April 27th 8:20am

The “Oprah” Effect

Posted by Bossip Staff Oprah is the best thing to happen to the universe…and twitter.

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April 27th 8:20am

A Golden Goodbye to Bea Arthur

Posted by Bossip Staff Bea Arthur passed away on Saturday April 25th at the age of 86. Best known for her role as Dorothy on the Golden Girls, Bea played the sarcastic, biting shrew to a tee. Pop the hood for more

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April 27th 8:15am

Holly Robinson and Family Walk For A “Lil Positivity”

Posted by Bossip Staff Holly Robinson-Pete, Rodney Pete, and their little clan came to host the Walk for Autism yesterday. Holly is doing the right thing, so we applaud the whole family. Turn it over and see whats on the other side…

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April 27th 12:22am


Posted by Bossip Staff This is what happens to you when Diddy gets a hold of your career. Next thing you know, she’ll be selling books at the airport with her fellow hari krishnas.

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April 26th 10:35am

Sunday Style: Exclusive Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Fergie, Juelz Santana, Jeezy, and Diddy all get exclusive clothing made, Exclusive Game. The gear is what you want, when you want it, and within your budget, peep: When did you start selling and making clothes? (Detail) age where etc- EG: I started making clothes roughly 6 years ago. When did…

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April 26th 10:34am

Rihanna at BFF’s Concert Cutting It Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Rihanna went to the Katy Perry concert last night. Riri had this aberrant “who farted” grill going and it sort of looks like the girl is back to her old wacky self. While there, she started singing and dancing the night away. Pop the top to see video of ole girl…

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April 26th 10:20am

There’s Something Different About Kim Kardashian

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at your girl Kim sucking up the rays in NY with the baby blue dress and lighter locks. Maybe this is all a ploy to get her man meat back infatuated and stuck to her bosom. We like it better dark, Kim. Pop it and see more…

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April 26th 10:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Hampton University Shooting

Posted by Bossip Staff A former student started shooting at Hampton University this morning: The campus of Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, was locked down for several hours Sunday morning after a former student shot two people in a dormitory and then shot himself, university and police officials said. The former student entered Harkness Hall…

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April 26th 10:05am

DMX Does a Drug Deal

Posted by Bossip Staff   Either DMX has found God or he’s about to foreclose on his house cuz we never thought we’d see this mentally challenged rapper put his addiction issues on blast on reality tv. Flip the script for more

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April 26th 9:50am

Beyonce and Momma Knowles Dressing Alike?

Posted by Bossip Staff Momma Knowles was there to greet Beyonce when she arrived at JFK yesterday. Looking at Beyonce’s mom is like a preview of the future Beyonce. What do ya’ll think? Last night was date night for the Carter’s and they are pictured below, suprisingly getting affectionate, along with more of the meeting…

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April 26th 9:40am

Are You Feeling Ciara’s Kicks???

Posted by Bossip Staff CiCi’s draggy style comes through loud and clear with these ‘interesting’ shoes. Part stripper chick, part ho-couture – we’re not sure what to make of these designer heels. Are you feeling them? Pop the hood for more of CiCi’s shoe game

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April 26th 9:38am

Which One is Packin???

Posted by Bossip Staff Last night Idris Elba and Michael Ealy attended ESPN The Magazine’s 6th annual pre-draft party in NY. A bunch of people came out, including gold diggers from near and far. Idris is easy on the eyes, and the blue eyed bandit, Michael Ealy, has a gaze that makes panties drop quickly,…

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April 26th 8:20am

Blackstreet and Guy Go for Round 2

Posted by Bossip Staff This is what happens when your cars have been repossessed and your baby mamas are threatening to take your broke a*$ to court. Who’s next to join the reunion bandwagon? Boyz to Men? Pop the hood for more.

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April 25th 1:35pm

Rick Ross Gets a Big Mack

Posted by Bossip Staff Man, Rick Ross’ thug career is officially a wrap. Pop the top and watch a team clown the living dog mess out of him. Boss!

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April 25th 9:40am

Question of the Day: Why Do Rappers Hide Their Education?

Posted by Bossip Staff Going to college is not a thing to look down upon, so why do so many rappers downplay their college degrees? Last summer we found out that so-called goon, Plies, went to college yet he rarely mentions it in interviews. Imposter Rick Ross also went to college, yet he insists on…

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