March 28th 8:34am

Can I Help You?

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out your girl, Ciara, peeping the woeful Knicks as they took on the Hornets at Madison Square Garden in NY. We can’t really blame homegirl for wanting to watch the game in peace, but fame comes at a price. More Ci Ci when you

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March 28th 8:00am

SMH: Rising Defense Attorney Stabbed 38 Times by Husband

Posted by Bossip Staff The young lady above, Chiquita Tate, was given an unwarranted one-way ticket to meet her maker courtesy of her husband, the alleged offender, down in Baton Rouge: Slain attorney Chiquita Tate was such a believer in the legal system that she had a tattoo of Lady Justice on her back, college…

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March 28th 7:30am

For the Love of Art

Posted by Bossip Staff Alicia Keys hit up the National Black Theatre in NY in support of something she holds near and dear to her heart: Art. It looks as though she got a little creative with her get up as well. More A. Keys when you pop it.

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March 28th 7:15am

Black is Back In

Posted by Bossip Staff If you have not noticed, Black is back in. The leader of the free world is black and many other people of color are leading the way in other fields. Pop the hood to see the long list of people to emulate.

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March 28th 7:00am

On the Set With Jamie Foxx

Posted by Bossip Staff Peep Jamie Foxx and co-stars, Regina Hall and Emerald-Angel Young, on the set of “Law Abiding Citizen” in the city of brotherly love. It seems as though anything Foxx touches is all but certified, so who’s checking for this movie when it hits theaters? Crawl into the fox hole to check…

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March 28th 6:30am

Facebook Users vs. the Pope

Posted by Bossip Staff Remember the Pope’s questionable sentiments regarding condoms and the spread of AIDS? Well, certain people said, “to Hell with that,” and have taken to Facebook groups to rally for their cause: Critics took to the social networking site Facebook to voice their fury over Pope Benedict’s remark that condoms do not…

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March 28th 6:15am

Old School Meets Older School

Posted by Bossip Staff Two NBA studs of their time, Alonzo Mourning and Dr. J, played  18 holes at the Jazz in the Gardens Celebrity Golf Classic in Florida. Anthony Hamilton, Edrin Jame and more when you…

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March 28th 6:00am

Black Eyed Peas Do Miami

Posted by Bossip Staff Fergie, and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas performed at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. They have been, and always will be, an interesting combination of individuals. We’re sure the show was a “must see.” Fergie looking proper and more BEP’s pics if you

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March 28th 5:59am

TI Post Sentencing Press Conference

Posted by Bossip Staff After TI received his sentence yesterday he held a press conference giving thanks and apologies to all those involved in his case. Pop the thang to see TI give his awesome message to the youth.

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March 28th 5:37am

Shamy Guy Arrested for Beating Hooker to Pulp

Posted by Bossip Staff Vince Shlomi here is the spokesman in infomercials for the, ShamWow. He knotted up a hooker who bit his tongue and was arrested:

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March 28th 5:00am

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Posted by Bossip Staff We wouldn’t dare put our finger on the problem. Maybe you Bossip Folk can help us out this Saturday… What is Wrong With This Picture???

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March 27th 2:16pm

*Exclusive* Rih: “I’m Single, But I’m not Swirlin’ Just Yet”

Posted by Bossip Staff There was Shia LaBeouf, Wilmer Valderama, and now the NY Post claims that Rih was swirlin’ it up with Brody Jenner last night. Our source says otherwise:

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March 27th 12:40pm

Jada Pinkett says “I Don’t Give A D@mn That You Think My Marriage is Fake”

Posted by Bossip Staff To all those people who think that Will and Jada’s marriage is a sham, you can kindly kiss Mrs. Smith’s ass:

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March 27th 10:10am

One-Time Pull Heat on NFL Player Rushing to Hospital Because of Mother Dying

Posted by Bossip Staff Ryan  Moats was rushing to the hospital to assist his dying mother in-law. Dallas police drew down on him and his family, then detained the family for fifteen minutes outside of the damn hospital while their moms passed away: As a storm of outrage gathered over his department, Dallas Police Chief…

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March 27th 10:05am

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff Alfie is NOT the Father! F-Listed Brad and Angelina Sleep in Separate Rooms Celebslam J. Lo Spotted in Tokyo Lossip New Hampshire Approves Same Sex Marriage Bill Livesteez Officials Confirm Madonna is Adopting 3-Year-Old Girl, Mercy ICYDK Rihanna Ignores Jessica Simpson’s Letter Offering Support After Abuse Cele|Bitchy Michelle Obama Gushes About…

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