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December 6th, 2010
4:19 PM EST

*Exclusive* Nelly (@Nelly_Mo) Talks Twitter Outbursts, Kweli Collabos, And Ashanti’s Cakes

Last week, we caught up with Nelly in between promo runs for his latest release “Nelly 5.0“. And in a surprisingly free-flowing and candid interview, we talked about his new music and the highly publicized Twitter outburst during

December 2nd, 2010
9:48 PM EST

Flo Rida’s New Video “Who Dat Girl” Ft. Akon… Is Nelly’s Clone Selling More Records???

It seems as if Flo Rida hasn’t missed a beat since he hit the scene with “Low” ft. T-Pain. Nelly, who was the only one with the pop urban swag, can’t seem to catch a break. As soon as Nelly

December 1st, 2010
3:57 PM EST

Lisa Raye’s Daughter Models For Nelly’s Apple Bottoms

Lisa Raye’s daughter Kai Morae has become one of the newest faces of Nelly’s Apple Bottom clothing line.

The Black and Japanese plus size model was shot by famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks alongside her mother who watched from the

November 20th, 2010
2:58 PM EST

Nelly Covers ‘Rolling Out’, Talks Adopting His Late Sister’s Two Children [Photos]

Nelly is the latest celeb to grace the cover of Rolling Out magazine and in his interview with publication reveals a fact unbeknownst to many, that he’s the father of four children—two of his own, and two he adopted from

November 16th, 2010
12:00 AM EST

Batter Up, Nelly Pulls Out The Big Guns For “Nelly 5.0″

Again at the top of his game, rapper Nelly whose hit single “Just A Dream” is #1 at Top 40, is dropping the anticipated “Nelly 5.0″ today!!!!

November 9th, 2010
7:22 PM EST

Cut The Crap Already!!! Ashanti Helps Nelly Celebrate Another Special Day

Seriously! Who spends all this time with one friend? And never with any of their other friends?

October 29th, 2010
10:08 AM EST

Ashanti And Nelly Keep Playing With Our Emotions…

SMH… And she says he’s just a FRIEND! The saga continues with Nelly and cotdamn Ashanti running around making it obvious he is still choppin’ those thickum thighs and cakes to smithereens.

October 13th, 2010
1:02 PM EST

Nelly Shouts Out Bossip At The BET Hip-Hop Awards So… Where’s The Beef?

If you watched the BET Hip-Hop Awards last night, you might have caught St. Louis’ favorite son giving yours truly an on-air shout out. But it wasn’t out of love.

October 7th, 2010
8:16 PM EST

Way To Be A Jump-Off! Ashanti Says Nelly Had Nothing To Deny

Ashanti is nowhere near as affected by Nelly’s recent denial of their years-long relationship as the rest of us were. Or so she says.

On the set of 106 & Park’s tenth anniversary celebration, ‘Shanti echoed Nelly’s comments.


October 4th, 2010
9:13 PM EST

Say What?!??: Nelly Claims That Ashanti Was And Is Just A Friend… That He __________ Every Now And Then!!!

Nelly hit up the Loni Swain’s show last week sharing thoughts on why so many black women are single and he sure did have a lot to say but apparently he wasn’t finished. When asked about his relationship with Ashanti…

September 18th, 2010
1:27 PM EST

Nelly Puts An End To Cheating St. Lunatics Member Once And For All

In a recent interview, Nelly cleared the air about the St. Lunatics issues with former member Slo Down once and for all.

July 30th, 2010
6:04 AM EST

Sounds Like Nelly Wishes He Would Have Put A Ring On It In New Jawn “Just A Dream”

Nelly may be living the single life but it sounds like he’s jonesin’ for his ex thicky kins Ashanti. He recently released two new jawns “Tippin’ In The Club” which we really don’t have to tell you how that one

May 31st, 2010
10:45 AM EST

New Music: Kelly Pops Out A New Jawn With Nelly… Please Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!!!

Kelly Rowland has remixed her jawn “Commander” with Nelly. Some years back the duo had the hit “Dilemma”, so of course Kelly would think Nelly could help bring a #1 hit and reproduce the same success… EEHHHH Wrong!!!


April 30th, 2010
10:36 AM EST

Nelly’s Bodyguard Murdered

Sad news for Nelly. His longtime bodyguard, Michael Johnson, 36, who many described as being the St. Louis native’s “left-hand man”, was shot multiple times outside of a home. Continue

April 18th, 2010
6:21 PM EST

Nelly Confronts Kat Stacks On Her Groupie Antics

Kat Stacks called into the VIP Saturdays show on Shade45 talking slick about Nelly and he decided to call in and put her on front street.

Check out the FULL interview under the hood.


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