October 16th 11:10am

Whats Goin on in This Forum???

Don’t be a party pooper head over to Bossip Forums to keep the party going and start your weekend off right. We talk about everything you see here on Bossip and then some. Not registered yet? Click here.

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October 16th 11:00am

Meet Letoya Luckett’s New Piece of Man Meat

Letoya Luckett was spotted sitting court side at the LA Clippers game with her new boo. Flip the hood to peep who has the pleasure of  chopping her down.

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October 16th 10:45am

Busta Rhymes Ordered To Pay Stacks For Assault

Busta Rhymes has been ordered to pay a grip of money to the victim of a 2003 assault: It’s time to pay up as Busta Rhymes has been ordered to pay… Continue

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October 16th 10:30am

Is it Wrong for Someone Who is Not Black to be Crowned the Queen of an Historically Black College???

With so many people outraged about Nikole Churchill being crowned Ms. Hampton University, is it really right for people to be mad that she is not African-American and carrying this title???

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October 16th 10:00am

Baby Kenzo is Already Making TV Appearances

Lil Baby Kenzo was on the set of his mommy Kimora Lee‘s reality TV show. Awww, Lil Kenzo looks just like his mama in the face, sorry Djimon. Pop the top and see for yourself

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October 16th 9:45am

Balloon Boy Tells The Truth and Admits It Was an Attention Whore Move For Reality Show!! “We Did It For The Show”

Yesterday, there was a media frenzy when Richard Heene said he thought his son, 6-year old Falcon, had accidentally floated away in a “home made” hot air balloon. Falcon was not in the balloon and found later at the house: We got to thinking, as we watched the balloon boy story yesterday, that “this sounds…

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October 16th 9:30am

When Stuntin’ on Them Hoes Goes Wrong: Diddy Loses a Diamond Ring on TV and Throws Fake Cas

Diddy hit up 106 & Park to drop off his new video, and incidentally, a diamond studded ring.  During his appearance, he threw cash into the crowd and his ring flung off along with the cash.

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October 16th 9:15am

Khloe Talks Babies:”I Can’t be a House After I Just Lost Weight…”

Khloe says that she wants to have babies with Lamar but she doesn’t want to let her body go to waste because she just worked so hard to lose all that weight. If it’s possible, she wants to be a skinny pregnant person or at least cute pregnant like her sister, Kourtney. MEMO to Khloe……

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October 16th 9:00am

Christina Milian Featuring The Dream “Supersonic”

We finally hear the real potential of Christina Milian as an R&B singer on this joint… thanks to her hubby. The Dream makes nothing but hits and on this latest production with his wife, C-Mili, the song Supersonic came out as a new lovers anthem. Pop the top and listen to this definite banger

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October 16th 8:45am

Wendy Williams Can’t Book an A-Lister on her Show to Save Her Life

Wendy Williams hasn’t been able to book a valid known celebrity on her daytime talk show as of yet.  According to staffers, she’s been turned down by a number of celebs to come on her show.  Flip the hood to find out who.

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October 16th 8:30am

Leona Lewis’ Attacker Taken In For Mental Evaluation…

This is a picture of Leona Lewis after she was smacked in the grill the other day by a nutty fan. Turns out, he is crazier than what we first believed: Cops say the guy arrested for slapping pop singer Leona Lewis in the face may not be right in the head. Officials at Scotland…

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October 15th 5:00pm

SMH: The Actual Usher Call to 911 Because of “Crazy” Tameka

Usher loses all brownie points for this one. This is one of the craziest recordings of the year. We can’t believe “Ush” would make a 911 call over a car being vandalized by his B.M., Crazy Tameka Please pop the top and listen to Usher’s actual 911 call from last month

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October 15th 4:50pm

Surprise, Surprise: Bey Bey Beyonce Doesn’t Write Her Own Songs

Not like everyone and their mama didn’t already know that your girl Bey was just a tad “dishonest,” but we got word from an insider confirming her suspect songwriting claims:

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October 15th 4:40pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: Five Juveniles Arrested for Setting Another Kid On Fire!!

Five children between the ages of 13-15 have been arrested for committing an unthinkable crime: Police have announced the arrest of five juveniles for setting a teen on fire. “Unfortunately, it just doesn’t reflect well on our community or our society,” said Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti. Detectives learned Michael Brewer, 15, had skipped class from…

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October 15th 4:20pm

Taking the “Amber Rose Route” to Stardom: New Pics of Drake’s Little Piece

Drake’s piece is a video model slash rapper slash singer. She’s the girl who did the lead in the Best I Ever Had video. Her name is something like “Shakur,” and she has a new spread in XXL. Pop the top to see his Latin Middle Eastern piece’s cake all on display.

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