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September 18th, 2007
9:46 AM EST

Orenthal Requests Reading Glasses and a Bible

Posted by Bossip Staff

OJ’s experience at the Clark County Detention Center is so horrible, poor thang.

Via TMZ:

“It’s friggin’ cold, first off. The [beds] are horrible,” says an ex-inmate to the New York Post. O.J. is confined

September 17th, 2007
6:46 PM EST

A Whole Lot of Cheating in Miami

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip headed for divorce.

Shaq, D-Wade, and Kobe is probably next. We think we are going to start up a company offering child support insurance to celebs. Siohvaughn, who just had a baby, is rumored

September 15th, 2007
9:56 AM EST

No Cents Turn to Be a Crybaby: If Ye’ Gets Jay-Z, Let Me Bring Eminem

Posted by Bossip Staff

No Cents is saying he may not do a BET show again because they didn’t tell him that Ye’ was going to bring out Jay-Z to perform on 106th and Park:

50 says he felt “upstaged”

September 13th, 2007
8:22 AM EST

There’s Something About Remy: More Charges

Posted by Bossip Staff

Remy Ma is making sure she follows in the footsteps of Lil Kim and Foxy, she just was hit with more charges:

Hip-hop hellion Remy Ma – already facing up to 25 years on charges she

September 9th, 2007
10:10 PM EST

Game Over

Posted by Bossip Staff

This is Britney Spears tonight at the VMA’s. She was partying all weekend with Diddy and he may have worn out her back at some point.

What comeback? This ho sucked tonight. Go take care of

September 7th, 2007
6:31 PM EST

Foxy Brown as Lil Kim: Gets 1 Year Prison Sentence in Rikers

Posted by Bossip Staff

Foxy made sure she kept on the trail of Lil Kim and was sentenced to 1 year in prison today. Via

August 29th, 2007
12:46 PM EST

Should She Just Give It Up????

Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s that time of year again, another pop flop record. J Lo was spotted at her ‘Do It Well’ video shoot today.

August 21st, 2007
7:18 AM EST

Quote of the Day: Melanie Brown

Posted by Bossip Staff

Scary Spice recently stated her views on her K-Fraud and his wife-beating psychopath antics in Hello! magazine:

“Everything I stand for is about being a strong, independent woman, so for him to be seen as a

August 9th, 2007
6:57 AM EST

Quote of the Day: Kelly Rowland

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland on her record sales and dealing with ups and downs of the music industry:

Yes, I came in at No. 6 and sold 86,000 records — in a declining market, might I add. I’m

August 7th, 2007
4:41 PM EST

Where is Kim Porter? Part 21: Kim Talks Diddy Break-Up, J Lo, and Sienna Miller

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kim Porter talked to OK! Magazine and her interview hits newsstands tomorrow:

On Diddy:

“I’d been in an on-again, off-again relationship with Mr. Combs for about 10 years, and it came to a point where it

July 20th, 2007
9:14 AM EST

Bossip Certified Links

Posted by Bossip Staff

Britney Spears shoots her comeback video, poor thang I’m Not Obsessed

Salma Hayek’s baby is in serious trouble Lossip

Britney Spears may already be knocked up Celebslam

Kim Kardashian gets naked for Playboy? Flisted

Amy Winehouse

July 19th, 2007
12:05 AM EST

The Projects Next Top Model

Posted by Bossip Staff

Khia (My Neck, My Back) recently took some modeling shots and this is an example of when modeling goes wrong. Poor thang. When the rap career falls back, this must be what is paying the bills.

July 16th, 2007
12:21 PM EST

In White Folks News: Got Rocks????????

Posted by Bossip Staff

Britney Spears’ wig game is in need of some improvement. The poor thang was spotted in Hollyweird recently buying a new dog. She started her Whitney Houston downward spiral process pretty early in her career. It’s

July 12th, 2007
2:05 PM EST

D-List Love: Got Rocks????

Posted by Bossip Staff

The King of R&B has some fans in New Zealand. Of course, the scheduled concert for Sunday was canceled due to poor ticket sales. At least his new manager/girlfriend has the King of R&B working. She

July 12th, 2007
4:16 AM EST

Where is Kim Porter? Part 13: Kim Speaks About ‘Career’

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kim Porter is on a media blitz and recently put out something to Entertainment Tonight. We think this is to show Diddy she means business:

“After ten years, I have decided to end my on-again/off-again relationship


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