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July 24th, 2009
9:38 AM EST

Rihanna’s Inspiration and Keri Hilson Does Canada

Is Rihanna original or does she just always make it drastic??? While hanging in London, she popped by the “Inglorious Basterds” Premiere with her Johnny Bravo Madonna swag. Then, Keri Hilson makes her appearance on Much Music TV in Toronto.

July 21st, 2009
8:57 AM EST

Keri Hilson Gets It In & Uncle Sam Wants Toni B. and Foxy B.

Are You Not Entertained???… Mz. Keri Baby is doing what she needs to do by making sure she is keeping the audience full attention while on stage but this is the first time. Seems this is a normal “raunchy”

June 21st, 2009
9:40 AM EST

Breezy Makes Moves on Keri Hilson

Now that Breezy’s finally getting the hint that RiRi has officially moved on, he’s making moves of his own, towards Keri Hilson. Not sure this is a wise move Breezy, Keri seems like the kinda chick that would cut your

June 5th, 2009
8:10 AM EST

Keri Hilson Exposes Herself in 944

Keri Hilson is in the new issue of 944 Magazine, wearing an itty bitty Grey Ant denim t*tty sling.

June 3rd, 2009
8:00 AM EST

Keri Hilson: “Lauryn Hill Whenever You’re Ready, I Want to Write Your Comeback Song”

Keri Hilson is interviewed by KarmaloopTV and when asked who she would like to work with most, she responded, Lauryn Hill. Keri is saying she wants to write her comeback song. It might be a hit, but do you think

May 27th, 2009
8:20 AM EST

Keri Hilson Gets Her Loins Soaked on Stage??

Keri Hilson was seen at the WAMU event getting real… nasty. Keri is a freak. If her fits don’t say it, letting the back up dancers spank her, bend her over and spread her eagle definitely confirms it.

Pop it

May 5th, 2009
7:46 AM EST

Keri Hilson Lets Ye Smack Her Cakes During Performance

Posted by Bossip Staff

Go head Ye, we aint’ mad at you. During the Letterman performance last night Kanye West tapped Keri Hilson’s backs very nicely. A definite facade since we seen him with P*ssy Princess last night.

Pop the

May 1st, 2009
8:25 AM EST

Keri Hilson and Her…Jean Vest Swag??

Posted by Bossip Staff

Your girl “Keri Baby” is in England at the moment for the ‘Sound’ party of BBC Switch. We don’t mind people wearing out the Fatty-Pants, but the jean vest and painted smile look suspect on Keri.

April 11th, 2009
7:20 AM EST

Keri Hilson, Live From the Chi

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keri Hilson blessed her subjects with the pefect image of her person and the sound of her beautiful voice at the Radio WGCI Coca Cola Lounge in Chi-town. How lucky they must have felt.

More pics

April 10th, 2009
7:30 AM EST

Keri Hilson Says Remix WAS A Diss…Or Did She?

Posted by Bossip Staff

Our girl, Devi Dev, from 93.5 KDAY in L.A. chit-chatted with Keri Hilson, who kind of finally alluded that the song was meant to be a dis record, possibly to Beyonce…maybe to Ciara.  Keri goes

March 31st, 2009
9:07 AM EST

*Exclusive* Darrin Henson’s Perfect Woman: “My Mom, Mother Teresa & Keri Hilson”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently sat down with the scrumptious Darrin Henson to discuss his four upcoming films, one of which is the highly anticipated Tekken. And of course we couldn’t let this little jewel slip through our hands

March 31st, 2009
8:50 AM EST

Keri Hilson: “Diva Beef? What Diva Beef?”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keri Hilson spoke to on the red carpet of her L.A. album release party. Keri is still on a roll trying to squash the drama surrounding her “Turnin Me On” remix which supposedly calls out

March 30th, 2009
9:55 AM EST

Who Looked More Bangin’??: Keri Hilson and Teairra Mari

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keri Hilson and Teairra Mari both hit up Keri’s album release party at Opera in Hollyweird. We don’t know if those get ups were simultaneously planned, but they both pulled off a diffucult look, and did

March 26th, 2009
9:27 AM EST

Keri Hilson Says Haters Crashed Her Release Party

Posted by Bossip Staff

Keri Hilson is saying a hater somehow made it into her album release party the other day…Word got back to Keri that this person was saying that she and her album ain’t sh*t.

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March 24th, 2009
7:38 AM EST

Keri Hilson’s New Jawn

Posted by Bossip Staff

Not too long ago, we presented Yeezy & Keri Hilson on location shooting her new video “Knock You Down.” (also featuring Ne-Yo). To peep the finished product, you know the drill.


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