April 4th 6:00am

Still Thuggin': Flesh-N-Bone Arrested on Weapons Charge

Posted by Bossip Staff It seems as though the thuggery is deeply entrenched in Flesh-N-Bone, as he’s been arrested for gun possession: Flesh-N-Bone, a rapper from the platinum-selling group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, was arrested in a suburb of Los Angeles, Calif. on Thursday (April 2) for gun possession.

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April 4th 5:59am

What’s Wrong With This Video: Man Takes Daughter on Robbery

Posted by Bossip Staff The man and his daughter you see in the photo are robbing a store in Washington. Yeah, we know, un-f*cking-believable. The man told the clerk he is going through hard times, with his tribe… Pop it and watch it y’all…

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April 3rd 10:30am

Mel B’s Peep Show (It’s Worth Watching)

Posted by Bossip Staff Daaamn, Mel B looks sick, and we mean that in the most flattering way possible. She performed “The Peep Show” strip revue in Vegas, and you’d be hard pressed to give this chick anything but her cool points. A most fantastic backshot and other pics are waiting when you

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April 3rd 9:15am

Jamie Foxx’s Man-stalker Nabbed After Trying to Bust Into His Hotel Suite

Posted by Bossip Staff A man who claimed he was meant to be with Jamie Fox has been arrested after Foxx had to fend that f*ckup off when he tried to force his way into his suite in Philly: A man who forced his way into Jamie Foxx‘s hotel room last week was arrested Tuesday…

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April 3rd 9:07am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Britney is Smokin’ Hot When Photoshopped F-Listed Chris Brown Has Good Timing Celebslam Mario Lopez is a Gigolo Lossip ‘I’m Sorry’ Note Left With Body of Hit-and-Run Victim Livesteez J. Lo and Marc Anthony Working Hard to Save Marriage Hollyscoop Jessica Biel Trained to Get Naked in “Powder Blue” The Blemish…

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April 3rd 9:00am

Don’t Try This at Home: Sister & Girlfriends Beat Down Burglar

Posted by Bossip Staff The pic above shows what happened when a would-be burglar broke into the wrong sister’s crib. Tiffany Friday found this lowlife having a free-for-all in her crib, and that’s when she called up her most dependable girlfriends to help her chase this cat and, boooy did they ever put hands on…

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April 3rd 8:14am

Cassie is Cuter When Solo

Posted by Bossip Staff Cassie was looking as cute as a button last night attending the Home Cooking Thursdays at Imperial. We did not see a dark skinned old pervert in tow. Pop the thang, thang to see more of the little freak…

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April 3rd 8:13am

Tyra and Bristol Palin’s Ex Talk Safe Sex

Posted by Bossip Staff Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, rapped a taste with Tyra about how he used to get after young Palin’s tail, and did so safely. Well, most of the time: Bristol Palin’s former fiancé and father to her child Tripp is talking about their sex life on national television.

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April 3rd 8:13am

Russell Says “Mathew Knowles, You ARE the Father!”

Posted by Bossip Staff So, Uncle Blood Diamond Russ is doing his part smooth over the controversy that Miss Jones started with her blog allegations that Mathew Knowles is Kelly Rowland’s real father. (Like we haven’t heard that before) Let the illegitmacy begin: Oh boy! Here she goes again! Beyonce and her dad stood by…

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April 3rd 8:12am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Infertile Mom Drugs Daughter So BF Could Knock Her Up???

Posted by Bossip Staff Y’all, a barren b*tch has cut up something terrible by drugging her daughter so her crusty ass boyfriend could put a baby in her. Apparently living happily ever after was the end goal: A mother in Pennsylvania has been charged with giving her 13-year-old daughter drugs and alcohol so the woman’s…

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April 3rd 8:12am

Day 26 Drama: Que…”Suck My D*ck, Brian!”

Posted by Bossip Staff Day 26 has been dealing with the Que drama for a minute. On last night’s episode, Que’s ego exceeded it’s limits and Brian, being the lil thug he is, socked Que up. Que showed some heart by socking Brian back (good lil scrap, looked authentic). Why was Robert crying like a…

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April 3rd 8:11am

C-Murder Setting Up Fund…For Innocence???

Posted by Bossip Staff C-Murder has set up a fund where you can help pay for his innocence plea: Rapper C-Murder has launched a website to help raise funds for his legal battle in regards to his upcoming murder re-trial. The domain name is registered to Kernell Reynolds, who also doubles as the President of…

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April 3rd 8:10am

A Heartfelt Moment in London

Posted by Bossip Staff Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, made a visit to the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language School in London where she wowed the students, but was also very humbled herself with the way they responded to her. With a high-five for a young singer and a hug for as many schoolgirls as she…

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April 3rd 8:05am

Lil’ Wayne Sues Company for Negative Depiction in “The Carter” Documentary

Posted by Bossip Staff Rapper turned rocker, Lil’ Wayne, and his camp aren’t happy about how he has been portrayed in documentary, The Carter, and he is suing per a breach of contract that stated he’d have the final say-so in the footage used:

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April 3rd 8:00am

Rihanna and Friends do Hawaii…F*ck a Chris

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep Rihanna and her ongoing eighties “Cameo band member” coif. Supposedly, RiRi and friends had dinner at Da Silvano Restaurant (without the woman beater). Conflicting reports are saying she is in Hawaii at the moment, though: She definitely wasn’t dressed in blue to match her mood. Rihanna, sporting a new hairstyle,…

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