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December 29th, 2008
9:00 AM EST

Kanye West is Off His Rocker

Posted by Bossip Staff

We knew Yeezy was a strange bird, but this is on some other ‘ish:

A source said: “Kanye has started this strange new ritual of chanting these spiritual songs. He thinks it rids his space of

December 27th, 2008
12:10 PM EST

Are You Feelin’ This Get-UP?

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is your girl, Donatella Versace, showing off that dime body of hers while on vacation this week. It’s like someone put together some gumbo of everything that is wrong in the world and slapped it

December 27th, 2008
9:47 AM EST

Cassie Wanted a ‘Platinum Album’ For Christmas

Posted by Bossip Staff

Cassie recently listed her Christmas wish list which includes her album sales hitting platinum. We think she left out being Diddy’s “official girl”.

Do you think she will have a music career after her second album?

December 24th, 2008
9:35 AM EST

Keyshia Cole Wants a Family

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keyshia Cole wants to have a family sooner rather than later:

December 23rd, 2008
8:27 AM EST

Britney’s Family Cashing in on Her Success

Posted by Bossip Staff

Britney’s dad was already receiving $10 stacks a month, for taking care of Britney, now a judge just bumped his pay up and gave him backpay:

December 19th, 2008
8:10 AM EST

Ho, Sit Down: Madonna Can’t Stay Over on Christmas Eve

Posted by Bossip Staff

Madonna’s husband, Guy, doesn’t want that old ho spending the night on Christmas Eve:

Madge, 50, hoped they could put aside their differences for one day, to have a family celebration at the country mansion they

December 15th, 2008
9:42 AM EST

Spotted: Mel B and Family

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mel B and her make-shift family were seen shopping out at the grove in L.A. over the weekend.  Check out that cute little baby girl screaming as if she just saw her daddy, Eddie Murphy

December 10th, 2008
9:00 AM EST

NFL Star, Corey Dillon, Taken for a Fast One

Posted by Bossip Staff

Corey Dillon wants his stacks back:

Former NFL rushing champion Corey Dillon is all fired up over a Ferrari deal gone bad — dude claims he got taken for more than $500,000 by some fast guys

December 9th, 2008
9:32 AM EST

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Fantasia

Posted by Bossip Staff

If you thought financial problems only accompanied Suge Knight, Damon Dash, or Michael Jackson, then you have it twisted. Fantasia is having housing trouble:

November 25th, 2008
9:23 AM EST

Where is Mariah Carey?

Posted by Bossip Staff

Look at that poor thang, Nick Cannon, doing corny stuff, like double pointing, to try to avert our attention from his sad puppy dog eyes. Is this the first sign that this marriage is on the

November 24th, 2008
11:27 AM EST

Kelly Rowland Does the “Other Awards Show”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland attended and performed at the MTV Africa Music Awards in Nigeria. Poor thang couldn’t get a spot performing at the AMA’s in the U.S. like her Destiny’s Child band-mate, so she had to

November 23rd, 2008
10:55 AM EST

When The Checks Stop Coming In

Posted by Bossip Staff

Wyclef’s Miami crib is being foreclosed:

Proving that foreclosures spare no one, a Miami Beach property owned by hip-hopper Wyclef Jean is about to be auctioned on the proverbial courthouse steps, according to court records.


November 21st, 2008
8:19 AM EST

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff

Lisa Raye, Brandy and Queen Pen (among others) kicked it at Club LQ in NY last night and were photographed throwing up that generic ass, wack ass peace sign. We hope Queen Pen is not wearing

November 20th, 2008
12:40 PM EST

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff

Brandy revealed some information about why she lied to the world:

Singer Brandy opens up for the first time to Us Weekly about her fake marriage and the “traumatic” car accident that left one person dead.

November 19th, 2008
11:07 AM EST

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff

Dallas Austin, the originator of the term “Fu*kin’ for Tracks” puts the little Atlanta House “Wife” Kim on blast:

“We are not doing a song, we are not doing an album … that was


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