January 13th 8:30am

Macy Gray: Dazed and Confused Part II

Posted by Bossip Staff Haggard songstress Macy Gray was spotted looking like this while partying -seemingly alone – in Hollyweird last night. This daffy jawn is straight comical. Check the flipside for more sh*ts & giggles.

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January 12th 12:50pm

Who Looked More Bangin’ Golden Globes Edition

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is your girl J Lo and Beyonce with her signature robot pose at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin’? More pics and a list of the winners under the hood

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January 12th 12:20pm

Rihanna: “Keep Your Hands off My Man”

Posted by Bossip Staff Pull out the Vaseline – manufactured diva hopeful, Alexandra Burke, is trying to push up on Breezy, and RiRi is not having any of that: Rihanna is keeping boyfriend Chris Brown on a tight leash – she has banned him from having any contact with British pop star Alexandra Burke, according…

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January 12th 12:19pm

Is Tracy Morgan a Modern-Day Sambo, Coon????

Posted by Bossip Staff Is it just us or is Tracy Morgan a modern day Sambo, shuckin’ and jivin’ to get a nice laugh from white folks?

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January 12th 12:10pm

Random Reality Show Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff With the Flavor of Love not returning to the realm of lawlessness, aka Reality T.V., a bunch of other folks are putting their bids in to have their own reality show.  Get a load of what’s what when you…

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January 12th 12:00pm

So That’s Why a $Milli Isn’t Enough for Sheree

Posted by Bossip Staff Rumor has it that the reason Sheree Whitfield needs more stacks from her ex-hubby is because she’s dropping a clothing line:

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January 12th 11:55am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Posted by Bossip Staff Lady Gaga and Her Studded Panties F- Listed Teairra Mari’s New Vid “Hunt 4 U” Livesteez Golden Globe Hotness: Latina Style Lossip Separated at Birth: Jay Z & Craig Mack Bossip Throwback

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January 12th 11:50am

Obama Stops to Grab a Bite

Posted by Bossip Staff President Obama told his staff to make a quick pit stop to the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C. People were in awe, and rightfully so. During the stop, Mr. President took the time to order his own damn food, and play with a few kids before tackling his chili dog like it stole something.…

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January 12th 11:50am

Bad Music = Bad Economy?

Posted by Bossip Staff For those of you who believe that music is a reflection of what’s going on in society, your suspicions may be confirmed. Peep what Beyonce‘s newest hit may indicate: Beyoncé’s worldwide hit, Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), is not just catchy – it may spell doom for international finance.

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January 12th 11:45am

Ne-Yo: “Prince Made Me Act Like a Schoolgirl”

Posted by Bossip Staff Ne-Yo has a jones something awful for Prince and wants to get at him asap:

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January 12th 11:30am

Serena Williams Stuntin’ With $2.5 Milli Worth of Diamonds

Posted by Bossip Staff She didn’t have to hurt ‘em like this, though.  Serena came out and tried to blind those Aussies with all the ice she had on:

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January 12th 11:20am

The World To Dubya: Good F*%king Riddance!

Posted by Bossip Staff In his last miserable days in office, George W. Bush wished Barack well as our new Head of State: President Bush held his final formal news conference [this morning] The final question is whether Bush thinks President-elect Barack Obama can be a “uniter,

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January 12th 11:17am

Gucci Mane Knocks a Woman the *Expletive* Out!!!

Posted by Bossip Staff Round 1 starts at about the 2 min mark. Gucci Mane jump-punching the broad in the face was some kinda uncalled for, that’s for damn sure.  But, the ebonics and f*ckery spewed by her after is also quite tragic.  SMH

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January 12th 10:27am

Another Day, Another Black Man Shot in the Back

Posted by Bossip Staff Well, y’all, it looks like they’ve taken another one of us down by shooting us in the back.  They must have been trying to send a clear message because they shot Adolph Grimes III 12 times in the back:

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January 12th 10:00am

Jim Jones and Dipset on XXL…Still No Sign of Camron

Posted by Bossip Staff No matter if you love em’ or hate em’, Lil Juelz Santana and Jim Jones are still doing the damn thing in the hip-hop world. Why wouldn’t Cam’ron want to be a part of this? “I tell people I couldn’t do business with him. But I will say he gave me…

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