December 16th 2:41pm

Certified Links

T.I. Expected To Be Released From Prison Early, May Attend Halfway House (GO) 50 Cent Inspired By Tiger Woods to Reconsider Condom Line (GO) Star: Jessica Simpson & Tiger Woods hooked up? (GO) A Tiger Woods Mistress at a Charity Event of the Day (GO) Uncut Q&A with Allen and Albert Hughes(GO) Female Cop Arrests…

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December 16th 2:37pm

Whitney Houston Speaks About Bobbi Kristina: She is Just Like her Damn Daddy!!!

In the January issue of InStyle magazine, Whitney Houston went into details about the relationship that she has with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina: It’s funny because her body is mine, her skin color is mine,

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December 16th 1:13pm

Another Mary J. Blige Jawn “Gonna Make It” Featuring Jazmine Sullivan

Our girl Mary J has teamed up with Jazmine Sullivan on a new track titled “Gonna Make It.” Pop the top to hear a banger…

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December 16th 1:04pm

In White Folks News: It’s a Wrap for A-Rod and Kate Hudson

It seems like Alex Rodriguez and his Hollyweird lover have called it quits: She may have been his lucky charm, but Kate Hudson and Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez needed more than luck to keep their romance alive. “They’re over,” says a source.

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December 16th 12:01pm

The Value of a College Degree

With the difficult economic times that many people are facing, some are starting to question the overall value of a college education.

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December 16th 11:46am

Halle Berry: My Boyfriend Hit Me So Hard, I am Still Deaf in Left Ear…

Besides just being one of the most talked about movies of 2009, Precious has opened up the doors of abuse and has made a way for people to not be ashamed to speak out about it. We know the abuse that Halle has gone through personally, but now she has decided to speak on the…

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December 16th 11:14am

Claymation Jermaine Seen on the Scene with The Fam

Jermaine Jackson and his “Jer-family” were spotted doing a little Christmas shopping recently. We won’t clown Jermaine and his spray-on hair and face, but we will clown in the fact that he’s rockin Tim’s. For some reason, Jermaine Jackson wearing Timberland boots seems a bit “funny.” Pop it for more of Jermaine and the little…

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December 16th 11:03am

PETA, We Get It But is All of This Really Necessary???

PETA is known for its racy yet tasteful ads, but having a billboard up in Times Square, seems like a bit much. You’re probably saying, “Bossip, what’s the big deal???” Well, there’s actually nothing wrong with the picture, but what about a parent that is with their child and they come across this billboard, how…

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December 16th 10:58am

Charles Barkley and Spike Lee Want to Offer Tiger Woods Some Advice

Spike Lee believes that Tiger Woods could benefit from speaking to Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, since they are both resident swirlers: Tiger Woods has changed his cell phone number and is not talking to some of his famous friends, NBA legend Charles Barkley said, following Woods’ sex scandal that erupted last month.

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December 16th 10:49am

Dear Bossip: Is He Cheating?

Hey Bossip! I love your site and the Love & Sex articles are what keep me coming back! For me that’s the best part of the site. I have a bit of an issue and I could use some anonymous counsel from your readers. I have been with my boyfriend for a little more than…

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December 16th 10:47am

Jay-Z and Beyonce Seen Together, But Not Really “Together”

The “Most Affectionate Couple in the Business” were seen leaving a restaurant in NYC recently. Although not photo’d “together together,” you can still tell that Camel is having a healthy look at Beyonce’s backside. SMH. Pop the top to see Bey Bey and her bangs looking good and wasted…

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December 16th 10:42am

Random Ridiculousness: David Letterman is a Killer????

This guy sounds interrupted for real: The CBS producer accused in a $2 million shakedown of David Letterman was so paranoid, he thought the late-night king might get him fired, burn his house down — or even kill him, according to shocking revelations in the alleged extortion scheme. “I’m not sure how crazy this guy…

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December 16th 10:14am

Someone We Actually Like: 14-Year-Old Millionaire In The Making

This kid is further ahead than most adults when it comes to getting that paper. Damon Williams is a 14-year-old investor with a knowledge about finances that most people in their 30’s lack. Pop the top and watch his inspirational story…

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December 16th 9:03am

Perverted Old Man Charged With Molesting Granddaughter

This sick old fart, Ira Wigley, was arrested after trying to molest his granddaughter: The 82-year-old man

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December 16th 9:00am

Which One Would You Hit??? Wax Diddy vs. Real Diddy

The ‘real’ Diddy was probably one of the most annoying people of 2009, and just for that, Madame Tussauds gave him his own wax figure. Here’s “Take that, take that” at the unveiling yesterday… Whoever created the statue has Puffy all wrong, we all know good and well that dude never closes his mouth all…

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