October 2nd 9:56am

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Wu-Tang In Talks for VH1 Reality Show… (GO) Who Killed the Lady GaGa/Kanye West “Fame Kills” Tour? (GO) Which Country Has the World’s Worst Lovers? (GO) 50 Apologizes For Kanye Comments, Album Cover Revealed (GO) Bump J Sentenced to 10 Years (GO)

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October 2nd 9:55am

Who Said White Girls Don’t Get Weaves???

This chick was spotted getting her “hair extensions” done. Notice the background and person doing her hair? Pop the top and see who this is getting a weave

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October 2nd 9:54am

Everybody Breaks Out Their “Good Hair” for the Red Carpet…

The LA premiere of  “Good Hair” went down at the Majestic Crest Theater last night and everyone broke out their good weaves to hit the carpet. Check out more pics on the flip side.

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October 2nd 9:54am

White House Responds To Derrion Albert Case; Sends Eric Holder To Chicago

The White House is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Chicago in light of the beating death of Derrion Albert. The White House was relatively mum after the video showing the brutal beating of the 16-year-old boy hit the net. Continue…

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October 2nd 9:53am

*Update* Rumor Control: Cut it Out People CoCo is Not Pregnant… She Says So on Twitter

Bossip learned that some people think  CoCo is pregnant with a lil Ice-T, but we heard something totally different.

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October 2nd 9:50am

Recognize This Nappy Headed A$$ Weave???

We know ya’ll recognize yo girl NeNe. Looks like this chick needs to have that weave touched up in the back… Showing some discoloration there. There is something interesting about these pics. NeNe is hiding from the cameras!!! This is seriously a first. Pop it to See if You Can Figure Out Why the Man…

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October 2nd 9:47am

When the Checks Stop Coming in: Mariah Gets Desperate to Sell CD’s and Hits up the Today Show

With the world missing Mariah’s album release date, her album is only predicted to sell 170K units.  So she’s pulling out tricks to sell albums, including going to the Today Show displaying a possible gut full of______. Check the flipside to see her try and sing.

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October 2nd 9:47am

Bey Bey Takes Our Advice and Gets a New Wig…

Bey Bey Beyonce was spotted arriving at the Billboard’s 4th Annual Women In Music event in NYC today.  We’re glad she left her dusty stage wig at home and got a new piece for this event. More pics of your girl on the flipside.

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October 2nd 9:45am

Real Housewives vs. Real Women

A new reality show based in Atlanta is in the mix.  A production party went down last night to promote a new series called “Real Women.”  We hear they pitched the show to Bravo TV and it involves 4 black women and one male who is supposed to be a bootleg Dwight.  As if RHOA…

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October 2nd 9:25am

*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive*: Wutang Clan Beefing

It looks like management teams and egos are the only things holding back Wutang from really getting back together: “Word on the street says that Tareef, of Raekwon’s management team and longtime Clan affiliate (shown here with Raekwon at an event), has been in talks for quite some time with VH1 to do a reality…

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October 2nd 9:00am

Damn, Rih…That Dome Piece is Colossal!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…we know y’all are tired of looking at this chick day in and day out, but the forehead jokes will never get played out. Here is “Little Miss Sunshine” Rihanna out in Paris with her dome out on front street for all to see. Peep more of Rih and her Johnny Bravo swag…

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October 2nd 8:55am

Coupled Up: The King of R&B and His Latest Baby’s Mom on the Scene

For anyone who has seen Bobby Brown’s “Behind the Music,” you know how this dude used to get f*cked up something serious. Looks like he’s trying to turn his life around, and here he is ‘semi-sobered up’ with girlfriend Alicia Etheridge at some store opening in LA last night. More pics on the flippy…

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October 2nd 8:40am

T-Boz had a Brain Tumor for 3 Years and Survived… Now That’s Gangsta

T-Boz recently revealed to People magazine that she battled a brain tumor for three years. Who knew…

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October 2nd 8:30am

JD & Nelly Bowl for a Cause in Atlanta and Raised $80,000

People are always giving Hip Hop artists a bad name, but last night in Atlanta, JD and Nelly came together to bowl for a cause. They helped raise money for the flood victims in Atlanta that recently lost everything due to the floods. There were a lot of A, B, C, D and Z Lister…

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October 2nd 8:10am

SMH: Showing Off Cake

Kim Kardashian was recently outside of the Letterman Show and decided to sign some autographs of her Playboy. She loves the camera, doesn’t she? Pop the top for more shots and see the P.S. starting to make Kim look like her moms around the mouth

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