October 13th 8:25am

N.E.R.D and T.I. Chop Down NY

Posted by Bossip Staff T.I., Chaka Kahn, and pictured here, Pharrell with M.I.A., banged off songs in New York over the weekend for Diesel. We know, we can not believe it either, no Tiny. For a clip of the live show, click away…. More concert pictures and MiMi with her boy toy under the hood…

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October 13th 5:44am

CiCi Wants To Help Men Out

Posted by Bossip Staff In these new pictures from, Mens Health Magazine, CiCi is trying to look as far from a boy as possible. We bet this advice is going to have men losing weight while reading it, the healthy way of course. Peep a few more of the little sex kitten up under that…

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October 13th 3:09am

Singers/Rappers “Turnt” Actors

Posted by Bossip Staff This weekend ‘Actors’ Chris Bridges, Tyrese, and Eve attended the 2008 Hollywood Life Style Awards, at which Luda received an award. Alright Mr. Bridges, we see you trying go all Hollyweird. Peep a few more up under that thang when you…

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October 12th 11:58am

She’s Just Mary

Posted by Bossip Staff Your girl Mary did her thing Friday night in Florida. She had the “blue eyed soul singer” Robin Thicke open for her. Aww, he wants to be down so bad. Just look at him. Some more for you to view right about now…

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October 12th 11:35am

A Man Threatens to Shank Mel B’s K-Fraud

Posted by Bossip Staff Some random guy threatened to cut Mel B’s K-fraud, Stephen Belafonte, all the way down in a London airport: A man was arrested at Heathrow airport in London today for going ballistic on Mel B, Stephen Belafonte and a group of photogs. At around 3 PM, Mel, Stephen and their baby…

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October 12th 11:30am

Knocked Up Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff We know ya’ll are sick of seeing your girl Tameka looking crazy, so here.

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October 12th 11:28am

Star Jones:“Those girls were hateful on the View”

Posted by Bossip Staff Star Jones is cleaning out her closet, first to go was gold-digging Gaylord, Al Reynolds, now it’s her old team on the view: “Those girls were hateful,” Jones says of her former co-hosts. In a new interview in the November issue of Essence magazine, Jones also opens up about “falling into…

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October 12th 11:25am

A.I. Welcomes a New Baby Girl

Posted by Bossip Staff Allen Iverson and his wife, Tawanna, have had their share of drama, but it looks as if the two are still going strong as they welcome their family’s newest addition, Dream Alijha Iverson. The Answer is poppin them out like he does not care about the recession. See the little sugar…

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October 12th 11:20am

Homeless Steez: A Family Affair

Posted by Bossip Staff What the f*ck is it with Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz looking like they shop exclusively in the clearance section of the thrift store? These two vagabonds are starting to look so ran over, the homeless will soon be offended to claim them. SMH

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October 11th 3:29pm

If I Were A Boy

Posted by Bossip Staff This Bey’s new Jawn, If I Were A Boy. Did she bite this off Ciara? Are you feelin’ it? For the direct video go to Livesteez.

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October 11th 2:24pm

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Posted by Bossip Staff Michelle Williams was spotted in NY yesterday for the Walk Across America charity event. Bow Wow was also spotted throwing up the dinosaur-old peace sign. SMH. Stop the peace signs, PLEASE! Images via Wireimage

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October 11th 1:05pm

McSame Checks His Ignorant Supporters, Lady Calls Obama an Arab

Posted by Bossip Staff SMH at the old lady’s wig. Not only does she need to stop watching Faux and pick up a book, she needs to use that SSI check and hook her wig up.

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October 11th 12:31pm

It’s a Wrap, Game Over

Posted by Bossip Staff

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October 11th 11:49am

The Artist Formerly Known As

Posted by Bossip Staff A few stars attended Prince’s 21 Nights Book Launch. He is a Jehovah Witness now, but he still looks like the guy who was in Purple Rain, beating out Morris Day. Chapelle, Spike and, Doodoo Dennis Rodman made it to the legendary artist performance, pictures below. WireImage

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October 11th 11:43am

Was Magic’s HIV Claim Suspect????

Posted by Bossip Staff Rumors are flying around that Magic pulled the old, “I have the HIV,” one on us: Magic Johnson says he’s outraged that a pair of Minneapolis talk radio hosts accused him of faking AIDS. KTLK’s Chris Baker and Langdon Perry made the remarks during Baker’s conservative talk show on Wednesday.  Perry…

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