May 4th 8:05am

Idris: “Bey, Can You Help Me With My Music, Please!?”

Posted by Bossip Staff The sexual chocolate that is Idris Elba talks versatility, and why he should have asked Bey for some help with his musical career when he had the chance: “I’ve built my career brick by brick, but I didn’t start off saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to try to do as many different…

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May 4th 8:05am

Condaleezza Rice Gets Nailed by 4th Grader

Posted by Bossip Staff Condi Rice was speaking at an elementary school when one student got all CNN on her @ss. Pop the hood for more

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May 4th 8:02am

Who Is the Man in This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff Dwight Eubanks was out with her/his partner this weekend. Damn, even the gays are probably disliking that mesh shirt, he is f*cking up their movement with that. Anyways, this picture is disturbing…and we have more. SMH. Pop the top to see the princess and his bulldog.

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May 4th 8:01am

Oprah Brings Jenny McCarthy Aboard the Harpo Train

Posted by Bossip Staff Little Jenny don’ came up. She just received a “cash call” from Oprah: Like Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil before her, it seems Jenny McCarthy is hitching her brand to Oprah Winfrey’s star: the actress turned autism expert has signed a deal with Harpo Productions to work on a few projects,…

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May 4th 8:00am

Bill Clinton Gets it in at FAMU

Posted by Bossip Staff Before Obama, there was our other first black president Bill Clinton. The class of 2009 at FAMU had the honor of listening to the former President at their commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Clinton knows he loves him some black people. Pop the hood for more

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May 4th 7:50am

Swine Flu Stops Swirl Love Plans

Posted by Bossip Staff That damn swine flu’s taken its toll on the world of swirl. Heidi and Seal canceled their annual marriage renewal in Cancun. Check for more

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May 4th 7:50am

The Bossip Store Re-Up

Posted by Bossip Staff As we mentioned before, we will be periodically re-upping on the t-shirts in our recently launched Bossip Store. Check out more details (and more shirt images) on the flipside…

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May 3rd 9:10am

Rihanna Kicks Breezy to the Curb for First Love

Posted by Bossip Staff Word on the street is RiRi is done with Breezy’s abusive ways and has left his @ss for her first love – Negus Sealy – a native Barbadian. Ever heard of the term rebound relationship? Pop the hood for more

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May 3rd 9:08am

Halle Berry to Paps: “OH, HEEELLL NAWWW, BAACK BACK!”

Posted by Bossip Staff Halle is getting tired of the random attention she is receiving while doing anything, like getting into her car, walking in the store, and now, when she goes out to eat: Halle Berry with her daughter Nahla Ariela were unhappy to see photographers outside Barefoot restaurant on 3rd Street after having…

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May 3rd 9:05am

Some Morning Swirl: Khloe K. Follows in Sister’s Footsteps

Posted by Bossip Staff Kim K’s big little sister Khloe has a new chocolate piece on her arm these days. She’s been seen dating Derrick Ward, a fine @ss baller from Tampa Bay Buccaneers’. The Kardashian sisters sure do love them some chocolate. Pop the hood for more

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May 3rd 9:04am

More Talk of Baby Kissing Lil Wayne: “I’m the Only One He Kiss Like Dat…Dats How We Roll”

Posted by Bossip Staff We thought Lil Wayne and Baby may have been caught in a bad predicament, well that’s untrue. We have newly leaked footage of him saying he kisses Wayne in the mouth…and what? Pop the top and peep…

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May 3rd 9:03am

In White Folks News: Madonna’s Second Swirly Adoption Denied

Posted by Bossip Staff Madge’s latest adoption case is for a 4 year-old Malawian child named Mercy. Sad fact is that Mercy’s estranged 15 year-old father decided to step back into the picture. When this little girl grows up, she’s going to kick her daddy’s @ss for this ish. Pop the hood for more

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May 3rd 9:02am

Diddy and Jay Z Get into a Fight…Party

Posted by Bossip Staff Diddy and Jay Z co-hosted a celeb packed afterparty for last night’s fight in Vegas at TAO. Michael Strahan and his cheating tranny jump off Nicole Murphy flowed through. Cassie and her mentally unstable hair cut stayed close to Diddy. Biggest surprise guest of the ngiht was Suge Knight. Suge Knight…

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May 3rd 8:55am

Question of the Day: Best and Worst Cities for Black Love?

Posted by Bossip Staff Does where you live impact your love life? We have heard and been witness to so many single black women and men complaining about the lack of decent dates out there which made us wonder if there were certain parts of the country where black love still reigned supreme? Where does…

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May 3rd 8:50am

Obama Set to Give Supreme Court Some Color

Posted by Bossip Staff   Obama has already made some significant changes while in office for his first 100 days and now he’s eyeing the Supreme Court for his next bold move. Judge Sonia Sotomayor is top in line to become the first Latina on the Supreme Court. Remarkable doesn’t begin to describe Obama’s political…

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