July 6th 8:27am

LiveSteez Lounge: Sean Garrett Details Rihanna and Usher’s New Albums

Sean Garrett is one of the most talented music producers in the business. He’s the force behind some of the top songs and biggest artists such as; Usher, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more. Check out Sean’s one-on-one with LiveSteez Lounge. LiveSteez: With all these hot producers out here, how do you manage to keep it…

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July 6th 8:25am

Congratulations! Sort of

In the wake of Steve McNair’s death, another pro-athlete has decided to take a walk down the aisle and get married. Good luck man.

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July 6th 8:24am

Making it Rain On Them Hoes

Eva was working the hell out of her black jumper at the 2009 Essence Music Festival awards where she signed autographs at the TV One booth. Eva’s the only top model we think has any real talent. Pop the lid for more pics

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July 6th 8:23am

F*ck a Thug: Marion Barry Arrested Again…For Stalking

Ex- D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry, was just popped by one-time again. This time it was not for hitting the flute, but for chasing down tail; stalking: Marion Barry, former D.C. mayor and current Washington councilman has been arrested yet again, this time being charged with misdemeanor stalking. In Washington, on July 4, around 8:45 p.m.,…

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July 6th 8:20am

Pure Comedy: Dancing In The Church Part 2!!!

Thanks to our reader, Slide, the infamous “Dancer in the Church” has been identified as Brother Franklin. Franklin is a school teacher who is seen in the videos worshiping the Lord inside a Nigerian church in Texas. Brother Franklin is filled with the Holy Ghost yet again, so he pop locks? LOL Click Here to…

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July 6th 8:19am

Tiny and Toya’s Kids: The Kiddie Group From the Controversial Performance With Wayne and Drake…”OMG Girlz”

So, the Lil Wayne and Drake performance was purposely done. If you think it wasn’t, here let us introduce you to Tiny and Toya’s new girl group, OMG Girlz:

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July 6th 8:19am

Michael Jackson’s Doctors Served Search Warrants

Michael Jackson’s doctors have been served search warrants:

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July 6th 8:14am

Serena Is Making It Rain On You “Tennis Hoes”!

Serena Williams won Wimbledon again and has passed Monica Seles with the number of titles. Now Serena has her goals set to surpass another iconic figure in tennis:

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July 5th 10:51am

Passion Murder or Murder Suicide: Why Was ‘Air McNair’ Killed? The Mystery Woman Revealed as Sahel Kazemi

This woman, 20 yr-old Sahel Kazemi, was with the married Steve McNair when he was murdered yesterday, his body shot several times. The woman had a boyfriend named Keith and we have more pics and details under the hood

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July 5th 10:14am

White Woman Threatened to Have Someone Kill Steve McNair for Slippin’ Her a Roofie at a Club

Here is a picture of Steve McNair’s wife Mechelle McNair and his cute daughter. The Nashville Post is reminding everyone of a threat made by a white woman who said she was going to have Steve McNair smoked for slippin’ a roofie in her drink at a club

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July 5th 9:50am

Rihanna Spotted Bunned Up in Vegas

While Beyonce and them kicked it in N.O. at the Essence Festival for the 4th, Rihanna was seen on the scene in Vegas with Jay-Z, LeBron James, and hugged up on this cat Jay Brown. Smh at little RiRi running through the fellas since the Breezy beating. Pop the hatch for a bunch of images…

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July 5th 9:47am

Matty Knowles Caught Trickin’ At Essence Music Festival

Bossip has been chillin at the Essence Music festival for the last few days, and guess who one of our spies caught all snuggled up with some redbone? Mathew Knowles walked by holding the hand of some young light-skinned woman. When he noticed that several people recognized who he was, he immediately let her hand…

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July 5th 9:46am

Confirmed: Lauren London is Having Weezy’s 2nd Baby Boy

Our sources have confirmed that Lauren London is expecting a boy:

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July 5th 9:45am

Who Looked More Bangin': 4th of July Edition

CiCi worked the Vegas scene yesterday at The Palms and The Mirage. Not sure what to think about her mature lady wig and caked on powder face. Kelly looked stunning in a bangin’ silver dress and heels. Seems like Kelly won this round hands down. Who do you think looked more bangin? Pop the lid…

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July 5th 9:40am

Is Jordin Sparks’ Boyfriend Steph Jones An Exotic Dancer?

Steph Jones is trying to get on but things aren’t happening as quickly as planned so it looks like he’s taking up stripping to help make ends meet. Wow Jordin, hope you’re ready for the fat groupies and gay men. Pop the lid for more pics of Jordin Sparks and Steph Jones at his b-day…

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