July 9th 8:32am

She Looks “Manish”

Khloe and Lil Kourtney Kardashian are gracing the cover of a magazine… We think we have said enough.

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July 9th 8:31am

Idris Has Diva-ish Ways???

Damn, our favorite little sexual chocola-tay was having a moment this past weekend at the Essence Festival: However, actor Idris Alba needed to take a chill pill.

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July 9th 8:17am

For the Stans: Beyonce’s New Video “Sweet Dreams”

Beyonce just debuted Sweet Dreams. The video is OK, however, the lyrics to the song sound a whole lot like she is sending some subliminal messages out, like Ego. It sounds like she is talking about Julius to us. Peep it under the cut…

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July 9th 8:16am

Bow Wow is Either Suicidal or an Attention Whore

It looks like the fame and fortune is catching up to little Bow Wow, or he is attention whoring. He dropped a distressful Twitter post:

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July 9th 8:12am

He Said: Is It Lust or Love?

Does lust outweigh love when it comes to building a relationship? That’s a timeless question because all men want a woman that’s nurturing and providing to the household but still want someone that’s gonna get you going in the bedroom on a consistent basis. Continue…

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July 9th 8:09am

Looking Like a Queen

Wow, peep your girl Queen Latifah stuntin in NYC all dolled up. We’re not used to seeing big Tif like this…flip the script for some full body shots.

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July 9th 8:08am

Antonia Carter From “Tiny&Toya” and Mother of One of the OMG Girlz Releases Statement Regarding BET Controversy

Toya, Lil Wayne’s baby mama, has just released a statement regarding the performance of their adolescent girl group on the BET Awards… looks like she got a little attitude too: I Antonia ” Toya” Carter have been disturbed…

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July 9th 8:07am

Is PETA Going to Lock This Lady Up Too???

Click Here to Watch This 76 year old woman takes a shovel and beats the breaks off of baby deer Bambi that has been messing up her lawn. Since PETA sent Michael Vick to the jail for one year and RUINED his career… Let’s see if they intervene with little Miss Dorothy. Via CNN

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July 9th 8:05am

Friends and Family Tried to Stage Intervention for Michael Jackson

A California dermatologist, who treated Michael Jackson for many years, spoke out about the singer’s dangerous drug habits and said he wasn’t surprised that investigators found several bottles of prescription drugs in Jackson’s home. Continue…

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July 9th 8:00am

End of Days: Lil Mama Compares Michael Jackson to Jesus

This is going too far. We all will miss MJ, but comparing his death to Jesus is out of hand. These must be the last days, because this mess sounds like what they talk about in Revelation. Pop the top and see Lil Mama comparing Jesus’ death to Michael Jackson’s as well as a waxwork…

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July 9th 7:40am

Looking Suspect: Yung “Joc”

At the V103 Celebration for Ryan Cameron Yung Joc was spotted in this Buffalo Stance. SMH Why is Joc Looking So Suspect?? Pop the top for pictures of Chilli with her new man and Chris Kelly from the old rap group Kris Kross…

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July 9th 7:36am

Making Pure White Look Good

The First Lady is out in Rome still and visited the Colosseum with her daughters this morning. President Barack Obama was in L’Aquila for the G8 Summit. We can’t get enough of her class. Pop it for more

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July 9th 7:35am

This is Your Brain on Drugs

Why are they still letting Bobby Brown’s ole rocked out sloppy ass perform? The “King of R&B” was doing his usual gyrations and tongue licking at DJ Cassidy’s 28th birthday party. Poor thang. Flip it for more…

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July 9th 7:19am

Some Morning Idiocy: They are Already Trying to Imitate and Duplicate the King

The dance instructor in the video is showing “some people” how to dance like Michael Jackson. His moves are horrible, but worst of all is his point at the 1:42 mark. He sounds and looks like a Martial Arts instructor. This guy is comedy…lol Click Here to Watch

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July 8th 2:31pm

Steve McNair’s Side Deal Was The Shooter, Coroner Says 95% Sure It Was Murder Suicide

Pretty much what we already knew just came out: Dr. Feng Li, the assistant medical examiner who has been handling the case, said preliminary results from the autopsy and crime scene are “all indicating that she killed Mr. McNair and killed herself.” “I’ll say greater than 95 percent,” Li told CNN when asked how confident…

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