December 6th 10:11am

**Update**: Katt Williams Charges Get Dropped

No charges were pressed against Katt Williams after he was arrested in Newnan, Georgia Friday. As previously reported Katt was taken into police custody after an incident at an area Walmart. Continue…

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December 6th 9:59am

The Odoms’ Trouble in Paradise: Khloe and Lamar Have Huge Fight in Public

Khloe and Lamar haven’t been married more than 10 weeks and already are having fights in public places.  The two caused a major scene at Phillippe Chow restaurant over the weekend. More details on the flipside.

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December 6th 9:39am

Out of Pocket Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is Convicted of Embezzlement

Baltimore’s Mayor, Sheila Dixon, was convicted of a single misdemeanor charge of embezzlement last week. Apparently the mayor was taking gift cards that were supposed to be for the city’s disenfranchised children and using them to buy an Xbox systems and other electronics. More once you pop the top.

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December 6th 9:37am

What in Holy See-Thru Hell is She Wearing???

Lady GaGa didn’t disappoint her fashion followers by prancing around the 02 Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball stage in nothing more than a bra and panties. Pop the top for the lowdown on her get up.

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December 6th 8:46am

Drake’s Album Pushed Back, Taps Camel and Yeezy For Project

Say it ain’t so: Drizzy Drake, Young Money’s resident all-star and now a Grammy nominated rapper, is relinquishing more details on his highly anticipated debut. As previously reported, Drake had the world up in arms waiting for him to release Thank Me Later on Valentine’s Day of 2010. Now unfortunately for stans of Young Money’s…

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December 6th 8:24am

Tiger’s Main Side Ho Was Pissed To Hear He Had Other Jumpoffs

It’s all coming out now: Rachel Uchitel, the Manhattan nightclub hostess linked to Tiger Woods, was none too happy when she first heard about other women whom the golf great may have been seeing.

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December 6th 8:18am

What in the World???

A building in Germany, which is home to major newspaper in the country, decided to put an editor on blast when he went in for a plastic surgery procedure to enlarge his man parts.  He’s featured on the side of the building (shown above) with a very large… Flip the top for more.

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December 6th 8:08am

In White Folks News: Billie Joel’s Daughter Hospitalized For Attempted Suicide

Alexa Joel is Billie Joel’s 23-year-old daughter who was just rushed to the hospital after an attempted suicide: Alexa Ray Joel, the 23-year-old singer and daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, was hospitalized Saturday in New York City.

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December 6th 1:52am

Underwood Attacks Tiger: He’s Suspect Because He Only Dates White Women

Comedian Sheryl Underwood tore into Tiger’s simple a*s last week on the Tom Joyner morning show: There’s nothing wrong with wanting a mate who shares your culture, as long as it’s for the right reasons, the comedienne Sheryl Underwood said after unleashing a withering Woods monologue on Tom Joyner’s radio show. “Would we question when…

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December 6th 12:01am

Rihanna Is Looking 40 Years Old! Stresses from Hollyweird Apparent

Look at that cute little young face of hers. First it was this and now your girl Rihanna is out at a club in NYC last night looking like she has about 3 kids at the crib and is working on her 4th marriage. More pics under the hood, including RiRi showing off her little…

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December 5th 8:55pm

When The Checks Stop Coming in: Man Blows $127 Million Gambling and Sues Casinos

If you thought it was only MC Hammer, Beanie Sigel, and rappers blowing stacks and doing dumb sh*t with their money, you have to read about Terrance Watanabe’s reckless steez.

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December 5th 2:02pm

Kanye Comes Out of Hibernation for the Camel’s Birthday Party in the Dominican Republic

Kon “the Louis Vuitton Don” has been hibernating in Europe but came out to play in the Dominican Republic for Jay-Z’s 40th birthday celebration along with Diddy, Bey Bey, Tory Burch and more. Check out how Kanye is looking now-a-days…

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December 5th 1:00pm

*Bossip Exclusive*: Tank’s Baby MaMa says She was NOT a ONE NIGHT STAND, Tank was Soaking Up Her Panties for a While!!!

Alysse Stewart, Tank’s other baby mama, is not feeling how Tank is really trying to throw her under the bus on Twitter like she is some groupie. She made it clear to us what the situation was between her and Tank: (I’d like the chance to respond) Durrell Babbs and I have a son together.…

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December 5th 12:30pm

What is Going on in This Picture: Is Eva Longoria Going in for a Wet One???

Eva Longoria and Hilary Swank hit up the red carpet for The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast. Looks can be deceiving BUT… from the looks of this, it appears they are going in from a wet one…. What Do Ya’ll Think???

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December 5th 12:00pm

Rihanna Poses In Damn Near Nothing and Gets Down Right Grimey and Gutta for New Video with Young Jeezy

Rihanna is shooting her new video, GO HARD, with Jeezy. She gets down and dirty and is covered in mud but poor Jeezy didn’t get to see her in the costume with the bullet cache and booty shorts. Grimey Rih Rih brings a whole new meaning when it comes to rocking Mickey Mouse Ears!?!?!

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