April 6th 7:46am

Where Are Our Parents???

Posted by Bossip Staff Kids these days…SMH Where Are Their Parents??? Image via HGM

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April 6th 7:45am

President Obama Awakened By North Korea Missile Launch

Posted by Bossip Staff Yesterday our President was in Prague with his elegant wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama. While sleeping last night, Mr. President received a call telling him that North Korea launched a missile: Visiting Prague, Czech Republic, U.S. President Barack Obama was awakened at 4:30 a.m. Sunday with the news that North…

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April 6th 7:45am

Unsavory Swirl

Posted by Bossip Staff Back in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse was spotted getting rather cozy (and naked) with her bulky-ass body guard:

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April 6th 7:44am

Eliot Spitzer on Trickin’

Posted by Bossip Staff The callgirl-loving former governor, Eliot Spitzer, sat down with Matt Lauer to get grilled on his thorough knowledge of the economy and hoes alike: Dealing with what he termed the 800-lb. gorilla in the room, Matt Lauer grilled former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer on Monday’s Today show in an interview…

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April 6th 7:44am

Daddy’s Little Girls

Posted by Bossip Staff Chris Rock spent some very quality time with his little princesses, Lola and Zahra, at Third St. Promenade in Santa Monica, Cali. Keep them thangs off that pole, Chris; it’s your solemn duty. LOL More pics when you

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April 6th 7:42am

Seen on the South African Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff The Carey’s looked like they had a swell time at the One & Only Resort in Cape Town opening and Benefit Lunch for the Mandela’s Children Foundation this weekend. They were two of many celebs that hit up the event, including psycho-nut broad Sharon Stone. Peep more of MiMi & Young…

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April 6th 7:35am

Where’s Gabriel??

Posted by Bossip Staff Halle Berry was spotted hand in hand with this mysterious odd fellow on their way into the Bergamot Station Arts Center this weekend. She usually goes for the younger, pretty-boy type, so we’re assume she’s just getting her fag-hag on. For more of Halle, you know the drill.

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April 6th 7:30am

Name That Booty

Posted by Bossip Staff There’s only one that could claim such massive corrugated cakes, and that would have be to none other than Ms. Serena Williams herself. She and sister Venus were spotted vacationing of the beach recently. Pop this thang for all the juicy details.

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April 6th 7:20am

(Do NOT) Crank That Soulja Boy

Posted by Bossip Staff Students at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, were not trying to have Soulja Boy and his degrading lyrics serenade their campus, so they did what college students do best; protested: Students protested outside a SOULJA BOY concert at a Minnesota university on Friday (3Apr09), angry that an artist who raps ‘degrading’ lyrics…

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April 6th 7:15am

Palin Camp Upset With ‘Baby Daddy’ for Spreading Business on Tyra Show

Posted by Bossip Staff Palin et al. are pissy mad because Tripp was on one when he appeared on the Tyra show, and shed light on the Palin family dysfunction: Levi Johnston is in big trouble at the Sarah Palin household. After talking about sex on The Tyra Banks Show, Johnston – the 18-year-old father…

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April 6th 7:00am

The FatBack Chronicles: Star Jones & Al Reynolds Meet Again

Posted by Bossip Staff Although this picture reflects the theatrics of a not so down-low brotha and a desperate woman past her prime, the most recent confrontation between Star and Gay Al was anything but warm & cozy:

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April 6th 6:30am

“Stacks, Please”

Posted by Bossip Staff Uncle Russ took to the streets of NY for a nice bike ride with his friend, Julie Henderson. She has her hand out in a “gimme money” pose, which Russell is probably all too familiar with. A few more when you…

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April 5th 7:41am

Question of the Day: What Makes the Sexiest Person???

Posted by Bossip Staff Dig this show that airs tonight on TV One Access about the perfect man/woman. These cats are trying their hand at sculpting the most beautifulest people by taking the best assets from celebs. Go ahead and pop it to peep it.

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April 5th 7:25am

Staying on Track to Promote Change

Posted by Bossip Staff The very curvy, LaTavia Roberson, LeToya Luckett and E-V-E attended the Texas Relays as part of a Minority Mentorship Symposium at the University of Texas. Those are some very fortunate young people to have the aforementioned young ladies go out of their way for their benefit. More pics if you can…

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April 5th 7:21am

Black on Black in Prague

Posted by Bossip Staff The Obama’s arrived in Prague yesterday looking surprisingly chipper, especially since this extensive Euro trip must be taking a toll. Mrs. Obama killed them off with the black on black: President and First Lady Obama stepped off the plane in Prague late Saturday looking fresh after a day spent in France.…

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