January 22nd 8:15am

Natalie Cole: A Sign Of Hope

Posted by Bossip Staff In the fight for her life, Natalie Cole‘s sister may donate a kidney:

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January 22nd 8:05am

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is Coming and It’s “Phenomenal”

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip folk, you know the saying,  “good things come to those who wait.”  Well, we know a lot of you have been waiting on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 and lucky for you, it is supposed to be well worth the wait and more:

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January 22nd 8:00am

David Banner Headed to Persian Gulf

Posted by Bossip Staff David Banner is going overseas to help support our military keep their morale:

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January 22nd 7:56am

LaToya Got The Boot

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s someone who really knows how to profit off of her ass clownishness. LaToya Jackson was spotted showing off her post Dr. 90210 tummy tuck after being the 4th person to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother UK. Too bad for the dizzy old broad. Guess she’ll be on to the…

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January 22nd 6:00am

Angela Bassett’s Look of Disdain

Posted by Bossip Staff Angela Bassett was seen at LAX about to take to the skies with her travel steez in full effect.  From the look on her face, the cameraman has about no more pictures to snap before she goes off on him. More up under the hood.

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January 21st 10:35am

At Last….

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, and The First Lady, Michelle Obama at the Neighborhood Ball being serenaded by Beyonce for their first dance when you

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January 21st 10:25am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???: Rihanna

Posted by Bossip Staff Rihanna hit the red carpet at the Feeding America event in DC rockin’ this little “selective yellow” number.  Are y’all feelin’ this get up?  By all means, allow her ri-damn-diculous boob game to positively influence your decision. A few more to help you decide PLUS a new report on Malaysian Islamists’…

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January 21st 10:20am

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige “You’re All I need”

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip folk, do y’all remember the “damn near break your neck” head nod this song required?  A person could very well get a headache f*cking around with this banger, but live a little for old time’s sake and get your head nod on. Enjoy. Shout out to chuckybtheswirler

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January 21st 10:15am

Bitter Words for Barack Obama

Posted by Bossip Staff “The Boondocks” creator spoke his mind while at Earlham College the other night, and came off sounding like a bit of a d*k in the process:

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January 21st 10:10am

F**k A Thug: William Balfour Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

Posted by Bossip Staff And the story goes…:

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January 21st 10:06am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted by Bossip Staff Popular Female Fantasies F-Listed The Latina Behind Michelle’s Inaugural Look Lossip Ciara Chats About New Album “Fantasy Ride” Livesteez Fat Joe Defend’s his Use of the Word “N*gga” Bossip Throwback

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January 21st 10:05am

True or False: Rich Men Make The Best Lovers??

Posted by Bossip Staff A UK study has found that rich dudes beat that back out like no one else: Money can’t buy you love – but it can lead to better sex, scientists say

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January 21st 10:05am

If Looks Could Kill

Posted by Bossip Staff If looks could kill, then we sure hope the person on the receiving end of this one had their affairs in order because the gig is up for them.  Damn. Check out more pics of TI and a much more mellow Tiny getting some red carpet action when you…

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January 21st 10:00am

Another Scarface PSA

Posted by Bossip Staff In keeping with our present Obama-mania, dig an excerpt from The Source’s recent interview with Scarface: You expressed concern about other rappers publicly endorsing Barack Obama during the campaign. “I was like, ‘Shut the f**k up and let the man campaign.’

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January 21st 10:00am

Kanye West Doin’ What He Does Best

Posted by Bossip Staff Yeezy took the stage for the “Be The Change: Live From the Inaugural Ball” concert last night. We’re sure he killed it, but perhaps the brotha should’ve ducked into the barber’s real quick ahead of time. For more inaugural concert pics, including Usher & Captain Downlow himself, Fonzworth Bentley, you know…

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