March 21st 6:30am

Bowling With the Stars

Posted by Bossip Staff Fine ass, Aleesha Renee, along with Juelz and DJ Whoo Kid hit up the Bowling With the Stars event at Harlem Lanes in NY.  It looked like they had a lot of fun, but where exactly were the actual stars?  We’ve been had…SMH More pics up under the hood.

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March 21st 6:10am

Soul For Real Popped for Identity Theft

Posted by Bossip Staff Three members of Soul For Real have been arrested on identity theft:

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March 21st 5:00am

On the Set with Jaleel White

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out the still kinda nerdy, Jaleel White, in a warm embrace with the fire crotched chick, Leyna Juliet Weber, on the set of “Road to the Altar” in LA.  They sure look extra comfortable together.  Get in where you fit in. More when you

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March 20th 6:54pm

Special Olympics Bowler Gives Obama Tips After Diss on Leno

Posted by Bossip Staff After Obama made a comment about his bowling game being “”it was like the Special Olympics or something” on The Tonight Show, some Special Olympic bowlers rather than trying to go hard at him are offering tips: President Obama joked Thursday that his bowling ability was suitable for the Special Olympics,…

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March 20th 11:15am

Bun in the Oven

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at Kelis looking cute with the special glow that comes along with being knocked up.  It also appears as though the unavoidable plumpness that occurs when “with child” has begun to take hold.  It’s for the greater good, though. A few more pics of Kelis and hubby, Nas, at Mr.…

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March 20th 10:50am

Keyshia Cole Like Whoa

Posted by Bossip Staff There’s no way to put this lightly; our girl, Keyshia Cole, looked like a red-hot slut to the 8th power at the Nabob’s 25th Anniversary Communications Awards Dinner in DC.  Not to mention the way she is literally bustin’ out of that dress.  Just damn.  WAM More images to make you…

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March 20th 10:45am

President Obama Does “The Tonight Show”

Posted by Bossip Staff In the wake of the biggest ‘first’ our nation has ever seen, our president, Barack Obama, has done it again by being the first active president to appear on “The Tonight Show.”   He sat down and rapped a taste with Jay Leno about the ins and outs of being the president. …

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March 20th 10:43am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Chelina Manuhutu F-Listed Is LeAnn Rimes Cheating on Her Husband? Celebslam Are You Feeling This Get Up? Lossip Bush Calls for Support of President Obama Livesteez Lady GaGa Slipped a Nipple The Blemish Is Eliot Spitzer Trying to Make a Comeback? Cele|Bitchy Jessica Alba and Honor in Beverly…

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March 20th 10:42am

Diamonds for Beyonce’s Goodies

Posted by Bossip Staff Beyonce, being the super-duper star she is, has to keep her goodies looking the part.  And for her breastesses, only diamonds will do:

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March 20th 10:25am

Vivica, Is That You??

Posted by Bossip Staff Vivica Fox is normally prepared with smiles galore for the red carpet, but it looks like all that Botox in her grill had other plans this time around.  It’s the price she has to pay, we guess. A few more pics from the 3rd Annual Avant Garde Fashion Event and after…

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March 20th 10:20am

Robin Givens to Usher and Diddy: “Get Appalled About Abuse, Damn It”

Posted by Bossip Staff Robin Givens has had it up to here with icons like Diddy and Usher pussy-footing their way around the subject of domestic abuse, and she wants them to man up and speak out: Actress ROBIN GIVENS has urged hip-hop heroes DIDDY and USHER to speak out about domestic abuse – because…

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March 20th 10:15am

A New Dawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out your boo boo, Dawn, in Vibe showing off her perky A minus cups, slender build, and disgusting looking Dereon shoes.  Diggin’ it, or not so much?

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March 20th 10:05am

Who Would You Say Has the Most Swag?

Posted by Bossip Staff Some folks are throwing a “Swag Ball” which will be held during Memorial Day weekend on South Beach, Miami. Pop the hood to check out Terry Kennedy, Bangladesh, Jadakiss, Exhibit, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Busta Rhymes, and Taz Arnold’s entries thus far

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March 20th 10:02am

White House Bound

Posted by Bossip Staff Alicia Keys and her mother, Teresa,were seen clinging on to one another as they headed to the White House to have dinner with the First Family to celebrate Woman’s History Month.  Aside from a little home-wrecking, ‘Licia does a lot to promote a positive image of women. A couple more on…

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March 20th 10:00am

Magnificent Mary J. Blige to Star in Tyler Perry Film

Posted by Bossip Staff Tyler Perry isn’t playing any games this time.  He’s hit up the lovely, Mary J. Blige to tear up the big screen in “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”: TYLER PERRY is bringing some soul to the big screen – he has signed R&B superstar MARY J. BLIGE to star…

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