January 27th 10:08am

Rocko Locked Up for Whooping Some Poor Lady’s A*s

Posted by Bossip Staff Damn, Monica’s babydaddy, Rocko, was jailed this week:

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January 27th 10:08am

Taz Arnold:What is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye is our boy, but damn. His homie, Taz Arnold, in the leopard skinned tights and cap is doing way to much. Taz is a artist and fashion maven. We have a video that Taz did for President Obama and pictures below…

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January 27th 10:07am

Lil Wayne’s New Jawn: Prom Queen

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, Lil Wayne’s new song from his rock album has been leaked onto the net, so he released it today on his Myspace page: The self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” is ready to storm the Internet with his new single, which will debut today on MySpace and then be performed…

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January 27th 9:46am

President Obama’s First Interview To Arab TV

Posted By Bossip Staff President Obama isn’t wasting any time in his efforts to change the American image in the Middle East: Barack Obama gave his first formal television interview as US President to an Arabic cable TV network, telling Al-Arabiya that when it comes to Middle East matters “all too often the United States…

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January 27th 8:41am

Governor Paterson is a Liar???

Posted by Bossip Staff People are calling Gov. Paterson a liar for the smear job he did on the Kennedys back in the day: Gov. Paterson yesterday insisted he had no idea who did the slime job on Caroline Kennedy – although the source of the information is about as close to him during the…

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January 27th 8:40am

Fans: “Omg, that’s Seal! Oh, false alarm, it’s just Akon.”

Posted by Bossip Staff Akon was taking a stroll through the London city center when he was approached by a few fans, then more showed up, and the next thing you know “The Konvict” was running for his dear life: R&B singer Akon found himself at the center of a frightening scene in London recently…

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January 27th 8:37am

Special Performance by TI

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy TI came out to the JET Nightclub for a special performance last night. His Road to Redemption show is about to air, and we really feel that the high yellow skinny MC is done with thug life. That is commendable. Pictures under the hood, including some newly acquired exclusive…

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January 27th 8:35am

Soulja Boy Robbery: “They Put An AK to My Homeboy’s Cranium!”

Posted by Bossip Staff Soulja Toy is finally dry snitching about the night him and his boys got punked and robbed in the ATL: After reports of Soulja Boy’s Atlanta house being robbed hit the net earlier this month the teen rapper has stayed quiet, until now. During an interview with Los Angeles-based radio personality…

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January 27th 8:32am

Holla Back, Heffas

Posted by Bossip Staff Determined to keep her (ahem) “star” shining bright, D. Woods is working on some new ‘ish for the masses:

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January 27th 8:30am

Ne-Yo: Gentle-Man

Posted by Bossip Staff Ne-Yo is  performing in Amsterdam, doing the damn thing from the looks of it. His gentle-man swag is definitely grown up, but just a little soft to say the least. On a side note, the crooner is about to help Chrisette Michelle in her next album: R&B singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele, best…

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January 27th 8:25am

Swagger on a Hundred Thousand Trillion…

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West is still out in “Pareee'” living it up, and from these behind the scene photos looks like your boy is channeling little Tubb’s from Miami Vice. The Shag, the rolled up sleeves, the little white docksiders…Kanye is having a blast being Kanye, nothing wrong with that. We have a…

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January 27th 8:20am

Diggin’ For Gold

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Eve seen leaving Crustacean Restaurant in Beverly Hills soothing a little itchy poo on her nose. That Hollyweird steez has really gotten to Eve, we wonder if she’ll ever even drop an album again… Peep more including Rihanna, Halle Berry, etc. on the flipside…

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January 27th 8:08am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Keyshia Cole vs. Elise Neal

Posted by Bossip Staff A ‘dainty’ little Keyshia Cole and Elise Neal attended the 17th Annual Trumpet Awards in Atlanta the other night. Out of these two lovely ladies, we must ask: Who Looked More Bangin?? Peep En Vogue looking good as hell for being ‘over-the-hill’ and more below: Many more when you…

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January 26th 9:03am

Seen on the Swirly Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff It was Reggie Bush’s and Kim Kardashian’s date night yesterday eve at KOI’s. These two are about a biscuit and freaky sex-capade from tying the knot, or having a white chocolate seed. A couple more of vanilla and chocolate below…

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January 26th 9:03am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted By Bossip Staff A more “plentiful” Jessica Simpson F-Listed Recap of the Sag Winners Lossip President Obama “ballin” at Camp David? Livesteez Princess RiRi and her “Kitty Kat” attire Bossip Throwback

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