July 22nd 8:45am

Make a Dollar Out of 15 Cents: Bury Someone In Your Backyard

With the recession closing in on some of us like a dark cloud, some people are going to extreme measures to save money.  The newest money saving tactic is backyard burials.  Check out the random ridiculousness known as Death Midwives: 

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July 22nd 8:30am

Shaq’s Wife Goes to ER after Car Accident

Shaq’s wife Shaunie was rushed to the ER after getting into a car accident.

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July 22nd 7:59am

Move Over Joe… Katherine Fights for MJ’s Estate

Looks like Katherine Jackson has a mind of her own and isn’t afraid to fight for what’s hers.

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July 22nd 6:40am

Aubrey O’Day Type Girls Love Gucci Mane Too

We got a glance at this video the other day and could not help but notice the Aubrey H-O’Day similarities. Remarkable… To see what Aubrey had to say about the “sistas,” pop the top

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July 21st 2:00pm

Are T.I. and Tiny the New Ike and Tina???

T.I. is serving his time right now while his wifey Tiny’s show, Tiny & Toya, is taking off on BET. The show seems to be doing very well but there’s  just one problem… BET is portraying T.I. as the NEW Ike Turner. Now we are NOT saying that he puts his hands on Tiny, but he…

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July 21st 12:58pm

This Just In: Kelis in Labor Now… Without Nas

Bossip just got wind that Kelis is in labor right now giving birth without Nas being present. 

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July 21st 12:20pm

Update: Charges Against Henry Louis Gates Dropped

The charges against Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates have been dropped.  The black scholar was arrested at his home on Thursday after he accused the police of being racist. For the full Bossip story, click here.  After spending the weekend in jail, he has been released.  The police department has refused to comment as of yet!…

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July 21st 12:15pm

Keep Buying Dented Cans… Bailout Could Cost USA $23 Trillion!

With the US handing out more bailouts than a loan shark, it’s no wonder that the tab for the bailout stimulus could cost the US up to $23 trillion dollars.  According to sources, the whole bailout amount is double the nation’s entire economic output for the year.  

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July 21st 11:30am

“Back Getting It In” Alert: Barry Bonds’ Wife Takes Back Separation

Liz has reneged on her promise to get rid of the meat head, Barry Bonds. Barry’s wife had filed court papers for a divorce and just now got cold feet:

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July 21st 11:10am

No Wonder Ne-Yo Was Crying…A Tranny Just Came to Light???

Yup, it looks to be the real deal. Ne-Yo is having sword fights according to this brother he is pictured with above :

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July 21st 10:55am

She is Living Like That? Who Knew?

This house is huge and was featured in Modern Home Living. For all you ladies who doubt f*ckin for tracks will take you far, peep up under the hood and find out who the queen is…

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July 21st 10:40am

Common & Nas Go Hard at the Rock the Bells Concert

This past weekend, Common, Nas, Big Boi, Method Man and others performed at The Rock the Bells Concert. Seeing that Nas made it to this event and plans to be at the next five cities, we just hope that he finds his way to Kelis and the baby… Pop the Top for More Pics

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July 21st 10:30am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Never mind the cigarette burns and bullet holes… What is Wrong With This Picture?

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July 21st 10:21am

Who Looked More Bangin: Backstage Edition

Both of these ladies are at two different projects, obviously backstage and off-set. When we took a gander at these pictures, we could not help but think of the similarities, or a lack there of. Mya has put on a good pound and her legs are as big as Alicia Keys‘. Who Looked More Backstage…

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July 21st 10:21am

The Hood Life: Ain’t No Party Like a Frankie Birthday Party Because a Frankie Birthday Party Don’t Stop!

Frankie turned sixty yesterday and everyone from the woods came out to celebrate. People are saying that Frankie cutt up, as usual, and was tossing cake around in people’s faces. Sounds like some good times… Pop it so you can peep the scenery

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