July 16th 9:45am

Basketball Star Richard Jefferson: I Dumped Her Via E-mail Before Our Scheduled Wedding and I’m Not Gay

This story is real messy and something seems a little “fishy”. Why did Jefferson give her stacks after he supposedly dumped her? Former Net star Richard Jefferson admitted yesterday that he told his beautiful bride-to-be that their wedding was off in an e-mail — stunning her just days before their planned posh nuptials. Kesha Ni’Cole…

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July 16th 9:01am

*Breaking News* Steve McNair’s Widow Is Controlling His Estate Due to the Lack of a Will…His Previous Sons May Be Assed Out

Bossip has learned that McNair’s wife will be administrator of his estate. McNair had two sons from a previous relationship and there are rumors saying McNair’s wife doesn’t want the boys to be apart of this process: Michele McNair, widow of the slain former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, said that her husband left no will…

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July 16th 9:01am

C-Murder’s Boy Is Stepping Up and Taking The Fall For Killing The 16 Yr Old!?

C-Murder(and probably his family) is doing whatever it takes to get his ass out of that murder charge he is facing. His boy is stepping up and taking the fall: A friend of C-Murder is helping to clear his name. C-Murder, real name, Corey Miller, will be re-tried for murder in three weeks. He is…

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July 16th 9:00am

Typical Hollyweird Crackwhore

This is for all the women out there who aspire to be a famous Hollyweird actress or psuedo celebrity. D-list actress Mischa Barton recently demonstrated the best “be careful when you get here” advertisement money can buy. Go under the hood to read about why this poor thang ended up with a “5150” code in…

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July 16th 9:00am

Nas Only Gives Kelis $350 and Some Gift Cards…

Kelis has fired back at Nas by filing court documents which show that the rapper has only contributed $350 and $2500 in gift cards for their unborn child since April.   Check out the official court doc under the hood.

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July 16th 8:59am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Katt Williams Files for Bankruptcy

Bossip has learned that Katt Williams has filed for bankruptcy

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July 16th 8:57am

Kim Kardashian Gets BamBoozled: Watermelon & A SuperSoaker???

Looky What We Have Here!!! It seems that Kim K. has had a mini photo shoot. We all know that Kim Kakes is over in South Africa right now. We just hope that this is not the way she would express her experience and journey in Africa… Pop the Top To See More Curves

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July 16th 8:55am

Kobe’s Wife Has a Mammilla Slippage!

Last night at the ESPY’S, breasts were flying everywhere. Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, had her Latina chichi’s doing way too much. Vanessa’s milk ducts  are protruding out the top of her dress in the pictures below. She is going in for her shine now, obviously. Pop it and see Vanessa’s tata’s and Kendra with Hank……

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July 16th 8:49am

Confirmation: The Jackson Family Attempted An Intervention For Michael Jackson

The Jackson family tried to perform an intervention with Michael but the drugs and slimy handlers would not let that happen: Tito Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s brother, has spoken out and confirmed rumors that he and his siblings did, in fact, try to stage an intervention for the troubled singer, who was struggling with…

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July 16th 8:39am

Some Morning Swirl: Rashida Jones Dating Obama Speechwriter

Rashida Jones, the daughter of Quincy Jones, is stepping out with her new man: Aw, Ali Campoverdi! The Maxim babe turned White House staffer used to date boombalottie Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, but now it looks as though he’s left her. Favreau (not the Iron Man guy, kids) was recently spotted with an actress. Yeah,…

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July 16th 8:38am

SMH: Man Does A Year In Jail After Not Paying Child Support For A Child That Is Not His

Frank Hatley was just released from prison after he was jailed for not paying child support for a child that is not his: Frank Hatley spent the past year in jail for being a deadbeat dad. But there’s one problem — Hatley doesn’t have any children. And, the “deadbeat” label doesn’t fit the 50-year-old either,…

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July 16th 8:30am

Milian Has The “Stanky Leg” Breath & Que and Dawn’s Day Off

The Dream doesn’t look too happy with The Milli’s 98.6 degrees flowing out of her mouth. Somebody pass her a MENTOS!!! Dawn and Que decided to take a day off and Keyshia Cole goes for a rumble in the jungle. While Frankie poses with her fiancee Mon that she has tattoed on her back… Pop…

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July 16th 8:29am

What In The Donky is That???

Do you know the face that goes with this “donk”??? Pop the Hood to find out

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July 16th 8:01am

Question: Did Evander Ever Get His Ear Back???

The 2009 ESPY Awards last night was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. The top athletes showed up looking very “beautimus and handsome” which is sometimes rare for them. Terrell Owens should have come… Well ya’ll saw the picture yesterday. Venus and Serena were there, along with Kobe, Mike “Higher Than High” Phelps, Demi Moore, John…

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July 16th 7:09am

Twitter Expected to Make $144 Milli by 2010

Sensitive Twitter info has been leaked by a website which shows the new Internet craze expected to rack in $144 million by 2010.  TechCrunch, a technology blog, got hold of some very internal sensitive information about Twitter’s goals for the next couple years!

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