September 4th 12:25pm

Kanye’s Ex Brooke Has the Ugly Face because Amber is Getting All the Attention

Brooke of BET’s Harlem Heights, who is also Kanye’s Ex, is giving the side cheek to her fiancee. By the looks of it, she doesn’t look so happy to be standing with her future husband. Brooke is thick with it from the waist down just like Amber but with Kanye courting around Amber Rose like…

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September 4th 12:20pm

Who Looked More Bangin’??? … Mya vs. Macy Gray

We told you a couple of weeks ago that Mya and Macy Gray are the newest cast members on Dancing with the Stars. Their promo pics have finally surface and sooooo… You know we have to ask: Who Looked More Bangin’ in their Dancing with the Stars Costume???

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September 4th 12:15pm

RiRi is Still Drunk on Chris Brown’s Love and Would Take Him Back!!!

Rihanna’s friends really need to learn how to stay away from the media. They shouldn’t even want to say anything but one of them gave OK! Magazine and ear full: She really doesn’t see the necessity of keeping an entire football-field length between them. She’s forgiven him and he is remorseful. Chris really wants to…

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September 4th 12:13pm

Certified Links

Parents Don’t Want Obama to Talk to Their Kids? (Go) U.S. Lifts Cuban Travel Restrictions (Go) Mike Epps To Host 09′ BET Hip-Hop Awards (Go) Fabolous Speaks On Drake, Touring and Chris Brown From Atlanta Concert (Go) Early Morning Mistress: Kim Kardashian Tweets Her Lingerie (Go) New Ad Harmoniously Combines Inappropriate Make-Outs, McDonald’s, Darth Vader…

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September 4th 12:00pm

Fabolous New Jawn: “Welcome to My Work Place” Fab Is Gangsta Now?

In Fabo’s new video, he takes it up a notch from “Holler Back Youngin.” We thought Fab was about the ladies, now he is baking crack rocks the size of tennis shoes? Pop it to watch it…kind of explicit

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September 4th 11:45am

Random Ridiculousness: Woman Steals a Whole Case of Beer and Some Sodas Between Her Legs!!

The woman pictured above is Lisa Newsome. She was arrested earlier this week for ganking a 24-pack of Bud Light between her legs…

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September 4th 11:15am

Michael Vick’s Bankruptcy Plan is Approved and Now He’s on a $300K Budget

Mike Vick went to court yesterday to come to an agreement with the judge and his creditors. Everything was settled except for creditor. According to the Judge, Vick had to retain a financial planner and he put Vick on a $300K/year budget. He doesn’t have to start paying any creditors back until after his first…

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September 4th 9:36am

Jamie Foxx Got Shermed Up In College… and He Has Flashbacks From Getting Wet?!

Recently, Jamie was in an interview and divulged that back in his drug-ee college days he got “wet” and had to ride it out. Jamie Foxx credits a college pal with saving his life when he was left in a near-comatose state after his drink was spiked with the hallucinogenic drug PCP. The Oscar-winner was…

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September 4th 9:33am

Twitter Files: RHOA Kim Zolciak Calls Neffe a BET B*TCH!!!

Oh it’s about to go down, plastic Kim from BRAVO’s RHOA and barefoot pregnant Neffe from BET’s FRANKIE AND NEFFE are going at it on Twitter. Apparently, Neffe wanted to verify Kim’s phone number and her dumb a** asked tweeted it to everyone. Even though that was a bad move on Neffe’s part, Kim went…

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September 4th 9:28am

Catch Fade: College Football Player Talks Mess, Hits Player, then Gets Knocked Out

LeGarrette Blount, of Oregon University, lost it in a football game against Boise State… and we mean LOST-IT! Pop it and watch this fool maybe lose his scholarship

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September 4th 9:26am

This Album Cover Belongs to Solange’s New Boo… WALE

Solange and rapper Wale are now an item and the two were spotted chillin’ on a blanket together in Central park with the common folk earlier this week.

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September 4th 9:25am

Gay: These Boys Really Do Need to Quit!

Something is seriously wrong in the Pretty Ricky camp. First Spectacular’s bi-tail, now Slick Em.” Pop it to see his package (SMH)

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September 4th 9:15am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Brooklyn Man Shoots Wife in Public

22 year old Kaiden Ramsay was shot by her husband, Lenox Ramsay, on a busy Brooklyn street Tuesday. The couple has only been married for eleven months.

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September 4th 9:10am

Kanye West and His “Bubble Butt” on Full Blast…No Homo

Damn, Yeezy pull your muh-fu*king pants up, man! WTF. Flip the script to see more of Kanye’s bubble, him and Amber Rose shopping, and him cussing out the paparazzi again…

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September 4th 9:09am

Out of Pocket: Oprah Has to Check Chris Brown for His Interview Comments

Oprah felt the need to ride on Chris Brown after he said the following in the interview with Larry King: “I commend Oprah on being like, ‘This is a problem,’ but it was a slap in my face. I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school.…

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