October 11th 8:40am

Mr. Nick Carey and MiMi Celebrate His 29th Birthday in Vegas

Nick Cannon, his wife and her rack, hit up the Bellagio in Vegas to celebrate Nick’s Birthday.  Too bad no one else got the memo cause Nick and Mariah were the biggest celebs there. More pics on the flipside

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October 11th 8:36am

The Not-So-Knifed-Up Jackson Brothers

Jackie, Marlon, and Tito Jackson were pictured together the other day without their attention whore of a brother Jermaine. Lookin’ good fellas. SMH. Pop the hatch for more…

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October 11th 7:29am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Columbine Killer’s Mom Finally Speaks

The mother of one of the two Columbine HS teen killers is publicly speaking in detail about the massacre for the first time — and says she had “no inkling” that her son was suicidal until she read his journals.

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October 10th 9:34am

Tameka is All Up in Young Jeezy’s Face and Also Keyed Usher’s SUV

First Tameka was ranting and raving about how Usher has not sign the papers for the divorce yet. Nevertheless, that has not stopped her from being all up in Young Jeezy’s face, keying Usher’s car and banging on his mom’s door, demanding her kids. This b*tch is crazy… Pop it for More Details

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October 10th 9:20am

Shyne Says “He Never Visited Me Nor Would I Ever Accept A Call or Visit From Diddy”

Shyne spoke out about Diddy lying to folks by telling them that he talked to Shyne: Daily News quoted Diddy as recently telling Hot 97 he had spoken to Shyne who was “in good spirits,” the now 30-year-old rapper was shocked. “I want it known that this supposed conversation…

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October 10th 8:08am

*UPDATE*… *Bossip Exclusive*: Gucci Mane is This Your Baby Mama???

Earlier today, one of our sources informed us that the woman pictured above, Kimmi Illuminati, is Gucci Mane’s baby mama. Kimmi’s camp did not hesitate to get in contact with us so she could set the record straight. Here’s what Kimmi had to say: I, KIMMI ILLUMINATI, AM CONTACTING BOSSIP REGARDING THE GUCCI MANE BABY…

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October 10th 7:55am

JESUS… PLEASE Take the Wheel: 8 Day-Old Newborn Raped and Beaten by Father!

An 18 year old male, Reginald Davis, in Arkansas is being accused of raping and beating his newborn baby, who is only 8 days old. SMH Pop the top

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October 10th 7:50am

Rihanna Needs Some Creamy Crack on Those Edges

Rihanna was seen taking some pics for her album in Berlin, and she is in serious need of some tender love and care on her edges. Pop the top for more pics of Rihanna and her beady b’s.

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October 10th 7:40am

*Bossip Exclusive*: New Jawn by R. Kelly… Religious

R. Kelly is really on his grind with his tour that is popping off soon. He has now released another single from his album that is about to drop this month called Religious. It’s that original R. Kelly flava. Pop it for a Listen

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October 10th 7:20am

Chris Rock Talks About Why He Gave Nia Long the Axe After Their First Date

Nia and Chris hit up the Wendy Williams show for another “Good Hair ” promo and talked about their first date.

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October 10th 7:15am

K-Fed In Debt, Yet Spending That Britney Loot Like Lottery Money

Seen here with his young piece, K-Fat was doing MORE shopping for the kids despite reports of him being in the hole financially: All this mindless spending comes amid news that K-Fed owes…

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October 10th 7:10am

Where Is My Father?: All Jokes Aside Now… We Have a Problem

We thought we had seen it all with the white guy dropping it low the other day. Someone decided to let this boy and his feminine ways flourish. We know this kid must not have a father in the home, because no dad would allow this mess… Pop the top and see the problem in…

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October 10th 7:00am

A Red Bull, Red Dress, Red Cheeks & A Pimp

We want to see if your Hollyweird swirl-gossip radar is as bright as you think. This is underwear model, Cora Skinner. Who is Skinner given her cherry too? Pop the top to see if you are up to date with this swirl.

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October 10th 6:45am

New Music: Plies & Keri Hilson

Somtimes when artist do collaborations it’s a stretch and this is definitely one of those cases. Plies and Keri Hilson have come together to produce this new jawn called Medicine. We can’t determine whether it’s a hit or miss… so we will leave it up to ya’ll. Pop it for a Listen…

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October 9th 2:00pm

Congratulations: President Obama Receives the Highest Honor In Nobel Prize

President Obama has received one of, if not thee, highest award given… internationally:

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