October 14th 1:00pm

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HHWired Exclusive: Twista Gives His Criteria For Choosing The Hottest MCs Ranking (GO) Roc Raida Tribute To Be Held At Tableturns Reunion (GO) Glenn Beck Likens Fox News To Plight of Holocaust Jews (GO) Roxanne Shante Apologizes For PHD Sham (GO) Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Jessica Marquez (GO) Al Pacino, Hollywood’s Least Likely Prostitute (GO)

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October 14th 12:45pm

Dr. Dre Invites Joe Camel to Participate In “Detox”

Dr. Dre must really be serious about the production and dedication to the Detox album. This may be the biggest album of this decade. In other Joe Camel news, did anyone notice that nobody from the Roc was at the Hip Hop Honors?? Pop the top and peep Dre extend his hand to Jay and…

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October 14th 11:44am

Leona Lewis Socked in The Face and Rushed to the Hospital

While signing books in Europe a crazed man hauled off and punched Leona Lewis: The thug – said to be in his late 20s or early 30s – queued up for a signed copy of the singer’s new book, Dreams, and then…

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October 14th 11:40am

Morehouse College Bans Sagging Pants and WOMENS CLOTHES???

Morehouse College is laying down the law when it comes to school attire: Students at Morehouse College are being held to a higher standard. The administration is preparing to enact a dress code later this month. According to the college’s newspaper, the Maroon Tiger, the dress code is formally called the..…Continue

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October 14th 11:30am

Governor Terminator Passes the Donda West Law

Kanye West can at least now know his mother’s death will maybe help save someone in the future. Governor Arnold Swarzenegger finally passed the Donda West Law: The Donda West law, makes health checks and a written clearance mandatory before … Continue

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October 14th 11:27am

Are You Feeling This Cougarness???

Vivica Fox hosted the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards last night. She hit the red carpet in this long elegant black dress without the double D’s hanging out but the hair was a little over the top. Pop it for the Queen of Reality TV & More

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October 14th 11:25am

SMH: Fraud Mastermind Nabbed Courtesy of Facebook

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Continue…

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October 14th 11:20am

Take it to the Grave … or Come Forward?

So everybody has a secret or two, right? It’s just a no brainer and completely naive not to believe that everyone has done something(s) that they may not be so proud of or care not to disclose and have taken an oath of silence within themselves. But the tricky part comes into play when

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October 14th 11:05am

R Kelly Talks About Eating Chicken, Flaming Hot Cheetos and His Maybach

Sure, he can’t read, but he can operate a camera and a Maybach. R Kelly is an exhibitionist. SMH Pop it and watch

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October 14th 10:40am

Gone But Not Forgotten: MJ Gets 5 American Music Awards and His Kids Get a Reality Show

Michael Jackson has been nominated for five American Music Awards including Artist of the year. Pop the hood for more details and more info on the new Jackson family drama about their reality show.

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October 14th 10:20am

Random Ridiculousness: Solange Gets Got For Her Sh*t

Apparently, some items were stolen from  Solange. They took her handbag and …

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October 14th 8:50am

Chilli’s New Publicity Stunt Is Ready to Go

They are about to start shooting Chilli’s new VH1 series in Atlanta and she is supposed to be in search of love but… didn’t we just see her with Floyd Mayweather??? Lights, Camera and ACTION…

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October 14th 8:40am

Play Ball…

Here are some pictures taken back in May at some random “celebrity” softball game in Amber Rose’s hometown of Philly. This is the event they say Cassidy chopped her down after. Amber was in some skin tight spandex flexing her lack of panties… everywhere… Pop the top to see more cake and Cassidy

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October 14th 8:30am

Bill Cosby is Reaching Out to the Youth of America

Bill Cosby is known for being an activist when it comes to the youth in the black community. He’s always figuring out ways to uplift, inspire and encourage the young people, so now he’s reaching out through music: He plans to rekindle Hip-Hop’s socially conscious flame on “Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency,”…

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October 14th 8:25am

Chris Brown Drops Another Jawn Pleading to Rihanna “So Cold”

Chris Brown was spotted landing at LAX yesterday. He just dropped a new song and it looks like another jawn dedicated to Rihanna. This dude is love sick… Pop the top and listen

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