November 9th 11:55am

The First Family on Election Night

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is the First Family on election night looking at the results as they came in. Just the beautiful image of the Obama family is an attack on the ‘baby mama culture’ that is growing to be acceptable to too many of us. Are some white folks being a little “nicer”…

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November 9th 11:26am

Alicia Does Berlin

Posted by Bossip Staff The talented Alicia Keys performed during the 177th ‘Wetten dass…?’ show at the O2 World on Friday in Berlin and we’re proud to say she wore something without suspenders. Bask in the beauty below Catch a little bit more of her glow when you

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November 9th 10:01am

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 2: Donatella Versace

Posted by Bossip Staff If you thought this was one of those Cro-Magnon men from the Geico commercials, you are sadly mistaken. This is fashion icon, Donatella Versace with a face only a caring, church going, mother could love. She, like Kim, had lips already so there was no need to make them look like…

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November 9th 9:50am

MiMi Needed He-eh-ehlp

Posted by Bossip Staff MiMi recently performed “Hero” live on Simon Cowell’s show the X-Factor and sounded a piping hot mess. She barely made it through the song and the contestants joined in to help her out-out-out. We would hate to think that Nick’s working her jaws so much that she can’t even sing anymore.

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November 9th 8:30am

Premeditated Murder… By an 8yr Old???

Posted by Bossip Staff An 8 year old boy in Arizona smoked his dad and another man: A man who police believe was shot and killed by his 8-year-old son had consulted a Roman Catholic priest about whether the boy should handle guns and had taught him how to use them, the clergyman said Saturday.…

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November 9th 7:00am

Single Tranny Files

Posted by Bossip Staff We told you to prepare yourselves for more foolywang from the Sasha Fierce

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November 8th 1:06pm

Faking It

Posted by Bossip Staff Keri Hilson knows exactly what to do in the bedroom: For a woman to feel her best, her man has to support her.” A statement Hilson says goes both ways, even in the bedroom. “Sometimes you have to feed the male ego.” “Men think they know when we’re faking it, but…

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November 8th 1:05pm

Who Looked More Bangin’???

Posted by Bossip Staff New York and Golden Brooks attended the Angels of East Africa Celebrity Charity Event in L.A. Humor us by letting us know which one of these young ladies looked more like an actual woman than a drag queen A couple more pics from the event for you below.

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November 8th 12:00pm

No Laughing Matter

Posted by Bossip Staff This video is in a different language, but you don’t need a translation to find it rather amusing. The man with the mini-fro has some vocal chord damage that has led to an interesting voice the host is ill prepared to handle, to say the least.

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November 8th 11:08am

Come And Get It, Bust-it-Babies

Posted by Bossip Staff Plies made the cover of Vibe Magazine, which shouldn’t hurt his chances for future success. We like Plies, but tell us you wouldn’t slip a 17 pack of Winterfresh gum in his pocket and pray he chewed it, if given the opportunity. Yeah, thought so. Image Source

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November 8th 11:07am

Better Late Than Never

Posted by Bossip Staff Katt Williams had a good reason to be late to his show: Comedian Katt Williams was arrested on weapons charges in Manhattan on Thursday after police noticed that his vehicle had no license plates. According to the New York Daily News, Williams’ Mercedes bus and red Cadillac Escalade were parked on…

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November 8th 9:25am

Saturday Style

Posted by Bossip Staff John Legend is on the cover of Philadelphia Style and attended a party in Philly at the Comcast Center to celebrate. That’s a great accomplishment and the boy does look sharp, so on the count of 3, let’s give him a big, “You Go, Girl!” A few more for you below.…

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November 8th 9:15am

Where Them Dollars At???

Posted by Bossip Staff She’s gotta be kidding us with those 1 dollar bills stuffed in her A cups. She needs to take that money and buy some gel to paste those two weave strands that escaped back in place. SMH Images via AllTheParties

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November 7th 5:06pm

What a Banger Looks Like

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is Cassie at her pimp’s birthday party last night. We are developing an evil love/hate relationship with that Cassie. She can’t sing or dance, and her ‘outside activities’ with Diddy are helping her career but she always looks on point. She could eat a Popeyes biscuit or two. She must…

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November 7th 5:03pm

Quote of The Day

Posted by Bossip Staff The gays are riding on Black people in California because over 70% of us voted against gay marriage on Tuesday which helped Proposition 8 pass: “I’m disappointed in the Californians who voted for this,” said F. Damion Barela, 43, who married his husband nearly five months ago. He said he was…

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