March 30th 9:22am

Lenny Kravitz the Photog

Posted by Bossip Staff What do all of these pics have in common, you ask? Well, outside of A. Keys, Beyonce, Jigga, and Zoe being recognizable celebrities, Lenny Kravitz is responsible for snapping pics of them for the Vogue Russia April issue. Not half bad, Lenny. More pics when you

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March 30th 9:16am

Some Monday Bey

This is most certainly for the stans and the stans only because lawd knows that everyone is sick and tired of looking at another boring Beyonce cover. Here she is on the April 2009 cover of GQ Spain. Those foreign magazines know they be recycling the hell out of some pictures. Click here to see…

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March 30th 6:30am

Da Boss Gives Back

Posted by Bossip Staff Rick Ross, the officer of the law turned gangsta rapper, is making an appearance at the Miami Gardens Job Corps to encourage young people to get their knowledge on: Carol City, Florida rapper Rick Ross will make a surprise appearance at the Miami Gardens Job Corps tomorrow, has learned.

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March 30th 6:00am

No JD Without Jay-Z

Posted by Bossip Staff Jermaine Dupri digs himself some Jay-Z to the tune that he decided a party wasn’t worth his or Janet’s time if Hov wasn’t going to attend: Remember in eighth grade, when you wouldn’t go to the sleepover if your BFF wasn’t going too? Well it seems Jermaine Dupri still rolls like…

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March 29th 3:30pm

Baby Got Back

Posted by Bossip Staff Erykah Badu put her backside on clear and full blast at the 4th Annual Jazz in the Gardens event in Miami. That phatty doesn’t give a fella  a snowball’s chance in hell of avoiding the inevitable: becoming her future baby daddy. SMH If you can handle it, there’s more Erykah and…

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March 29th 10:36am


Posted by Bossip Staff Muhammad Ali and Michael Phelps hit up Ali’s Celeb Fight Night XV in Phoenix. Pretending to hit the Greatest probably had Michael feeling pretty good about himself, but not as good as hitting that bong. Weed ain’t even a real drug anyway… Jordin Sparks, Forest Whitaker, his eating-disorder-skinny wife, Keisha, and…

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March 29th 9:30am

Madonna Adopting Another African Baby

Posted by Bossip Staff Madge is adopting another little sister from the Motherland:

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March 29th 9:20am

PETA to Vick: “No Profiting From Murderous Deeds…Like Our Show Does”

Posted by Bossip Staff Vick is shopping around an apology book. The book is detailing the events that have taken him here. Well the PETA president is not having it:

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March 29th 9:10am

Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boys, Romeo and Soulja Boy, were at  Nickelodeon’s 22nd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, looking like new BFF’s. Chris Rock and family, along with Russell, Usher, and JD’s daughter came out. Out of the two youngsters up top ladies… Which One Would You Let Hit?? Pop the thang to see an…

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March 29th 9:00am

Quid Pro Quo

Posted by Bossip Staff Japanese handbag designer, Samantha Thavasa, got some added promotion from Jennifer Lopez’s star status, and in return, J-Lo received an opportunity to grab a firm grip of relevancy. An exchange of back-scratching is the premise of good business practice. More pics of J. Lo out in Tokyo when you pop it.

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March 29th 8:50am

A Short Visit

Posted by Bossip Staff Columbus Short blessed the DC metro area with his presence as he stopped by the Verizon Center to check out the Wiz-kids take on the cold, cold Detroit Pistons. Pop it for more…

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March 29th 8:42am

T-Pain Loses Teeth In Freak Accident

Posted by Bossip Staff t Lil Kim is shooting a new video with T-Pain, but he, supposedly, busted out his grill in a golf cart accident and couldn’t make the shoot. Pop it to watch it…

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March 29th 8:41am

Tyra and Her Tree Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff Tyra Banks was a recipient of a GLAAD Media Award last night. She reportedly came in at a whopping 6’5″ and looking something like a man. “We” were not out in abundance last night for this award, but rather sprinkled through the crowd. Pop it to see the few and far…

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March 29th 8:23am

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Find Un-Orthodox Way of Cheating on Spouses

Posted by Bossip Staff It seems everyone is cheating nowadays. Even Ultra-Orthodox Jews are flocking to a new site made for Kosher cheating:

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March 28th 8:34am

Can I Help You?

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out your girl, Ciara, peeping the woeful Knicks as they took on the Hornets at Madison Square Garden in NY. We can’t really blame homegirl for wanting to watch the game in peace, but fame comes at a price. More Ci Ci when you

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