testimony Will NOT Be Televised…Darn

The television event of the century will not be televised. Rih-Rih’s testimony will not include any cameras being shoved all up in her covergirl caked face: Television cameras won’t be present in the courthouse when Rihanna takes the witness stand at a preliminary hearing for Chris Brown’s assault trial on June 22nd, CNN reports. A…

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June 20th 9:55am

Bad Boy Rep Fired For Letting Charlamagne Get In Cassie’s @ss

Charlamagne got all up in Cassie’s bald-headed cakes earlier this week, and apparently there was a Bad Boy rep standing nearby who did nothing to try to censor the radio host: Our boy Illseed reports that when Cassie and Red Café were at the radio station there was a Bad Boy Record’s or maybe Atlantic…

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June 20th 9:53am

Tyrese is Pushing Up on “Transgender” Megan Fox?

Apparently, Tyrese is all over twitter sticking up for Megan Fox. He is booting people off his account and hinting toward being in a swirl love with her: Well it looks like Shai isn’t the only one that’s having the hots for Megan Fox. Tyrese just announced on twitter that he has the hots for…

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June 20th 9:47am

Which One is Packin?: Rupaul VS Wendy Williams

The freaks come out at night! Makeup artist Sam Fine’s DVD launch at NYC’s Warren Tricomi brought all kinds of debauchery including “Wendell” Williams and Rupaul.Iman, Deborah Cox, and Vanessa Williams brought a little elegance and normalcy to the gig. Pop it and see a gang of nice looking real ladies below..

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