May 13th 8:02am

Dawn Represents in the NYC

Posted by Bossip Staff Dawn Richard, Chrisette Michelle and Bryan Cox did their thing last night at the SESAC awards in NYC. We’re feeling Dawn’s steez. Pop the lid for more

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May 13th 8:02am

5 Convicted in Sears Tower Terrorist Plot

Posted by Bossip Staff Narseal Batiste(L) and his ace boon coon, Patrick Abraham, were part of a five man squad that was just convicted in Miami for trying to blow up the Sears Tower: Five men have been convicted in Miami of plotting to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago and carry out attacks…

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May 13th 8:00am

Which One Would You Hit?

Posted by Bossip Staff Jay-Z and TI posted up for the Lyor Cohen Celebrating Audi’s TDI Clean Diesel Technology event. They’re both rockin’ the casual look and are major hip hop powerhouses. Ladies, out of the two hip-hop moguls up-top,which one would you let get those loins??? Pop the top to see Estelle, Lil’ Trey…

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May 13th 8:00am

“Tattle Telling” Alfamega Was Popped With Heat and Is Locked Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Alfamega, TI’s former snitching patna’, was popped in the ATL for running around with heat: It’s been a bad couple of weeks for Cedric Zellars, the rapper who records under the name Alfamega. As TSG reported last week, Zellars, a protege of the hip-hop star T.I., once worked as a federal…

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May 13th 7:58am

Quote of the Day: “Speidi’s version of ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ is going to stunt on Jay and B’s version”

Posted by Bossip Staff As if declaring himself the ‘White Jay Z’ wasn’t bad enough, Spencer’s back for more with this @ss backwards statement regarding him and his wife’s musical talent. Pop the top for more ridiculous shameless self-promotion during his Complex Magazine interview

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May 13th 7:56am

President Obama Sings the Auto Industry Blues

Posted by Bossip Staff President Obama is releasing a new CD:

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May 13th 7:55am

Iman’s Stuntin’ on Them Hoes

Posted by Bossip Staff Iman knows she’s flawless. She represents the true beauty so many of these young celebs wish they had. Do your thang Ms. Iman. Flip the script for more

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May 13th 7:47am

In Trouble with One Time, Potheads? Snoop Dogg to the Rescue

Posted by Bossip Staff Snoop is such a cannibis freak, he’s bailing out other potheads just so they can get their smoke on. Flip the switch for more

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May 13th 7:40am

The Game Gets in Good with Rick Ross

Posted by Bossip Staff Not to be left out of the ridiculous raging rap beef, The Game is gettin’ in with a Rick Ross collabo on his upcoming album. Flip the switch for more

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May 13th 7:36am

“Epiphany” Album Release Party With Chrisette Michelle, Ginuwine, and…Joe?

Posted by Bossip Staff Ginuwine came out to celebrate the “Epiphany” album release party with Chrisette Michelle last night. The girl can blow, no doubt, and the album is definitely hittin’. Is that Joe on the left looking like Uncle Ruphus? Pop the top to see Day 26 and Dawn in attendance as well…

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May 13th 7:30am

Remember Me??: Lil Mack Is Orchestrating a Comeback

Posted by Bossip Staff We always new Lil Mack would come back someday. Get yours Mack, get yours!

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May 12th 8:28am

Rumor: Lauren London’s Gonna Drop Lil’ Weezy’s Baby…Again

Posted by Bossip Staff We reported back in February that Lauren London and Lil Weezy were possibly expecting a baby and it looks like the rumor is true.

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May 12th 8:20am

Officer Ricky is the Fake Louis Vuitton Don

Posted by Bossip Staff We are so tired of Chubby Lumpkins. He’s such a fake @ss thug. He’s so fake, he doesn’t even wear real designer ish. Flip the script for more

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May 12th 8:19am

Will & Grace Complex

Posted by Bossip Staff Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex that’s become your relationship crutch? Are you gettin’ your Brown Sugar on and don’t even know it. Flip the hood for more

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May 12th 8:18am

Beyonce Preps for Vegas Show

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s here Bey Stans. Beyonce is doing Vegas and she came out with these promo pictures and even launched a website. Also, Beyonce received yet another award. While in Belgium, she was presented with a Gold Album. Whew, this girl is all over the place. No wonder she wants to take…

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