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January 16th, 2013
12:16 PM EST

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January 15th, 2013
4:20 PM EST

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January 11th, 2013
4:21 PM EST

Big Boi Shoots Skullcandy Commercial w/ Kate Upton & More Pics Of Kate Upton [Photos]

Atlanta rap delegate and one half of the might OutKast, Big Boi, was in California recently to shoot a commercial with Skullcandy headphones and Kate Upton

January 3rd, 2013
12:37 PM EST

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August 31st, 2012
9:56 AM EST

Meet The Newest Additions To “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”… And One Of Them Is Actually A Real Wife!

We knew something was up when we saw these jawns taking pictures with Nene and Phaedra

July 9th, 2012
11:54 AM EST

8 More Anticipated Hip-Hop Moments (That Will Probably Never Happen)

The release of Dr Dre’s mythical third album. The return of OutKast.

June 26th, 2012
3:54 PM EST

Andre 3000 Shoots Scenes For Jimi Hendrix Biopic [Photos]

Andre 3000 is still in Dublin, Ireland shooting the Jimi Hendrix biopic All By My Side.

June 22nd, 2012
7:40 AM EST

On Them Bath Salts? The Most Famous Biters In The World

The bath salts craze is sweeping the nation.

June 7th, 2012
5:59 PM EST
May 29th, 2012
11:36 AM EST

Andre 3000 On The Set Of Jimi Hendrix Biopic [Photos]

Despite not being sanctioned by the Jimi Hendrix estate, the biopic on the late, great rock musician starring Andre 3000 is still going down.

May 16th, 2012
12:06 PM EST

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May 15th, 2012
7:25 AM EST

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

Jesus it’s a fire… Sweet Brown is that you?