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September 11th, 2011
9:51 AM EST

GTFOHWTBS: Rep For Lindsay Lohan’s Little Sister Ali Says Her New Face Is Normal And Natural

Wow. We don’t what kind of rocks these people are smoking but this excuse for Ali Lohan’s face ain’t cuttin it!!!

September 9th, 2011
1:07 PM EST

Lindsay Lohan Talks About Sister’s Drug Addiction Plastic Surgery And Waifness [Video]

We guess “Crack Addiction” runs in their family… just like lying to the American Public and getting away with it does too.

May 18th, 2011
7:53 AM EST

Lost Her Swag: Lindsay Lohan Gets Tossed Out Of Her Usual Spot Onto Her Pasty, Coked Up Cakes

Lind Lo may be thinking her newfound “sobriety” means her act is cleaned up, but it doesn’t mean that her old buddies trust her again. While trying to get back into one of her old stomping grounds, Lohan got shown

May 9th, 2011
11:53 AM EST

In White Folks Yayo Face News: Hollyweird Convicts Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Beef Is A Wrap

SMH @ Paris Hilton… What’s the point of throwing shade if you’re gonna up and apologize?

April 4th, 2011
12:01 PM EST
March 3rd, 2011
9:44 AM EST
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