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February 24th, 2012
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February 23rd, 2012
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February 22nd, 2012
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February 20th, 2012
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February 18th, 2012
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February 17th, 2012
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February 17th, 2012
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February 17th, 2012
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February 16th, 2012
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February 14th, 2012
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The Side-Eye: Oprah Winfrey Apologizes For Her Thirsty Tweet Begging Folks To Watch Her OWN Network During The Grammy’s

C’mon Oprah, you know cotdamn well that we DGAF about your lil’ punk a$$ channel!

February 12th, 2012
11:46 AM EST

Congratulations???: A List Of The Grammy Awards’ Most “WTF-Worthy” Moments

The Grammy’s are tonight but let’s look back at some of the most controversial and WTF moments of the past awards!


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