August 27th 10:45am

These “Honda Accord” Cakes Are Keeping In Shape… OOOWWW!!!

This cake was spotted getting her brisk walk on during the L.A. summer heat. They say she has a “Honda Accord.” Pop it to see who this is.. oh yeah, and more cake

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August 27th 10:30am

Ladies, Does This Metro “Pretty Boy” Swag Turn You On????

We know this poor thang just broke his leg and is limping and everything, BUT…he looks like he’s wearing lip gloss for Pete’s Sake. Damn. For real, ladies, would you want a man that’s prettier than you are??? Pop it for more metro-ness now..

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August 27th 10:25am

Some Afternoon Style: Rihanna… Eh Eh Eh

RiRi is all over New York right now with that little piece of blonde poking out of her bang. She kept it real simple with this look, she had to get it in with those white jeans before labor day comes around…

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August 27th 10:20am

Certified Links

Government Gives Out Stimulus Money To Inmates (Go) McCain Faces Angry Crowd at Arizona Town Hall (Go) Jay Rock: The Future Of The West Discusses 30-Day Assault (Go) GIRL FIGHT: Tori Amos Disses Lady GaGa (Go) Joe Francis Gone Wild in Court (Go) Wikipedia Vs. Predator (Go)

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August 27th 9:50am

Raven Symone is Thicky Thick Thick Thicker and Lil Mama Performs at a Sweet 16 Party

We know Raven Symone is a thick bucket of fried chicken but is baby girl getting thicker. On the flip side Lil Mama, who is always in rare form, put on her princess attire for Keke Palmers birthday party. Dude… Seriously, Where is my Stylist???

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August 27th 9:30am

*Exclusive Pics*: Ludacris is Getting Into the Liquor Business

Ludacris hit up a club in Miami last night to promote his new cognac, Conjure. He’s been making his way around trying to put this new product down people’s throats but still haven’t heard to much about it. Flo-rida was also in the building. Pop it for More…

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August 27th 9:00am

Another Day Another Eviction….

This time Isaiah Washington is joining the eviction crew after he was booted from his Cali mansion this week.  Pop the hatch for the details.

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August 27th 8:40am

Snoop Does Song With Long Lost Little Brother… Nipsey Hussle

Snoop Dogg and his lookalike, Nipsey Hussle, released a song called Gangsta’s Life. We don’t know if they caught us on a good day or what, but this song is clean too. That is the third song of the day that is bangin… let’s all remember this date in history people. Flip the lid for…

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August 27th 8:34am

We’ve Only Just Begun… Will Frankie and Neffe’s New Show get Canceled?

Guess Frankie’s man down code 10 lingo is a bit too much for some people to handle and it’s sparked an on-line petition to get the show cancelled.  The creator of the petition states: I say let’s start a petition to get the show off the air. I really don’t see how this is helping…

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August 27th 8:30am

Jesus Take the Wheel… Pastor Slain in Her Own Church

Carol Daniels an Oklahoma Pentecostal Pastor was brutally murdered and found in her own church on Sunday.

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August 27th 8:27am

Out of Pocket… Spencer Says Heidi is the New Michael Jackson of 2010!!!

Just when we thought Speidi couldn’t get any stupider, Spencer comes out with this: “The Holy Spirit now has Michael Jackson juice, so boom! For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with Michael Jackson’s divine spirit.” Pop it for the Video

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August 27th 8:25am

Venus Vs. Mars: Jay-Z’s Covert Mission Is Officially a Bust!

More songs have been released from Blueprint 3 and we must say that this song is maybe the best so far. Venus vs Mars is a true banger. “Thought shorty was the truth, found out she was a cheater. We was supposed to Takeover, but I caught her bumping Ether.” Pop it and listen

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August 27th 8:20am

What Celeb will Hit Up Larry King Next Week?

What R&B star will hit up Larry King to air out their dirty laundry? Pop the hood to find out!

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August 27th 8:15am

Remember Me???: Guess Who’s Getting Married…

This 90’s star was part of a family show that is legendary and will not be forgotten. She is getting married next month. No one has seen this girl in years…pop it and see

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August 27th 8:13am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

This family(?) was spotted at the Carol’s Daughter store opening in Lenox Mall. The store opening also brought out a couple more familiar faces; one is a diva-singer, the other an ATL Housewife. Pop it for a Peek

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