December 23rd 10:30am

Coco’s Got the Juice Now

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at Ice T’s limited edition, extra meat barbie, Coco, on the cover of Juice Magazine.  Fake T & A aside, this Caucasian thang is thicker than a country-fed chick from the deep, deep south.  Goodness.

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December 23rd 10:30am

Lil Wayne Doesn’t Listen To Rap Anymore

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil’ Wayne has joined the movement of successful rappers who say they don’t listen to rap. That’s a shame because it’s scary to think what Lil’ Wayne would be, let alone look like (yuck), without rap.

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December 23rd 10:23am

Paris Hilton is One Dumb Wheffah

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s everyone’s favortie media whore again, the Hilton-ho: Paris Hilton thinks she might know the person who broke into her home last weekend, because whoever did it knew the exact locations of where she kept her jewelry.

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December 23rd 10:00am

Little Big Boi

Posted by Bossip Staff Hey, ladies, it’s one of your favorite 5 foot fellas, Antwan Patton, aka , Sir Luscious Leftfoot, aka, Daddy Fatsacks, aka Hottub Tony, or better known as, Big Boi, just doing his thang at the Domaine de Canton’s holiday dinner in the “A.” Perhaps he isn’t so little as we think…

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December 23rd 8:28am

Random Ridiculousness: Ciara’s New Look

Posted by Bossip Staff Diva hopeful Ciara is in the news promoting her new album as well as her new self-inspired Super Hero, Supa C.: Ciara has enlisted the help of a superhero for her forthcoming album FANTASY RIDE – after creating her own comic book character, SUPA C. The Goodies hitmaker, 23, is working…

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December 23rd 8:27am

Britney’s Family Cashing in on Her Success

Posted by Bossip Staff Britney’s dad was already receiving $10 stacks a month, for taking care of Britney, now a judge just bumped his pay up and gave him backpay:

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December 23rd 8:26am

TI on His Grand Hustle

Posted by Bossip Staff TI’s been getting after the philanthropic activity and his latest efforts were addressing kids in Macon, GA who almost had their community center shut down:

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December 23rd 8:23am

Jazmine Sings Her Heart Out

Posted By Bossip Staff Lawd, this chile can sang. Bossip checked out Jazmine Sullivan at SOB’s in NYC last night. Jaz had that hood crowd on lock with her thick self. More pics of Jaz putting her lungs to the test when you…

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December 23rd 8:20am

Tracy Morgan Out and About

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep your boy, Tracy Morgan, outside of the David Letterman Show. Dude is rather hilarious, but that bubble raincoat with the werewolf fur trim could have him at risk for being laughed at instead of with. Did you have to, chief? A couple more pics for you when you pop the…

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December 23rd 8:18am

Eve Makes Her CBS Debut

Posted by Bossip Staff We haven’t heard much about this slack jawed MC as of late, but make no mistake, Eve is making moves: Eve will star in an upcoming episode of CBS series Numb3rs. During the episode, Eve plays a representative at a sneaker company who becomes a suspect, after a pair of valuable…

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December 23rd 8:00am

Thundercats Are Loose

Posted by Bossip Staff Some of you may not remember them, but there was once a cartoon called the Thundercats that used to be the sh*t. Apparently some fan decided to make a fake trailer for the would-be motion picture starring Brad Pitt & Vin Diesel. SMH @ that wack @ss Snarf animation.

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December 22nd 12:45pm

Jacko’s On His Death Bed?

Posted by Bossip Staff Word is, MJ may be dying from a rare lung condition: Michael Jackson is suffering from a rare lung condition and needs to undergo an emergency transplant operation, according to a report that continues to gain steam. And his normally outspoken publicist hasn’t denied the allegations.

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December 22nd 12:15pm

Katrina Race War

Posted by Bossip Staff The video addresses some disturbing racially motivated things that occurred during and after Katrina in a small neighborhood called Algiers. Back-wood trashy motherf*ckers. Discuss…

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December 22nd 12:00pm

Who Cares About Talent??

Posted by Bossip Staff RiRi got tore up while partying with Breezy at club Palais Maillo in Paris over the weekend. Lil Miss Edgy is also set to take the stage in D.C. on Inauguration Day as the headliner for the Recording Industry Association of America’s charity ball to benefit Feeding America on Jan. 20.…

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December 22nd 11:50am

John Forte is Out

Posted by Bossip Staff Our boy Forte just touchdown on the streets after Bush pardoned him a month ago:

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