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November 21st, 2012
1:08 PM EST

Laura Govan “I Love Being A Bully!”: Should We Hold This “Blackxican” To Same Standard As Tami Roman? [Video]

Why isn’t this duck called out for being ratchet and a bully like Tami Roman? Laura is admitting it and owning it now!

November 7th, 2012
10:43 PM EST
October 25th, 2012
9:44 AM EST

It’s No Cosby Show, But Hey: 9 Underrrated Black TV Shows That Should Have Got More Love

Were you watching? If you were, I’m sure you understand what I’m saying…

October 7th, 2012
10:05 AM EST
September 18th, 2012
6:06 PM EST

They Certainly Love To Work Together: 15 Black Celebrities Who Boo Up Repeatedly In Movies and Music

They might not be your Bey and Jay or Kimye, but we love them just the same when they’re together on film or in music.

August 29th, 2012
9:11 AM EST
August 28th, 2012
8:28 AM EST

Hermain Cain Loves Him Some Mitt Romney And Says “There Are A Lot Of Closet Conservative Black People Who Think For Themselves”

Big Daddy Cain was at the GOP convention speaking on how more black people are becoming republicans…


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