November 12th 10:30am

Dork Steez

Posted by Bossip Staff AKeys showed up to the David Letterman Show with her geeky swag in full effect from the glasses to the cocked knee stance. We know the goofy thick rimmed glasses are ‘in’ but truth be told, that ish ain’t cute. Alicia had better be glad she is, though. Check her out.…

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November 12th 9:30am

Sugar Bear Suing Yeezy for His Lost Earring

Posted by Bossip Staff Livesteez is reporting that around 3yrs ago Suge was robbed and dumped on at Yay’s party, he is filing a lawsuit against Kanye for the lost jewelry: Former Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight is suing rapper/producer Kanye West, blaming the Chicago superstar for damages that resulted from a nightclub shooting three years…

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November 12th 9:30am

Get It Together

Posted by Bossip Staff We know Free has moved to doing just radio, but unless she is knocked up and her due date is within the next two weeks, she needs to really reconsider getting a new exercise regimen. Let’s just say she is having a negative reaction to her current one. SMH More pics…

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November 12th 9:25am


Posted by Bossip Staff We really love E-V-E and she is a cute girl, but if she is actually trying to make herself look like a drag queen, she only has to appear at a couple more events looking like this to achieve her goal. I mean, give another chick a chance to get some…

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November 12th 9:20am

James Brown’s Son-in-Law Murdered

Posted by Bossip Staff Darren Lumar has been killed according to a report by Livesteez: The son-in-law of the late soul singer James Brown was shot to death Wednesday (Nov. 5) night in the garage of his Buckhead home. Relatives of Darren “Chip” Lumar told the news station they believe the killing was a hit.…

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November 12th 8:30am

The New Smith Era Begins: The Next Karate Kid

Posted by Bossip Staff It looks like acting is in the blood for the Smith Family, and Will’s little man, Jaden, will be the next Karate Kid: BCK reported last year in December that actor Will Smith’s son Jaden would be starring in a new version of the 1984 film “The Karate Kid”. More details…

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November 11th 4:00pm

Whitney Houston’s New Album Cover

Posted by Bossip Staff If you think that is meat on Whitney’s thighs, think no more because that is an airbrush artist’s work at its finest hour. She looks good, which can probably be attributed to her kicking that crooked-mouthed demon, Bobby Brown, to the curb. Hopefully, the excess crack smoke has exited her throat…

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November 11th 3:50pm

Wayne to Bow Wow: “Sit Down.”

Posted by Bossip Staff Wayne showed Bow Wow who was top dog in the rap game as well as on the big screen: Lil’ Wayne just can’t be stopped and is still commanding the top spot. The Louisiana MC is gearing up for his major film debut and receiving top billing credits in the basketball…

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November 11th 3:46pm

3LW Reject On King Cover

Posted by Bossip Staff In her attempt to recreate the Notorious Kim album cover for her new movie Notorious, Naturi Naughton, does a good job… of looking like Foxy. Just pray she does not end up physically in the same place Kim is because Kim’s attempt at being the black Versace is purely tragic. Check…

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November 11th 11:30am

Thr33 Ringz Circus Act

Posted by Bossip Staff T-Painful was seen sweating up a bucket worth last night at his Myspace Album Release Party at Hiro Ballroom in NY.  You had to put T-Pain in your top 8 friends list and print it out and bring it to the party for free admission. Guests included Ludacris, Diddy and Busta…

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November 11th 11:15am

Back On the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Surprise, surprise. Keyshia Cole is about to put out an album that isn’t about getting dogged out by some no good man: Keyshia Cole is staying on top of her game these days, as the R&B star can be seen on hair care ads, magazine covers, promoting her new album and…

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November 11th 11:00am

Hohan Mumbles Obama is Colored

Posted by Bossip Staff We know we should not put much stock in this dumb bird mumbling this out in her drug laced interview. After all, she’s only 21 and has a permanent room at a rehab facility. Do we really think she is a racist?

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November 11th 10:45am

This Doesn’t Sound Like a Good Idea

Posted by Bossip Staff The pretty girls of the first family, Sasha and Malia have been invited to appear on Hannah Montana: Disney’s hit show Hannah Montana just went from a little bit country to potentially presidential! On Monday, Billy Ray Cyrus told Access Hollywood that President-Elect Barack Obama’s two young daughters have been asked…

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November 11th 10:30am

Bedazzled Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff This isn’t anything new but your girl Bey gets her ‘style’ from her mama: Beyoncé’s sense of style comes from a source close to home – her mother Tina, who owned a hair salon and taught the young Beyoncé how to dress well and save money. “She’d get us little jackets…

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November 11th 9:30am

*Exclusive* Bugsy Becomes ‘Party Monster’ for E!

Posted By Bossip Staff Bugsy and whatever’s left of G-Unit flew a gang of industry heads to Cabo San Jose over the weekend for the filming of “Party Monster,” a new reality show on E!. Interns of the show threw a party where Bossip was able to preview Fiddy’s upcoming videogame, Blood On The Sand, and…

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