June 9th 5:15pm

Is Weezy Slippin’??

Posted by Bossip Staff Word is, some folks really aren’t feeling Lil Wayne’s new CD. Here’s what one critic had to say about “Tha Carter III”: “Wayne attempts live up to his own hype, but falls short. The disc is a frustratingly uneven effort that’s filled safe songs aimed at commercial radio and a few…

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June 9th 3:14pm

Nelly & The Artist Formerly Known As…..

Posted by Bossip Staff Here he goes again. “Diddy” is up to his usual tricks: So long P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean John, and Puffy. Sean Combs has started using his Puff Daddy namesake again – over a decade after he achieved stardom with the moniker. ‘They call me Puff Daddy… he’s back,’ the mogul raps…

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June 9th 2:01pm

Aloha MiMi

Posted by Bossip Staff Mariah Carey was spotted all bronzed-up in Hawaii recently while shooting the video for “I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time.” Looks like all those late night sessions with her boy-toy/hubby are keeping her in tip-top shape. More of MiMi below.

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June 9th 1:50pm

Missy Makes a Comeback

Posted by Bossip Staff Missy Elliot talks about her new album and the future of Hip-Hop in the upcoming edition of Billboard Magazine: Billboard:What are your thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop? “Well, if anyone knows me, they’d know I try not to listen to the radio or watch TV. I’ve been doing that…

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June 9th 10:58am

Family Ties

Posted by Bossip Staff The handsome and debonnaire Blair Underwood attended an Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation event this weekend with wife Desiree DaCosta and kids. Check the thumbs to get a glimpse of Garcelle Beavais-Nilon, along with her husband and twin boys and Tichina Arnold and daughter Alijah Kai, also spotted at the event…

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June 9th 9:39am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff Bobby Brown talks about Usher in his tell-all book that has been pushed back: “I’ve always considered myself ‘The King of Stage.’ To this very day, I still don’t think anyone can get with me on the stage. I own the stage. I watched one of Usher’s shows and he basically…

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June 9th 9:38am

Taken Off Guard

Posted by Bossip Staff Chris Rock was nearly arrested on rape charges recently. Click HERE to read the full scoop and learn out the root of the “accusations.” Also in the news, Janet Janet and Def Jam may be through. With a new tour in the works, this is the last thing Ms. Jackson needs.…

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June 9th 9:37am

The Softer Side of Serena

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are the inside shots of Serena Williams in the recent issue of Ebony. These are some of the best pics we’ve seen of Serena and her muscle booty. She looks beautiful. Shout out to ICETDOTCOM

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June 9th 9:36am

Another Bright Idea From the Mind of Naomi Campbell

Posted by Bossip Staff Many folks have deep issues. Some use sex to cope, some smoke rocks, while others use children: “The catwalk queen, 38, is desperate to become a mother and recently had an operation to help her fulfill her dream. Although Campbell doesn’t specify her condition or give any details about the surgery,…

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June 9th 9:05am

Spike To Clint: Fall Back Geezer

Posted by Bossip Staff Last week Clint Eastwood had what some would call a “racist moment” when he said Spike Lee should “shut his face.” Here’s Lee’s response: ‘First of all, the man is not my father and we’re not on a plantation. The thing about it though, I didn’t personally attack him. And a…

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June 9th 8:24am

Another Day, Another Arrest

Posted by Bossip Staff Warren G was arrested for riding dirty: Warren Griffin III and a man named Ryan Butler were pulled over for running a red light around 2 AM PT Sunday morning in Hollywood. Butler was driving. When cops searched the car, they found enough marijuana to arrest both men for possession of…

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June 9th 7:55am

Struggling to Stay Relevant

Posted by Bossip Staff Recently divorced sawed-off has-been Gary Coleman was spotted on the Red Carpet of the TV Land Awards yesterday. Ole Gary was joined by the likes of one-time supermodel, Beverly Johnson, the legendary Vanessa Williams and comedian Kym Whitley. Check out more pics below. Much more, including Diddy at Tribe Hyper Club…

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June 8th 12:39pm


Posted by Bossip Staff Ricky Ross and Fox Boogie are in love: “They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna [be] the next Big Hip-Hop couple. They both are in love.” Foxy Brown has grown close to Rick Ross’ family, his kids and his mother.In…

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June 8th 12:00pm

Who Looked More Bangin??

Posted by Bossip Staff Mary J. Blige and Dania Ramirez hit up various events this week rockin that long, flowy, elegant steez. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin??? View more images and a Blast from the Past under the hood…

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June 8th 11:44am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Hovvy Hov stay making moves. Here he is leaving a business meeting in NYC to discuss starting an advertising agency. You gotta respect the man’s business swag for real. Check out the “A Billi” track below: View some pics of post-pregnancy banger Halle Berry right about now…

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