December 10th 10:18am

Nas: F*ck Dipset

Posted by Bossip Staff Nas performed in Sacramento, Cali Friday and took the time to go at Dipset with a big F*CK DIPSET! Click here for the video via Youtube. Why are OG’s like Nas and Joe Camel Jay paying these dudes any attention?

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December 10th 6:01am

Does She Even Date Black Guys?

Posted by Bossip Staff Venus Williams was spotted with her boyfriend in Miami for Superbowl weekend. She needs to buy that reformed-skinhead looking dude some new gear. SMH. The beach picture is from last year.

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December 9th 2:49pm

New Mary J Blige: We Ride ( I See The Future)

Posted by Bossip Staff And now for the undisputed Queen of R&B. This video premiered yesterday on MTV. It so happens Rihanna who was crowned the Queen of R&B by some little magazine has a video named “We Ride” as well. Mary was nominated for 8 Grammy’s earlier this week while 18- year-old Rihanna beat…

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December 9th 6:56am

Rihanna The Queen of R&B?

Posted by Bossip Staff ARENA magazine which bills itself as the “world’s dumbest smartest men’s magazine” named Rihanna the “official queen of R&B” and here are some pics from the Arena shoot. Rihanna is definitely one of the hottest in the game but Queen of R&B she is not, at least over here in America…

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December 8th 5:33pm

Quote of The Week: Diddy

Posted by Bossip Staff “Pick an actress, which one I ain’t swim in” – Diddy’s verse on WE FLY HIGH REMIX (Jim Jones) New York Daily News last month: Diddy spent some quality time with gorgeous Penelope Cruz (in a messy updo/bouffant with curly tendrils around her face) in a corner booth at Marquee on…

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December 8th 9:00am

The Feds Got Blade: Wesley Snipes Arrested at Orlando Airport

Posted by Bossip Staff Via TMZ: TMZ has learned Wesley Snipes has been arrested and taken into custody by federal authorities. The actor was arrested Friday morning after arriving at Orlando International Airport. Snipes said he was a scapegoat and unfairly targeted by prosecutors in connection with a federal tax fraud investigation. Snipes had been…

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December 8th 8:27am

For Those of You Who Said False….

Posted by Bossip Staff To the BJay wedding rumors, you were correct!!! Ding Ding Ding!!!! Here’s what really happened: Monday night, right after Beyoncé walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of “Dreamgirls,” she shanghaied her unsuspecting rap-star boyfriend to an airport where she’d chartered two customized 757s. (One had a 20-seat movie…

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December 8th 6:38am

Russell Simmons Not Giving Up

Posted by Bossip Staff This Viagra dude is not giving up on model Petra Nemcova. He followed her to Miami to attend a Burlesque peformance at the Delano Hotel yesterday. Petra has repeatedly stated to the media that she is in love with her boyfriend, singer James Blunt. Petra recently turned down Russell’s invitation to…

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December 8th 6:20am

The FUBU Files: Fantasia

Posted by Bossip Staff SMH, come on Fantasia, with a name like that you need to work some magic and upgrade the game quick. You’re supposed to bring your “A” game when promoting yourself, Fantasia consistently brings her “F” game(FUBU). Fantasia performed at her record pre-release party in NYC last night. “Can’t Touch This…..My-my-my-my music…

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December 8th 6:10am

FILL IN THE BLANK: Harold Perrineau

Posted by Bossip Staff Actor Harold Perrineau (The Best Man, Link in Matrix, Oz, Lost)) and his wife “Brittany” attended the Armani Exchange and Details Magazine “Insider” party last night FILL IN THE BLANK: Harold Perrineau is smiling because________________.

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December 8th 5:06am

The New Hollyweird Cult Crew

Posted by Bossip Staff They got Marc under a spell J LO, run from these scientology aliens, come back to the hood before it’s too late. Hollyweird is trying to turn you out the cult way. Hollyweird Scientology was out recruiting last night at the world premeire of “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Little Katie Holmes…

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December 7th 1:16pm

FILL IN THE BLANK: Mark Wahlberg AKA Marky Mark

Posted by Bossip Staff Marky Mark attended a Christmas charity event sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of America yesterday. FILL IN THE BLANK: If you saw a “random” white guy (looking like Marky Mark here in this pic) in a store posin with your son, cousin, or nephew, you would_____________________. Another Mark: John…

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December 7th 12:51pm

Melanie Brown AKA Scary Spice to Eddie Murphy: You’re The Father of My Baby

Posted by Bossip Staff Via People Magazine: Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown insists ex-boyfriend Eddie Murphy is the father of the baby she’s carrying and says she can’t imagine why he would publicly question the child’s paternity. “I am obviously upset and distressed at some of the comments made by Eddie Murphy to the media,”…

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December 7th 12:01pm


Posted by Bossip Staff FILL IN THE BLANK: The time has come for Beyonce to ___________________ Pic spotted at Crunk and Disorderly. Beyonce: Bitch, you know I wanted the Effie part and to get all the shine in this movie.

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December 7th 11:21am

Mary J. Blige Ganks 8 Grammy Nominations

Posted by Bossip Staff Mary J. Blige just made a lot of folks mad by banging out 8 Grammy nominations today. Big props goes over to the Mary J. Blige camp-it’s good to see someone like Mary stay true to game and be rewarded for it. Mary just copped a Billboard Music Award for best…

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