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February 5th, 2010
12:11 PM EST

Caught Creepin’? Is Kid Cudi Choppin’ Down Amanda Bynes Behind His Girl’s Back?

Props to our BOSSIP readers for keeping us informed… Last week we got a tip that Amanda Bynes has it bad for a certain Grammy nominee that we guessed was Drake, but are now learning is likely to be Kid

February 5th, 2010
11:08 AM EST

Murderous Mystic Pleads Not Guilty To Manslaughter For Sweat Lodge Of Death Fatalities

Shady spiritual guru James Arthur Ray pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter in an Arizona courtroom yesterday. The charges are in connection to a deadly spiritual retreat sweat lodge ceremony he held that killed three people. Look under

January 26th, 2010
1:57 PM EST

A Lil’ Positivity: Ralph Lauren To Donate 100% Proceeds From Haiti Relief Polos

Polo/Ralph Lauren just gave us another reason to spend our hard earned cash on their classic styles. The brand has teamed up with The United Way Campaign by designing a new “Polo Shirt” with a Haitian flag on it, 100%

January 26th, 2010
10:09 AM EST

Misa Keeps It Real About Diddy: “That Was Some B*tcha*sness”

We know Diddy must be kicking himself… cuz he actually got it right the first time! Justin’s mom, Misa, aka BabyMama #1, had a really interesting interview with Power 105.1′s Cherry Martinez, telling it like it is about their child

January 25th, 2010
8:37 AM EST

For Discussion: Should The U.S. Let More Haitians In The Country?

In the weeks following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, the State Department is facing a critical question — should they increase the number of Haitians allowed in the country so that children in need of medical attention and earthquake survivors

January 24th, 2010
4:17 PM EST

Update: Death Toll in Haiti Reaches Over 150,000

This is so sad:

The truckers filling Haiti’s mass graves with bodies reported ever higher numbers: More than 150,000 quake victims have been buried by the government, an official said Sunday.

January 23rd, 2010
12:51 PM EST

Search and Rescue in Haiti Ends… 111,481 Confirmed Dead

On January 12th a 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti and since that day, there have been 50 aftershocks at 4.5 or higher. The search and rescue has officially ended and as of yesterday 111,481 have been confirmed dead and only 132

January 18th, 2010
3:34 PM EST

How You Can Help Haiti

In the days since the earthquake struck Haiti, it continues to be a critical time for us all to offer our help. We’ve collected a listing of a few organizations and events that are doing their part to raise money

January 16th, 2010
9:36 AM EST

Wyclef’s Charity Records Show Possible Funny Stuff In Past Financials

After leading the charge to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, Wyclef is now in the hot seat about some of the past ways his charity has used its funds. Pop the hood for a closer look.

January 14th, 2010
9:08 AM EST

Does Kelis Have The Same Hair Stylist As Jermaine Jackson?

Kelis landed back in Los Angeles looking like Claymation Jermaine, with a twist. Pop the hood for a better look.

January 12th, 2010
9:06 AM EST

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement

Corinne Bailey showed up on the cover of Billboard this week looking purdy. The British singer has always been far from fugly, but these days she’s looking a lot less like the librarian she resembled when she first appeared on

December 9th, 2009
11:06 AM EST

What A Difference a Day Makes

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted leaving MTV studios in full face. Compared to how Khloe looked yesterday, it’s safe to say that MAC works miracles.

More pics of the two attention whoring through NYC, under the hood.

November 4th, 2009
8:44 AM EST

F*ck A Thug: Los Angeles Family Terrorized By College Prospect… Turned Thug!

Los Angeles is boiling with high school athletes that could have been and should have been success stories. The young man pictured up top, Tyquan Knox, is a perfect example of how his demise and ignorance doesn’t only affect himself,

November 3rd, 2009
6:07 AM EST

Twitter Files: Lindsay Hohan Has the Nerve to Call Somebody a Lunatic

SMH at Lindsay putting her dad on blast via Twitter:

September 28th, 2009
8:17 AM EST

A “Lil Positivity”:Wyclef is about to Enroll at Berklee College in Boston

They say it’s never too late. Wyclef Jean has done everything under the sun when it comes to music. Now there is one thing left for him to conquer…

A Bachelor’s Degree in Music

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