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July 16th, 2011
3:05 PM EST
July 14th, 2011
9:55 AM EST

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Three-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Herself While Dad Left Her Home Alone To Go See Girlfriend

This is so sad:

St. Louis police said three-year-old Lilianna Moore was home alone when she accidentally shot herself in the head.

July 12th, 2011
12:41 PM EST

Sh*t Is Real In Newark: 13 Shot, 1 Dead Including A 15 Year-Old

Someone must have been shooting one helluva gun…

July 12th, 2011
8:41 AM EST

Jesus Take The Wheel: 14-Year-Old Dies At Slumber Party After Drinking Soda Spiked With Alcohol

This is sad:

Alcohol was a likely factor in the death of a 14-year-old Northern California girl

July 11th, 2011
4:05 PM EST
July 8th, 2011
9:34 AM EST

Jesus Take The Wheel: Black Gunman Kills 5 Adults, 2 Kids Before Going The Coward Route And Turning The Gun On Himself

SMH, 34-year-old Roderick Beltzer must have woken up with a death wish yesterday.

July 7th, 2011
11:54 AM EST

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Shaniya Davis’ Crackhead Mama Finally Back In Jail After Being Indicted For 1st Degree Murder Charges

Just as Casey Anthony prepares to walk free another epitome of a bad mother — Antoinette Davis is headed back to the clink.

July 7th, 2011
10:02 AM EST
July 7th, 2011
7:34 AM EST
July 6th, 2011
11:20 AM EST
July 5th, 2011
2:33 PM EST

BREAKING NEWS: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse OR Manslaughter!!!!

After all of these months and one of the most expensive trials in the history of the State of Florida, Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of all but the smallest of the seven charges against her.

July 4th, 2011
11:04 AM EST

Jesus Take The Wheel! 2 Year-Old And Father Killed, 3 Others Shot Execution Style In Pennsylvania!!

WTF?! What kind of sick, disgusting, person shoots a 2 year-old?!?


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