May 3rd 8:55am

Question of the Day: Best and Worst Cities for Black Love?

Posted by Bossip Staff Does where you live impact your love life? We have heard and been witness to so many single black women and men complaining about the lack of decent dates out there which made us wonder if there were certain parts of the country where black love still reigned supreme? Where does…

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May 3rd 8:50am

Obama Set to Give Supreme Court Some Color

Posted by Bossip Staff   Obama has already made some significant changes while in office for his first 100 days and now he’s eyeing the Supreme Court for his next bold move. Judge Sonia Sotomayor is top in line to become the first Latina on the Supreme Court. Remarkable doesn’t begin to describe Obama’s political…

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May 3rd 8:40am

Manny Pacquiao Knocks Out Ricky Hatton and Sight is Set on “Pretty Boy” Floyd???

Posted by Bossip Staff Manny Pacquiao made English Blood Pudding out of Ricky Hatton last night and in quicker time than Floyd Mayweather Jr. did. Now the talk is Floyd vs Pacquiao: Manny Pacquaio wasted no time whatsoever as he landed hard straight shots early and then simply overwhelmed Ricky Hatton in the first round…

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May 3rd 8:30am

No Tequila Shots for NYC – Cinco De Mayo Canceled Due to Swine Flu

Posted by Bossip Staff This Swine Flu stuff has gone too far. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are getting canceled left and right. What are we supposed to do about our tequila shots? Flip the script for more

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May 2nd 10:14am

Beyonce Gets Harassed by Chil’ren in NY + More Holland Shots

Posted by Bossip Staff We have made sly remarks about Beyonce’s family being with her all the time. This morning we spotted these pictures of Bey, Solange, and Momma Knowles in Holland, and it made us wonder; what if Solange and her mom were not there? Bey would be lonely as hell. Change the subject.…

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May 2nd 10:13am

Did Bank of America Hire This Man as Chairman for More Obama Bailout Stacks?

Posted by Bossip Staff A recent news report says troubled Bank of America may have hired former Morehouse College President, Walter Massey as a “token” to get more Obama bailout money more

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May 2nd 9:46am

Michael Jordan’s Son Is A Notorious Swirl Offender

Posted by Bossip Staff Looks like Jordan’s son, Marcus, is a player like his father. He prefers to eat his meat rare, just like his dear old dad: We got a nice tip yesterday from reader “G” on these photos of Marcus Jordan, the younger son of NBA legend Michael Jordan. We’re pretty sure this…

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May 2nd 9:35am

Judd Apatow on Diddy: “This B*tch Is Actually Funny”

Posted by Bossip Staff Diddy has officially got the acting bug, among other things, and was cast a few weeks ago in Judd Apatow’s upcoming comedy, Get Him to the Greek. Apatow admits that he was unsure if Diddy could pull off a comedic role: Could he also do comedy? Judd Apatow wasn’t sure when…

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May 2nd 9:30am

What The Hell: Backwood Trash Commercial of the Day!

Posted by Bossip Staff These sheltered people in this video must leave North Carolina and see the world. The stupidity and ignorance displayed in this commercial makes you think it can’t be real, right? SMH Pop the top and prepare to be appalled by everyone in the damn thing…

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May 2nd 9:25am

True or False: Eva and Tony Parker Are In Real Love??

Posted by Bossip Staff Tony Parker and Eva Longoria Parker both supported The Rally for Kids with Cancer Scavenger Cup. Some of our categorized stars were out, but Lossip had a field day at this event. We saw these pictures and got to thinking about how long these two have been together. Is it real…

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May 2nd 9:22am

President Obama Taking Greater Precautions Against “Swine” Epidemic

Posted by Bossip Staff For those of you who have been scared sh*tless by the “pig-sars,” President Obama wants you to know that he is working to keep the disease from becoming a more widespread epidemic: President Barack Obama told Americans that the government is taking all precautions to ensure the swine flu that’s infected…

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May 2nd 9:15am

Debate of the Day: Is Marriage Obsolete?

Posted by Bossip Staff We checked out your comments yesterday in the Nas and Kelis divorce post, and we want to pose this question to you.

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May 2nd 9:10am

T-Pain to Play “Singing Sausage Link” For Cartoon Network

Posted by Bossip Staff T-Pain is reportedly going to be in another upcoming episode of Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He’ll be playing a singing sausage link. We’re just sh*ttin you..get in here for the real role

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May 1st 2:00pm

Bossip Exclusive Confirmed: Kelis Files for Divorce

Posted by Bossip Staff Our exclusive story last month has been confirmed with Kelis filing divorce papers:

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May 1st 1:50pm

A Look Back at “Black Leaders” Who Hated on Obama

Posted by Bossip Staff A recent article says some jealous and “old-timer” Black leaders are still hating on Obama after his first 100 days in office more

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