November 14th 6:05am

Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Bossip Staff Both Jamie Foxx and Doug E. Fresh can do some amazing things with their mouths that have the potential to make a girl’s back arch something awful. With that being said, which one would you hit? More pics from the Entertainment League Basketball Tip-off Party below. A couple more when you…

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November 13th 12:30pm

Pregnant Man Pregnant Again

Posted by Bossip Staff Remember the half man, Thomas Beatie, who had a baby a while back and was on Oprah…well he/she is back and pregnant again: Thomas Beatie — the “pregnant man” who made headlines and gave his first exclusive interview to Oprah Winfrey and People magazine — is pregnant again. Barbara Walters —…

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November 13th 12:00pm

A Cure for AIDS???

Posted by Bossip Staff There has been a breakthrough in the fight against the Aids epidemic according to Livesteez: Tennesse-based radio station, WGNS Talk Radio, is reporting that doctors in Berlin, Germany may have found a cure for AIDS. In what could be the most significant breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS, doctors in Berlin,…

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November 13th 11:00am

Lil’ Wayne Performs at the CMA’s

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil’ Wayne performed at the Country Music Awards in Nashville. Can you imagine the shock and horror on those white peoples’ faces when they announced there was a special guest, and it was a real live negro? Some people probably demanded their money back. A few more pics for you below.

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November 13th 10:12am

Kanye on The Cover of Fader

Posted by Bossip Staff This is Kanye’s crunchy mug on the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of Fader magazine. Here’s a charming quote from the article: “What I want is for people to realize at this point is, I don’t give a f*uck. That’s why I made this album. I’m using auto-tune because I…

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November 13th 10:00am

Does The Obama Ho Bother You?

Posted by Bossip Staff The “Obama Girl” is still trying to mix some skank in with the righteousness of Barack Obama. Does this ho bother you? You know a blonde or two will be trying to set up “Brother Barack” with some brains on the low. JUST SAY NO!

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November 13th 9:40am

Tyra Touches 50 Cent’s Yuck Mouth

Posted by Bossip Staff Bugs Monkey played down the gangster persona in a Tyra interview during which she felt compelled to finger his bullet wound like it was some kind of magic lamp. Bugsy looks like a happy puppy with that ear to ear grin. Take a gander at him licking her makeup, yea you read…

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November 13th 9:30am

Jumping The Broom

Posted by Bossip Staff It looks like the two love birds are getting hitched: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are about to get engaged in the romance capital of the world. The happy couple fly out from London tomorrow for a minibreak to Paris – where the lovers will choose their rings. And then they’ll…

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November 13th 9:25am

Jim Jones Musical: Pure Bufoonery

Posted by Bossip Staff This is a video of your boy Jim Jones taking a stab at performing in a musical. He certainly doesn’t need a stage and an entire cast for us to find him amusing. Truth be told; any grown man whose “swag” consists of him walking around with his shirt off and…

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November 13th 9:10am

Ludacris Issues a Challenge

Posted by Bossip Staff Ludacris tells Madden players to come and get some: Rapper Ludacris set to put on his shoulder pads and grab his controller to take on gamers on Madden NFL 09, via Xbox Live on November 17th. If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, you can send the rapper a friend request…

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November 13th 9:06am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

Posted by Bossip Staff Florida’s own Tack Mistress Trina showed up to a Blazing 103.2 event looking like someone put Chaquita Banana on the ho stroll. We must ask, Are You Feelin’ This Get Up??? Catch your girl’s best side below.

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November 13th 9:05am

The Whitney Album Cover is a Fake

Posted by Bossip Staff It seems Whitney’s Stans have a rock addiction as well, because the album cover is a photoshopped picture of Naomi Campbell. SMH at the things crackheads will do to get a fix.

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November 13th 9:05am

Beyonce Does V

Posted by Bossip Staff Your girl Bey is on the cover of V magazine emoting. Can you feel it? Well, probably not, but at least she looks good. Check out her spread below. Pop the hood for more of Lady Bey in all her “fierceness.”

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November 13th 8:58am

Kanye’s Now Accepting Applications

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye is looking to settle down, but can’t find the right woman: “I want to have kids,” he tells PEOPLE. “But I want to have the right girl too – someone who really cares about me.” Still, the savvy hip-hop star is no easy prey. “When I’m in a club, girls…

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November 13th 8:33am

Who Looks More Bangin’???

Posted by Bossip Staff Beyonce is having an extended bipolar episode and is taking this whole Sasha Fierce business over the top especially rocking that moto-gogo corset. Since she’s had separate photo shoots for her split personalites, we must ask: Who Looks More Bangin’??? Check out Beyasha Fierce below More melodramatics when you pop the…

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