October 14th 8:40am

Play Ball…

Here are some pictures taken back in May at some random “celebrity” softball game in Amber Rose’s hometown of Philly. This is the event they say Cassidy chopped her down after. Amber was in some skin tight spandex flexing her lack of panties… everywhere… Pop the top to see more cake and Cassidy

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October 14th 8:30am

Bill Cosby is Reaching Out to the Youth of America

Bill Cosby is known for being an activist when it comes to the youth in the black community. He’s always figuring out ways to uplift, inspire and encourage the young people, so now he’s reaching out through music: He plans to rekindle Hip-Hop’s socially conscious flame on “Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency,”…

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October 14th 8:25am

Chris Brown Drops Another Jawn Pleading to Rihanna “So Cold”

Chris Brown was spotted landing at LAX yesterday. He just dropped a new song and it looks like another jawn dedicated to Rihanna. This dude is love sick… Pop the top and listen

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October 14th 8:01am

Al Reynolds Is Still Suspect “… Just a Little Tender, A Little Tender”

Al Reynolds‘ steez is like no other. His portrayal of what he thinks is a straight man, is second to none. Watch his cheese in the beginning of the video… plus his “rockin” and sucking of the teeth. SMH You must pop the top and watch the TV One Life After… Al Reynolds.

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October 14th 8:00am

Extreme Gay Bashing In Mexico

If you think it is a tough ordeal for gays waiting outside of gay clubs in America, then take a look at this video of what happens to a random guy outside of one in Mexico. Two dudes whoop off into his face… Pop it and watch it

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October 13th 5:30pm

Diddy Feels that Whitney Houston Threw Bobby Under the Bus… GTFOH!!!

Diddy has been on this relationship tip lately. While on Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show he expressed that he felt some type of way when Whitney put Bobby on blast. Pop it for a Listen

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October 13th 5:15pm

Jesus Take the Wheel: 15 Year-Old Black Boy Killed By Police

This is a crying shame, these police officers are way the fu*k out of hand:

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October 13th 4:30pm

Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wu “Goes In” on Sheree and Kim Like a True G

Lisa Wu goes in on He-ree and Kim by calling one crazy and the other self-centered. Flip the Lid for the comedy.

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October 13th 4:20pm

WTF???: Model Does Black Face for French Vogue

We don’t give a damn if white people think this mess is couture or whatever. We are getting tired of the excuse that it’s used in so called “appropriate manners!” French Vogue did a shoot with Dutch model Lara Stone in this mess and people are sh*ttin bricks. Pop the top for the others and…

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October 13th 4:05pm

Certified Links

Kanye Offered Help From Hindu Leader (GO) Al Pacino Used to be a Prostitute… SMH (GO) Master P To Feed & Cloth The Homeless This Christmas & Thanksgiving (GO) Wyclef Jean Partners With DJ Drama For New EP (GO) Video: The ’90s, When New-School Rap Was Founded (GO) 50 Cent To Drop 2 DVDs With…

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October 13th 4:00pm

Oh My… Serena Look in the Mirror Next Time Before You Leave the House

Serena Williams showed up to Phillipe Chow’s last night in this fit that’s under the hood. Lately, she’s been on point but we don’t know what happen. Maybe it’s the pressure from the ESPN fiasco but this is where Venus or Common should tell you… That’s a NO NO!!! Are You Feeling This Get Up?!?!?!

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October 13th 3:50pm

Bolitics: Obama Sends over 30,000 Troops to Afghanistan

Obama supporters aren’t too happy to know that additional troops have been sent over to Afghanistan. This is definitely going to be a problem…

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October 13th 1:30pm

Mariah Proves Us Right…

Mariah is on the cover of InTouch and allegedly is talking about gaining baby weight and being a mother. More Details on the Flipside

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October 13th 1:00pm

Who Do These Brick Layer Hands Belong To???

You guys will never guess who walked out the house with these flour baked ashy knuckles. Hint: he just covered a magazine recently. Still can’t figure it out? Flip the hood to find out.

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October 13th 12:45pm

Rihanna is NOT a Man Stealer; Calls Justin Timberlake’s Girl to Prove it

Rihanna must have really felt bad about flirting with Justin Timberlake because she called Jessica Biel to clear up the rumors.

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