August 11th 12:59pm

Who Looked More Bangin’ ??? Ghost Face Killer Edition Part 2

Since this seems to be the latest trend “White Face and Bold A** Lips,” we decided to put all three candidates together and what we want to know is

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August 11th 12:10pm

C-Murder Found Guilty…Kinda

The trial for Cory “C-Murder” Miller is almost over. A jury found him guilty of killing of 16-year old Steve Thomas at a night club in January of 2002 continue

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August 11th 12:00pm

Gym Massacre Mastermind Left Some Words of Advice for Black Men?

The crazy person who shot up a Pittsburgh L.A. Fitness kept a journal, and in it he even offered up advice to black men. Really, this should be a “Quote of the Day” post, but there’s just too many…continue

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August 11th 11:45am

Jermaine Dupri and his Crew: The Real Atlanta Housewives is Some Bullsh*t

The city of Atlanta is talking about how wack and broke these ladies are, Lisa and Sheree both foreclosed and NeNe was evicted and choking b*tches out, SMH. Jermaine Dupri and his crew, Ocean’s 7, had a few words to say about The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Pop it for a Peek

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August 11th 11:25am

Thicky-Kins Out and About in NYC

Ashanti was all smiles as she unveiled her “Be Amazing” Boys and Girls Club Billboard in Times Square today. Pop the hood up for more flicks.

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August 11th 11:10am

Christina Aguilera Supports the Death of Autotune

Christina has crawled from under a rock with this t-shirt on. Very interesting that she would wear this shirt seeing that Mariah and Mary J. Blige have both used this technique in their recently released singles.

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August 11th 11:05am

Miley Cyrus + Stripper Poles + Teen Choice Awards Equals… Ya’ll Fill in the Blank

Miley Cyrus is the latest teenie bopper that the young girls love these days. At the Teen Choice Awards, she decides to bring out a stripper pole during her performance. What message is this sending to little girls??? SMH Pop the Top for this Ridiculousness

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August 11th 9:08am

Certified Links

Black In America 2′s Dr. Steve Perry: Breaking America’s Educational Shackles(GO) MC Hammer Owes Over $600,000 In Taxes (GO) Nappy Roots Talk Leaving Atlantic Records (GO) R.I.P Jimmy Bedford, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller (GO) Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Founder of Special Olympics Dies (GO) Video: What Happens at the Gathering of the Juggalos Stays at the…

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August 11th 9:07am

Kim Kardashian Should Have Asked for Some Photoshop On Her Thighs!

Kim Kardashian took these Zebra kini pictures last week. We wanted to get them up sooner, but figured she wanted to photoshop them up first. We were wrong and a grip just came out today, un-shopped. Pop it and see more of the “real Kim” along with one that Reggie Bush twitted of he and…

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August 11th 9:06am

Fancy Throws Jamie and his New Baby Under The Bus…

According to Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Jamie Foxx has a new baby on board.

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August 11th 9:06am

Twitter Files: Solange Sleeps Through an Earthquake but Tweets on it After the Fact!

Beyonce and Solange were in the middle of a Japan earthquake.  Obviously, no one was hurt because Solange still managed to tweet her a** off about it.

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August 11th 9:05am

Out of Pocket Plumbers Want to Sell Usher’s Home for Unpaid Work!

Some Georgia plumbing company wants to sell Usher’s home and use the money towards unpaid work they did.  Doesn’t sound too out of pocket right? Hmmm…Sh*t pop the hood to see why.

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August 11th 9:00am

Hillary Clinton Gets Gangsta with College Student

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got way out of pocket yesterday, with the “this ain’t what you want” look on her face, because a student asked her what her husband’s views were on an international matter. “You want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the Secretary of  State, I…

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August 11th 8:57am

“Shaven Raven”… It Ain’t for Everybody

Damn, looks like Raven didn’t get the memo that shaving the side of your head ain’t for everyone. It’s not that she wouldn’t look cute with it, her shape up is just all wrong, not to mention her side part under artwork isn’t on point.  If you can’t do this one right Raven, don’t do…

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August 11th 8:53am

Dangerously Pregnant

Danger is about to blow. She is around 10 months pregnant and has a protruding gut full of human.

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