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Let’s Mix It Up! 2011′s Hottest Swirly Hook Ups Of The Year

Kanye West Mary Kate Olsen

Hey, despite his shoutouts to the Olsen twins, Kanye’s not exactly a maverick in this department. Continue »

50 Cent Explains How Beef Got Squashed With T.I… With Some Dudes Package In His Face! [Video]

Dead@the guys package in 50′s face… tell him to back back!

50 Cent Talks Avoiding Beef With T.I

Earlier in the year, 50 Cent and T.I. had a short lived spat stemming from comments the G-Unit honcho made on Twitter. Continue »

Keep Your Mouth Shut: The Biggest Snitches Of All Time

jay nas

People just can’t shut their damn traps these days. Continue »

50 Cent Ft. Paris – Queens (Official VIdeo)

Life Changes: The Most Drastic And Surprising Body Changes Of The Year

50 cent

2011 has been the year of the body change. See who made the craziest changes. Continue »

50 Cent – “Wait Until Tonight”

50 Cent goes in over the classic Bobby Womack as he unveils the latest visual from The Big 10 Mixtape. Continue »

#Losing: People With The Most Questionable Chop Down Resumes Of All Time

50 cent chelsea

We already showed you the people with the best resumes when it comes to conquering the opposite sex. Now, let’s look at some people that failed. Continue »

50 Cent Announces New Artist & New LP