March 31st 9:05am

Tina Turner Does The Running Man

Posted by Bossip Staff According to, the word retire means: To fall back or retreat in an orderly fashion and according to plan, as from battle, an untenable position, danger, etc. When your concerts go from being an showcase of excitement and top notch showmanship, to a 2 hour long freak show, it’s time…

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March 31st 9:00am

Yeezy Says: “Never Question My MANHOOD!!”

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye West urges the public to stop speculating about his questionable manhood:

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March 31st 8:57am

Thug Rapper Says “I Would Rather Be Called a Girl Than a Gorilla, At Least a N*gga Gon’ F*ck Me”

Posted by Bossip Staff Max B, the Lil Jim Jones lookalike with the blown out perm and glitter, is on trial for murder at the moment. Him and his boy, French Montana, go at Jim Jones pretty hard in the video below. Max says he has Jim Jones’ fiance getting freaky on his camera phone…

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March 31st 8:54am

Fifteen Octomom Workers Fired for Getting too Personal

Posted by Bossip Staff Octoho, who’s own mom says she’s unstable, had to let go of free help for accessing her files: Fifteen hospital workers have been fired and another eight disciplined for looking at medical records of octuplet mother Nadya Suleman without permission, hospital officials said. Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center reported the violations…

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March 31st 8:53am

Judge Pushes For Tax on Medical Marijuana In California

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, a judge in Cali is acting like he is pushing for the legalization of marijuana, but it’s already legal in Cali. Throwing a heavy tax on the Buddha is what he’s actually trying to do: James P. Gray, former Orange County judge of 25 years, urges a congressional…

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March 31st 8:51am

Suge Says That Akon Is Snitching

Posted by Bossip Staff Suge knight was seen at a L.A. gas station last night with a couple of his goons. The reporters chopped it up with him about the Akon beef and him hanging out with Vanilla Ice When asked about the Akon beef, he and his goons response was,…

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March 31st 8:50am

Keri Hilson: “Diva Beef? What Diva Beef?”

Posted by Bossip Staff Keri Hilson spoke to on the red carpet of her L.A. album release party. Keri is still on a roll trying to squash the drama surrounding her “Turnin Me On” remix which supposedly calls out Bey and Ciara. Pop it for a vid of her explaining the so-called “diva beef”…

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March 31st 8:49am

Scary Spice’s Got Money To Burn

Posted by Bossip Staff Mel B is selling her Beverly Hills mansion for a huge loss:

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March 31st 8:48am

Sex, Hoes & Video Tapes

Posted by Bossip Staff Dig Omarion in an apparent move to prove he’s not playing for team pink. What the hell kinda loser takes pictures of himself his two dollar ho wifey doing a little heavy petting?? We got one more for your perusal on the flip.

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March 31st 8:45am

Jennifer Hudson’s Authentic Wedding Plans

Posted by Bossip Staff JHud doesn’t have time for all that pretentious designer bullshyte. She’s got something original planned for her wedding later this year:

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March 31st 8:45am

Another Brother Back in Court

Posted by Bossip Staff Plaxico Burress is back in court for shooting himself a while ago: The gun possession case against New York Giants star Plaxico Burress was adjourned this morning until June. Burress, who accidentally shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed gun at a Manhattan nightclub last year, is charged with criminal…

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March 31st 8:45am

Soulja Boy On Chrihanna

Posted by Bossip Staff Here goes Mr. Bony Bird Chest himself giving his worthless two cents in regards to Chrihanna:

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March 31st 8:30am

Ghetto Chic Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff With plenty of money to burn, Mary J. Blige was spotted on yet another NYC shopping spree donning a dope little Adidas track suit and designer silk doo-rag under a baseball cap recently. Pop it for details.

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March 31st 8:21am

Trick Daddy Stops Taking Medication For His Lupus

Posted by Bossip Staff Trick Daddy has decided to stop taking his medication to treat his Lupus. The rapper says the side effects are to much: Rapper TRICK DADDY is refusing to undergo treatment as he battles autoimmune disease Lupus. The Miami, Florida native, real name Maurice Young, recently revealed he has been fighting the…

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March 31st 8:18am

Meet “The Kung-Fu Kid”

Posted by Bossip Staff After much protest, Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith’s new movie with be re-christened with a new title:

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