January 14th 2:00pm

Jennifer Hudson to Shine at the Super Bowl

Posted by Bossip Staff JHud is set to perform at this years’ Super Bowl. Finally, someone with real talent joins this years’ line up: Jennifer Hudson will return to the stage next month for the first time since the tragic murders

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January 14th 10:45am

Kelis’ Milkshake So Good It Got Her Knocked Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Yep, you read correctly; Kelis preheated the oven to 375 and Nas has gone ahead and put a bun in that thang:

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January 14th 10:31am

DeShawn Was “Too Human” For ATL Housewives

Posted by Bossip Staff After Pink-slipped Deshawn got the timberland boot yesterday, she decided to let everyone know exactly how it really went down:

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January 14th 10:30am

Ciara’s “Essence”

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out your girl, Ciara, in a decent spread for Essence Mag. Lil’ Ci Ci could use about a month’s worth of collard greens, some homemade macaroni and fried chicken, but she does look nice. Go, girl. One more pic of a more skimpy variety for you up under the hood.

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January 14th 10:30am

Usher’s “The Grape” Bar Closes Its Doors

Posted by Bossip Staff It looks like it’s a wrap on Usher’s latest business venture:

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January 14th 10:27am

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Mint Condition “Pretty Brown Eyes”

Posted by Bossip Staff Awww, yeah, this was a nice cut back in the day. Strange how you couldn’t write the words down to save your life, but you are right on cue once the singing begins. “Pretty brown eyes, (1 beat) you know, (1 beat) I see…” SMH @ all the fellas singing in…

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January 14th 10:26am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted By Bossip Staff Rosario Dawson in Italian mag “Max” Lossip Get That Chick: Pick Up Tips That Work F-Listed Movie theatres, Sirius XM to braodcast Obama Inauguration Livesteez Isaiah Washington: “Yessah, Massa Sir” Bossip Throwback

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January 14th 10:25am

New Black Kid On the Block: Terry Kennedy

Posted By Bossip Staff We know that you’re tired of seeing Chrianna plastered all over the place, so we’ve decided to start a new Bossip category to introduce you to the new up and coming artists, actors and athletes. They deserve a little shine too. You may remember him as Angela Simmons ex-boyfriend, but that’s…

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January 14th 10:22am

Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West Build Buzz for Unpopular Grammy’s

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil’ Wayne will be headlining a group of rap stars, including Kanye West, to help build some buzz for the “barely breathing” Grammy’s:

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January 14th 10:15am

Michelle Williams Talks About What Really Matters In Life

Posted by Bossip Staff Apparently, Michelle Williams caught some feelings behind an insult that was thrown at her recently. Peep her soapbox-like reply when you

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January 14th 9:40am

Amy Winehouse Offered Movie Role

Posted by Bossip Staff Amy Winehouse has been offered a movie role in an upcoming film:

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January 14th 9:30am

Reality Show Hell Continues: Ray-J

Posted by Bossip Staff In an effort to make sure Americans stay drooling in a state of brain death, VH1 presents “For The Love of Ray J“: R&B singer Ray J’s much-talked-about reality series ‘For The Love of Ray J’ became official Tuesday. According to VH1, Ray J’s show, ala’ Flavor of Love, will premiere…

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January 14th 9:00am

Erykah Badu is About to Pop

Posted by Bossip Staff Presenting Erykah Badu and her thoughts…

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January 14th 8:45am

DMX: “I Met The Devil in God’s Country”

Posted by Bossip Staff Sounds like Jesus may have taken the wheel from DMX for the moment. Dig the fallen hip-hop star as he drops science from behind bars. Good for him for keeping his wits about him (for the most part) during this interview

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January 14th 8:40am

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Get Gully

Posted by Bossip Staff Word is, JLo & Marc Anthony take lovers’ quarrels to the next level: Screaming. Pushing and shoving. Throwing things. Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to Marc Anthony is exploding — and she’s run back to Diddy for help!

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