January 26th 9:00am

For the Stans

Posted by Bossip Staff We have a video of your girl Beyonce doing a narration of what she felt while shooting the Dereon and House of Dookie Dereon collection in Bermuda. Pop the hood and take a gander at the video plus more pictures of Bey bouncing out from LAX…

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January 26th 9:00am

Some Monday Strangé

Posted by Bossip Staff Well, well, well, looky here. 60 year-old Icon Grace Jones is featured on the cover of the latest V magazine. Yeah we said 60 years old. Damn, she hasn’t changed a bit since she was trying to get “Marcus Graham” to beat that thang up in Boomerang. Peep 3rd thumbnail for…

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January 26th 8:50am

Where, Oh, Where Are My Cakes???

Posted by Bossip Staff Your girl, Rihanna, was in Monterey looking high and low for her cakes.  They’re not there, Rihanna.  In fact, they aren’t anywhere judging from the first pic below.  Poor thang. A couple up under the hood…

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January 26th 8:40am

Ho’ Sit Down: Republicans Against President Obama’s Stimulus Plan

Posted by Bossip Staff The Repubes’ are giving our President a hard time about his Stimulus Package: Republicans plan to test President Barack Obama’s commitment to bipartisanship as his $825 billion stimulus package heads to the floor of the House of Representatives this week, with the House Republican leader saying Sunday morning that many in…

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January 26th 8:30am

GQ Names Andre 3000 a “Best New Designer in America”

Posted by Bossip Staff Although his Benjamin Bixby clothing line sales are in the dump, Andre 3000 still has something to smile about:

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January 26th 8:25am

Taraji P. Henson’s Star Shines at SAG Awards

Posted by Bossip Staff Although our girl, Taraji P. Henson, didn’t win a SAG award, she still looked glamorous as ever just for good measure.  We’re still very proud of her for her nomination, though. Taye Diggs and his wife, Viola Davis, Keisha and Forest Whitaker, and more Taraji below. A few more when you…

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January 26th 8:24am

Jay-Z’s New Love Affair

Posted by Bossip Staff Jay-Z can add art to his list of things he loves in addition to Beyonce’s jelly:

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January 26th 8:23am

Suge Knight Sued for 6 Milli for Hiding Death Row Auction Items

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy, Suge Knight, is being sued by the collectors of  his auctioned items for doing them dirty and hiding memorabilia all over the U.S.: The firm, Kaye Scholer, is claiming that they had to his Suge with the hefty bill because they had to go use extraordinary means to track…

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January 26th 8:23am

SENATOR Oprah Winfrey?!?!

Posted by Bossip Staff That’s right boys and girls, Shady Blago considered Oprah to replace Obama in the Senate:

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January 26th 8:22am

Lawsuit Against Lil’ John Dropped

Posted by Bossip Staff Lucky for Lil’ John, a judge tossed out a lawsuit against him that could have cost him some stacks:

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January 26th 7:00am

Brandy and Ray J on the Party Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Norwood family accidents, Brandy and Ray J, hit up the Sugar Shane Mosley fight after party this weekend.  Brandy and Ray J, though?  So much for winning. Pop the hood for more exciting photos.  SMH

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January 26th 6:43am

The Lakers Secret Formula

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at this swole up beast.  It all makes sense how the Lakers took the Spurs down and what Michael Clarke Duncan’s role was in the entire thing.  Homeboy needs to lay off the protein for a few years.  Sh*t. More pics up under the hood.

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January 25th 11:25am

Tom Joyner Says Beyonce Was Crying At Inauguration Cause She is Stuck With Jay-Z

Posted by Bossip Staff Tom Joyner allegedly is calling out the “Thug Lovin Beyonce” for her crying performance when she sang to the first lady and our President: Tom said that this whole experience is probably going to make a difference with a bunch of folks because they are going to want to do better.…

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January 25th 11:24am

Eddy Curry’s 3 Year Old Son Sees Mother and Sister Murdered

Posted by Bossip Staff Tragedy has struck for Eddy Curry again as his 3 year old son witnessed the murder of his mom and sister:

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January 25th 11:15am

This One or That One With Meagan Good

Posted by Bossip Staff Meagan Good gets the most out of her clothes, most would agree with that statement.  With regard to those boots, do you like them better in the outfit above, or in this ensemble?  We’re gonna go with the latter, but she is still hella-proper above as she was headed to My…

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