October 31st 1:00pm

Bey and So-So Do Tokyo

Posted by Bossip Staff Beyonce and her kid sister went to Japan to promote the Samantha Thavasa handbags line. It’s so nice that Bey let her kid sister get some work. Aww. There are some more melodramatic interpretations from Ms. Fierce just waiting for you when you…

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October 31st 12:41pm

*Exclusive* Isiah Thomas in Psych Ward

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, the 911 call from the night Isiah felt like ending it all has been released, also confirmation on him being admitted to the psyche ward. Isiah Thomas was confirmed as the person found passed out in his home from an alleged overdose. Now, a newly released police report…

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October 31st 12:00pm

Happy Halloween Folks

Posted by Bossip Staff We here at Bossip would like to wish you and the kiddies a happy and safe Halloween. For those of you who don’t celebrate it, Happy Friday and enjoy the pumpkin butt.

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October 31st 11:58am

Friday Foolishness

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s a little something to get you through the weekend. Enjoy this dutty wine contest where a big gal throws it on a defenseless man and he sho’ nuf handles that @ss.

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October 31st 10:35am

Halloween Honey Ham

Posted by Bossip Staff Doesn’t her @ss look like one of those Honey Baked Hams you get on Thanksgiving or Christmas? Except with this ham, there’s a ninety percent chance that the meat is spoiled. More Halloween booty for you below. You know we wouldn’t let you down.

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October 31st 10:33am

Racism is Her Tic

Posted by Bossip Staff Considering that her mother giggles when she calls the woman behind the counter “N*gger!,” the girl has obviously been home schooled on racism and is now a racist with the inability to hide it. We know the cure to that sh*t and it’s found inside of a brick. It’s a very…

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October 31st 10:30am

Lil Kim’s Face Is Stuck

Posted by Bossip Staff LL, Rocsi, Blood Diamond Russ, and Lil Kimwood, attended the, I AM C.H.A.N.G.E! Get Out The Vote party. Comparing Kim’s original face to her current Jack Nicholson grin, I AM C.H.A.N.G.E should be her motto. Check out the rest of the pictures below. One more picture of the female Norwood below.

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October 31st 10:20am

Samuel L. Jackson is Shonuff Motherf*cka

Posted by Bossip Staff Samuel L. will be playing Shonuff the famed and legendary Karate hero, in a remake of The Last Dragon: Having most recently played a dirty cop in “Lakeview Terrace,” Jackson is set to star as a bad guy again in Columbia Pictures’ remake of Berry Gordy’s 1985 cult classic “The Last…

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October 31st 10:15am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Some Halloween Booty F-Listed Why Does Brad & Angelina Need Six Nannies? Celebslam Sell Out Daddy Yankee Gets Robbed Lossip Halle Berry Drops $1.5 Million on New Home Livesteez Don Cheadle Sign on to Avengers Cele|Bitchy Madonna and A-Rod Spend Time in Hamptons Hollyscoop Gwen Stefani Shows Off Zuma The Blemish…

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October 31st 10:00am

The Face of a Real Monster

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, this good for nothing pinktoe, William Walsh, choked his wife to death after she called him on having a side piece: A New York man confesses to police that he choked his wife, a special needs teacher, to death, dumped her body in the woods and then faked…

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October 31st 8:10am

MiMi and Nick Sitting in a Tree

Posted by Bossip Staff Mimi and Nick couldn’t stay out of each other’s mouths at Mariah’s Halloween party Marquee, not even while his mom posed with them. She and her husband wore two different his and her costumes. First, they were an anorexic fireman and a slutty firewoman. Then they changed it up to something…

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October 31st 8:05am

Mike Epps “Big Girls”

Posted by Bossip Staff You know that Mike Epps is a fool so enjoy. Shout out to all the Big Girls.

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October 31st 8:02am

From Dusk Til Dawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Dawn of Danity Kane hosted her “From Dusk Til Dawn” Halloween party and of course Que from Day 26 came through and even a real singer like Chrisette Michele. A little more d-list love for ya when you pop the hood…

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October 31st 7:40am

Cops Call Bullsh*t on Isiah Thomas

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, Isiah is denying the fact he fell out and was on the floor when the one-time arrived: Officers who responded to Isiah Thomas’ home after a 911 call reporting an overdose on sleeping pills found a man passed out on the floor and gave him oxygen until an…

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October 30th 3:44pm

Coon of The Day

Posted by Bossip Staff We know what you are thinking, it has got to be T-Pain right? No, the coon of the day is the iced out idiot to the right of him, Slave Boi: Last week in Atlanta, in a interview with Soulja Boy Tell Em. A reporter asked him, “What historical figure do…

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