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July 8th, 2009
8:00 AM EST

Ho Sit Down: Bill O’Reilly Says Michael Jackson Wasn’t Black Icon Because He Had Kids with White Men and Bleached Skin”

If you ask us, America and white folks are to blame if MJ had self hatred and wanted to be white. Go under the hood to watch that ignorant and punk ass Bill O’ Reilly go hard at MJ’s blackness

July 8th, 2009
7:38 AM EST

In Case You Missed It: Michael Jackson Memorial Photos and Video

Paris Jackson and the rest of the Jacksons touched our heart. Some knew Michael as an iconic figure, some as a weirdo, but they knew him as brother, uncle, cousin, and dad.

Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Kobe

July 7th, 2009
1:42 PM EST

Michael Jackson Memorial: Live Feed!

We have live coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial under the hood.

July 6th, 2009
8:30 AM EST

Downtown LA Preps for Millions of Michael Jackson Fans

With MJ’s Memorial Concert scheduled for tomorrow and a lottery of tickets passed out to several thousands of fans and mourners, Downtown LA is going to come to a grinding halt. Millions of fans are expected to arrive at this

July 3rd, 2009
8:25 AM EST

Quincy Jones: “Michael Jackson Wanted to Be White… You See His Kids?!”

Quincy Jones got real gangsta when doing an interview about Michael Jackson saying “Michael wanted to be white”

July 3rd, 2009
8:05 AM EST

Drake Gets Personal About Injuries, Michael Jackson and Controversy at BET Awards

Drake sat down recently and discussed the Kanye collaboration on his new video, the BET Awards melee, and his ACL tear:

Complex: Kanye is known as kind of a control freak. How was it working with him on set with

July 2nd, 2009
8:01 AM EST

OK Magazine Feeling the Wrath After Purchasing ‘Last’ Picture of Michael Jackson for $500,000

Most agencies are reporting on the Michael Jackson incident with respect in their journalism, but some are not.

If you have not noticed, we have not shown ‘The Last’ picture of Jackson on Bossip; however, a magazine will be making

July 1st, 2009
2:47 PM EST

Michael Jackson Will: Debbie Rowe…You Are Out!

We know you didn’t think Rowe was going to cash in, especially since Joe didn’t:

Michael Jackson’s 7-year-old will was filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court, giving his entire estate to…

July 1st, 2009
12:24 PM EST

Michael Jackson Tried to End the 50 Cent and The Game Beef???

The Game has gone on record saying that Michael Jackson personally reached out to him during the 50 Cent beef and tried to squash things:

A Nobel Peace Prize should be given to the late “King of Pop” for his

July 1st, 2009
7:59 AM EST

WTF? Lindsay Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson in Her Panties?

Lindsay is obviously back on that stuff because she’s tweeting pics like this as if the world really gives a sh*t about how Michael Jackson influenced her life.

June 30th, 2009
8:45 AM EST

Michael Jackson Leaves Father Out of the Will

Joe Jackson is the main reason Michael’s life was so tragic. The fact that he left his father out of the will comes as no surprise since Joe helped create the troubled man we all watched change before our very

June 30th, 2009
8:31 AM EST

Michael Jackson Fans Committing Suicide As Well As Memorial Details

Michael Jackson’s fans are going “off the wall”  right now and doing the unthinkable. Also, we have details on the Michael Jackson memorial:

June 28th, 2009
10:10 AM EST

Michael Jackson Covers TIME

Michael Jackson is covering the TIME Magazine Commemorative Edition. Mike is also covering TV Guide. Pop it and take a gander at the other cover…

June 26th, 2009
10:50 AM EST

Michael Jackson Tribute in Photos

We have a gang of pictures from one of the last great African- American musical icons. From his childhood to adolescence, up until his final months. Although Michael may have been questioned about his later years…  MJ’s music is irreplaceable

June 26th, 2009
8:08 AM EST

Remembering Mike: Top 10 Michael Jackson Videos

In memory of the greatest performer who ever lived, LiveSteez counts down the top 10 MJ videos of all time. Pop the lid for more


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